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To be truthful when I first started out this story it was coming from a totally different direction. I was motivated by an idea to write a genre that was over looked by most authors about a subject that is enjoyed by millions of human beings on this Earth.

But suddenly the characters took over the story line. My imagination enjoyed its respite in the story world being created. So over time this world held many characters acting out many desires and emotions with actual intention and plausible motivations.

I felt I had to explain myself and my motives before discussing here, where character sex has taken me so far. I guess most of us when wanting to talk about sexuality feel we must explain first our motives and then move into this more personal part of our lives – that is when talking about sex. Not necessarily when acting upon these desires. Sex can be planned and unplanned – sex can be long drawn out pleasure or a brief meeting. Sex can be with another, others, or alone.

It was the alone part that I felt had not been addressed in novels. I would guess that some people do not see pleasuring alone as being sex. But if masturbation is all one has, then so be it – it is sexual, it is sexuality and it is sex.

Candice due to her mythical origin as a virgin unicorn rider has energies she has channeled since childhood. Powerful physical desires arose that she then dealt naturally with as her body matured. She found her centering through sex alone as a virgin. Masturbation being very personal, very powerful, developing a sense of individual empowerment.

That is how my writing this story started with Candice le Wilde and her sex life. I had to find her and dig into her desires and her mind – into her need. It was hard to do because it was like exposing my own.

As I wrote I began to see the other characters demand the same sort of personal attention. They had interactions that began to take on a sexual energy. There were tensions between characters I had no control over. Some characters played out these tensions in cruel acts under the guise of doing work – veiled threats that pierce a living being to the heart. The two characters who are the main protagonists are scary real in their approach using sexual energies. Their desire is to dominant their opponents, when the guild’s goals are at risk, using any means. Jorge and Gaet, two mages who represent the interests of the Guild Maleficia – their magickal work is colored by both their sexual energy and sexual frustrations. Other characters use their knowledge of sexuality to be comfortable in their own skins, which has the  side effect of making them more confident in their magickal abilities – one such character is Martin deCabos. Martin becomes an ally of Candice’s work and needful self-discovery. He is a powerful magus by choice and a vampire lord by mythical origin, who also dabbles in necromancy. Sexuality being a powerful energy he uses as he sees necessary.

Lastly to round this out I still have to do more research. I like reality to be a part of each of the characters and their life interactions. Yes, I research out the places these characters met and interact in. Trying to place the flavor of New Orleans into the story where Martin lives in one of the many enclosed garden estates found in the neighborhoods there. Then Chinatown in San Francisco where Yvette Wong a Wu Shaman lives and goes to graduate school on-line with Candice. And there is Candice’s home town, somewhere near Natchez and Brookhaven Mississippi, along the Mississippi River.

But a flavor I also must understand and express in words that the characters, apparently already live themselves, that is their naturally diverse sexuality. I am doing reading on not only the acts of sex, but the feel, heart and intentions. Not that I will get it right, but I hope I do give respect to each sexuality of these individual characters – whether gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, hetero-sexual or tri-sexual. Sex alone, sex as a bonding, sex as an energy, sex as love, sex as a healing energy, sex as a sharing of power – allowing the characters to express what they are feeling and doing to achieve the goal they are heading toward.

Now again I say, I am not going to write rape scenes, since like in life there are truths. I am not worried about limits, morals or ethics, when I write. The characters can act as they will, but they like humans in real life feel pain and the effect of their actions. These are the natural limits these characters live by and act by. So that is an expectation of mine for all the characters – being mindful of the cause and effect of their actions – in life and sex.

Magick like any other practice includes this idea too, but that is another blog at another time – and more research on my part. What do you feel about character sex and sexuality?