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In ancient Greece being nude was part of daily health, that is where we get the word gymnasium or “gymnos” meaning exercising in the nude. A practice as simple as sunbathing in the nude can be done in private without leaving home – to improve health and wellbeing. But how do we know if this isn’t just a crazy idea or health fad?

Sunbathing is something I do when the sun is out… regardless the time of year. I have been out in January when the air was very still and bright with the sun. It was about thirty-nine degrees Fahrenheit at the time…. But there is something more to this.

I presently have the privilege of being nude to sleep, to nap and to sunbathe in. I say privilege because like most people I had been taught being nude is only to be necessary for certain things like hygiene. Then of course the part parents do not feel comfortable about discussing — there are indeed times, other times being nude is necessary and can bring pleasure….

This view is a very narrow view of the benefits of being nude, that should include well-being and health benefits of taking care of our bodies and our spirits. Being nude does not need to be consigned to only certain situations, such as showering, sex, or a trip to the doctor’s office. We are always nude, under clothing. So there is something being missed and obvious, that in reality we are met to be nude for most of the time. We came packaged that way at birth.

So what are some of the benefits and barriers of being nude?

Well first being nude effects us both physiologically and psychologically.

Physiologically, there are number of metabolic effects. Being nude at bedtime assists in lowering the temperature a person sleeps at. The National Sleep Foundation and Journal Diabetes found in studies that the optimal sleep temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Using comfortable bedding and being nude helps the body achieve this temperature – the temperature for optimal sleep, that supports optimal health. Some studies say that at this temperature weight is lost too during sleep… imagine that sleeping away fat! Speaking of comfortable bedding, being nude provides for better circulation and skin health, due to the unrestricted movement of the sleeper. Nude skin can breathe and release toxins during sweating, that will help in prevention of infection and skin inflammation – rashes and other skin eruptions. So if you have skin problems presently, sleeping nude will help. Women with a history of yeast infection have been found to benefit both in preventive wellness and healing by being nude, open to air and light. Male fertility has been found to benefit because of the decrease temperature that nudity provides to the skin, that affects the quality of sperm production. Studies show that babies benefit from nude time which provides unhindered body movement that aids in brain development and neuron growth. Would it not figure in, that a nude time each day or weekly at the least would benefit all ages? In another study being shoe-less part of the day was seen to have an anti-Alzheimer affect on those studied. Something so simple can affect you in such a wholeness way.

Psychologically, there is an obvious effect upon people. No, no one is going to go sex mad being nude in a planned way on a regular basis. Since we are born nude, then it only follows that being nude is natural and not a bad thing to do. There must be something we need, to help us with well-being and health that having nude time provides to us. A study found that people who did include some nude time for health were also more tolerant and patient of others in their lives. That would make sense, since nudity brings down barriers of differences. Nudity would also ‘answer’ the natural questions we all have as human beings about ourselves and others, about gender and our reaction to it. There would be less stress in the world and more acceptance….

But wait, like me you probably only want to or have time to be nude in private. Being nude in private is hard enough to wrap a mind around! I have personally found that sunbathing and providing an environment to be nude in helps in the acceptance of what I look like and helps me know what I want to work on. I became a vegetarian December of 2015 with the purpose of ‘reinventing’ my self. I wanted to make the changes I had only thought about, but could not do due to responsibilities and the social pressures of those around me. I also added to this pushing my personal limits. I decided to do things that were accessible to me, like sunbathing nude. I could do that privately and no one had to know. I also did not have to go anywhere to do this. I also did not need anyone to do this with. Simple. I made decisions as to what went into my mouth. I made decisions of how I related to animals and to humans. I made decisions on how I would react to myself. It was a big deal. Sunbathing and being nude is for me, an ‘accepting’ of myself. I wanted to work within myself.


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Yes, it was hard at first to be in the moment in the nude. I have discussed this on an individual basis with others, who want to try. But once the logistics are handled, then the work on yourself can begin. There is nothing harsh about being nude. Just find a comfortable place in the sun, whether under the light of a favorite window or out of doors in a favorite chair in the shade or direct sun. You can sunbathe nude with your eyes closed, if that helps! Just feeling the sensations around you right then is beneficial, both psychologically and physiologically, for your health and well-being. It is all about treating yourself well and taking time for you. Using nature and what is natural to heal yourself. During this quiet time, if you have not added music enjoyment or reading to your time, you can figure out your own personal goals for self health and improvement.

So where and how to start has been the question others have asked me…

Hey, being nude at night should help you evolve into being nude in broad day light! Remind yourself of the benefits of sunbathing nude or doing activities in and out of doors to help in the absorption of Vitamin D through sun light contact with your skin. We have already talked about the many benefits from mood elevation to hormonal regulation to general skin care. Nude sleeping would open up for a person the possibility of allowing themselves to try being nude in the day time too, and receiving even more benefits.

So start out small. Remind yourself why you are doing what you hope to do. Keep at it on a regular basis, the schedule should not punish you, but support your life. Try once a month, make a date with yourself or once a week…. Watch the weather for timing. If you want to follow night sleeping nude then celebrate as I do the new moon and full moon. You are doing this for yourself, your health, your sanity and your spirit.


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