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Becoming the third… Chapter 18 (sensual) 1st draft

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon

Greg offered his hand to me. I grabbed it. My other hand, Brad had in his, stemming the bleeding. I stood up, still a bit shaky.

I was seeing what it was I hadn’t before. The ritual now over. Marty had a similar incision along his inner right arm at the elbow, as I had seen Lucia receive from Alec. He was now standing near me, attempting to focus on me. He said, “Gemma, Brad has the bleeding under control. Some one will be by to help you.”

I said, “Marty how about you, are you ok?” His arm was still actively bleeding.

“More than ok… been waiting to do this for a long time.” Marty said. His skin also appeared to have that pink hue.

Monica came up behind us. “Marty time to go to the sacred pool.” she said. I noticed she did not touch him. A flash of white light surrounded them.

Brad in almost a whisper to me said, “Gemma, let’s go.” I felt too weak to even focus on his voice. I apparently was standing at the edge of a small lake with just enough space for the crowd of people who had gathered. I looked at Brad with my blood still oozing between his fingers. He was holding what felt like a pressure point up higher on my arm too. That seemed to be helping. Greg had my other arm. I felt I couldn’t fall right then.

“Hey girl, if you can hear me, give me a nod.” Brad said to me.

“Brad I can hear you. What do you want me to do?” I said, I was guessing we came to this body of water for a purpose. I noticed too, I was attempting to quiet the talking going on around me that apparently was finding its way into my head.

Brad, smiling now, said, “Gemma we are going to walk you into this water. It may feel cold. We will try to keep you warm. You must go in over your head for this to work. I need to do this.”

I had no time to give my agreement to him. He and Greg pulled me along. Yes, the water was shockingly cold. It took my breath away. I gave up trying to stop the shaking about the time the water had hit my bare bottom. We move quicker at this point, into the depths of the pool. I got from Greg that my pain would be gone soon. At this rate, I had to agree with that. Then oddly enough I fell asleep. I could still hear everything around me, but I was no longer in pain. I attempted to feel my hand, but I just couldn’t.

I could still hear them, but it was now taking place all in my mind. I felt like I was floating. Yes, as promised I felt warm. But when would I open my eyes again?

Greg said, “She is breathing normally with your help Brad. The wound closed. Just a small mark left. Alec sure nailed her. He did a nice job with her fighting like that.”

Brad said, “Yes, she is stable now. Marta just told Mark, that they are coming.”

Brian said, “Lucia and the guys are settled down now. Went well. I wish it was us, with them, about now.”

There was silence in my mind. I felt a lot of things just then, from many directions. Damn I could not sort this stuff out.

Brad said, “We will be doing it too, soon enough, when she is safe. She promised and her brother is allowing it.”

Vilmos? My brother? Who safe? Oh the Gods, why am I trapped in my head this way. Brad help me. I thought. I was fighting this sleep now. They were talking about me and us.

“Gemma? You can hear us?” Brad said, the words now arriving louder in my mind.

“Brad… can you hear me?” I said, but why was I still asleep, when will I wake up. Am I dead?

Brad said, “No you aren’t dead. Gemma, you will be awake soon. Focus on me. Focus on who ever you can feel at the moment. Your healing is almost complete. We have done this a million times, with others… and with you.”

I began to use what I felt and what was popping into my head. Greg? MARK! Mark, I can feel you, do you hear me? I thought as loudly as I could… was I loud enough?

“Gemma, where are you?” Mark said. Mark’s voice sounded a ways off.

“Mark, I don’t know exactly. I can hear Brad, Greg and Brian. I can’t wake up.” I thought each of these words individually, so I could possibly be heard.

“Gemma, talk to Brad, focus on him. Even if you can’t feel him, keep talking to him. I will be there soon. I will talk to him too.” Mark said, his voice fading as soon as the words arrived in my mind. I felt so tired.

Brad said, his voice booming in my mind now, “Gemma, Mark just told me you can hear him! Honey, I will bring you to the surface and get you breathing on your own. Focus on what you feel around you right now.”

I tried to. I was so sleepy. I can feel my hand, my hair moving, my body… I am so cold. Then I could see, I was coughing hard, trying to clear the water out of my throat. I was held tightly in Brad’s arms. Greg was floating, holding on to Brad’s shoulder. Brian was in my face, literally, blowing his breath into my mouth. “Take a damn breath, Gemma.” Brad, yelled at me. And I did finally, on my own.

“You, scared me for a moment!” a smiling Brad said.

Oh my God, I thought, I can see you!

“Gemma, talk, speak, you don’t have to think it now!” Mark said, as he swam over to us with his head held high above the surface of the water.

“I am damn cold.” I shouted at Mark. The three that clung to me as I attempted to swim towards Mark, began to laugh.

“She is a strong swimmer.” Greg said, as he held my waist, helping to keep my head above water.

“She is not quite all there yet, with us here, so keep her going toward the shore. We can wrap her up. Get her to Liz’s place where the others are. Where it is safe.” Mark said.

My teeth were chattering. I wanted to ask what he met, though it was hard to think straight. I resigned my self to being guided, to what we would do next.

Brian on the shore line said towards the palms of his hands stretched out in front of himself… “Bring me now a wrap of warmth, with this intention of mine.”

A long black woolen robe appeared. It had long flaps in the front, once it was place on me that wrapped under each of my breasts, then up over my back and back again, to be tied in the front. I was warm.

“Your teeth have stopped chattering Gemma, ready to go now?” Brad said, to me as he held me again.

Brian said, “Greg didn’t you know Lyran are good swimmers?”

“Well she is not quite Lyran yet, but I am seeing what you mean. Would explain why Alec had his hands full, there at the last moment.” Greg said with a smile… right before Brian took us into that flash of light.

I found we were standing in front of the sectional, where we had all met, where I found out what it was I had to do. I was a little dizzy, but there was no pain. I was warm. Damn it too I am hungry. Why now? I thought.

“Gemma, you have not quite realized what is happening to you, have you?” Mark said. I turned my head toward him.

I said, “What do you mean?”

I looked at Mark.

Mark said, “We will go see Lucia and the others here in a bit. I wanted to see how you are taking all of this change.”

Mark did not move his lips… I did not hear him with my ears, but in my head. I had to sit down, with that thought. What else is happening that is so obvious, that I am missing it. Have I lost my mind?

I turned my head when I knew I heard Brad speak to me… using my ears. “Gemma, you have the Unity back, but there is something more to this. You also have an amazing reach out to each of us. Mark has proof of that. He wasn’t anywhere near us, when you two were speaking.”

I looked back at Mark. “Gemma, when I am with you I will be verbalizing. I only use what we can do with thoughts when it is in a situation I do not wish to be heard or when far from you.” Mark said to me, then offering his hand.

Brad said, “We will teach you. Be confident you will be a pro at it soon. Even in your Human form. Alec will explain that part to you. He and Lucia planned all of this, he invoked it at Lucia’s ritual.”

I said, “I felt something going on, but I am not clear on what has happened to me or to any one there.” I felt reassurance just holding Mark’s hand. I really felt a whole lot going on around me. But it didn’t make me as tired as it had before.

“Alec will explain it to you. You just need to rest and eat something here soon.” Brian said, he was moving toward the hallway that led farther into the house.

Mark pulled me up off the couch.

“Why does Alec need to explain it to me? Why can’t any of you?” I said. It gave me a foreboding in my chest, since I could not question them about what had happened and will happen to me, to us.

Mark said, “Because Princess, at this point, it is all about diplomacy and must be treated that way. And it is Alec, begging us to let him talk to you first. Clarity and synchronicity he tells me.”

“You will not be alone, Gemma, so quiet your fears. We are with you. Greg here too.” Brad said, with a smile.

Greg nodded, “Remember I am a king, so Alec has to play nice. But I really don’t think there is any thing to worry about at this point.”

“Play nice?” I said, now I was trying to remember a time that I felt he had ever taken advantage of me.

Brad said, “I can answer that Gemma. That is history between us. He took a chance. He introduced me to you.”

“Well,” I quipped, “If that was taking advantage of me, I hope he does it again.”

“Umm, Brian, Gemma is back with us!” Brad said, smiled, then moved his head toward Brian’s direction.

Mark pulled me along with the tug of my hand, the hand that had been injured, it felt great.

We all came to a set of double doors at the end of the hallway. These were draped in sheer curtains that Brad pulled aside once the doors were open and held until we all had entered the room.

Lucia was sitting crossed legged on a large puff footstool in front of a long couch. She was nude, slender, there was something about her, something powerful, natural, sensual. Marta came into the room from one of the side entrances. Every one of their party was nude, making me wish I had this robe off to be fully exposed to them. Alec and Paul sat behind Lucia on the couch near her. Liz was sitting next to Paul holding his hand, there was something different about her too. Why couldn’t I put my finger on it… I had experience with this long ago, but what was it.

It was then, I guess my thoughts, that cued Alec, setting him into action.


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“Hey, Everyone!” Gretchen said, “Food will be on the table here soon.”

I was so happy Gretchen was here, of course she would be here, for one reason or another. She must have heard my thoughts, that is she veered over to me.

“Once you and Alec have gotten done speaking to each other, Gemma, I will serve the food. So take your time… Do you need something to hold you til then?” Gretchen said.

“Nope, I am fine, though I would be lying. I want to see what is so important, that Alec has to tell me in private.” I said. I felt no reaction coming off Gretchen. Either there was nothing to it, or she was shielding me from anxiety… maybe.

I did not talk to Lucia, though I wanted to. I wanted to see what was going on, then how she would react to it. Things may have changed, between us. Gosh, that felt like old inferiority tapes playing there, apparently I had brought some of my other world baggage here. Second guessing myself. I will have to talk to Brad about that, when I am allowed… I thought.

Brad leaned closer to me, whispered, “You are doing a great job shielding most of your thoughts. Yes, we will talk about a lot of things. Alec just needs to talk to you right now. He never met to indicate we could not speak to each other. We wanted to give him the space he asked for, with you, Gemma.”

“Yeah, wish me luck.” I said. I felt alone in a room full of people I cared for. I will see.

Alec came over to me and stood in front of me, then put out his hand showing the direction he wished to go with me. I walked behind him. He stopped and motioned for me to walk beside him.

Being the diplomat I thought. In my mind I heard, “Yes, right now I am for you and Queen Lucia.” Alec said, then looked into my eyes.

The room he chose from the many doors we passed was a comfortable room, again with all the colors I liked. Maybe that was part of his process, when working with dignitaries?

He motioned for me to sit down on the sofa. He sat in the winged backed chair near me at the corner of the couch.

I straighten the seams in my robe. Gods, I could not remember a thing. Why was I being so fake right now? I was no more a princess, than the postman that dropped off the mail at my house…

“First off Gemma, I will try… I should say, I will, be as transparent as possible in our talk together. I will attempt to the best of my abilities, answer your questions. So be ready to ask as many as you can think of. Lastly, you are a princess, the ruler of the Lyran on your world… whether you feel it or not. If it is of any help, Lucia is having the same problem, and I might add, she can remember too.” Alec said, looking at me with what I would have called a poker face. His words certainly did not match his affect. I should trust his words at this point, I felt.

“Ok, well it is certainly good we know where I and you stand. I am glad too, to hear about Lucia and how she is doing.” I said, now at the least I was talking, saying something coherent.

“I do not want to take a whole lot of time to say things, that I must say and get out there. First, Vilmos was privy to what I did to you in the ritual. I had sent Marta to set the tone. I feel things could have been worse for the both of us, that it went as it did, with the out come we all had hoped for.” Alec said, slightly leaning forward, it appeared to me he was battling being, well… wanting to be warm with me.

“I got that, once I got there. You and Marta… and Glenna too. What you had started.” I said, I felt close to him, almost sympathy at this point. It started to occur to me he was about to apologize.

“Yes, exactly. I had tried to give you a warning, I knew, I should say I saw what you would do… I expected it, even if you can not remember. I and Lucia had always counted on that quality from you, that you would come through in a pinch.” Alec said, then added, “You were brilliant… powerful.”

“Oh the Gods, Alec, I am helpless in this Human form. I remember hardly enough to function.” I said, lowering my guard, he was him, I was me, to hell with this convention, I thought.

“How much do you think you know… to function as you put it?” Alex said, looking hard at me. “What language are you hearing me speak in and you responding back?”

“English the only…language I know.” I said, but now I was not so certain.

“Gemma, we are talking in ancient Aquaeous. I know you speak that fluently, that is what you spoke to Brad the night you bedded him. You are a master at languages and the arcane… Alec said, with his voice trailing off, I felt his sympathy too.

“What the hell then, did you do to me, threatening me with a dagger… stabbing Lucia there… in the freakin state I was in, Alec?” I blurted out, now I was mad, I needed no sympathy, I just needed someone to tell me what the hell was going on? Oh Mighty Ones… I am so confused. He must hear me, I can’t explain it any plainer.

“Ok, now we are going where I had hoped you would go with what you truly needed from me, from Lucia, from the Promise, Gemma.” Alec said, then he stopped.

“You want me to be pissed off at you, right? Will that make me remember? What you did to me makes no sense. GODS, you even mutilated Marty some how, if not you, it was Paul! Blood everywhere… beyond the main event of drowning Lucia before my eyes and a crowd that didn’t give a rip…” I said, I was mad, unnaturally mad. I had to have answers. I was afraid he would not give me the answers I needed. Was I right to even ask… maybe I did know the answers?

“Stop, right there. You need to take a breath… Calm down, Gemma. Lucia needed to willingly give up her Human form, to regain her Aquaeous body… the same body she had before she was sent to that world… the one she received from El and Monica as her parents. Next she wanted to be joined with you more than what the sigils could afford us. She wanted it timed to go along with her bonding with Martin. Paul had to finish that slice with a different knife on her then on Marty to bond them as mates. I and Paul have been already bonded to her. She now carries Martin’s blood in her as does he her’s in himself. I sliced her to prepare the blood to run and then stabbed my self to include my blood on the dagger to give to you… as I did. Gods, you tried to kill me and then you were able to open your power to cast a very old curse on me from your world. If you would have been successful I would now be in the tender care of Marta and Glenna attempting to lift the curse… with you unable to help. Of course Vilmos could shed some light on the matter by him translating what you said in arcane Lyran!” Alec finally took a breath himself… after this spilled out of his mouth.

“Alec, it is you needing to slow down and take a breath… nothing is lost on me right now. I get it now. What more do you need to say to me here in private?” I said, I was still pissed, but calming. I felt something more had to be said… that was hidden.

“You got the better of me there… you can still push my buttons, Gemma.” Alec said, he appeared more relaxed.

“Is that why you sent Brad that night to me?” Oh Gods that popped out of my mouth… but I had always wondered.

“I had promised you… that I would be transparent. When I had spoken to Vilmos and then to you, I was hitting an impenetrable wall. Our world needed your world to stand with it. Lucia was worried about enslavement of your world. She had heard and I had seen, that if you did not at the least bond with us, even if you would not align with us, that your planet would die. We already knew about this necromancer woman who had approached you and had struck your fancy we had heard. Lucia had hoped that you would be spared due to that relationship… but through channels we heard otherwise and other plans for your world. You personally would be spared at the darkones queen’s pleasure, but the rest was to be used in the making of potions and the directing of energies in the defeat of the Lightones in our world….” Alec said, slowing his pace of speech. “So here we are. I admit looking within the Promise for one of us who would suit you and your lusts. Deep in contemplation it came to me that Brad had the same feel to him, as I picked up from you. I then thought, possibly, you both needed to meet each other. As the Promise we can not lie or cheat on love. Brad said he would try… he is in love with Lucia, but he said, he felt guided to approach me at the same time as I was guided to ask him… to give this hunch, this feeling, serious action. He said yes, and the rest is you here with me caring about what you feel, Gemma.”

I looked at him, I felt that heat again in the top of my head and what it was threatening.

“You are telling me what I already know, what I have already consented to with you Alec and with them.” I said, “What else don’t I get here, right now?”

Gods, that was a dangerous question. What was I asking? Did I want to know?

“You do not know, since you won’t ask, what the total purpose, the outcome of the ritual was for Lucia. Why Marty had to bond with her?” Alec said.

“Is it any of my business, as they say, Alec?” I asked, I felt both uneasy and then oddly anticipation, but of what would I anticipate.

“To put it plain in plain English… I will tell you in English. Lucia is now pregnant with child…” Alec said, he must have known that would hit me hard, how I longed for that myself.

“She mated… with Marty?” I said, following the logic of the conversation so far.

Alec cleared his throat, “Now I am not the diplomat any longer, Gemma. I am a member of the Promise, I am your friend, I am your third… he said.

“You mated with her too and so did Paul…” I said, I was amazed, I felt left out of this joy, oddly I felt hurt that it was not my time too.

Alec got down on his knees in front of me. He looked into my eyes, saying, “I bet you get tired of people telling you that they heard everything you were thinking… trust me I have this room shielded, so that no one knows what either of us say or thinks. But I did hear, I am so sorry for everything I put you through. I am so sorry that it is not now your time to mate with the three of them, yes the three of them. But I am not sorry you met Brad, or that the war brought you to Brad, Lucia and me. You don’t remember yet, but I have felt with every meeting that you suspected… that I should have added more to the list of who I am to you that I just said to you.” Alec said. Now he was waiting again for me.

“You are my friend, my healer, you have my back, you are my third… I suspect you were and are my lover… and will be my mate, Alec.” I said, with tears coming to my eyes, damn it there I go, can’t shake it.

“Exactly, you can count on me Gemma. The blood I and Lucia shared is full of what you needed, but it will not send you as well into heat. Brad, Brian, Mark and Greg’s blood flow within us too. I will have to catch up with Marty… of course. We can feel you and protect you, because you are as we are always one. That is what I and Lucia attempted today, to share with you.” Alec said, with a slight smile, resting his hands on my knees.

I didn’t know what to say. My thoughts were calm, while the heat grew between us. I placed my hands on top of his, there on my knees. “There are no barriers, no walls, now Alec, you have given me my life back and those I love too.” I said, I felt the sting of the tears forming in my eyes, just then.

“I also heard you say you wished to have this robe off to be exposed to all. I am assuming you met me too?” Alec said, as he began to untie the intricate knot that had held my robe in place.

“Is this an apology?” I asked, my attempt to slow down, the beautiful tension which was building quickly between us.

“Yes, if that is what you wish my princess, I apologize. I also if you are pleased with what you receive would hope you would allow us to mate in the future, my beloved?” Alec said, finishing his work opening the robe, then guiding me to my full length on the couch. I brought my knees open, up to my chest, as I would, as a Lyran female offering herself freely to her mate.

Fortunately the couch was made for such occasions, wide enough for two lovers to make love. He was in me, deep, I didn’t even see it coming. I gasped for my breath, he went in and out the full length of his cock, with each slow penetration. His hands steadied me under my arms near my breasts, his mouth was planted on mine tasting me and I, him. Oh the Gods… damn you Brad, I felt just then he knew this would happen. I was so relieved, so comforted… this warmth was taking me and Alec. It felt as if it came through my skin into his and flowing back to me… I heard him say in my head, “It is our blood, Gemma… thanks for giving yourself back to me.”


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