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What will you be getting into?… I am going to place here within all of my stories from other places, home again here.

The Chapters up to this time, of this Fantasy Adventure – The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead. I had planned to present them else where. But decided to bring all of my stories back to their home again. There had been an original motive to place them else where, because in the past I had been discriminated against in the work place for writing, I had up at the time a “how to book” on writing Haiku. Then I tried my hand at writing sensual romance and erotica. All of my writing was then lumped together and I was told to “cease and desist” due to my employer’s personal preferences and sensibilities. I of course made other employment plans, when I was told I could not write anymore. The other reason why I placed a few of my stories / books else where was that I  hoped for the monetary support of my beautiful Readers, with the other site offering the means to do so for those who wished to offer support.

Now I am coming to my senses. I will not be afraid to have all of my work here, in one spot for my readers. I also found that I am able to place a link to PayPal for Reader/Fan support of my writing endeavors… so it is a win-win for both me and you!


Reader Support of up coming Chapters in | The Unicorn Rider | Book 1

The Story is free to read, but Reader/Fan support of Anna Le Doux is very, very much appreciated!


The Unicorn Rider is an evolving magical sensual fantasy, based upon human myths concerning the dead… and what is happening to the dead.

Naturally there is always something that is unseen. Life is that way. We are told many stories by those in authoritative positions, whether religious, political or academic… but the question is, is any of it true? I guess one would need to consider the source and the source’s motivating intention.

So blending myth, stories, belief and where we each find ourselves in this world, this Earth, these possibilities are laid out. What really matters is what we know is a truth for each of us as individuals. How we use these truths to survive this life we find ourselves within. That is our special power and we must not yield it to anyone.

The Table of Contents will be an on going place to check for the latest chapter up-loads for this story. So you can easily access the chapters in order and not miss out on content or story-line.


Table of Contents… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

The Prologue… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

1st Day – What to do… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

2nd Day – Cool Breeze… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

3rd Day – Wet… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

4th Day – Going To Travel… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

5th Day – Traveling in a straight line… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

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