I have some answers that may possibly work for you. But I must get your attention, to help you make this work.

I also want to inspire you… that it is possible to ‘re-invent you’.

What will be the points here. Where will the help come from as in a focus on what you are presently doing and where you are in your life?

Things to stick in your mind:

Why diets don’t work.

Eating is a habit.

Why do you eat?

There is no such thing as ‘eating healthy’, that is a sales pitch to sell products.

You must eat to loose weight.

Your body needs to trust you.

Are you allowing your mouth to control what you look like?

I will explain what I mean about these topics, these will be what you base your decisions upon and how you start.

I will say right away… to those who come to attempt to shame me about this article, saying it only encourages anorexia. I am talking about healthy eating, healthy bodies and new habits. That it is possible to have a healthy body and not be on a diet or restrict anything. So the purpose of the article is to share what I have obtained as in a healthy body and better health. I also feel beautiful, sexy and I have a vision for my life due to this journey, this experience… so maybe you should read more too.

Now, to keep you moving in the right direction. What is it that will help you to gain your goals? Your goals must be grown upon the foundation of caring for yourself. So I will pick what your body looks like… and what it can become. We all identify with our own bodies. We think we are our body too, but that is another story.

Ok, then I will talk about what some would call a diet. That is easy to understand. That is how we are going to change our body, our self. Yes, everyone has been on a diet before and failed. Yes, there are people who abuse their bodies with eating too much. Eating for comfort. Eating for taste. Eating because the food is available right now, somewhere. Not eating enough. Not eating at all. Eating in poverty. Eating with something to prove like being successful.

Then I will get to the actual motivations, our intentions, our consents in life.

Listen, relax… because we are going to change a few habits and learn a few things about ourselves.

Next, you maybe saying before I read further, since this sounds strange or too hard… how long does this take?

A year and a half… to get the change you are seeking and to continue because of the change you see in your own body.

Now I give no guarantees, I do not know you and your present health condition. Seek out a doctor or a nurse practitioner if you have questions or concerns. I am here sharing my own results in my re-inventing of my self with you. It is up to you to make it work for you.


You will develop what works for you over time. These are the new habits I mentioned. With out these, then what you are doing only becomes a new diet thing, not a life long new way of caring for you. You will see results and find out that it is just as easy to live life in a positive way, slender, as it is in a self critical or destructive way.

YOUR motivation and intentions… along with what you are presently consenting to are very important to you right now.

What do I mean by consenting… since we all generally know what motivation and intentions are?

Consenting means to allow or agree with allowing certain things to happen.

When you consent or say yes to anything, whether you are actively doing so – this saying yes – you are consenting. Reading this article you are giving a consent to look at the ideas found here. When you see something happen that is negative, but do not do anything about it, you have just consented to that negative thing. Consenting can be an active or a passive action for you.

Each time you put something in your mouth and eat it you are consenting to any number of things. You consent to the mood, the intention or motivation of why you are eating that thing and at this time. You are allowing or consenting to eating and what you eat. You may even be consenting to an emotion that led to comfort yourself by eating. You are actually empowering the emotion to further damage you. You must pay attention to each thing that goes in your mouth. You must say do I want to do this? Is this empty calories or beneficial to me at this point? Why am I doing this? So far you have not been doing any of this questioning, and your body is the result… remember this.

That is where motivations and intentions come in and are very important to you. We MUST think about the little things in our lives as well as the big things. Why? Because the little things become habits that can over time produce results we do not want. How do we look at our motivations and intentions… this sounds mind boggling and too much work… right?

We are focused on our bodies and health. Each time we put something in our mouth for any reason, this action affects us. Each time we put anything in our mouth we are creating our health and what we look like.

AS we think about each moment that comes to us when we are challenged by this putting something in our mouths, we are building our future self… we will see that vote we cast each time appear in our body. If we decide to only put in our body things that make us as we want to be, then we will see that, a new habit will be created, a new path or way will be found to create our lives as we want them to be. With each bite of food… with each drink of beverage… we move to our re-invented selves. Hey, you are what you eat, as they say, literally.

I know you are not convinced yet.

I say then to add another layer to your decision is this. You have heard about Gossip, right?

Would you allow your tongue, your mouth, to say the first thing that popped into your head within every situation?

I don’t think you would. (There are some people who do though, yeah we know those people.)

The same goes with eating and drinking… you don’t drink poison when offered.

So why let your mouth rule your body?

Why allow tasting things to build your body?

REALITY is, you are not comforting or rewarding yourself by how you eat right now.

That is where motivation and intention comes in.

Diets do not last long, because we never see permanent results (or any results) to continue to motivate us. Diets are just that diets, where we must give something up or restrict ourselves… since we think this is how to change our bodies. Diets were created by others, we want that authority for ourselves, to command our body to change. Again, the reality is we are our own ultimate authority, what we decide makes what we look like… another thing to remember.

A new way of eating, finding out what we like, forming a new habit over time is what makes for permanent results in our bodies.

The next point, our bodies can not trust us. We starve ourselves for most the day, then binge eat when we find food. We do not plan and offer to our bodies in a timely way food. SO our bodies HOLD on to every bit of fat it can in our bodies, BECAUSE our bodies think we are in starvation mode. That famine is happening around us, so to survive the body packs on the fat… because you just don’t know when the next meal will come, sort of thing.

We must understand the pathophysiology of our bodies. Our bodies are bent on our survival. We can not talk with our bodies, but we can negotiate with our bodies about this sense of survival. WE negotiate with our actions. We can use this body survival focus as part of our new eating habit development. The solution is to eat through out the day (fresh grapes, avocado, pineapple, tomatoes, cheese, hand full of raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, peanut butter on a spoon, salads, soups, an oatmeal cookie, etc), foods we love in moderation, snacks between meals of non-processed foods (nope not a bag of chips), eat meals on time, avoid processed foods and drinks, no fast food, avoiding food (just say no) situations which are so much empty calories (we will save a whole lot of money too, to be able to afford the fresh tasty foods we need to shape our bodies with).

Next we do not want to restrict ourselves. But how can we not?

Our bodies are huge with fat. We wish to reshape this body of ours. The REALITY IS we are presently eating to support the fat on our body. Let me say that again, we eat presently to support the fat on our bodies, keeping the shape we do not want. So we have the appetites and tastes for what we need to support this large body mass. The body will respond always in survival mode or with in threat mode to prevent starvation. That is the key to handling this sense of starvation. Starvation is not appetite. Starvation is what our bodies are trying avoiding to survive.

New habit. A new habit is developed over 8 weeks. Then with each passing week we become accustom to the new habit and our bodies respond to the new change.

Now we have discussed the tools.

Now how.

We feed our bodies.

For me, I wanted to look slender. I wanted more energy. I wanted to be myself. I have also wanted to be a vegetarian, to not eat any living being, or look at a living being as my means of survival. I did not have the opportunity to do this wish. I was in a living situation, where I had to place others’ needs first, but now I can place my needs out there as just as important. Motivation and intention all here, just for me.

What people don’t realize as an important part of all of this is….


You and your perception of the world and yourself. That is a healthy point of view. We can leave our situations, our jobs, our relationships, BUT we can not leave ourselves! We must have our own vision. It does not have to be a gigantic vision… it is just about making us happy, supporting our health, supporting our soul… our happiness.

Motivation and Intentions.

Then too, if we can help ourselves, we can :

help others

we attract to ourselves what we want, hope for and need

So it is very healthy for it to be, ALL ABOUT YOU!


I began using meat as a ‘flavoring’ to start with (I found I could now, afford the fresh vegetables, spices and fruits when these were the center of my meals).

I bought very little meat. I bought vegetable broth too. And very little of any product that had meat associated with it.

A SECRET to reading labels :

Avoid ‘natural flavors’ this usually means anything… like meat and meat broth, cheap stuff your body does not need.

Look for a huge capital ‘U’

This means that there is no meat products in it. I could explain more but I am only putting here how to get started. Yes, it is very important to know the “why” of stuff, so look it up. It helps with motivation and intentions, as well as giving you confidence in what you are doing. But look for the ‘U’


People had told me, even my mother in the past told me… fruit and vegetables are too expensive.

Nope, if you are not buying that hunk of meat as the center piece of every meal you eat… the fruit and vegetables are actually making your FOOD budget less expensive. You don’t need exotic fruit and vegetables either.


Buy unprocessed items (Drinking soda pop regardless of what sweetens it, it is all so much chemicals to me I don’t need). Someone asked me what I drink instead, I drink real juice like cranberry / grape, or cranberry / pineapple. I make a pitcher of squeezed in 3 lemons, 2 limes, sweeten with honey and pour in fresh water… sitting that pitcher in the refrigerator ready for use… the taste is great, it does my body good, excellent hydration. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Canned has salt added, but is better than nothing if you are in a hurry or are cooking a recipe that calls for them. Frozen can be purchased, but does not taste as great or have the natural texture. Read your labels.


In the USA we eat very bland food. That is why meat is seen as necessary. To give flavor to our meals.

Spices are expensive in American grocery stores too. WELL, since people don’t buy them, and these are seen as not necessary.

I bought some ethnic cook books as well as looking online for recipes. I finally found a USE FOR SPICES AND HERBS…

These can be purchased at Indian Groceries or other ethnic groceries, like the Hispanic section of spices in a store, buy the bulk and cheaper. These make all the difference, you will learn what you like.


French cooking and Indian cooking has a whole lot of sauces. Sauces bring out the flavor in Vegetables and are really good on pasta and rice. I love too the vegetarian gravy mixes, but read the labels and watch the salt also known as sodium content. Salt is good, especially iodized salt, because you need this in a healthy body, but we need to salt things ourselves to taste. Also making or using barbecue sauce brings happiness to your meals too – read the labels though.

Then of course what are the STARCHES you will use?

I avoid bread unless it is a part of the recipe I am making.

I avoid pasta again unless it is a part of the recipe.

I use “Bulgur” “Quinoa” “Brown Rice” “Jasmine Rice” “Niko Niko Rice” Mahatma Rice” along with Potatoes, Squash, blackeyed peas, split peas… some Black Beans. These I have started using like a stir fry with olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil.


I just stay away from EMPTY CALORIES.

I focus on taste and the specialty breads with a purpose… if I use bread at all.

Now I am not a Vegan… that is a whole different commitment to cooking and health.

I still eat EGGS. I just don’t kill animals to eat for my body’s survival. I may progress to Vegan, but not right now.


I walk, I do my tent camping, I have fun. So no I don’t purposely exercise. I purposely do relaxing things that gets me out into nature. Stress can pack on the weight. I even changed jobs to be more stress free, have a soul purpose in life… you can give yourself permission to do the same. I know that sounds silly, but some people are so caught up in doing the ‘right thing’ that they forget why they are doing any thing. Everything you do, should be all about you, your happy wellbeing survival on this planet!


Nature can be anywhere. It is important to give yourself some Nature time. To free your mind, to free your heart, to gain your VISION. To see the possibilities. WE are not our work, We are not our bodies… we are our vision. Our perception. We attract the same to ourselves. So this is a new positive habit that takes time to develop…. Ultimately what will come of this is you will be able to love yourself and care about your happiness. Because you are seeing results in the re-inventing of you.

Remember all of this is done, ‘one step at a time’. So don’t sweat it.

I have articles on my web site here… about experiencing life with your body, nude and in the sunlight, if you wanted to read more.


How can we negotiate, with our bodies to let go of weight?

We eat!

We can snack throughout the day… fruit, vegetables, dips, nuts, peanut butter, coffee with cream and honey, a wedge of chocolate if we need it, (of course not on processed foods like chips and sodas).

Your body will let go of the weight once it sees a track record of no starvation happening. That sounds odd but it is true. Your stomach is satisfied, and not collecting the ‘fat’ off the meat or empty calories you use to eat.

I eat a small breakfast before I go to work.

I drink fluids I love on the way to work.

I drink a normal amount of water throughout the day.

I snack when hungry and at set times… two of my favorites are craisins or raw almonds.

I eat a lite lunch.

I am snacking on my favorites all day.

I eat a normal size vegetarian dinner. I have a snack at bedtime too.


I eat only one of each thing.


If I want to eat a cheese danish I eat one. If I want to eat a donut, I eat one. If I want to eat some cheese veggie pizza, I eat one huge slice…. But I eat one. Makes the DECISION EASY. Of course I don’t eat one…and in an hour eat one more… BUT I DO NOT DENY MYSELF MY FAVORITES.

I have a half cup of milk and a section of chocolate at bed time…. The RULE OF ONE…

So as I develop my new habit, I take the weight off and I continue to be motivated.


You will experience them. There will be a slow down of weight loss for 2 weeks at a time. But that is your body redistributing fat over your body… you are a work in progress. This is not all about loosing weight, but looking good. Your body knows that naturally.

Will you loose too much? No. Why? Because you are EATING. You will be able to eat at that point to keep your new look, when you make your goal to keep your goal. I have for over 3 years.


I use all over my skin (2 ounces or 60ml) Apricot Kernel Oil or Sweet Almond Oil with a few drops of (14 drops) Frankincense and (one pull out with a long object you dip into this thick sappy substance then stir into your oil) Myrrh in it. I also use Wild Yam Cream. I also use organic rosehip oil on my face.

Your skin needs attention. You need attention. As you rub this all over your body you are changing your mind about yourself. You are also envisioning the body you are making. This is therapeutic touch that you are doing for you. This helps you be balanced. This helps you see the reality of your intentions and changes. You are grounded in yourself and in nature too.

So skin care so important each morning or each evening… I also rub on my face Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil, morning and night.

Shop around for your products, because some web sites will charge more than they should. This should not be a headache to accomplish and continue for you.


People have said, “No, I can’t be a vegetarian. I can’t give up meat.”

I think and have said in response, when I knew what I said would benefit and not hurt the person.

“Has your present diet helped you? Are you getting the body results and the health results you want?”

Of course not.

That is why they are asking me questions. I know what has worked. It is a new habit for me. I also get my protein from dairy products, which has been a question as well or a fear of those asking about what I have done. I also know that this new habit has stuck with me. I see life differently now, I even see people differently now. I am more patient with my self. I am more allowing of letting others make their own decisions. I have even learned to say NO. I have no regrets. I also have a fabulous body, that is all mine, that I see each morning, that I take care of.

See what this does for you.

I hope you find benefit, peace, energy, strength and love… as you re-invent your self.

I hope you attract all you need to yourself to be successful and at peace with yourself.

me reinventing myself

I may add more as it comes to me or as I learn more about my journey to re-invent myself, to this article. Watch…