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Not Alone… 1st Draft… Chapter FOUR… 

“Horus & His Companions – The Sun The Light And The Moon”

It was finally morning, actually dawn’s light. I had set the alarm, but apparently I would not be needing it due to my new sleep patterns.

As I sat up in bed, again, I did not feel alone. Being alone, had never really bothered me. But I did now feel a difference, that there was somewhere in the room or within me a warm presence. I got up to find my robe in the bedding, since it was silk and it had slipped off of me during the night. That is when I felt the cold air touch the more personal parts of my body, as I bent over my bed. It was evident I was moister, than usual. Finding the robe, I wrapped it tightly around me and headed to a warm shower.

The water ran over me warm and refreshing, more rejuvenating than I had experienced in a while… or was it my imagination? The cool air of the bathroom clung to the water on my body as I towel dried myself off in front of the full length mirror of the bathroom. I felt disconnected from the person in the mirror, though oddly that was not concerning to me. I walked into my closet and looked for something bright and tight to wear. I hardly ever wore tight clothing, being a more practical person when it came to clothes. But today I felt different, more sensual, sensuality not being an active part of my personality… ever.

In the kitchen the morning light was bright and golden as I made my coffee. My cat, Sophia, had been up on the kitchen counter and was surprised to see me up so early. She jumped down, awaiting her saucer of morning milk. I did my chores, there, almost automatically. It was then I decided to give Lucia a call, I felt I must both explain myself and talk about the dream of last night with her. Again, odd, since I had never called her on the phone before.

“Hello, Gemma.” Lucia said, sounding like she had been up for a long while.

“Hey, Lucia. Hope I did not call too early. I have been doing some thinking about what we had talked about last night….” I said, breaking off, what I wanted badly to add, but wanting to give Lucia room, to answer my next question.

“Gemma, it is ok, I just had to have time to think. What is it?” Lucia said, in a warm voice.

Again, she was ready for or anticipating my request. “I wanted to drive out to see you. I need to talk to you, if that is not imposing on you, so early.” I said.

“Sure, I am still in my robe, but I can get presentable. Fortunately for you I have the day off and have not started running errands yet.” Lucia said.

“Ok, then, great, let me shut off the coffee pot. I’ll be over in a few. I do have your address.” I said, now both relieved and a bit confused as to how to get to her place.

“My house is off the Lake Whatcom Boulevard road a bit. People tell me you can still see the red front door through the trees. Just use your car’s GPS, my address is in it, from what others tell me, first time they come out here along the lake.” Lucia said, reassuring me. Gave me a bit of confidence for the drive. “If you should get lost, just give me a call.”

I grabbed my purse and a sweater, then thinking more about my purpose, I grabbed my laptop and mouse too. Turning on the GPS on my iPhone I got into the truck and began the drive. Or was it a journey of sorts? I was trying in my head to figure out what my purpose was and why I felt it so urgent to be going out to a client’s home, so early in the morning. What was I looking for, or better yet what did I expect to find? What would or could, Lucia actually say, that would help me?

The sunlight reflecting off the lake was incredible this morning. The bright light also helped me by seemingly illuminating the red door through the trees, as I craned my neck to look off through the leaves into the dense woods where the GPS said her address had been located. I had drove past her place, with the driveway and red door disappearing into the blur of foliage along the road. I went a ways and found a turn-out along the road to turn around in and head back. It was fortunate I had missed the turn, since it appeared I had a better shot into her driveway entrance from this direction.

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Lucia, had apparently seen the lights of my truck coming up her long lane to the house. She was out front on the patio steps wrapped in a purple hoodie waiting for me.

As she said hello, I could see her breath in the cool morning air. The trees had been protecting the last of the morning chill from the morning light. I felt calmer, due to her greeting.

“Good to see you, Gemma!” Lucia said, smiling at me.

I could not help, but think she had been expecting my sudden visit.

“I just felt I needed to talk to you. I had a few questions. Guess the morning light and coffee encouraged my visit.” I said, in my attempt to smooth my awkward feelings of needing this conversation with her so early in the morning. We had just seen each other last night too.

As I entered her house, I saw she had her small wood stove lit. There was the large front paned window and two colonial chairs with their white and blue deep padded cushions and wide foot stools sitting comfortably between the window and the stove.

“I have coffee ready and coming out of the oven some chocolate chip cookies.” Lucia said as she pointed to the chairs by the window and then went out into the kitchen.

I picked a chair she had motioned too. When I sat down, I noticed my neck and shoulder still had remnants of soreness from the day before – probably having been aggravated by the dream fight of this morning too. I got comfortable, leaning my laptop tote against the chair’s wooden leg. Then it occurred to me, that I probably had some explaining to do, as to the purpose of this visit. It was then I felt a calming feeling arise on the back of my shoulders and spread around under my arms to the front of my chest. It was like nothing I had felt before. I sat there observing it. Then it spread up into my neck and into the back of my head, around to between my eye brows. I looked out the window at the morning light, wondering what had happened to me.

Lucia stood next to my chair with a mug of coffee and a small plate containing two warm cookies. She looked at me, as if she knew that she would need to wait for me to respond to her presence.

I looked up and took what she had in her hands from her, then placed them on the side table between the two chairs.

She left the room again, returning with her own coffee and cookies. She placed them also on the side table and then sat down. “So what brings you out this morning, Gemma?” Lucia said, with a curious look at me.

“Well I hate to say it, Lucia. But I have some personal questions about what is happening to me. I also want to share a dream with you, I had from last night.” I said, hoping that she would understand what I met.

“Sure. Tell me the dream you had, Gemma. Maybe I can help.” Lucia said, sipping her coffee, as she looked at me.

I explained my dream, as best I could remember, from the night before.

It was then, another dream came to me, one that had occurred I felt, before the fight dream. I also felt the impression, that the fight was not so important. Apparently, it had bothered me, that I would have fought with someone in my dream. Then it oddly occurred to me, that it was not unnatural that I fought in the dream, but that I have fought many times before.

“Tell me, quickly as you can about this other dream, Gemma. My sister is gone taking her daughter to school this morning and after doing her shopping will be back. We do have some time to talk about things, but I would like to do it now, for you.” Lucia said, leaning forward looking at me closely.

“I was out in an old woods as I remember. I could hear voices calling my name. I saw coming toward me six nude women. Women of all body sizes. Then I saw following them a few children. Of these women, some were black and some were white. Some of the women wore brightly painted marks or what could have been symbols on their bodies. All were voluptuous in differing ways. All very beautiful. They knew my name and were touching me on the arms. They grabbed me by the hands and told me to come with them. I looked down and saw my own self nude, as they were. I was as beautiful as they were. Some of the women were talking quietly to each other and then would laugh. The few near me were talking about my appearance there and how they had been waiting for me. The children were excited too, tried to keep up with the pace of the group. As we walked the ground became wetter. Then one of them said, the flood was coming. I was worried about this. But I did not have to say a word, before one of the women told me not to worry. That we would be fine in the water. It was supposed to happen. The water grew deeper up to our knees. The women and children appeared to enjoy the clear water as it rose higher on their bodies and higher up on the trees along the clearing that we stood in. The walking turned into a swim as the waters grew up around us. I found I could swim as easily as they could. That I felt free in the waters. The sun was bright with no hint of a near by storm to account the water to. I found I both enjoyed the women’s company and the flooding waters. It seemed very natural. I suspected of myself, that even I anticipated the arrival of the flood too. The women continued to sensually touch me. I could feel their thoughts and now hear their voices, without having to hear the sound of a voice, as I pushed my way deep into the water as did they. I was sad when the dream ended as I was forced to leave this family group.” I said, as I felt a longing to actually hear an explanation with my own ears about the dreams.

Lucia, took in a deep breath and appeared to be deep in thought. She finally focused upon me as I sat there waiting. She said, “You were with people we both know of. I can not say exactly. It sounds like these women were from your tribal group, due to the body paint. What I mean is that they are not from my people, the Aquaeous. Aquaeous do not paint their bodies as do your people.”

I sat there waiting for more, but it was apparent, I would also have to offer to Lucia my belief in her words to me. “Lucia, please tell me more. This is helping me more than you know.” I said to her.

“All of our peoples draw life and energy from water. I have always felt the Aquaeous, do so more, since an old human name for them is ‘fishman’. Like the human mythology surrounding the fishmen of northern Spain, known as fish-man of Lierganes or the Dagon deities of the ancient Canaanites, which were known to appear mermaid like. Your people though cat like in appearance are also needful of this energy from the element of water. There are old Chinese myths of cat-like beings coming from the constellation of Lyra, call Lyrans. All human myths have a kernel of truth to them. But do not give a familiar picture of the truth.” She said, with confidence to me. “You were with your family group. You may have been actually with them, where ever they were mentally at the time, as they long for your return.”

“My return?” I said, I felt hope in these unsubstantiated words.

“Yes, as in the other dream. You long for your mate, your third, your lover. He is Aquaeous. Because of this you will be needing to make a decision. You will have barriers. You fought the dark one for your people, as you saw in your dreams. But you are not always war-like, you are a balanced ruler of your people. You know how important alliances are.” Lucia said, appearing to put as much information before me to think about as possible, even if it did not make sense right now. “I know him, he is an intimate, as are you, Gemma. His name is Brad, he is the one in my dreams. I have spoken with him. He also has another companion, who is your third. You are a princess of your people. You are here due to many reasons, but the main one is the same as the reason why I am here. For our protection, safe keeping and reunion with our worlds and purpose.” Lucia said, as she looked away, out the window, seeing her sister driving up in the driveway. “I will have to tell you more, next time we meet. I do not have the time now. And I want to take sometime to think. I want to make sure I am telling you the truth. I am still working out who I am at the moment too. I hope this helped you.”

I sat dumbfounded. The words have been painful, somehow. It just did not make sense I should feel this way. I needed for her to explain, but I knew, that she would not. This made me both feel a slight anger toward her and a longing to know more. I got up, needing to do something, to stop this feeling of frustration. I knew she felt this.

“You need to go now. Thank you for sharing with me, Gemma.” Lucia said, as she turned to the door to see her sister enter with bags of groceries in her hands. “Nicola meet the editor working with me on my book. Gemma, this is Nicola.”

“What a surprise to meet you.” Nicola said, then motioned to Lucia to help bring in the groceries.

I got the hint, that I needed to go. I hated to be rushed off. I felt guilty for having responded to Lucia’s help with my own sense of frustration. I also did not feel any relief, but I actually felt worse. I was leaving with no answers. This meeting of her sister did not set well with me either. I had one, clear thought come to me as I pushed towards the door with my things, that her sister was Lucia’s barrier.

I got to my truck, being totally ignored by Lucia and Nicola. I drove out of the darkness of those woods and felt some relief from the oppression that Nicola had brought with her into our discussion time. Oppression was not something I was use too. I never allowed others to be that way in my life. But now I thought I would have to deal with it, if I wanted to find my answers from Lucia.

As I drove a feeling of longing mixed with anger and frustration rolled through my chest, up into my throat, getting stuck in the back of my throat. My head was pounding and my neck hurt with the pain radiating down into my shoulder. With tears in my eyes, I had to finally pull over the truck into a gravel area used by hikers and visitors to the lake. I felt like yelling. Knew getting out of the truck there would not help my frustration or relieve what I felt. I slammed the steering wheel with the palm of my hand and started to shout. I said things like, “What the hell?” “Why did that bitch have to show up?” “Why the fuck, do I feel this way?” Then I began to cry as I slowed down the ranting. And leaned my head on my hands on the steering wheel. I felt embarrassed to be so upset. I felt hopeless stuck in this messy feeling of longing. I hated it. I sat up straight, about to tell ‘who’ or ‘what’ to take this fucking feeling back where ever they crawled out from, that I was not crazy like Lucia. Then I felt a release, the feelings were gone, though the pain in my head, neck and shoulder were not. I said, “Good for you, dude!” I slammed the truck into drive, pushed out of the gravel and onto the road home. The pain would be met with a few aspirin, an ounce or two of Finlandia Vodka and time in bed to sleep this all off. Something to do that was sensible and under my complete control. I also felt I may not want to see Lucia again, nor probably would she want to see me. What a mess and I hated drama. I shouted, “I hate damn drama!” I found I fell quiet as I drove back to the house. I arrived physically and emotionally exhausted and longed for a shower and then sleep. Something not crazy, but sensible to do….

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