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“In and out of school…” Chapter 23 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

“Hey, Marty, am I supposed to be bare foot… when in robes?” I asked. The robe felt luxurious, clinging to my every move, my every step. I was so focused, the energy was swirling around me. It felt so different from the traveling skins, Brad would give me.

Marty stopped in the hallway, before entering the practice room, saying, “Shoes are good when we are traveling or are uncertain of the environment that we will likely wind up in. But for practice. For a place we know about, bare foot is the best for raising energies. In battle, shoes would be the wise thing to wear, you don’t know when you maybe taken down, with armor a must… since it acts on its own for you.”

Martin just then grabbed my elbow and swung me around, planting a kiss on my lips, smiling said, “Yes, these are your conjured robes, you will work with that energy. When you call up, your own, traveling skins the feel will be that amazing too.”

Martin let go of me. I guess he was waiting for me to make my entrance into the room. I felt he was proud of me. Yes, I think, I will want to focus on the response of those in the room to what they see.

The room felt different with all the souls both big and small contained in it. The robe, and I suppose my self felt things different now. It would need some processing in my head. The energy would have to be accommodated for. I just don’t want to hurt anyone, as I learn. I saw a group of about fifty kids. They were as small as Sheila of about five or six years of age… up to a few I saw in their early teens. This must be the school age group, if I was to use a human accounting of the group. I saw Marta, Alec, Brad, Brian, Jacqueline, El, Greg, Mark, Angela, Nick and Tim. There were a few too I did not recognize, but due to the Unity feel, I felt I knew them… somehow. Again Lucia was missing. I will have to ask Alec why?

Then I felt the recognition I was in the room, as I was. I suddenly felt nervous, why?

So to counter this feeling I took a deep breath, looking at Alec for a little support. Like he had asked me to do. Gods, maybe I was feeling Brad and Brian, or it was just me being nervous about what I think I did to them last night… like standing them up like that.

Alec saw me, I felt it. Then I watched him look around himself… yep, he found Dima and was bringing him with him. That would help me a lot.

Dima said, “Alec, this is Gemma, my friend. We took a walk together this morning. She helped me with my chores. Then we had breakfast. Martin said, she will get to teach me today.”

“Yes, Dima, you are so right. I had heard Gemma took a great walk with you. It was fantastic of you and your mother to welcome her here.” Alex said. I saw him pat Dima on the head, ruffling the blond hair under his hand.

“Yeah, Dima helped me a lot. Helping him, helped me work off a lot of stuff. His mother was great too. She gave me some good hot tea. The breakfast Dima gave me was what I needed too. I was hungry after that walk. I hear, that Marta was watching out for us too.” I said, I put my hands behind me, so as to allow Alec room to let me know what it was I was to do next, without interference.

Alec, smiled slightly, said, “I get from Martin, that you want to help Dima here connect with the energies. That you are ready?”

Gods, I gotta breathe now. Alec is ramping this up. Not what I expected. I guess to cut the tension. He is good at jumping on top of things right away.

“Yes,” I said. I looked Alec in the eye, then refocused on feeling Dima at this moment.

Alec said, as he looked down at Dima, “Gemma, just do what you talked about with Martin, for today. Focus only on that. The rest of what you are thinking, we all will discuss here in a bit… no worries.”

“Everyone settled down. Stay where you are. Look over here. If you can’t see, then get up front of the group. Shorter students in front please. If you have questions ask now the teacher nearest you, ok?” Alec said.

The kids began to move around. The younger of the group moved forward, some of these grabbed the hand of their teachers near them with their instructor bending down to hear them individually. I felt excitement in the room. I also felt love coming from those in the room, from our group. I was amazed. I looked at Brad, I felt he knew I was watching him. He looked over at me, once he picked up the little person near him who had questions. His eyes were dark, full of love and encouragement, but he did not speak to me or my heart. He then turned to the child in his arms, then at eye level answered the child’s questions.

The room felt less excited and now focused. The pressure for me of course I knew would get worse with this quiet and focus.

Alec looked at me. I felt him in my head saying, “You will do fine, just do what you think needs to be done. I will not let you hurt anyone or make that mistake you are afraid of. Marty tells me you are amazing… that it felt good to him. I can only imagine….”

I couldn’t help but smile at that. But it did set it up for me, this sensual feeling. I knew Alec did that on purpose, that it was not a wasted action on his part, just for enjoyment.

“Dima, stand here. Right here in front of me, please,” I said. It was then I felt my robe with the swirl of energy moving around me. I was alive, hot now.

Dima did as he was told, he was very serious. I felt coming from him, thoughts, thoughts toward family, toward the unknown, toward wanting to do this.

It just popped into my head to say to him, heart to heart, mind to mind, “Dima look at me, listen, we will get you what you need. Just listen and do”…

Dima looked up at me and smiled. He felt relaxed now. I guess it was this connection I had just offered to him.

“Hold out your left hand, palm up. We will start out this way. Then I will let you practice this too, on your own. So we will do this two times. Ok?” I said. I placed my left hand over his small palm. He focused on this by looking at our hands now. I closed my eyes. I felt love, the love of those around me, the love I wanted to give to this child through the energy of the Earth beneath my feet. I moved my feet apart. I felt Marty walk up behind me, like a spotter in gymnastics. The energy began to flow up through my feet, I slowed it down, with my spine. Oh Gods, like sex. I held my own with this serpent like meandering of energy up my spine, into my shoulder then heading straight into my palm. I felt the warmth pick up fast, so I held it there, it was hot, but I would not let it burn Dima. I opened my eyes, Alec was closer to me almost standing over my and Dima’s hands. I then said, “Feel it Dima, touch it, but don’t move, ask it to come to you.” I let it go as a trickle into his small hand. Dima did not flinch. He was not afraid. He was in total trust, I felt. He was incredible. He trusted me. He now was breathing in the pattern I was, so I slowed my breathing. The energy flowed through him, down his feet, down into the Earth. I felt this in my body, that I had reconnected with Earth… but it was through him. I then consciously stopped calling the energy up from the ground beneath me. The circuit closed. Dima was back in the present moment. He took a deep breath.

“Dima, now I want you to do this yourself. It will feel the same. The secret is to think of love, love that comes from the Earth, love that comes from your family, your mother, love that comes from me to you. Call it up into your feet. Be like a magnet, you know what a magnet does? Call the energy, expect it, welcome it, then let it flow into my hand. Want to give back to me what you felt I gave to you, Dima.” I said to him in a low voice. It was like the voice had come from someone else… but it was me. I am doing this.

Dima then place his hand, palm turned down above my out stretched palm. He move his feet, planting them firm, like he expected to be pushed or moved. I thought good deal on his part. I waited. I wondered when would he need prompting like Martin had had to give to me. I was wrong, I felt warmth between our palms. Heat rising. I would have allowed him to burn me. But it never got that hot. The energy came like a flash into my hand, over my shoulder, down my spine, through my feet. It was a strong surge, it felt good. I had my eyes wide open, I could not take my eyes off this little boy. He looked up at me, as the circuit continued between us. I felt at that moment, that he and I could do anything, we could handle anything. I heard then Alec say, “Dima, now you can decide to stop, let it go back into the Earth through your feet. You have this now, you will never loose this.”

I felt the energy stop moving through me and reverse back into the palm of Dima. I watched him as he frowned slightly, I guess being a sign he had just let go of the energy. I then leaned, over grabbed him pulling him to myself. I could not let him go, he held tight to me around my waist. Alec grabbed him as he knelt behind him. Alec hugged him and then began to examine Dima’s hand. I felt afraid at that moment. I then felt Marty holding me. Marty said, “Hey, Gemma, he is ok, Alec is just checking and cuing him. Reinforcing with him what had just happened, they are talking now. Ummm, that was amazing. I mean, Dima I think is going to be working with you. He is more than what we see. Dima maybe a third, as he grows up, the energy he gave to you was more than from the Earth, Gemma!” I stood up, I felt a little dizzy. So I locked my knees. I am guessing Marty picked up on this, since he took me by the elbow to steady me. Marta was right behind him, looking closely at me.

“Yeah, I am ok, just a little dizzy. I gotta get use to this.” I said, to both Marty, then Marta. I felt the energy in my robe wrapping around me like a protective covering.

“Gemma, focus on me right now. Rest your mind here.” Marta said, then touched the center of my forehead with her index finger. I was drawn to do as she said, then the dizziness left me. I felt the energy slow around me, back to the background swirl that I had felt before I had worked with Dima.

“Yes, Gemma, your robes were picking up on your physical state, so were all of us in the room. You were going into a natural protective stance. I will have to work on that with you, so it is not so obvious, not so naturally reactive. Not that that is not a good thing for you right now. But not so good when you are negotiating with a potential enemy,” Marta said. She now having my other elbow, but not making out like I was impaired to those around us.

Alec had Dima by the hand and had turned him around to face me.

“Dima realizes he is ready to get to work on the next steps of his practice as a Magus. He will be working with us, also outside the Lyceum. Once we get permission from his parents, that is.” Alec said, smiling down at him.

“Miss Gemma, you knew I could do it. You helped me special didn’t you?” Dima said, looking up at me.

“Dima, I am figuring a lot of things out myself. I hear you are doing incredible. I will do my best for you. When I get back I am sure we will be working together. I sure hope I can help you do what it is you have always wanted to do, as a Magus,” I said. I so wanted him to have his dreams. I was though uncertain of what I could do. I was uncertain of my own self, with all of this being so new to me too.

“Gemma, you must be hungry and a bit tired. I see we have some reinforcements to help the students with. How about us heading over to Dima’s house to talk with his mother and father? Marta had already asked if they would be available. So the group does not arrive at an inconvenient time for them.” Alec said, then he motioned for the rest of our group to come over.

Jacqueline was just getting done with little Sheila. Sheila could not contain her smiles. She ran over to Martin. Martin let go of me and grabbed the fast moving little girl.

“Sheila, I hear from Jacqueline that you did fabulous. I am certain your mother and father will be so pleased and surprised. Don’t tell them quite yet, until Jacqueline can talk with them. Ok?” Martin said to the very animated child in his arms.

“Martin, can I practice with you passing energy soon?” Sheila said, almost breathless.

“Of course. That is how we will get you certain of what it is you are doing. I am counting on it, Sheila!” Martin said, then standing Sheila firm on her feet once again on the floor. Now go with the other students who are done, get some lunch. When done, remind everyone their journals are ready for corrections. There will be teachers to help you.

I watched the crowd in the room. There were periodic flashes of light. But no one hurt. It felt like everyone was getting it, getting through the initial opening of their energy pathway. Getting used to calling up energy offered to them by the Earth. I was floored by being a part of this, by being a trigger for all of these students. By starting this here in a dark ones’ city. I felt I remembered this too as a hope, a goal I had had along time ago. I just stood there watching. Focused on what this felt like. Feeling the energy swirling around me too.

“Ok, now that everyone is here. Let’s go do this. Then we need to do some talking,” Alec said.

Greg stood now with us, having just completed his work with a student. Greg leaned down and picked up Dima. Dima wrapped his arms around Greg’s neck.

“Alec, I’ll stay here with Mark. Monica is coming with Lucia, to finish this up here. We’ll catch up with you after the students eat and get their journals corrected,” El said. He smiled at me. I guess to give me some acceptance and understanding, since I had to leave without talking to him.

“Marta, take us there,” Alec said.

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A flash of light later, found me standing in the street, between Marty and Greg. We were right around the corner from Dima’s house. Dima was now standing on the ground in front of me.

“Wow, I have never done that before. We walk everywhere. Father tells me it brings too much attention to us. So we walk,” Dima said. I felt it was like a question to the group, but to no one in particular. I could not answer the question.

Marta said, “Dima, your parents are right. In the past, due to where energy was and who had access, that would have been true. The war is done. Energies are everywhere. People do not have to be afraid to use magic. But that does not mean that a practitioner shouldn’t be mindful of the situation around them. We each have an energy signature. So if you don’t want to be noticed, sometimes a hike in to the area is the best remedy. As you practice, level up, gain confidence and are in your group, there is nothing to fear.”

Dima came over to me. Again before I could even offer my hand to him, he took it in his.

Brad was behind me and touched my back gently. Dima apparently felt that, looking up at him.

“Hey, how are you doing? Yeah, we need to talk, I am sorry,” I said to Brad. “Let me introduce you to a future third, here. Well you probably already know Dima, right?”

Brad looked down, with a slight smile on his face towards the boy.

“Dima, did not mean to disturb that way. I needed to connect with Gemma. Yeah, Dima, I got where you are, man, it will be good to practice with you,” Brad said to the little guy.

“I am hoping my mother understands, not getting worried about stuff,” Dima said, to Brad.

“No, Dima, it will all be good. Alec has this and Marta is here. Nothing will change. You will be there for your family. Maybe that is worrying you too?” Brad said to him, then Brad looked at me directly. I felt I needed to step in for both of them.

“Dima, there are two things going on right now. I did something before my morning walk, I regret. You are feeling that. Then you are feeling nerves over what your parents will say. Why am I telling you this, because I want to be fair to you, and help you. I also want a ‘third’ in training to know what is going on with his team. I gotta get something right with Brad and Brian here,” I said. I figured to, say this to give relief to both Dima and Brad at the same time, before we walked into a focus on Dima’s situation.

“I am just a kid, Gemma!” Dima said, with a smile. He let go of my hand. Then stood there smiling.

“Yeah, you are that… but a smart one too. We will get you through this, Dima,” Brad said. He took the hand Dima gave up… in my head Brad told me, “Hey, I love you. You, don’t have to explain yourself. Things are alright. You are under a whole lot of pressure right now. I only want to be the solution and support, not more of the same pressure, Gemma.”

I looked at him, squeezing his hand, “Hey can you hear me?” Brad shook his head slightly in the positive. I looked hard at him, I wanted him to know, seriously, “Brad I am so sorry. I will not shut you or Brian out like that, please stop me if I do. Or get Alec to get me to make sense. I don’t want to ever do that again to you. To anyone of you. Do you hear me?”

Brad said, “Yes, I promise.”

Brian was standing beside me right then in the pale light of the narrow street. “Yeah, me too, Gemma,” Brian said.

“Well, now that we got that settled for the time being. Let’s help Dima out. We have some negotiating to do here,” Alec said, Alec moved his hand ahead, as a signal for Marta to take up the slack now. I was guessing Marta was going to take the lead from Alec. I felt that was good, but what did I know. Then Dima, put his face into my waist and hugged me.

“Dima, it will go great. You will see. Your mother is wonderful you know!” I said to him.

Alec walked up to the door knocking, that door I and Dima had left early this morning. I felt like this morning had been hundreds of years ago.

“Lera, we had spoken earlier? I wanted to explain Dima’s progress, I hope you and your mate would support what we purpose as a next step in his Lyceum education,” Marta said. With us all standing at the door. I tried to feel if it was overwhelming to Dima’s mother, she was hard to read, or I was not very good at it yet…

“Please come in Elder Marta, we are very much looking forward to hearing about Dima’s progress,” Lera said, as she opened the door to the house wider.

Dima went in first, because Marta brought him to the front of the group. I could tell his mother was impressed by this move.

“Marta, this is my father Leonid,” Dima said, as he entered the room, then seeing his father who stood up from the stool he had been sitting on near the fire place.

Lera said, “Are any of you hungry or thirsty?” She looked at each of us with her question.

Alec said, “No ma’am we are all fine, soon we have an engagement we must attend to that will require us to eat. So we must decline your generous offer.”

Dima looked at me. He was actually talking to me, I felt his question in the center of my chest. “Gemma, mother has made the chocolate cake, I want you to taste, if it is allowed?” I got a look from Alec, then Brad, while Marta continued to talk. What just happened I did not really understand right then. I felt the reaction to him asking me about cake, must be as big as me communicating the way I do with Mark. I looked back at the two of them. Then I shook my head yes to Dima.

Everyone was standing at this point in this cramped living room. But of course there were about 8 of us, though I had not counted.

“What is it that Dima has done?” Leonid asked.

“Is it new for him?” Lera asked, as she watched Dima leave the room then come back with a piece of chocolate cake that he handed to me in a quick gesture.

“My teacher Gemma, needed to taste the cake Feliks asked about this morning mother,” Dima said. He knew his move was distracting and impulsive, but he wanted me to have something he loved himself to eat.

Alec smiled.

Leonid said, “If you do not mind, may I ask or say what it is I feel right now?”

“Please, Leonid, say what is on your mind to us,” Marta said. I had the feeling right then, she kind of knew what it was he was going to ask. Marta was good that way. She looked over at me, with a faint reassuring smile on her face.

“I am curious. What Dima has done. Is this, I hope a good thing for him to do in Anice? My next question is I am concerned that one of his teachers is Lyran? Why is that Elder Marta? I do not mean to be rude. But this will not set well with who we know, those that live near us,” Leonid said. I felt I would need to bring something to this conversation soon, in defense of Dima.

Marta looked over at me as I sampled calmly the chocolate cake. Marta also looked at Dima, who was not phased by his father’s question. I felt in my head Marta, “Gemma does Dima know you are Lyran?” I said back to her in the same place in my chest, “Yes, he does.”

Marta looked at Leonid.

“Elder Marta I mean no disrespect of any kind,” Leonid said. Now I felt he had wanted to take back his question, for the sake of his son’s progress.

“No, Leonid, no disrespect on your part is received,” Marta said. Alec moved over behind Marta.

“First, Leonid, I want to clear the air on this. You realize I am no longer human? I am Aquaeous? If we are to be frank about species,” Marta said.

“Yes, I know this, Elder Marta. It would only make sense to both improve our defenses through use of superior intellect and reflexes that the Aquaeous possess. Then too, as you had explained to our council to follow your heart as to your commitment to Alec who is a well known Necromancer. I was only concerned by what my mate and then Feliks shared with us, that a Lyran had been in his barn with our son this morning. Lyran? But I even feel it now myself,” Leonid said. It felt like he was apologizing to us, but avoiding the elephant in the room as I stood there contented by the most marvelous chocolate cake I had ever had in my life.

“Umm, please, may I introduce myself to you sir?” I said, I caught a smile out of the corner of my eye coming from Alec as I walked closer to Leonid, so he could feel me even more. I just didn’t get what anyone felt when they felt Lyran?

Leonid then for the first time apparently was looking at me.

“I am here on a mission. I am part in the service of both Elder Marta and Queen Lucia. I am Princess Gemma. At this point in my life I am in human form. But yes, I am Lyran. I plan to take back my Lyran appearance soon, once I come back from a mission in another dimension. I have had the privileged of working with your wonderful son, Dima. Please, if I can provide a remedy allow me to do so. If I can explain more to settle your fears about me, please ask,” I said. I felt Brad place a hand on my shoulder and a small hand wormed it way into my hand, from Dima who was now to the right of me, watching his Dad’s reaction.

“Princess Gemma, THE Princess Gemma, the healer?” Leonid said, now shaking his head, apparently amazed.

“Yes I am me, her, Princess Gemma. I try not to make a big deal of it, since I am wanting to help others. I am still learning as well,” I said. I offered my hand to him.

Leonid looked down at my hand, then apparently since he is human he took it and shook my hand.

“I am sorry if it appears that I have hidden who I am, that was not my intention. I and Queen Lucia just arrived back from another world where we were in waiting to come home. Back to our families. I am getting accustom to our world again. I am also preparing to go back to the dimension we came from to do a sort of rescue there. So I am preparing. Dima has helped me with my preparation. I had hoped to help him with his education. I can withdrawal myself from that process. If you feel the need for me to do so. I am most certain that others here in the Promise can pick up this for Dima, helping him to be successful,” I said. I felt my hand being crushed by Dima at this part of my little speech.

“No. No. Princess Gemma, I would never ask that of you. As my mate said this morning as well as the judgment shared by our neighbor Feliks, that you are a sensitive person toward our son. That we should be considered blessed to have you here. I would be a fool to say anything different. Especially when Alec and Queen Lucia are involved,” Leonid said. Now he took his place again on his stool. I was guessing he was showing his place, as he tried to retreat from his earlier words.

Alec came over to Leonid, looking down at him. Then Alec got on his knees in front of the man. Leonid, sat up straighter. I felt this was a very unusual thing to have happen. Leonid put his hand out on to Alec’s shoulder.

“Brother, why do you offer this to me?” Leonid said.

“Because I want to show you what your son can do Leonid, have you be the judge of his progress. I want your full trusting attention,” Alec said.

Marta stood behind Alec now and then sat beside him on the floor in her lavish ceremonial robes.

Leonid, place his face in his hands.

Leonid, then said, you can do what you wish with my son. He has you. This is incredible to me and his mother.

Alec said, “Leonid, this work is that important. I am not sure where you and your mate are in your regaining of your energy and practice. We can help you with that. But I want you to feel and witness what Dima is doing and what we are starting his education with. Please stand for me Leonid.”

Alec stood, Marta remained on the floor with Lera joining her and holding hands with one another.

“Dima, come here. I want you to call the energy, just as you did with Gemma. Call it up to you from the Earth and give it to your father. I and the others here will help and protect both of you from mistakes. Got that?” Alec said to the little boy who let go of my hand, to do something very hard.

“Father, place your hand palm under mine. I will try my best for us, to do this thing, that Princess Gemma gave to me,” Dima said. I closed my eyes, picturing him and me.

I opened my eyes to see his Dad with feet strong on the ground facing his son with his palm outward. Alec stood beside them and over the out stretched hands in a protective stance.

Brad stood behind Alec, Jacqueline stood behind Dima, Brian stood behind Leonid.

“Now, Dima, anticipate, expect, call, the energy from the Earth to give to your Father,” Alec said.

Dima stood still with eyes closed. I saw his face turn from extreme stress to one of tenderness. He was in the zone on this one. His Dad’s breathing became rapid, he must be feeling the push of energy through his palm from his son, right then.

“Leonid let the energy flow back into the Earth, let it flow,” Alec said.

“Now, Dima, that is enough, allow the energy to flow back into your feet, dismissing it back to where you called it from,” Alec said, in a quiet, calming tone.

I saw the breathing slow for Dima’s Dad, back to normal. Dima took a deep breath and let it out. He pulled back his hand from over his Father’s hand.

“Dima, when did you learn this?” Leonid said, to his son, who he grabbed in an embrace, if felt from here of both love and relief.

“Father, I have felt energy calling to me, but you told me to be careful, so I would not be swallowed up by it. I answered it today with Gemma’s help. I wanted to help her with her fear about her mission. I hope that I did,” Dima said, now free of his Dad’s embrace, he was in his Mother’s lap having climbed through the lap of Marta, making her smile.

“Alec, have you felt this energy, yourself?” Leonid asked.

“No, I have not. I have only stood by, as Gemma and Dima worked on it together,” Alec said. Now I was curious. From the remarks of others when they have experienced what I did whether on purpose or by accident.

Greg stood by the door, nodding, to Alec.

“Who’s energy did you feel, Leonid, in your opinion?” Alec asked.

“It was like that that happened the last day, that passed over us, two energies combining as one, that protected us from harm. That we may live that day. What I would call Queen Lucia not forgetting us that day,” Leonid said. Now he had to sit down due to what he had just experienced.

“Leonid, we want to ask your and Lera’s permission to take Dima places with us for his instruction. Not that he will leave you, he needs to be here. But that sometimes he may benefit from instruction in different regions, on outer worlds and dimensionally, much later,” Alec said. I was wondering why Alec stopped his chain of thought so quickly.

Leonid looked at Lera, then at Dima.

“If Dima feels he wants this instruction, he may follow his desires. I am happy that you find family very important. We have found that family is the only thing that mattered to us. We are blessed right now in Anice, in our community. If Elder Marta feels it is a good thing? Since you Alec are asking. Since you bring witnesses here, especially our home being graced by the Mer King here. I would say we are accepting of this plan to educate our son,” Leonid said.

“Good,” Alec said, “I will protect him with my life, Lera and Leonid. I will not allow any vows to be broken or values to be cast aside during his education.”

Leonid and Lera got up. I guess they sensed it was a cue that we would be going?

Dima, hugged me again.

“Dima, I will be in contact with you. I will be gone awhile. But I am sure you will be very busy with family, friends, life and school. I promise I will stay connected to you,” I said to this little man.

“Gemma, it is really true you are Lyran?” Dima said, since now his needs for what he wanted to do had been met apparently, so he could focus on me.

“Yeah, I am. But right now I am just human and confused,” I said to Dima with a smile.

“You are nice. I will wait for you Gemma. I will learn to help you when you are afraid too,” Dima said, giving my waist another huge hug.

“I am counting on it Dima. I am glad you approve of me. That you allowed me to be your teacher too,” I said.

Marta said, “Now we must leave. You both know how to get a hold of me. I am sure this neighborhood will get use to this Lyran. She is a good allie to have. I look forward to you Leonid and Lera meeting her brother too. He will be coming to the Lyceum and my home to give what he has to us as well. We all need to accept each other. The war is over.”

Alec looked over to Greg, saying “Hey, Greg can you take us to our meeting place for that dinner?”

Greg bent down to hug Dima, as he rushed to his teacher.

“Dima, get some rest. Don’t try to pass energy. I will come back here really soon to pick you up for some practice, Ok?” Greg said.

“Greg, take care of Gemma for me will you?” Dima said.

“Will do, Brad and Brian are also assigned to that duty too, Dima. Don’t you worry, we got this,” Greg said.

“Alec?” Greg said.

Marta had me by the arm.

“Yes,” Alec said, smiling at Dima. I felt tears in my eyes. I hope Dima did not pick up on that.

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