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Lost in the Moment… 1st Draft… (sensual moments) Chapter FIVE

“Horus & His Companions – The Sun The Light And The Moon”

Finally home. I went around making things right in the house. I had parked the truck behind my house, right at the back door. Once in side the house I locked the door and went around the house closing all the curtains. I wanted the sleep I had missed. So with the curtains I figured the changing light of day would not disturb me. I also looked out each window, before closing the curtains.

I had did what I had promised my self. Peeled off my clothing, tossing them with finality in the clothes bin. Took a shower, put on my white cotton bath robe. Then with a bite to the back of my throat, I down 2 cool ounces of vodka. My soul hoped for the effects to come, but my stomach longed for some food it had missed out on at breakfast. I rummaged through the cupboards in the kitchen and found some crackers, eating a few. Then back in the bedroom, pulling back the comforter on the bed, I piled in under the sheets nude and chilled. I felt comfortable and drowsy, finally. Now something sensible happening to me.

Sleep came. I think. Though I felt very much awake, as if in a movie. The world before my eyes changed from the darkness of behind my eyelids into a place I recognized.

There I was in my grandmother’s house. I checked, I was myself. Not a child, I felt fortunately. I used to sleep in the spare room off the back door of her old house. Having been remodeled a few times, there were some oddly placed rooms in the back of the house. Not only was the back door in my room, but also a door into an extra bathroom.

I did not feel it odd I was there now. I am not sure why, since the room held the same furnishing and bedding I used as a child. The bathroom held a sink, toilet, and a boarded up window. The window still had glass in it, but was not apparently intact enough to stand alone without outside support, yet. A bit of light came through the cracks around the plywood on the old window. For the most part the bathroom was dark and the room I had awaken in, held a grainy grayness. I lay there wondering why again I was ‘awake’? I felt nothing. No anticipation. I was just there in the dark.

It was then I saw a movement in the dark bathroom through the half opened bathroom door. I stared longer at the opening. I was not afraid. I felt something familiar.

I saw it again. A dark figure moving, breaking the few small beads of light coming from the boarded up window. The figure was huge. Again, I stared, now harder, unmoved in my bed.

The door edged open slowly, then finally wide open revealing the heavy body of a woman with long stringy thick hair. The whole of the figure was a black shadow, but I knew, I felt, she was very real and very dangerous.

I got up, on to my hands and knees on my bed, without regard to covering my nakedness. I was ready to spring on the shadowy figure, if she gave me cause to do so.

I could hear my breathing, but no sounds of life came from the adversary’s direction.

I watched her horizontal movements. It was as if she were planning her next move, but was unsure of how to come towards my position.

Then she lunged at me through the grayness.

I felt her grab a large clump of my long blond hair in her thick hand. Her other hand came down to steady her self on the bed, as she pulled me swiftly, towards her own dark nude body.

I knew to grab for her most vulnerable feature, her throat. In my hands her throat was thick, massive and muscular. She was silent as she jerked my head to the side with the hand full of hair she held tight from my head. I felt pain, but it only propelled me into action.

I stood up dragging her with me, my hands on her throat and her hands in my hair. She was knocked off balance by my powerful reply. I jumped high and then forced down with my weight her throat beneath me to the floor. She pulled me down with her. Now our legs embraced and I felt her sweating body beneath me on the floor. Rolling in this embrace the bed was knocked to the side.

She pushed her way up using the near by wall. Now her hands were on my shoulders, working their way to my neck. I avoided at all cost this advance to my airway and demise. It crossed my mind that if she had a knife she would be using it about now. Maybe the thought came from her own mind, as she looked at her options, as I read her mind empathically.

She let out her breath in my face, foul as shit. Another ploy she used in her fight. The odor burnt my eyes as we rolled against the wall with our legs now separated in an attempt to gain a stronger foot hold.

Her nails dug deep into my shoulders, as I broke free of her grip. I knew from her violent push toward me, that she wanted my death by her hands.

I as in the other dream, knew where the outer door was in this room. I also knew the light from out side to be my ally in this battle. I knew the light to be a part of me and an effective weapon against what ever she was.

I twisted away from her. I felt over whelmed by the heat generated in this battle. I grabbed the old door knob in my right hand. Twisting it I found it loose, as usual. Damn knob. As always it would need finesse to open it. She lunged at me again, pushing me against the wall near the door frame, knocking the wind from my lungs. Our massive breasts sandwiched between us, with her hands on the wall beside me and my hands attempting to push her thick torso away to give my self room to turn.

She tripped to the side from her uneven footing. It was then my hand found the door knob now agreeing to turn.

The door opened and the blinding light from outdoors poured into the jumbled room.

I took my chance and rolled out into the light onto the bare ground.

It was then I heard the horrible thud of a body hitting the wooden floor inside the room. There was no other response made after that.

I lay on my back on the ground with my eyes closed, with the light too bright to open them.

I was then back behind my closed eyelids, my body held tight by the sheets of my bed, back in the reality I called my life. The house silent. The room grainy dark as I opened my eyes.

I panted. I was attempting to catch my breath. I was both sweating and cold, held as a prisoner in my own bed sheets.

I lay there too tired to move. And if I moved, I felt, that my neck would start hurting again as a result of this fight.

I remembered the words that Lucia said to me. The explanation of the how and the why of my encounter with the family, my family in the flood dream. Was this dark woman, somewhere projecting this battle on me from where ever she was. Did she know where I am? Would she continue in her vendetta to kill me?

I moved a bit. My neck was apparently better, I found. I got the sheets off of me and felt cooler, my skin fully exposed to the room air. The dark shadow woman was not that unfamiliar to me, since in my childhood I had seen that dark figure lurking near that door when I had stayed in the room in the past. There had been, according to my grandmother, a tragic death of a woman in that house a long time ago. But, then as now, I could not attribute the dark feelings the shadow carried, to any human either alive or dead. Until now I had not thought much about the shadow’s origins. Now I knew it came from my own past, where ever that had been. Again, asking Lucia came to mind. I may have ruined my chances to know, since my last talk with her had not gone so well, I thought.

I felt a distant feeling, in the coolness. A since of acceptance moving toward me. I knew it to be the same feeling that brought me the overwhelming sense of love and belonging. I allowed it to embrace me again, after it lingered as if hoping for permission to possess me once more. Maybe, I thought, I could find an answer there, about this continued battle. Maybe the feeling and the dreams were connected?

I got up and went into the bathroom. Maybe a shower would help. Man, I have been taking a lot of showers lately. Like some horny guy, I thought. That made me smile. I looked into the mirror. Looking at myself. Like seeing someone to talk to. I remembered too that Lucia said, that it was as easy as asking a question, to gain answers. Maybe…

I said, “What’s the deal with the fighting? Why am I here?”

I waited, feeling nothing and hearing nothing.

I shrugged. I felt slightly frustrated again, having produced no answers. I had a whole lot of questions. And new evidence, but maybe not since it was all either in dream form or in my head. Crazy shit. I stood there staring at myself in the mirror, getting a bit angry. I wanted to punch something.

It was then I heard or I had an impression, I heard a male voice say, “Calm down.”

“What?” I said, I looked into the mirror then around me. I knew I would see nothing. But I felt relieved none the less, having heard something. An answer. “OK, I’ll calm down.” I felt peace come over me, the love was still there, with a bit of longing too.

After the shower, I felt tired. I was happy at this point to be tired and not so wired up. I went back into the bedroom and straightened the sheets. I got rid of the comforter by throwing it on a chair. I went to the closet and pulled out a cotton blanket, tossing it over the bed. It could be a cooler choice for sleeping. I crawled into bed, pulling the blanket up around my neck.

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I thought the male voice though only a brief snippet of conversation, sounded caring. He sounded in his late twenties or early thirties. His voice felt concerned and commanding. Like he wanted me to have things work out. But I could be reading too much into the brief encounter. Again, only something I could hear or maybe I just made it up in my head out of frustration. I fell asleep mulling it over in my mind.

I was gone again, but remained behind my eyelids. This is what lucid dreaming must feel like I thought. I felt both awake and drunk with sleep. I felt separate from the room I was in, but I had heightened senses of sensations in my body.

My right hand lay atop my curly mound, cupped over my labial folds. My left hand was atop my lower abdomen. I felt my fingers caress briefly between the folds, touching a sensitive spot. The left hand came to help seemingly, finding with its finger tips a surprisingly moist place within these folds past the fussed mound.

I felt a sigh come from between my lips. The warmth was building, slowly, between my legs, receiving an answer from deep within my core.

Not all of this heat could possibly be coming from the mere touching of my fingertips to my now sensitive folds? I felt that the longing I had been experiencing was now moving from deep in my chest and extending its self, below, into my g-spot. Where I could now get to it and answer it.

I felt warm and warmth. I felt a sense of answering this painful longing, but needing time to answer it slowly. I felt the steady developing firmness to vulva in preparation, for answering this need, coming from deep within myself. Where did this drive for sex come from? Where was I going with this. The pleasure was tangible. It felt traceable like a thin fiber attached physically jerking at my core and longing to be manipulated by the one who placed it there.

The word or a sense of being ‘beloved’, came to my mind hidden behind my closed eyes. Was I his beloved? Was he mine? Questions, driven then mixed with the slowly building sensations, that I knew would lead to orgasm.

I strained under the gentle fingering movements, hoping to feel more.

I also hoped I was felt, by him, the one I knew was present here right now with me. Almost in the physical, being felt here and now.

The fingers of my left hand grasped the folds firmly, moving them in rhythm with the slow smooth plunging penetration, that my right hand was performing into the wet vaginal opening. The movements mimicking exactly the course of deep male penetration, guided both by my longing and by an experienced presence out side my own body.

There appeared flashes of light that ringed my eyes behind my eye lids, then sparks of orange light, as if announcing, my lover’s presence in this moment with him. For the first time in my life, I got lost in the moment. Only that moment mattered and what would come. An answer not spoken with words, was the one I really had been looking for with my need.

I came. When I came, the orgasm spent its self over my body, sending jerking movements and sensations from where it came, out into my abdomen and down into my legs. My back arched and my head turned to the side burying it deep into the pillow answering this penetration.

My breath escaped from my body, in one long non-vocal moan from deep within me.

Then to my surprise, I braced again for one more orgasm that came like a drop of water upon water, answering with the recurrent vibrations upon its self. Oh, that one I could not take. I had to cry out, as my body moved one more time, in response.

I felt spent with my eyes now wide open. I knew what had just happened to me, but the how was only just dawning on me then. The one here, I knew present with me, had made love to me. I was now marked as his mate. Our story had begun again.

Was I going home too?

The room, held both night’s darkness and my lover.

Sleep, came, and gripped my now spent mind.

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