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“Why me? What is up with that?”… Chapter 14 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

“Alec and Paul felt we needed to talk, before we settled in for the night,” Mark said, as he arrived through the sheer curtains that surrounded the pale blue curved sectional I had been directed too.

I was leaning against Brad there on the couch with a sense of some familiarity to the surroundings. He said, “Yes, you picked up on this not being our usual spot Gemma. I am glad for the chance to talk, all of us, to get this moving. Talking about it will settle what we truly want and hope to do next.”

I did not want to ruin the mood with my numerous questions, so I decided to wait it out.

The sectional began holding the group that gathered. People I felt who had been very dear to me. The feeling building more in my chest, than in my head. Finally Lucia, Alec and Paul appeared from behind the sheer curtains and took a place on the other side of Mark. Marta sat between Marty and Jacques. I recognized Jacqueline, who took her place between Marty and Alec. Glenna now nude and not in her grand gown sat next to Jacques with her legs pulled up beside her, appearing very relaxed. After a few more took their places on the sofa, these I felt close to, but did not recognize. Then Eleion and Monica arrived filling up the final space at the end curve of the sectional.

From behind me two soft hands cupped my face, then a light kiss was placed on my right cheek. It was Gretchen. She rounded the back of the couch and then crawled over the top, squeezing beside Paul, who then took her hand in his as he smiled.

Brad whispered into my ear, “The only couple missing is Cynthia and her mate. From what I understand she is standing in for Alec in a Council meeting. She can handle the grilling. Better her for now. Because the Council will want to talk to Lucia and probably you next…. but not without Alec and Paul being there with you.”

Really? What would I say to a ‘council’ of anyone? Damn, there I go again thinking, when I am trying so hard to be silent. I looked around the group to see if there were a reaction. Glenna looked at me and smiled a reassuring smile. God, I walked into that one again, with my loud thoughts. I felt my hand given a squeeze by Brad. “Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. We all need to know what you think Gemma. We have all been questioned by the Council and came out alive too.” Brad had whispered this close to my face, then placing a kiss on my lips.

Alec smiled at me and looked over beside him to Lucia. He said, “It is unexpected to be meeting this soon, with all of us here. Most of those we hold dear to our hearts are here, while others are remaining where they are to complete their responsibilities. But all have been contacted. Each one gave their input into what must be done next.”

Glenna said, “Queen Cynthia is standing in for Alec and Lucia at the Council meeting. Yes, the Council wanted to have an accounting immediately of what had happened. Though we all only know so much about what happened surrounding the arrival of Lucia and Gemma… the Council as you know can be very demanding. But that makes no difference. What is done is done. And we are relieved to have both of you home.”

Alec took up the conversation again, “I realize that both you and Gemma do not have your memories back.” Alec looking directly over to me. “I want to be clear why we are all here meeting. What it is we need to do. What it is we expect to find out.”

Paul cleared his throat. “It was envisioned that when Gemma and Lucia stepped foot here, home again, that things would be clear. That the transformation could be complete for the both of them. But as we realized there is a piece to a puzzle missing. That puzzle of how the both of you got here, who and not what was the catalyst.”

Marta now moving off the couch onto the floor in front of where she had been sitting. She needed the room apparently. Why I did not sense exactly. Maybe something was bothering her and she needed the space? I watched her closely. She locked eyes with me. It was then I felt I knew I was going to be asked to do something very hard, that did not include Lucia, that I had to do alone. I leaned forward slightly. I kept my mind as quiet as possible. I wanted to both hear and feel what she was going to say. Brad grabbed me by the waist with both hands from behind. I felt him, that damned heat started again in the top of my head. I wanted it so to over take me… but now I did not want or need the distraction.

Eleion joined Marta down on the floor, holding her. Marta said, still with the intense gaze locking my eyes to hers. “Gemma, I will start at the difficult part first. The part that directly affects you. You will have to go back to the world you came from.”

Lucia gave a breathy start to that, as if she had been physically hit. Paul held tight to her. Alec placed his hand on her forehead then moved it down her face to her chest and rested his hand in her bare lap. Lucia, looked up at him, her look was numb, a vacant stare at him. Her breathing now shallow.

“What did you do to her?” I asked. I was not afraid. I was glad she was not upset right then in my heart.

Alec said not breaking his concentration on Lucia, “She had guessed at what I would ask you to do Gemma. But right now, before either of your transformations, it was impossible to grasp. Going back. You being asked to go back without her. She had consented to being calmed by me, as needed before transformation. That is what I invoked right now. She can still hear. She is very connected to you, as she should be. You were our third at times. We had each others’ backs.” Now he looked at me with a smile.

Tears stung my eyes. I guess they came for both her and me. Going back, I figured it would happen. But I did promise Mark, that I believed what he had told me about this fear. So I focused and relaxed. Brad hung on to me. Marta was, even in her strange seated position on the floor nude, projected a feeling of being very supportive of me just then. I had to listen and breathe… damn it.

Marta continued, “From what we found out so far, from your journey into this dimension and the storm that brought you here from that world. You both were about to be murdered, by an assassin who had been sent a long time ago. Alec had sigiled the both of you and had sent you, born into that world. Hidden there you were to stay, until our world was healed enough to accept back the ones who gave their all to liberate it. Alec knew there had been set into motion a few who would attempt to find you at any cost… if not for revenge only. Their queen was dead, also were the motivations that drove these assassins. Whether driven for personal power or to protect the lives of loved ones left behind in their queen’s not so loving care. We tracked them. We communicated with them. We stopped them, but one. The war was over except for one of them. And that one was not a being by birth, but by creation only. A darkone’s familiar, driven by her master’s last wish. Such a one, one of my own people, a FleshEater’s creation. Deadly unrelenting, cruel to a fault.”

“Why me? What is up with that?” I said, but I realized or should I say remembered there had been a female FleshEater who had come to my world, to my people to bring us into the darkones’ queen’s fold and influence. I had told her to go fuck herself, that I would not enslave my people to her queen. This one though took it very personal. I saw in my mind’s eye. She had been physically attracted to me. That she had found out about my work with Alec and Brad. She felt betrayed. That it hurt her deeply. That it had compromised what she had told her queen about me and her. She could not bare it being only one sided this affection she felt toward me. I had found her loving, but that love would only bring death to the ones I loved in my world. It was not worth it. I figured she would understand. That she could love me enough. That she was powerful enough to make her own choices about us. I guess I was wrong. Very wrong.

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Marta said, “You are so right Gemma in what you are thinking. This one, this familiar is driven by her master’s last wish to see you dead, your world dead, all that you love dead… which includes Lucia and anyone you knew in the other world too. Can this familiar do this thing? Maybe. Maybe not. We need to defuse this situation. We need to have a space where this familiar can make up its own mind about the facts of the situation. The end will be up to the familiar and not up to us. But we will put an end to the familiar and it’s life force if it should choose to continue on this path of destruction. The war is over. We all have decisions we have had to make. We are lucky enough right now to be able to make our own decisions freely without coercion or the threat of pain and death to what we love and who we love. We want to offer that choice to this familiar through you. Since you are now the object of its intentions. It is you and yours that it wants to destroy. Not Lucia. Because of that you have Lucia’s full support and potential. Lucia will go through the transformation before you to protect you. She must. We need her to do this. You must remain in human form, with some modifications of course, as we can and are allowed to make them. You will be protected, I swear it on my life, since this familiar is one of my own.”

Eleion said, “Marta, you know we take full responsibility for this one too. The war included all of us. Glenna has said the same too.”

“Regardless, El,” Marta said to him. “It is a FleshEater. Not one of the Light, not an Aquaeous. The FleshEaters withdrew from the conflict and queen just in time, those caught up in her lust, the few would not come home. But I am still responsible for my people as an elder. I can handle this. I am not stupid, though, Alec will handle it with me. No worries, my beloved.”

Looking back at me, Marta said. “Do you trust me Gemma? Trust me and Alec to keep you alive as you handle this problem in that world?”

I looked at Marta and then at Eleion. I felt Glenna’s eyes searching my head and heart. I looked over at Alec. Damn it he could be so convincing, that I can do this thing, the heat again, now coming from him, I should have figured, known that connection all along between us. My memories coming back to me, not in the way I thought they would, it was more like being exposed or inoculated, my brain infected with who I am.

“Yes, I trust you. I trust what Mark, Brad and Brian have promised me too. I guessed I would be going back. I feel I know what it is I am to do. It sounds like something I would be doing. Can I talk to Lucia? Like before I go?” I said, I knew I was a bit numb too, not making sense right now. I guess I was still tired, but odd I was not confused by any of it. Actually I felt I would be able to do this. Cocky right?

Alec smiled looking down then at Marta, back then to me. “Princess, we have had our differences too. Until you met Brad… who matched your tenacity and was up to your lust. Gemma, you will do fine. We have each others’ backs you know. Yes, you will be able to talk to Lucia. You will be at her transformation. We will use that energy to help you prepare. I swear you will not be long in the other world, longing for Brad either. No more dreams, only reality. You are stuck with being home with all of us. I, Marta, Glenna, Lucia, Cynthia, Marty and Jacqueline will help, guide, and protect you… that I swear. I love you Gemma, I hope you know that, I will not let you fail.”

Glenna placing her feet on the floor then stood up. She walked over to Marta, tapped her on the shoulder and with Eleion helped Marta up off the floor. Glenna wrapped her arms around Marta’s waist. “Gemma, It will all be good. Right now we must focus on you and Lucia being home. Being back where you belong. Your transformation will continue and we must keep pace with it, so it runs smoothly for the both of you. I look forward to you Princess Gemma handling this problem as the third with Alec and Queen Lucia. The last of the sorrow will be healed… Alec has told me he saw the end, it will be what you seek and are working toward. All good. Now, let’s get back to getting to know each other, and finding you home with us. I can see you have some males who truly need to both be with you and talk to you. Both you and Lucia need a good nights’ rest. Tomorrow will need you very rested. I look forward to it. You will see what I mean. We have all awaited this day and our own personal transformation.”

Jacques got up and took hold of Glenna in his arms. It hit me just then that I and Lucia were not the only ones who would be physically changing somehow or another. That most these people here had been waiting a long time for us to get home. I held that hard in my head and heart, it seemed to calm me. I was home and there was nothing any situation or the fates could do about it. I was home.

Alec nodded toward me in agreement. Then stood up, grabbed Lucia by her hands raising her nude body up off the couch. Holding her close with Paul, in a flash of white light disappeared from sight.

I still needed to get use to that sort of thing. Brad holding me still said, “Gemma, you can do that too you know. So can I. Are you ready to go to Adeer?”

“Yes.” I said.


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