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My story idea has humanity as its foundation, not the day to day thoughts of people, but the deeper thoughts that when we have the time we think about. Life. Death. Belonging. Purpose.

Human beings, unlike what we presently know about animals and other life we live with on earth, try to explain or resolve the harder questions. Humans work with what can not be seen, but felt to find the answers. Spirituality, religion and science/magic fall into this unseen realm. Myths have been left to us – these being the past attempts to explain the harder things we face that are a part of life.

The main character in the story must not only know about these myths, but must know that she is one. She must know how things work. She must know the question and the answer all at the same time. She is the tool and the key to the process we each must face and  release to – death then passage into life.

Interestingly enough I have been doing the same thinking, on the same questions as the human being that I am. I did not know about the myth that had been retold and captured in a tapestry by an artist in Flanders sponsored by an important individual at the court of Charles VIII. The why of the creation of the tapestries is unknown. The tapestries were found in 1841 by Prosper Merimee in Boussac castle. Then written about again by a woman by the name of George Sand.

The question is then why were these marvelous tapestries lost and almost ruined? Why were they rolled up and hidden for so long?

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The answer is a typical and usual answer for humanity. A desire for control. This art work retold the story of humanities’ search for release from the constraints of life at death and for a purpose beyond this life. The Unicorn is this desire needing care to play out within each human being, the Virgin is the divine purpose/energy found naturally within each of us. What was hidden and the reason for the tapestries disappearance until recently, is the who and what of the hunter in the myth.

When the role of the hunter is explained, both the virgin and the unicorn can be protected and life will play out for each human being as to each person’s true purpose in life, free from the constraints of belief and fear.

The hunter attempts to control the unicorn, but can not due to the unicorn’s knowledge and fierceness. When the hunter can not control the unicorn he then attempts to kill the unicorn. How does he kill or control such a fierce, focused mythical creature? Through the ruin of its keeper the virgin. The hunter then moves to seduce the virgin one of many who keep the unicorns. The hunter promises things he can not deliver, then once the violation has been complete he has control over the unicorn and control over the souls of humanity, both the virgin and unicorn cares for. The goal is control over all people/souls to make the story simple to comprehend.

The virgin must know of the hunter – she must know herself and her divine purpose – she must protect and warn the unicorn to protect humanity.

The tapestries have many stories surrounding them, created to discredit the truths/warnings the tapestries held  for the public/humanity. These stories of discredit were manufactured by the church powers of the time. Religion besides giving their guidance to the people, also wanted absolute control over these same souls. The church being the image of the hunter in the tapestries, did not help the church, in its desire for control – they were the hunter the tapestries warned of. The virgin, the divinity of each human being and the unicorn, the natural desire of the people to be free to live in this life time and the next after death with purpose – was the story these tapestries taught to all of humanity. A divine warning to humanity to remain free in spirit and soul. A story censored until now.

Bet you didn’t think people – human beings – thought things out that much did you, way in the past?

I found the tapestries my self when researching the myths, to base my ideas upon for this story. Life, death, myth, desires, power, hope and love. Candice le Wilde is the virgin, one of many who keep the unicorns to help humanity to cross over to the other side as the myths say. But there is someone once again taking up the role of the hunter – seeking ultimate control over humanity. Candice is as filled  with natural desire as are the ones she protects. And really, we all are full of that energy – the desire to live, too.

We just need to remember.

And be warned – be careful what you consent to.