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Trying my small iPhone out in the Periscope world.

Three things I have discovered about my self as I do Periscopes…..

“5 Things to consider on a Spiritual Journey”


First, ouch I look old. Now that may be comforting to see an older lady giving advice to some, and to others OMG she is so old and her voice soothing, but really…. hey in my reality I have never looked better or felt more confident, like to the point of feeling sexy – I am just that. So I gotta film these differently, like with a stand and be out in nature more too. The natural lighting is more forgiving. But I do feel much different and look different in person, I’ve felt younger and have been told that too by others.

Second, I enjoy doing Periscopes. I enjoy speaking to groups of people and working with them one on one. I enjoy making hard topics simple. I used to do that as an educator, several times a week… teach hard topics to nervous tired people – made them smile, understand and less nervous by the end of the lectures. They usually stayed awake too during my lectures.

Third, with practice I will be able to focus on what I do best and that was listed in the Second thing… I have a whole life time of spiritual journeying to share. In my blog I will be more intuitive and explore more of my spiritual journey with others. But in Periscope I don’t want to scare people off with my conversations with entities or writing style with character development that can include the erotic pursuits of my characters.

Why did I place sirens or mermaids at the beginning of this blog update? They are something I work with in my writing and in my reality in this life time… I may talk about this more later. Just part of the intuitive conversations I have on topics, that lead to real-time answers. Myths started somewhere you know, there is always a kernel of truth/reality to every Myth and every Lie told. So the same with mer-peoples and the Myths surrounding them and their interactions with the human species.

In this particular Periscope on personal development and spiritual journey I wanted to share from my experiences that there are choices that can be made to improve an individual’s life. People are not locked into a religion, family tradition or region’s preferred religious practice. I used to think we both were being born and died alone, but through seeking answers I found that this is not the case. We are each here, individually, due to group choices with those we care dearly for. We each consented to a work and a journey, that we do not take alone, but with the constant help of our group…. and that we return to them in one piece, either through death or return through some other agreed upon means. That may sound way out there or wacky. It is nothing I can prove to you, until it happens to me, or when it happens to you and you find out about it. But just to place that seed of a thought in your mind will be enough for now, that it is possible, that it may be happening to you too right now. A great story right? Or maybe for your sake it is more and you can explore it – outside of what truths you hold for now. All I want you to know it that life is very flexible and only limited by you, your fears and your beliefs. All of it up to you and who you are and what you have consented too. Again this sounds way out…. thank goodness!

I continue writing the first chapter of the Haiku Book make-over. I am at the turning point where it gets interesting. Where the two main characters are talking and the one character a woman by the name of Lucia finally shares with her editor what is happening to herself. It is hard for her to share this very personal event and harder to share how she is handling the situation she finds herself in. When the right thing most people would have done would be to seek mental health counselling and medications to forget. Instead Lucia explores the boundaries of what is real. Lucia being a woman who is indeed perfectly sane, trusting her sanity and is functioning normally in life – though confronted with a new reality. The editor is left to be a witness and feels like a survivor of the events that follow. Again all circling back to mer-people and older mythology.

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Writing, creativity and the story all blending with real life and turning into life — coming from life and lifetimes.

I will continue with sharing the next chapters of the two books I am working on. My insights into writing, story production and character development. Life and health tips offering Life Coaching. I will also share insights into real-time spirituality, mysticism and myth as they arise here and…. maybe on Periscope if these are helpful to others.

We are each more than we think or appear….

That is so good for both you and me.

Continuing to write, imagine, explore and live life……

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