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You have heard about it. Your heart’s desire.

I am sure that at this moment we all think we know what that would be or is.

I am a human being, but with a difference. I know my heart’s desire. Many humans do not.

Think for a moment. Like myself do you REALLY take the time to KNOW what is your heart’s desire?

There must be time taken to truly live as a human being, as you, to know what this heart’s desire is. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know or figure it out.

Why do I bring this up?

I guess it is because people just get too caught up in the drama and pain of life to know what their PURPOSE truly is in life. I wanted to place this in front of you and maybe start something that is of the utmost importance to you – within you.

It was brought to my attention in a few text messages from two dear individuals that we can get lost in the best of intentions and in the deepest of uncontrolled drama in this life. I tried to console and to offer advice, but that does not take away the sense of confusion and the feeling of loss each person is feeling and experiencing. It occurred to me that the change they need is one of perspective or perception within themselves. I can only offer empathy, while what they need is solace within. Their solace that they can create from within themselves. This is the lasting answer and the strength to handle the drama.


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So I offered in the texts a place to breathe, question and reminded them of their goals …. their heart’s desire. I asked do you remember it? Do you remember why you came here to this point? You are in control of the uncontrollable – you came to this point with a purpose. The drama has only distracted you from your heart’s desire.

I have thought about my own heart’s desire. I do have one and it contains a few things. Right now I am in the waiting game as I grow to embrace it. I have incredible supports. But. It is still hard, since I am not there yet. I guess the thing that is my solace is that I am ‘getting’ there, nothing has changed as in the goal. I am steady moving ahead. It is because this heart’s desire is just that, locked within my heart where no one can take it away or delay its growth. Drama happens and outward situations appear to be barriers, but I still LIVE my heart’s desire on the path to it.

Fantasy and Magick are not something one only writes about – but it is what each of us live. The energy of life is what each human, each of us lives. Sometimes it gets covered up by the distractions of drama and things we think we can not control. But it is still our energy, our hope and our heart’s desire. When we are kicked down or fall over or are too tired to walk ahead – we just must remember we each have the right to take the time to breathe and to bring close to us our heart’s desire. Then we have the strength to walk ahead.

First you must start finding your heart’s desire. Then the pieces will fly to you over time to form it. But. You must start finding it to begin. Breathe. Look at the Sky. Stand on the Earth beneath your feet. Take the moments and thread them together to find your heart’s desire. You can do this. Once you have it – then revisit it, when drama happens, to keep you on track – like a compass in your Soul, Spirit and Head. Breathe it in through your nose and skin pores. You have the right to do this – you are Immortal.

Like a person said to me, these problems, this drama will not be affecting me in a hundred years…. these problems will be gone…. so why allow them to so profoundly affect anyone now? I am immortal, the problems are not. (if you have a problem with thinking you are immortal let go of man-made belief, rules and laws – you have a right to do that too – end the not so beneficial man-made filters). Pick up your compass, step over the problems and look to the horizon, following your heart’s desire. I promise you will find it. I know I will be living mine very soon. Some very amazing things have happened, so far. It is all timing or what is called synchronicity. The only requirement is you are actively open to this timing and truly open to embracing your heart’s desire. Get up and brush yourself off, breathe and walk ahead. Step over the problems.

Ok, so now you see this blog is not all about writing. Though writing does help you as a tool to finding your heart’s desire. Your characters will greatly appreciate your breathing and work you are putting into this – they gain life from it within the stories you write. Really that is why myths are so important. They make our minds more elastic and help us stretch outward to imagine and then walk toward our heart’s desire. I like to think I am allowing room for my characters to breathe – in and out – inspiration and expiration – moving the heart toward their desires.

Live in the moment. Let go of the stress. Only use as tools thoughts and things that bring benefit to you. Remember things with swift solutions must be thought out. Why? Because emotions and drama can change in a second, from moment to moment. Traps are not permanent – grief can be survived – suicide is not the answer – we are always changing – ending and beginning – we become new again. We are immortal and we will be living our heart’s desire.

Characters in stories are this way too. I am enjoying practicing this living of life with them. I am indebted to my characters for this time to breathe with them.


…let go, breathe…then embrace your heart’s desire