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“…not exactly you” Chapter 25 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

Greg tossed me a robe he got off the back of a chair as he walked toward me.

Greg said, “Gemma, want to take a walk?”

I saw Alec across the room talking with Mark and the one called Bernard. Alec gave me a slight nod. I held my mind silent right then as not to attract attention. Hard to do, since, well I wanted, I needed to get out of that room into some fresh air. My head was jammed with facts and precautions from all the conversations.

“Go ahead Gemma,” Brad said, “Get out and stretch your legs… maybe Greg will help you clear your head on a few of the issues you raised.”

I leaned closer to Brad, then I stood up. “Was I too loud again?” I said, in a lowered tone of voice to Brad, as he looked up at me.

“No, you are doing great. You were asking me again, directly mentally. Just be careful of directing thoughts or questions, if you don’t want them answered, by the wrong people,” Brad said. Ok, he smiled at me, I was the one being too serious.

“Imagine that Gemma?” Brad said.

I had to say back, “Yeah, imagine that, me being too serious?”

I looked at Greg, as he helped me put on the long robe. It was just a robe with a sash on it. Soft, with no knots to tie. I said, “Where are we going?”

“Gemma, just for a walk, the guys can catch up with us.” Greg said, as he watched me finish tying the sash around me. The damn sash was almost too long.

I passed by many well wishers on the way out of the room, but I felt too that each person Greg and I passed knew I needed some time to think.

Greg led the way out of the room and down the stairs. Gretchen met us at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hey, when you come back wake me up ok?” Gretchen said. I wondered why?

“Gretchen, I will do that. Maybe sooner too.” Greg said to her then placed a kiss on her lips. Gretchen then grabbed me and hugged me.

“I will not be long, Gretchen, we are just out doing a little walking.” I said to her. I started to worry about her too. I shook that off. No reason to worry.

Gretchen grabbed the railing of the stairs then pushed away from it heading toward the door to the kitchen. I never got to see the kitchen yet.

Greg looked over at me, as he was half way to the front door. “Umm, Gemma are you hungry?”

“No, why?” I asked.

“No reason, you aren’t worried about taking a walk with me, right?” Greg said to me, giving me a look. I could feel he was trying not to feel me out. He was giving me space. I started to think he was going to be doing a whole lot of talking once we were at a distance from people.

“Should I be?” I asked, as I caught up with him at the door.

“Nope. You will notice too I let you decide. Right now I want you to feel free to ask your questions, maybe remember something about us.” Greg said, as he showed the way with his hand out the open double doors in to the coolness of the dusk.

“Where too?” I asked. We stood for a moment at the bottom of the steps down on to the court yard.

“Well let me take you on a stroll through memory lane. Then maybe we can do some role playing. Then end up visiting some old friends. Even exchange some energy between us?” Greg said, he seemed younger out here, outside, once we passed over the threshold of the palace doors.

“Sounds like a lot. I am ready, it may make me calmer, or pull some memories back into my head.” I said. He led the way to the old pool and fountain I had originally noticed earlier.

“Here sit on the edge for a bit, we will start our walk down memory lane right here,” Greg said.

“Ok, you are certain I will remember Greg?” I asked, hoping he would sweep away my doubts.

Greg took a breath in, saying, “I can give you what I know. What I have had in my head and heart since you and Lucia have been gone.”

I sat there, in the gathering darkness with him close by but not touching me. I was chilled. I was enjoying the freedom, just to sit.

Greg pointed up the hill from where we sat.

“You have been there, it is a healing pool. The Gods and Goddesses of all people gather there to heal the wounded brought there. It is a sacred spot. Untouched by war and magic. You have used the pool yourself long ago many times. So has Lucia, when she was a human girl and as an Aquaeous female. Regardless the religion, practices, world or baggage the healing was the same, a relief of suffering, restoration of body, rest. But for Lucia her mind and soul could not rest. Because of what she felt that drove her. She knew the day would come where she would be tested and have to decide. Sometimes empaths fail the test. They pull back into themselves for self preservation… but she did not. Alec grabbed her too as planned before death, when no other alternative arose for them in the battle… the hardest thing any of us ever agreed to.” Greg said, lowering his hand.

Pointing again just to the left of the last spot he said, “Over there was the palace of the dark ones. A place we would go to talk with the representatives of the dark ones. A place we entered, before all of us took magic upon ourselves. We went to find unity with them. Then we went to negotiate with them, for loved ones they had taken. We went to be heard and stand up for ourselves. Finally, we stopped going. Queen Lucia, then Princess Cynthia and Empress Glenna went to represent us. Speak for us, until, the dark ones and their Queen stopped listening or at the least stopped talking.”

“Then of course over there was the Odian Palace, a wonderful place of healing, learning, magic and creativity. Our home, or I should say Paul, Lucia and the Promise’s home. Where everyone was welcome. That is why it was ground zero, of the first strike. Alec and Lucia knew it, took measures to evacuate long before the place was devastated.” Greg said, he rubbed his hands together like he would in the conjuring of energy. I felt something in my own hands too. I put my own hands together, Greg looked at me and then took both of my hands in his.

“Right here, is the childhood play spot of Lucia. She loved to swim in this pool as a human child. There is a passage way that can be revealed by touch out of this pool and out into the wilderness of the Mer, that she found and would use. She even as a Human Odian would explore the world around her, looking for answers, looking for acceptance. Her temperament changed slowly due to Paul’s love and patience with her. She finally accepted herself as she was, accepted she wanted to give up being Human and become Aquaeous for Paul. She became less self destructive and less self critical. She became more confident. She then became fearless and then went to find Alec, to understand what she needed to do next.” Greg finally stopped talking, then looked at me.

“Greg, you have a lot of history with Lucia. You have had to make changes too. From what I have read of the Mer, they kept pretty much to themselves.” I said, maybe I remembered what I was saying, was it a question I had always had. I felt safe asking now?

“Yes, Lucia was my game changer. She came to me when I and she were very young. We met. I was taken with her. I had to come out of our world into here, to find my heart that I had lost to her. Mer are usually the sirens, the tricksters… but not this time. If I hadn’t left to find her. Over coming what I felt I would find when I came to El, to Paul, to the Promise to say how I felt… my people would have been decimated in the war to come. Lucky, I am so lucky to have loved her…” Greg then got really quiet. Gods I felt the same way. I was actually feeling the same way. I hadn’t even been back to Lyra, tears came to my eyes. I kept blinking them away. God I don’t have to be such a tough nut, not with Greg or any of them. Memories hurt, when they come back.

“Gemma, I feel your pain, right now. How about we walk this off. How about I do something for you, here in a bit, come on…” Greg said. He took my hand and we just walked off on to the lawn near the pool and then down a slope on to some mud at the edge of what looked like a swampy thicket, a barrier of dense under growth in the water.

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Greg turned toward me. I felt he was making a decision. I tried to remain relaxed. I wanted him to do what it was he wanted, but I was afraid I would not be able to help much.

Greg then smiled at me. “Hey, I want to do something. For you. For me right now… it will also help you not be so cold. Will you give your consent to me?”

I looked at him. I hated to consent to anything, I knew what it met. But this was Greg, I gotta learn to trust him too. “Yes, I give my consent now and later too, Greg. I must if I am gonna come home in one piece.” I said, I thought maybe too loud, but Gods I had to do it. I must.

“I am both very glad and honored, Gemma. I love you too, I would never harm or go against what we all want for you. If it was something like that, I will explain it too you for you to decide, ok?” Greg said, taking my left hand, raising it too his lips, then placing a light kiss on the palm of my hand.

“You know you got me, whether you want me or not. Especially if you lay that sort of thing on me?” I said, directly to him.

“Yeah, I know. Both you and Lucia.” Greg said, “Now I want to do something radical, but I have asked Alec about it. He gave his blessing, so did Brad, Brian and I ran it past Paul too.”

“OK, do I need to help you with this thing?” I asked. I was now very interested, maybe a bit turned on too. I didn’t know what to expect. I guessed too that it will be a learning experience, Greg was a good one with turning things, anything into a learning experience.

“No, just stand there, take some slow deep breaths. Listen to my voice, and the words I will say to you,” Greg said.

I felt the chill of the night around me. I heard his even breathing. I felt my own breath match his pace of breathing. I was calm, eyes closed. I didn’t know if I needed my eyes closed. I guess I felt I could concentrate better. I felt a bit sleepy. Then I felt warm. Very warm. I felt luxurious. That sense wrapped around me like the conjured robes had when Marty first helped me place one with me, upon my body. I felt stronger. I felt like I wanted to stretch, to celebrate. I heard Greg speaking in Mer, the words entered my ears and landed in my mind, but I could not piece them together. I understood them, but could not make sense of them…

“Gemma, open your eyes, look at me.” Greg said. I looked at him, my eye sight was amazing, in the darkness, so crisp, so clear. I looked over at the hand, my hand Greg still held in his. But he had a tighter grip on it. Oh Gods, it was the hand I saw in my dream, in the other world… one of the hands I saw before I saw Brad in the surf nude… in my first dream of us.

I let go of Greg’s hand, like a reflex reaction. I touch my abdomen. I looked down at the ground where the sash and robe lay on the ground at my feet.

Greg said, “You won’t be needing a robe, Gemma, my beautiful Lyran Princess.”

I felt silky short fur under the caress of my hand on my stomach, up on to my right breast, on to my neck and running into long silky hair of my head. I looked down trying to find our reflection in the water at the edge of the muddy bank. There was the male shadow image of Greg, there was the sleek, muscular, cat like image of a female Lyran reflecting back at me…

“What have we done?” I whispered.

“I, we, have welcomed you home my love, Gemma,” Greg whispered back. “Now enjoy, now remember. Let me hold you, may I?”

I felt Greg wrap his arms around me. His movements were slow and deliberate. He embraced me and buried his face into my neck as he had did before earlier when we had first arrived. I felt his cock touch my cleft. I responded with my stance widening allowing for the hoped for entrance of his cock into me. He went no further than to tuck himself in between my legs and pulled me closer, full length of himself. We fit perfectly together. I was warm, warm from this casual encounter, warm due to my fur and this body…

“Greg, how? Why?” I asked. I was smelling his ear, the side of his face, his hair.

Greg inhaled my scent with a deep draw in of air, “Gemma, I have placed a glamour upon you, as I remember you in my body, mind and heart as you were when I last made love to you.” He continued, I held my breath to hear his words. To hold his scent in my body, my soul. “I want you as you are. I don’t care what form you are in, I flat want you. But Alec said, if you could consent. I would be the best one of us to do this for you, to form the glamour, to help you remember.”

I couldn’t hold back the tears. I touched my face with my free hand and felt the fine fur on my face and my long nose. I smelt his scent on my hand, it was intoxicating. I trembled in his arms.

“Gemma, are you ok?” Greg asked as he pushed me back holding my upper arms to look at me directly. “Should I take off the glamour from you?”

I could only whisper to him, “No, Greg… just take me where you said we would be home. I need to rest there with you… ok?”

I heard Greg swallow, apparently he was fighting the emotions too.

“Gemma, we are at the edge of the land of the Mer. As you can see it would be a long walk in through the marsh. I want to cut that journey a bit short, past this undergrowth barrier. The barrier is here to allow anyone to find us, but not everyone to visit. Here, if you want close your eyes, I will take us to the clearing not far ahead, I don’t want you experiencing too many changes… that would make you uncomfortable,” Greg said to me. I instantly closed my eyes not sure when he was taking us in the flash of light.

I opened my eyes when I felt cool water up to my bottom as I stood enfolded still in Greg’s arms. There was just a hint of sparkle left from the jump to here by his hand for us.

“Greg, a question, do Lyran, since well, I am a cat type. Do I like water?” Oh Gods I felt silly asking. But I did not want to ruin the moment by any thing unexpected in this appearance.

Greg smiled letting go of me, but still standing very close, so close I could feel his breathing on the fine whiskers around my nose. It all felt so intimate, so sensual. I could only imagine what he saw of me just then. What did he feel? Am I what he wanted? I thought…

“Gemma, to answer your questions, let me say I love you. I have the privilege of being one of your lovers. I am so enjoying myself right now. I will have to deal with the moment you are in the other world, and this moment is making that preparation hard. Very hard. I have you back and here, home. Next you swim probably better than an Aquaeous, now maybe not better than a Mer in our finned form, but you have no match in strength and speed, when I have swam with you. Your people love the water. Grooming constantly your bodies,” Greg said, he ran his right hand up my arm then down my back, resting his hand on my bottom then pulling me closer to himself. “I hope I am pleasing to you, even as you are in this Lyran form. As I remember you found me a curiosity in my finned form. We were just exploring the possibilities when you… had to leave.”

I stood there. I was amazed I was not overwhelmed. I felt perfectly normal, I was me. What is there to remember?

Then there was another flash of light appearing beside us.

I turned quickly to see Marty. I was slightly embarrassed suddenly. Greg took my hand and drew me close. I said, “I see what you mean, I am being silly again…”

Greg said, “No you are not, Gemma, you are being new to yourself and amazing.” Then Greg motioned for Marty to come over to join us.

“Hey, Greg…” Martin said, then I felt him look at me. Martin smiled slowly, broadly. “Gemma, you are as beautiful as I remember. Now I am remembering a whole lot myself. I hope you don’t think I am staring or something. I am blown away.”

“Yeah, this is amazing, right?” Greg said, then he kissed me on the neck. I felt warm again all over. My emotional reactions were all over the place. I was glad I was with them. I figured Martin was here to be our third, as we were not in the group right now. Like a protective thing.

Martin came to stand right in front of us. He did not touch me. He was so accepting. I guess, he was all over too, emotionally.

“Man, just do what it is you want right now Marty. Then we can get to the house. Gemma is tired,” Greg said, then looked at me directly in his arms.

Marty leaned forward placing a moist kiss on my lips. I smelt his scent. I used both hands to touch his face, I could not help my reflex to do that just then. Martin stepped into me, the water swirled around us, cooling my body where the heat had picked up.

“Gemma, you are home, do you mind me…” Marty said, as he place his arms around me between I and Greg. I lost it just then. I wanted to feel him with my whole body. I remembered what Brad had told me, about Lyran, about appetites. I felt it all, I allowed Marty to hold me and I wanted more.

Greg said, “Gemma, you don’t need to worry about us. We can handle it. We did before, remember. We love you. You will be fine when you are at my place. Mer are as taken up in such things as Lyran… Lucia can tell you herself.”

I kept trying to use my breath to slow my senses down. I was experiencing these two, it felt like in my soul. How was that possible?

“Marty, let’s go…” Greg said. Martin let go of me. I was standing untouched right then and feeling more in control.

“Now for that learning moment… you thought would never come, for the both of you. You too Martin,” Greg said, he picked up water with his cupped hands allowing the water to run down his chest, following this with a gentle washing motion to his genitals. I had seen this many times at the sacred pool from a distance when I saw Brad or Alec working with the groups of Aquaeous that came to them for advice or healing. Away to mark a change I had assumed between groups and healing moments.

“Gemma, you are wearing a glamour. That glamour is my creation, from my memories, but not from your’s. So don’t think, everything you have actually experienced… it maybe intense, it maybe typical, but it is not exactly you. When you are you, taking this form onto yourself it will be an intense experience. You will know beyond a doubt. But for now this can be an overwhelming experience, just ask us for help, if it becomes too much.” Greg said, to the both of us. I was calmer now, since I was not in physical contact with either of them.

“Greg, should I be in this form here, in your home?” I asked, I was afraid to cause any misunderstanding with who we met there… well since I could not exactly control what I was feeling or what others would feel coming off of me.

“That is all up to you, Gemma, I can take the glamour off you at any time. I can restore it at your command,” Greg said, making sure he had my full eye contact when he said it to me.

I said, well since it was like a decision I had to make, “Greg being this way would make it easier to explain who I was. That it would be very evident who I am. But these others would know it was you doing this to me. I don’t want to provide any disrespect toward them or me…”

Martin looked at me, then said, “Gemma, you are right. Yeah it would get tiresome to not be understood or have to explain all the time. We are not playing here either. We are just trying to help you remember. I want to wait when you are doing all of this under your own control… I want to make love to you then, I am sure Greg does too… or he would have given me aheads up sooner. You know how Mer are?” Martin smiled over at Greg, a bit of humor placed upon this pretty hard moment.

“Ok, the votes are all in, I must agree. Gemma, I will take off the glamour from you,” Greg said, then raising his hand with the palm directly in my face, but never touching me. I felt faint, my strength leave me, the world retract back into my senses. I felt alone, I physically gasped for air.

Then another flash of light appeared in the water right next to me and Greg.

“Hey, Greg… Marty. Need anything?” Alec said, now looking at me with an assured look on his face, like he had just figured out what had just happened.

“No, it is all good Alec,” Greg said, Alec, Marty and Greg had their hands on me holding me up. I felt stronger with their touch, not so alone.

“Gemma, I felt you, had to come see if you needed anything,” Alec said, his face next to mine as they all helped me stand firm on the sandy bottom of the water we were all standing in. “I guess I will let Glenna know, before we have most the light ones and the near by dark ones standing in the Mer kingdom to help you.

“Alec, I am fine, I never got to see my face. I guess I was pretty impressive,” I said, as I tried to make light of all this. Gods, it hit me hard, that change.

Alec said, apparently to address a foreboding he felt coming from me, “Like I am sure Greg tried to explain, your change into yourself when you get back will be very natural. It will not be a hard thing. You will have all of us there with you. It will definitely not be like a glamour. It will be you, Gemma.”

Martin, wiped his wet hand over his face, like he was trying to get a straight look at me.

“Gemma, regardless what you look like, I love you. I will always know it is you. You will always know it is us, never question that. We are here… Yeah, Alec can move fast can’t he?” Martin said, then smiled slightly, I felt he was worried by my reaction. Though I was trying to get my bearings back to myself… well at the least back to who I was at the moment.

“Let me take you three to Greg’s front door. No swimming needed. For some reason I know the way, very well too,” Alec said, with a slight movement of his hand, the flash of light came. I was blinded again, without me having time to close my eyes. We were standing outside near some passage ways. Water behind us, probably some of the clearest water I had ever seen. The door was open in front of us. The walls around us were smooth and bluish white. I felt like I had been there, like I belonged there too.

“Welcome to my house Gemma, now we can eat and rest. Alec can you stay for a while?” Greg asked as he pointed the way through the door.

Alec said, “I am sure Paul has it under control with Lucia. I will have to sit for a bit to give an up date to Marta, or maybe Marta is coming here. I will give Glenna what she wants. Sure lead the way, I would love some of your wine and a place to sit with you two and Gemma.”

I was glad to have Alec there, I had questions. I felt he knew it too. Then another flash, it was Marta. I felt, well, I felt I could sit and listen now. I saw Greg smile. Martin was instantly at Marta’s side. Marta had looked me over good, then apparently I looked ok to her.

“Greg, show me the kitchen, I am hungry now,” I said. I felt comfortable, it was quiet, except for the sound of a distant wind chime.

Greg said, “Gemma, it won’t be quiet for long. All the favorites of my people are right here, including you. They are looking forward to seeing you, welcoming you. Now we have everyone, except Lucia… here, right now. Just what they need too.”

Alec motioned for me to come sit beside him. I went over to the sectional. I had never liked sectionals in the other world, I had felt that they took up way too much room. I had changed my mind, with so many people to accommodate. This sectional was in the round and accommodated other views of sitting areas too. All very comfortable for discussions, or anything else for that matter.

Alec took my hand in his, then looked at me, “Gemma, how are you feeling? What happened? We have time, since Marty is giving Marta the update. And well, Greg will be flooded with people from his community to see you and us. I also have the feeling that Paul should bring Lucia right now, to give you a break from being the new kid on the block with all these people. Lucia also suggested that…”

“Alec, I am fine, Greg had it under control. Marty was a great support,” I said, I felt good sitting there. I felt blown away for some reason, so much had happened. I felt I was remembering things.

“So what happened, you are not telling me?” Alec said, giving me a side glance as we both watched Marty and Marta talk across the room.

“Yeah, I got to be Lyran for a brief time. The guys helped me make a decision about it. It is hard to explain… Alec, I am thinking I may not want to be me, any more. I don’t know who I am. Is that strange? Is that even ok? Maybe I didn’t know it was bothering me…”

“Gemma, you don’t even remember half of who you were or are right now. Seriously. We do. We know you as you are. You are so much like you were, like I remember,” Alec said. He was looking straight ahead. He was waiting, listening to me, I felt it.

“Maybe I am in a decision mode like Lucia. Maybe I want to be Aquaeous. Maybe I don’t know. I am confused. But I do know I will not let others down. I feel mindless, I don’t feel I am able to be myself anymore.” I said, gods, I did not know where that all came from, but it all fell out of me, it was in the open now.

I looked at Alec, when I heard the intake of air coming from him.

“Gemma, first it was a glamour, it was not met to ‘feel’ like you. But somehow you felt it that way. Maybe it triggered memories, too many of them all at once. When you come back you will have little choice than to be you. Because most of your transformation will take place in the other world, where it should have taken place,” Alec said, looking at me straight in the eye.

“What if I can’t deliver what it is I am to do there? What if I don’t want to come back here, ever again?” I said, with tears in my eyes. What was I doing or even saying? Was I ruining everything?

“Gemma, take a deep breath, right now,” Alec said. He waited for me to do that action.

Ok I took the breath, then let it out like a stream between my lips. I felt the tears running down on to my lips, I tasted their saltiness.

“Gemma, you are who you are at any given moment. You are a magical being from a magical world. You will come back it is only natural. We all have personal conflicts within us. You have the luxury of knowing that you do and figuring it out. Some like the dark queen did not have the distance from her situation to do that. So a lot of people died. Lucia died. You died. Now you are here, right now. The glamour triggered this, I wanted this triggered, I wanted this real for you. Do you get that? Please, don’t miss that point, it is important. It will make clear your transformation in the other world. You are not watching this on the sidelines you are doing this, this transformation actively,” Alec said. He looked hard at me, what was he waiting for? What did he want from me? Shit…

“Gemma, I hear you. I want you to know you are loved. That this is real. When you are in the other world that you are the person who will do this and pull it off. The same person who will come back to us. The same person we are waiting for… you,” Alec said. “You are the good guy in the white hat coming to the rescue, staying on point, and very powerful. You are trusting me and what I am telling you. I am me. The one who knows you, the one who received consent from you to do this to you, the one who loves you. I know who you are…”

“You, are telling me, that this will blow over. It can not be stopped. I will transform, I will do this hard stuff… That I am who I am,” I said. Maybe I was realizing this, gods I hope it sticks.

“Yes, exactly Gemma. You are certainly you. We have had this conversation before. When you come back I will come clean on other things with you too. For right now… you must know, you will be transformed and you will complete the mission. You are powerful enough to do it in the form you are in right now… with the memories you have right now. I am resting in that fact. So should you…” Alec said.

“Alec, will I be Lyran when I come back, will I know how?” I asked, I so wanted to clear up that point, if it still mattered to anyone, even me.

“Gemma, you are Lyran now… remember Leonid and his reaction to you. Remember Dima, his devotion to you? There is a reason. Yes, when you died. Right before you died you had said yes to Brad. You had promised to take on an Aquaeous form. Vilmos even had given his blessing, he had your mother and father in agreement too. You had, had long talks with Lucia, myself, Paul, Brad, Brian and others of the Promise. You had settled on your decision. That didn’t mean you would no longer be Lyran, but you would be Aquaeous as your main form, the rest would be as if a glamour… even being Lyran in appearance. But as you have found with all of us who have transformed old habits die hard, or I should say never die. We are who we are. We transform because that is who we are too.” Alec said, “I am thinking that is why you are having this conflicting question right now. That is why you are feeling the way you do. Remember you are human right now, born one on Earth. It is not a wonder you are feeling conflicted.”

“I guess I will let it slide then. I will ask for help to deal with this feeling. I will trust that this will turn out the way we had promised each other it would,” I said. I was resting next to him. I fit right there. I would wait to see it all happen.

Lucia and Paul came in through the front door with Greg.

“Hey, Gemma, Lucia will be sitting right here… since there are a number of people coming right now to see all of us. You do not have to do anything but smile a greeting. Lucia will handle the rest here with Paul,” Greg said. I felt the concern coming from Greg.

Alec said, “Gemma is fine. Yes, she can handle smiling. Lucia has been handling things really well of recent.”

“Gemma, I am glad to finally be able to just sit and be with you. Even with so many around us, expecting reassurance,” Lucia said. She looked fabulous in her robes. She tucked them around her and sat as close as she could to me. Like she wanted to protect me or deflect the attention toward herself. Paul as usual looked incredible and very nude. Very nude. His kiss that he placed on my lips as he bent over me, than sitting himself next Lucia… that kiss was powerful like medicine. How he could do that was beyond me.

“Paul, thanks,” I said. I took Lucia’s hand, the one she offered to me. I felt like all the other times. The hard times, when we had been wounded and needed to rest, but protected each other. Tears came again to my eyes. I remembered the pain, we shared. The healing and hope we had given to each other. The fears we shared in whispers… then over came. The room packed with souls we cared for. Then I felt and heard Alec.

“Gemma, the war is over, those are memories. You are home. The mission is an easy one, compared to all we have been through. We will need you here, in the future for something even bigger. I will explain that to you when you get back. Hold that in your heart for me,” Alec said close to my face, then he got up and went with Greg, apparently to greet the visitors.

Lucia smiled at me then said, “I want to introduce you to some more of our family. Who will be diverting attention from us.”

I saw two beautiful women come over to us. Paul took the hand of each woman, inviting each one to sit next to him. The women looked exotic, one very pale and blond. The other pale with black hair, as if Japanese in appearance. Each had a differing body build from petite features in the brunette, to full hipped, full breasted in the blond. I also knew I knew them, intimately.

“Lucia, are these mates of Greg’s?” I asked. The blond smiled at me, the brunette nodded to me.

“Yes, Gemma they are. They are Mer princesses, healers of their people. They have supported you and I, have given much good council in the past,” Lucia said.

“Princess Gemma, we are so happy you have come home with Greg,” said the blond.

I then knew and remembered them. Their warmth, their scent… “Porsha, I am so happy to see you. To be here in your home,” I said.

The brunette said, “Gemma, our home.”

“Ren, I remember. Our home. I agree. I remember why,” I said. I felt a blush come over me, my cheeks were burning slightly. I felt Lucia squeeze my hand.

I heard Lucia in the center of my chest. “You speak Mer fluently, my dear Gemma. You also figured out, as I had, that we had promised Greg to mate with him too…”

Brad arrived, I felt just in time.

“Is this seat taken?” Brad said, looking at me closely. He then motioned to Brian and Bernard. Bernard, a whole new can of worms… I was remembering, Bernard too. He is wonderful…

“No, you are just in time, to help me as Greg says, walk down memory lane,” I said, to him as he sat down close next to me. “I was a busy girl, or I should say I will be a busy girl, when I get back home.”

Brad smiled broadly, as he looked around the room at all the people. A colorful group, some of the species I had a hard time remembering what they were.

Brad said, “Yes, you are rather gregarious, when it comes to people. I was happy to have you give me at first a passing fancy… then commit so much to me, Gemma.”

“Brad, I could not help myself. As I remember I had almost convinced my self that Alec had bewitched me somehow for the sake of his negotiations… wasn’t until I realized you were as love sick for me as I was for you,” I said. It all made sense. “You brought all these loves with you to me, what you love I loved too, I still do Brad.”

I saw Bernard lean past Brian, as Brian had also leaned to be included in our conversation.

“Bernard, I am remembering too, you and me. Do you have that covered too?” I asked, I felt confident that he did, I also remembered when it had dawned on the both of us during an intense fire fight that we needed each other.

“Gemma, I always have your back, and Lucia’s too. You know I will not forget us, we had promised that to each other,” Bernard said, smiling. I remember him always as the strong silent type, very professional, very effective. The active counter part to Paul, when they both would travel to spread good will, when good will mattered to the dark ones. Before everyone became afraid of what was coming.

I sat smiling and nodding as each person who approached I and Lucia, were then spoken to by Lucia or one of the mates of Greg. The children among them brought flowers to I and Lucia. The children so bright and tender… like the children in Anice at the Lyceum. It was then I missed Dima. Why would I feel that right now?

I stood up. I felt I knew why, Dima must be here. He must feel me too.

Glenna and Jacques entered the large room, under Jacques’ right hand was Dima’s blond head. Dima looked up at Glenna as if to ask permission to come see me. Glenna nodded in reassurance of his request. All good, he was ok too.

I was nude. I hoped that did not embarrass the young boy. As I looked around the room, there were many nude people of many species, I was taken by the flashes of colors off scaled skin, gem stones and ceremonial robes. I was once again, looking for Dima. Then he was in front of me. Dima grabbed my hand and led me back to my place beside Brad and Lucia.

Greg was there once again, checking on us, “Hey, Dima, good to see you got here. Mother and Father ok?”

“Yes, they were very fine. They knew how important it was for me to represent Anice with Elder Marta here in the Mer Kingdom. I would get to see Princess Gemma too,” Dima said. Then I realized Dima saw who I had sat down next to. “Your Majesty Lucia! You are a friend of Gemma’s too. I am sorry I did not greet you properly.”

“Dima no need to worry, I am glad you are here. I want to see your work with Greg and Gemma, here later. Once we have greeted all of the well-wishers. Here sit, there by Bernard.” Lucia said, “Dima this is Ambassador Bernard. He is a Lyceum instructor too, over in Adeer. You may get to work with him in the future, if you like.”

I saw Bernard make room beside him and Brian. Dima looked so small, but he looked so mature too. He was very serious, taking in easily the crowds and the activities all around us. I relaxed again, between Brad and Lucia. I was trying to not figure anything out, about anything that had happened. I was letting it unfold before me. I realized I was a very real part of all of this. I had provided for these people their freedom to live and be in that moment with all of us here in Greg’s home.


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