I had the need to re-invent myself, after a moment in time changed everything for me.

We do not get that opportunity very often to clear away the drama, then see what is left. There was me… an immortal being and then… the beloved… revealed. That is all there is for each of us. Sounds scary, but it is not. This new perception gives the room to be one’s self. The knowing that there is love who has your back, gives you the energy to now focus upon the reality of creativity, while living what appears to others a mundane life.

My health has improved. I have been developing wellbeing, which is not dependent upon the shifting sands of life.

Writing… has become a force of life to me.

Creativity is open.

I now know who I am, and remember more.

I offer here within these webpages information of self-discovery. I also offer a look at alternate worlds, dimensions, and on a smaller scale new ways to find your way in life.

Life is a journey… we will find home again.

So how do I share what I found? How I found sanity again?

I will list a few things… projects I am working on. Places you can find me. Ways of connecting with me, even maybe literally pitch a tent near mine to support our conversations in the future.

I want to share what is going on with the 2 magickal fantasy books I am writing:

Horus & His Companions — The Sun The Light And The Moon   Book I

The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns And The Dead    Book I

So be prepared to explore sensuality in life… your own sensuality. The Characters live life where it takes them. Sometimes it takes them into private moments, some could call  erotica (sensual physical romance). Life and love do happen… still. I work under the premise that sex is very natural and love is necessary to flourish in life. I will place the word ‘Sensual’ on these chapters to be a warning to those who are sensitive otherwise.

Thinking recently, I have been looking for a name for a subject in a story I am writing…

A Flash of Light

from personal experiences / observation. A genre that I will call (could be others have already used this) “starseed fantasy”. It combines what has been experienced, that is very personal, with what is being thought out, combined with results seen. Making for a way to share experiences, dreams and personal realities through stories. Myths are that way, a dear friend told me 50% of what we hear is a working truth, while the rest is just there to house that truth. I have found this to be a good working hypothesis. It helps me  avoid the emotional roller-coaster effect in my life. I will update everyone as to how this story will be shared, in the near future.

How does it “feel” for me as I write. I think how it feels is just as important as the writing, because that is where the life of the story is…. that is where we can find time to breathe and be ourselves as human beings. Creativity is life its self. We must live…

Another reason was given to me by a client of mine to share what I know with others, that is to reach people who may need an intuitive connection with life. Life is alchemy. Life needs good health to live it to the fullest. I have the opportunity to life coach both past students and individuals who come to me to accomplish personal goals and wish to simplify life to decrease stress. I decided, since others do find valuable my own life experiences and ways of understanding the nature of being Human, that I should share and write about these intuitive fixes for a changing life’s journey.

So trying out the innovative idea of offering through words – later through images, audio and video – information that comes to me…. without it just floating off into the atmosphere or used by only a few people who happen to gather around me to problem solve. I will use the platforms of Twitter, WordPress, Periscope and Instagram to be available to offer a connection for personalized life coaching with others serious about changing their perceptions in their lives. One on One coaching, looking at goals…..

My Twitter is: Anna Le Doux (@BetweenTheSun)

My Periscope is: Anna Le Doux on Periscope using my Twitter @BetweenTheSun


My Instagram is: Anna (@twobluewings)


2 Articles you may find useful…

“Do You Know Your Purpose?”  I talk about finding your happiness & possibly coming together to talk under the stars.

Here in a recent Article… I discuss the importance of Sleep and Dreaming in our lives: “Dreams, They are Yours, As Is Sleep” just one of a few examples of your need to focus upon your health.

With more articles to come to support your wellbeing. More stories to support the energy needed in your life.

For Contact, Latest Blog Posts and my Twitter Feed check out the Blog Footer below.

What color are your wings?

Anna Le Doux