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“Don’t leave the planet… HOME” Chapter 32 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

I almost jumped out of the flash of light, hopping from the paving stones on to the fine manicured lawn a long ways from the front door of Alec and Lucia’s home in Adeer. I fell to my knees, then sat down in the cool grass. I looked over at the group coming into view right then. I was a bit dizzy, my eyes were getting back to normal. The rest of the ‘normal’ people in our group were reacting to the results of transportation too. I heard my Mother make a brief vocalization.

“We are home, I feel the energy… how is this possible?” Dad said. Dad still had the cat in his arms. The cat handling it better than the rest of us.

Mark said, “Your majesty, you are in the lands of the Aquaeous and Odian. Once you have rested, we will help you to go home back to Lyra. Lyra is not far from this dimensional system, the configuration is a sort of parallel Earth in the solar system of Cassiopeia. You just experienced that transfer through dimensions, linear time does not figure here. It will take some getting use to, it will make sense to you. Your memories will reconnect with you, you will have plenty of help to interpret the process. You will start to feel familiar energies returning to you, you will have the knowledge to make a safe transition.”

I then saw Gil step into view out of another flash of light, then Martin with my parents’ luggage in each hand appearing right behind him.

Gil seemed to be a natural at this. I was amazed at what I was feeling coming from him as he finally found me, looking at me sitting there in the grass. Gil then pointed his left hand at the ground then brought up a flash of energy to meet his right hand near his chest, he then cast a bolt of energy with a loud crack up into the sky. Mark looked over at him. Mark had an instant grin on his face.

“I haven’t seen or heard such a display of Lyran ritual in a long time,” Mark said, he was waiting for more with his arms folded across his chest.

Gil said, “I am afraid that is all that came to me at the moment. I am remembering, I serve my Princess, I am in the service of the Odian Queen Lucia. I remember the day I swore that, I consented to all of this… I hope to see Alec soon to thank him for my life back… being home again.”

Martin said, “Let’s take the cat and luggage to the rooms. We can clean up… find Gretchen for what she has for something to eat. We will not leave you alone, none of you, for a while. Just a warning. More will join us for support.”

I felt approval coming from Mark and Martin. In my chest I felt Mark say, ‘Hey we will be helping you reconnect, it may feel confusing, just say something, we will help take off the edge, ok? Mark looked directly at me, I looked back and nodded. Martin smiled, then started up the pathway to the front door.

Gil came over to me. He looked down at me. I felt like he was emotionally feeling his way, like a blind man.

“Hey, Gemma. May I help you up?” Gil said.

“Yeah, I was hoping you would do that. I wanna say right now I hope you aren’t sore at me?” I felt I had to say it. I refused to do the emotional dance from where we had crossed from to here. I will be direct with those I love. I saw Mark look at me, Gods he even heard that. I saw him nod slightly as he helped my Mother and Father head to the front door.

“I felt it, Gemma. I am sure we will have to get use to each other. If things are different, than they were then we will know. No hard feelings, ok?” Gil said.

“Gods Gil, you will not be able to escape what you had swore to me in bed back home after we had sex that night. You swore by the air, by the water, by the ground, by the blood to serve me… beyond that to love me always… I remember that right now. What are you going to do with that? If you find you do not feel that way here soon, let me know. I will always love you. I hope you will love me, along with the ones I love here too,” I said. I was nervous. Shit this is painful. I now remember everything he had ever done for me, the risks he took, he stood with me when I had us transported into the fight on the mountain. I remember him consenting to Lucia, to Alec. Gods, my heart was swollen and breaking…

Gil offered his right hand to me, I took it.

The moment we touched there was energy between us like a surge, Gil took in a breath, I shook slightly, I felt weak.

Gil whispered, “Gemma I see it all right now. There is no separation between us. I see all of our loved ones… Gemma, I gotta sit down I am not feeling so hot right now.”

“Gil, are you ok?” I asked.

“Alec help us?” I whispered.

Right beside me I felt Alec, then saw him.

Alec said, “Hey, Gemma. I want to offer my help and my love to the both of you.”

“Alec, I am so thankful. I am remembering too, as you promised me that day,” Gil said.

“Gil… Gemma, you have to understand this is a situation that will emerge from deep inside the both of you. Let it happen. Just be with each other. You will have plenty of help to be able to find that space within you. We want to help… let us?” Alec said. He squatted on the ground next to me. Then he placed his hand on our hands. The energy was flowing between all of us. I felt peace at last.

“Get up Gemma, let me help you both, get up. We have people waiting for each of you. Yes, both of you. Gil a few are here for you from Lyra. Gemma, you have two males waiting. I am guessing you both will have much to work out… it can be all worked out making the both of you stronger,” Alec said. He pulled me up while Gil pushed upward on my bottom. I straightened my legs and helped Alec pull up Gil to a steady standing position.

Gil wrapped his arms around me. I held on to him as Alec held me too. We walked to the door. I am sure we looked the sight, all in jeans.

I said, “I gotta get out of these clothes…”

“I look forward to that,” Gil said.

I saw Alec smile. I knew he was holding in what could have popped out of his mouth.

Alec said, “I do too…”

“I guess we are home now. Looks and feels like it,” I said. I was so relieved. I was tired, but I would not need sleep for a long time, if ever. I wanted to have my eyes wide open, I was home. I felt something else too. I thought it was the guys…

As we entered the foyer, I saw Mark and Martin taking my parents up to their room. I could hear the cat yowling. I heard laughter in response. Where was the cat? Mark turned around on the stairs and pointed in to the main living room. I smiled back at him.

Alec took us into the living room. Gods, there were Lyran here! Lyran, my cat was in the arms of a beautiful Lyran woman… Gods it was Tyren! She is Gil’s mate… I love her so much. With her were four others. Tyren rushed towards me.

Tyren yelled, “Gil! Gemma! Thank the Gods you are alive. Alec, magus, you are responsible for all of this. By the Gods, we all thank Queen Lucia!”

Tyren, handed the content cat to the unsuspecting Lyran male standing next to her. Gods I remember his name, an old school friend of mine, Petre. He looked at me, then began to stroke the cat gently. I saw him lift the cat to his nose inhaling its scent. He smiled at me. I remember the long cold nights we held each other through, when Gil was off scouting in this world the offerings made by my Brad, Lucia and Alec. With Petre, the three other Lyran males were Noran, Scountre and Phillip… blessed trusted companions of ours. All I and Gil knew intimately.

Tyren grabbed me and held me close as she kissed me on the neck. She was voluptuous, soft yellow striped fur, long flowing mane, taller than me in my human form. She then pulled into our embrace Gil. Gil hid his face in her hair. She and he were sobbing. She let go of me. I figured out why.

“Gemma, good to see you home, girl!” Brad said. He just stood there looking at me smiling. Beside him was Brian, grinning. Both nude, showing evidence of a bit of excitement, hard to keep it hidden. I was not imagining any of this.

Marta was beside me saying, “Gemma, Vilmos is up stairs with your Mother and Father. He came with a quorum of Lyran. I am holding the council at bay, this reunion is too important. I want to talk with you too. It is about how you feel on a few things. I am sure you will get what I mean soon.”

“Marta, thank you for all you did, for being there for me as I felt my way through this. What happened so far?” I asked.

“All is well the details can wait. I am sure between encounters we will get to do some small talk. I assure you, it is going better than Alec thought it would. You were amazing, so was Gil,” Marta said. She took Alec by the hand.

“Gemma, Brad and Brian will be with you and Gil. Don’t leave the planet. I am sure it is understood. We still have some transformation work to be done with you two, ok?” Alec said, then placed a kiss on my cheek.

“I am here, as always. I want to see Lucia soon too. Once I greet the family here. I want to check on her myself with Gil here. Brad and Brian I am sure will help in that…” I said, quickly because Alec was being called to from many directions with questions.

“Yes, I will do that for you. I need some time with you too to explain a few things you encountered. See you soon, maybe at El’s and Monica’s room?” Alec said, holding Marta by the waist.

“Yes, got it. At El’s,” I said. I was so relieved. Nothing matter, no difficulty. I was trusting this moment. I knew the moment Brad touched me I would feel something, then I would need to share that with Gil. I wanted everything to be natural and full of what we each needed. My memories and the politics were coming back to me right then. I got what Alec met. I still wondered how he knew the out come. He had promised to tell me. Yes, I had to make the connections in my head between what I knew before death with what I had experienced in that life time on the Earth I had been sent to for my safety with Lucia… but I was amazed I was not confused by any of it. I felt like my old self. Greg was right, I had nothing to fear, this was so different from the experience with the glamour. I felt confident. I could feel that people knew me, regardless the form I had taken. Even as a human.

I looked over at the Lyran males who bowed their heads toward me. They looked at me in respect, admiration and I felt a mixture of love… oddly lust. Yes, lust. I felt the same right at that moment.

I turned my attention to Brad. He just stood there. I held out my hand to him. I heard in my head a question from him, ‘Do you want to touch me? Is that a risk you are willing to take? I can step back, I love you that much, Gemma.’

I reached out more toward him, he grabbed my right forearm, pulling me to him. OH GODS, I felt a surge of energy. Heat passed from my head down into my feet. I was hot all over. I was weak. Brian grabbed me too to steady me. I put my other hand up to my forehead. I could not help it. I was in heat… Alec walked back over to us.

“Gemma, are you ok?” Alec said. He touched the side of my neck. I felt the heat coming from him too. “This is what Marta wanted to talk to you about, at least a part of it. I think you will need to take Gil with you, all of you go up to your apartment to get something to drink and shower… that is my advice. I feel it too. This will be rough for a while. You will have to make a decision too. I am sure you know what it is I am talking about, Gemma.”

I did know. I knew the answer. It was the answer I gave before I died. It was the one I gave to these two Aquaeous males before I left. I would have to let Gil know too. Vilmos, Mother and Father. It was hard to deal with right now. I needed to rest with the guys. I needed some private time. I could tell Alec, I assumed Brad and Brian heard my thoughts. I was so tired.

“Brian, go get the cat from Petre. We must take Gemma up to her room,” Brad said. Thank the Gods he was still functional, we had time then to prepare.

Alec, kissed me again on my neck, then Marta pulled him along to a group of Odian who needed him. Dima crossed my mind, I will need to find him, hoped he was more than coping. I was amazed by him. I was thankful to him too.

Gil kissed Tyren, whispered something to her, she nodded back to him. She pressed her long lion-like nose against his short human nose. I was so happy to have her here. I wanted her with us. Apparently Brad heard me, my loud thoughts.

“Tyren, can you excuse yourself from the quorum and come with us, to attend Princess Gemma?” Brad asked.

“Brad are you certain of that, I see what is happening… I do not want to intrude,” Tyren said. Gods she even turned her head in a sign of endearment to Brad.

“Yes, we are certain, you are needed very much with us right now…” Brad said, then smiled.

“So be it, will tell the others, how will I find you and yours?” Tyren said.

Brad said, “A member of the Promise will find you, shortly, hurry please, if I may ask that of you?”

“Yes, immediately, I will watch for one of yours to come for me,” Tyren said.

I whispered to Brad, “Thanks.”

Gil squeezed my waist.

“I am just thankful your thoughts are still as loud as ever, Gemma,” Brad said. “I am trying to hold it together, girl, I want you happy and focused. We have much to do… and talk about.”


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