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“don’t tell me yet…” Chapter 30 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

“Mom, Dad, Dr. Andre is here and dinner is ready too,” I said to the both of them with the bedroom door slightly opened.

“Gemma, we will be ready here in a few minutes, ok?” Mother said back to me.

“Yeah, no rush. I and Dr. Andre will have a glass of wine here then…” I said.

I walked back out to the kitchen then in to the dining room. Gil was finishing setting the plates out. He had an elegant table happening. I was impressed. The feelings I had toward this guy… I knew then would be dangerous, if I knew who he was to me.

“Gil, they are coming here in a few. Would you like some wine?” I asked.

“Is that such a good idea Gemma?” Gil said, as he lit the last of three candles at the center of the table.

“I don’t see why not. It may help. I know that sounds strange, but I felt it a helpful suggestion.” I said back to him.

Gil looked at me, like he had had a light go on in his head.

“What?” I asked him. I had a bottle of wine in hand with a few glasses.

“Suggestions… you get them too, then?” Gil said. Slightly smiling. “I thought I was the only crazy one in this world of mine?”

“Nope, there is plenty of crazy to go around. The point is to listen and ask questions.” I said back to him. I offered him a glass of wine, then I sat down in my usual spot at the table.

“Ok, tell me more Gemma,” Gil said. I guess he was going to have some wine with me after all. I motioned to the other end of the table, so we could be a bit closer. Well so Mom and Dad could talk too and not be separated.

“There is a lot going on Gil. But right now I think we need to focus on what will happen next. Keep our heads clear,” I said. “Later I would love nothing more than to tell you everything about me and what is happening.”

“Fair enough, sounds sensible. I am supposing that things will pick up,” Gil said.

“You feeling it too, then?” I asked.

“Yes, a strange sense of anticipation. I also feel comfortable with it. That I will know what to do about it too.” Gil said.

“Yeah, that is my sense too. A waiting game. A friend of mine calls it synchronicity,” I said. The wine was great. I still had a need to know who Gil was. That never left me. But I knew soon enough I would know.

“Good to see you Dr. Andre,” Dad said. Mom and Dad looked rested. Each sat in the two remaining places. It all felt so familiar. I felt though even more vigilant with my parents there at the table. I took that sense to heart.

“Nice to see you so well Mr. King. Mrs. King a much better situation too to see you in as well,” Gil said. “I would like to introduce myself… I am Gil Andre. Your daughter is a fine host, having made me feel very relaxed. I just wanted to check for myself how the both of you were doing at this point?”

“We are doing much better. Soon we will be going home. But for now we rest, waiting for what Gemma has planned for us next in this recovery,” Dad said.

I did not feel I needed to stir the pot much with more information, so I left it at that. I could tell too that Gil was in agreement. He looked over at me. That look, like I had had it a million times in the past. This was getting serious. A good kind of serious I felt. I then heard in my chest ‘trust him’… yeah I will be doing that soon.

We sat there doing small talk. Gil explaining his practice and his adjunct teaching as a physician educator of cardiology at the University of Washington. His research that he received funding for based upon the genetic differences between men and women, then people as to ethnicity when it came to factors that caused heart disease and the uneven response to cardiac medications in general. He was very passionate about his work. Dad had the most questions. Where Dad came up with these questions was beyond me. Mother sat there listening. I had the feeling Mother was more interested in the responses happening between I and Gil.

Mother finally said, “Gemma, when did you and Gil meet?”

I looked at Gil. It was a fair question. Gil smiled slightly behind his wine glass at his lips.

“Mom, it must have been along time ago. I and Gil were just discussing that. I am sure as the evening moves on the answers will come…” I said.

“Gemma, it is getting late. Your Father is still tired. I am finding after that wine, I am too. I will take your Father to our room. Let us know what you want us to do. Will you wake us up then tomorrow?” Mother said. I felt it odd she would want to break off so early. But I took it as a sign that something was coming. Something Alec was guiding, by moving the players around into safe positions.

“Yes, I will wake you up on time, to get ready. If you hear anything please stay in the house… better yet stay in your room, unless I come get you personally, ok?” I said, as I thought about it.

“We will Gemma. You and Gil be careful. We will not leave the room unless you come to tell us personally,” Dad said.


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I got up beginning to clear the table. Gil helped my Father up from the chair. Gil was in doctor mode. I could tell. I also felt Gil was satisfied with what he found. Gil started clearing the table too. I heard the latch on my parents bedroom door fall into place.

“Show time, you think, Gemma?” Gil said, once we were in the kitchen rinsing dishes off to place in the dishwasher.

“It feels that way,” I said.

When we were done with clean up, I felt at loose ends. We walked back out to the living room. There was nothing either of us could say to make the situation clearer.

I had the feeling again. That I needed to look out the windows and check the outer doors. Gil followed me around from a distance watching my rounds of the house.

It was then I saw the lights coming up the road and then pause at the drive way.

“Ummm, Gil. Go sit in the living room. I want to check this out,” I said.

“You sure?” Gil asked.

“Yeah, I need you to be in the living room listening for them,” I said. “I will bring back who ever it is to talk.”

“You think it is him?” Gil said. He met me on the way to the patio door. He touched my arm lightly.

“Not sure, probably,” I said. I was focused on my chest at this point. I felt strong. I also felt my hands having the need to be rubbed together. I did that before touching the door knob.

Gil left me there standing at the door. He was doing as I asked. We both knew what was important here right now at the moment.

I swung out through the French doors quietly on to the patio. I saw movement on the other side of the patio gate from where I stood. I then took on a casual stance. The gate opened.

“Hello Miss King. I had mentioned I had wanted to do a home visit. I was able to break away on my way to visiting a few friends up north tonight. How are things?” Dr. Proctor said. He had a black bag in hand. He was dressed oddly. His suit jacket was a bit too long. I let it go, because over thinking could draw attention to my intentions.

“Won’t you come in Dr. Proctor, I am sure my uncle would appreciate seeing you this evening for a possible up date on what you have found,” I said. I noticed a shift of facial expression for Dr. Proctor, like an unexpected break had been handed to him. Yes, it had.

I allowed Dr. Proctor to go first into the kitchen. He was not about human convention. Good for me, because of that I was able to keep my eye on him. I stopped in the kitchen. When I did he stopped too. I got out the bottle of wine. He watched me. I poured him a glass in one of the greenish hand blown goblets I had gotten a long time ago in Astoria, Oregon. I felt it would be a good feel in his hand, for some reason. He accepted the wine with a pleased nod of his head.

Then I took him out to the living room. I did not think on what I was doing at the time, my mind was calm and only thinking on the comfort of my guest just then.

I felt his surprise to see Dr. Andre sitting on the couch with his own glass of wine to his lips. Gil stood to greet his colleague. With that approach I felt Dr. Proctor became less vigilant by this unexpected change to his plans.

“Miss King, I do not think you have been introduced to Jeff Proctor. Jeff has been at the hospital about as long as myself. His expertise is emergency medicine. But he also is known for his forensic pathology that he applies to the living in his practice. He is very good at pulling all of these elements together to form quite a few successful diagnostic plans of treatment through this unusual application of forensic pathology in these cases of unknown etiology for the living.” Gil said, with the sweeping motion of his hand holding the wine glass.

It was just then I felt or actually I was told that the familiar felt comfortably concealed. I pointed to an over-stuffed chair for Jeff Proctor to sit down in with his wine glass. I sat across from Gil on the love seat next to the familiar.

“This is so unexpected to have the both of you here to see my uncle. I very much appreciate your concern. What town are your friends located in Jeff that expect you tonight?” I asked. I sipped on my own glass of wine that I had poured in the kitchen.

There was a hesitation, by Dr. Proctor. I ignored it feigning my interest in my enjoyment of the wine in my goblet.

“Bellingham, yes just out side of Bellingham. They are very old family friends. I plan to spend the weekend there to do some hiking and maybe to fish,” Proctor said. I felt, he again was pleased with himself.

“Gil, how do you think my uncle is?” I looked over at Gil. “It is too bad that both of them have retired for the night. It has been a long day.”

Gil said, “Yes, well. Mr. King seems to be recovering his strength slowly. He was able to eat dinner and take fluids from what Miss King indicates to me. I was able to greet him and Mrs. King before they both went to bed for the night. He seemed from a cardiac stand point stable. So I would say his recovery is well underway. It is a good call by the family to have brought him here. It seems to be the best environment to do what it is he needs to do at this point.”

It was then I felt like a sharp knife the disagreement coming off Proctor.

“So you are saying that they are not likely to come out from their room?” the familiar said. He looked at Gil, then turned to me… we were the barrier to his plans. Again, I felt in his way. If I was in his way, that maybe a good thing. This thought crossed my mind. As I began to openly read him. He looked again hard at me. I had gotten his attention.

I wanted to get this started… to help the familiar not have the obvious escape him. How would I defend against the result of his realization? It was then I just felt I could. I looked over at Gil. I felt Gil knew what was up next.

“Hey, I sense you are having a problem with that, Jeff… why?” I said, simply.

The familiar set his half full wine glass down on the carpet. He bumped it as his hand raised back up. Must be nerves. Wine spilled out slowly from the over turned goblet. No one moved. Again Proctor was not responding as a human would to his personal faux pas.

It was then the familiar picked up on our lack of emergent action too, to retrieve the cup and fix the stain.

I felt something, so I said it out loud “You were hoping to leave here soon? Why?”

The familiar then settled back in his chair. He was attempting to read me, but I did not feel probed. It was then that Gil took in a start of air. Looking now more serious, almost in pain. Looking at me oddly then staring at Proctor.

“Leave him alone Jeff… It is me you want. Why are you here? What do you hope to gain?” I said, I got his attention, now the sparring would begin. It was up to me now.

“What is Gil to you Miss King? Another lover perhaps? Another pawn for you to play with? Have you forgotten?” Jeff said, this time he had a strange accent to his words. It dawned on me he was speaking to me in an ancient form of dark speech.

“Why are you here Jeff?” I said again, I was in control, I wanted him to feel that.

“Miss King, you must be the person I am looking for. The person that is related to both Mr. and Mrs. King… are you not?” Jeff said, now leaning forward where he sat.

“You tell me, Jeff? You didn’t answer my question either.” I said, meeting his gaze with my full attention.

“You knew someone I know. Someone very important to me. You wronged that person.” Jeff told me very deliberately, slowly and in dark speech. I looked over casually toward Gil, as if to include him in the conversation. It was actually to make sure he was still alive at this point.

“Who would that be Jeff?” I asked. I was not defiant, I was just asking a question of clarification. I did not agree nor disagree.

Jeff shouted at me. It was then Gil looked free to breathe. I pushed my left hand toward Gil and made my intention of shielding and command known to the Earth, the energy surged up from the ground, through me, then out around the area we sat. My parents safe, Gil safe and now I had Jeff’s full attention.

Jeff shouted, “You will die Lyran witch. You will die as unfaithful. You will die as unloved. You are alone. He knows nothing of you. I know all about you and your end.”

“Really?” I said.

Jeff was exasperated apparently. I was not acting in the manner he had planned.

“Hey, Jeff you didn’t answer me. Why are you here? What is it you want?” I asked. Honestly I wanted to know what this familiar thought. I was not afraid. I had not expected what I was feeling coming off of this being. A combination of confusion and exasperation. I was not about to suggest in my mind other options.

“What I want, what I want, is not important. It is what I have been commanded to do. I must punish you. I must kill all that is dear to you. I have all of you. Including Gil here. You have no idea who Gill is do you?” Jeff said. I felt him give me that triumphant look. Like he had something on me.

Gil then said, in a low voice, I turned my head toward him as I watched Jeff in my minds eye. “I won’t be needing your introduction to Gemma, we have this handled, Jeff.” I saw a slight smile from Gil.

“Ok, cool. But Jeff you still haven’t answered my question. Let me phrase it another way. Who am I to you?” I asked. I hoped I had redirected his attention back to me. I still felt the flow of energy coming from me, I did not feel a challenge to it yet. Maybe Jeff was unaware. Maybe he hated too deeply. It was a distraction I needed for him.

“Why so many questions? Do you not know who you are?” Jeff hissed at me, I saw spittle fly out of his mouth as he pushed each word out.

“Nope, not a problem here. I want to hear it from you, Jeff,” I said, calmly.

“Gods… You are the betrayer of my mistress. I am here to kill you and your’s, Princess Gemma. You slut. You whore. Your life is gone. I searched for you and found you.” Jeff said, then a surge of energy collided with my shielding energy. The challenge. I felt myself charge up to meet the surge, it was not all coming from the Earth below my feet, but from the other places I felt I had taken it before, coming to me naturally.

“What is this? What have we? There is more here…?” Jeff said, shouting again in dark speech, wailing in pain. I was not sure where the pain came from.

“Jeff, did you hurt yourself? Why are you doing this? The war is over. There is a reason you are here in this room with I and Gil.” I said, I felt guided to say that just then.

“War over. My mistress did not tell me. My work will be done. I will be called back to her soon. She forgets me not. I will sacrifice you to her. You are finished Princess Gemma, you and your parents… your Lyran Lieutenant could not save you even that day. Our queen killed all of you. I will end your immortality here and now…” Jeff said, but I felt his uncertainty of the story he told. The story he had rehearsed for years and years.

I felt again. An energy hit me hard, but it only warmed my flesh slightly. The return of that energy was strong upon Jeff. He whined his painful disagreement.

“Jeff it doesn’t have to be this way. You can come home. Your mistress will not be coming for you,” I said. I pulled hard on more energy to contain this powerful familiar. I felt my left hand grow hot, then cool off a bit. I gotta manage the flow.

“What? What? My mistress is powerful. She waits for me. I will flay the flesh from your breasts, from your arms, legs, ass. I will eat your fat, then vomit it on to the fires along the River Styx. You will be bound there forever,” Jeff said. I think he was trying to put together images I would fear and thus consent to. Consent to my own death. Nope not happening. Been there done that… I thought.

“Jeff, your mistress is dead. I did not mean to wrong her. She wronged me, she wronged you. She did not return the love to me and mine as she promised. I had to walk away. It was her queen who betrayed her, you and me…” I said, I tilted my head in a gesture of listening to his response, in wanting his response. I had seen Marta do that with the dark ones’ children in the Lyceum. It was a gesture of caring, of tenderness.

“No you lie. You lie. My mistress lives. My queen lives,” Jeff whined, but he had not hit me with any energy. He was fearful, it was painful to him.

“Jeff you are not thinking straight. Breathe for a moment. Rest,” I asked. I then looked at him as if to command him to spare himself the pain he was causing himself.

“I must leave here. I will go. I must think, consider. I will kill you. Kill you all. There are others here. Others, I feel them,” Jeff said, it was then I saw him look over at Gil, with a movement of his hand a flash of light exploded around Gil. Gil had his left hand out and his right hand at his chest. The sparkles fell around him. Gil smiled at me. Gods he had deflected the energy himself. I also knew Jeff was not calling upon what he was testing, now knowing what I said was true, the energy of the dead ones’ dark queen is in this world.

“NO, NO, you will not live. They do not live. You killed them. You, YOU!” Jeff screamed in the tone of many voices, strings of energy rushing around us but I was able to contain them. I used Gil as my second at this point. Gods…

“Jeff calm down. The war is over. Yes, there are others. Others who wish to help you. There is a necromancer who has sent me to retrieve you. There is an elder of your people who calls your name home. Please help me, help you to answer that call,” I said. I felt a hesitation, I felt an option, that he was feeling.

“Whore I will be back, to judge you. You can not hold me for I do not consent to you. I consent to no one. Now that I am alone in this world. I leave. But I will be back. I will kill you, I will not kill you without you knowing it is me, who does this thing…” Jeff said, he was attempting to modulate his voice, but he still sounded freaking crazy.

“Jeff, I will wait for you to consent. You must come with me to be free from your pain. There is an Elder of the dark ones awaiting your return. She wants to reunite you with the people. There are many necromancers willing to receive you home, to help you. You prolong your pain. You live with out love. You live now without belonging. Your purpose is gone. You know you will die of this, Jeff. I hate that for you. I came back to find you. To tell you the war is over… it is time to go home,” I said. I held my defensive stance, but I knew he respected that presentation of power. I felt he knew I was not lying to him right then.

Then in a blackish flash of light Dr. Proctor was gone. How in the world can darkness flash a blinding light? I just witnessed that, something, oddly I longed to ask Marta just then.

“Gemma, look at your hands,” Gil said, he had my hands in his. He was whispering old Lyran prayers over the palms of my hands. They were raw flesh, but not utterly destroyed. But close. I felt nothing. My heart longed to do the will of my beloved. I guessed I felt that way as an antidote to the pain I would otherwise be suffering.

“Gil, it is ok, guy. I will be fine. We gotta finish this. We gotta check my parents, then try to get Jeff to come back here. I gotta do this,” I said.

I looked into his eyes. The most tender look I have ever felt coming from anyone, he was giving to me as he held my wounded hands.

“Gemma, I know who I am,” Gil whispered.

“Gods, don’t tell me yet. I don’t want to know. I may do something stupid. We have to finish this Gil. Then you can tell me,” I said.


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