The photo is one I posted on my new Instagram Account twobluewings

The New Year is coming and I am preparing for new ways to connect with people, energies and projects. Still in the process of writing my Fantasy, Magickal, Erotic Novel. Now I am also doing a re-write of a Haiku book – but now with a bit of an autobiographic fantasy mystery twist. I will be placing each chapter here, in the blog for others to enjoy, before I finalize and publish as an ebook on Amazon. I also am offering intuitive personal developement counseling services. I am already connecting with people on Twitter @BetweenTheSun

It all started when I decided to plan some business cards. I am becoming involved more actively in the things I am good at, where my spirit lives and within opportunities that have opened up. It is much better than, lets say 6 months ago. I decided at that time I had completed my responsibilities as to nose to the grind stone sorts of activities. Now I ‘will’ be open to new opportunities and new winds of energies – open to my inner connections and inner life.

I went to vistaprint on-line and began messing around with two styles of business cards. One card more conservative and containing not ‘startling’ of information about my endeavors. (There are quite a few people who would not and do not see, spirituality and writing erotica as copacetic.) I have recently decided that I will be who I am as a Health, Spirit and Goal Counselor, as well as an Author, who writes from the heart, nature, magick and mind. (An Alchemist Counselor.) So soon there will be a nice set of business cards for me to pack around in my pocket.  The most important feature of the card is the intimate art work for the front of the card’s background and the empty space on the back to write down the Personal Goals of the individual, I have the pleasure of working with. The whole point of what I do is to help others – through helping others I learn how to help myself. So front of card contains all the ‘Connections’ I am forming / opening to others and on the back of the card a very personal place to write out goals and other need to remember information for the person I am intuitively counseling.

I will be posting soon about another organization I am working with and helping to develop. The purpose of the organization is to help people connect with personal health and meditation. Nutrition, walking, hydration, quiet time and personal development will be other focus points. The organization is also developing points of connection on-line via Facebook, Twitter, A Web Site and connecting through Work Shops – right now as we speak the Meditation Teacher/Yogi Subbuji is giving a Work Shop in Bakersfield, California. In the future there are in the works, two 2 1/2 day Retreats, planned to help individuals connect in a physical way to personal development, them self and their health – in a tangible way. There will be updates here on what is happening.

Next I plan to re-release with new content a Haiku book, but with a twist. The book will be a bit autobiography, fantasy, magickal and a little erotic – almost a mystery … of life sort of thing. Something, possibly, people can use in their own life and connect with. Like a ‘third-eye’ opener! The plan is to release it on as an e-book for Kindle and have it low priced for others (Readers) to experience causally at .99 cents!

So watch for any announcements about the new book “Horus & His Companions – The Sun The Light And The Moon”. It is a deliciously fun re-write, combining a story with how-to…. but really a story/autobiographical sort of thing.

I think I maybe changing jobs too, but don’t know yet…. feeling the wind on that one. If I did I would get more sleep and have more energy to write. But I would not want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. This is where listening, intuition and confidence in my abilities will pay off – in making the most of this opportunity………………

If I see you in-person or work with you, of course I will give you one of my (beautiful) business cards… to connect!

Tent over-nighters in the future… no really out roughing it sort of camping, in the Summer & Fall, when it it less likely to rain, would be fun sharing the journey… just thoughts floating out there. Nice to think about anyways.

Just contact me………….. make a connection! … see You on twitter & instagram 🙂