Do you know your purpose?

Would it help to know your purpose?

What is your energy?

Who or what has your back?

Are you happy?

Can you say you are satisfied with what you are doing right now?

Do you got anything goin on right now?

Have you taken the time to think about you … & your life?

Few things give satisfaction or ‘being satisfied’. It is probably our assumptions in life, that sours being satisfied… blurs happiness.

I have been doing some thinking, into what things are supportive of ‘being satisfied’… which should lead to individual wellbeing and finding one’s purpose.

I saw a saying today, can’t find it again, but the essence of it was that we are each here to live life… nothing more nothing less. Sounds simple and obvious.

Add to that a certainty of knowing your personal purpose…. That is where being satisfied is born.

Our minds assume many things, some assumptions are based upon facts and observations. Most assumptions are based upon what we hope will happen. Disappointment goes hand in hand with assumptions. Assumptions leading us into the trap of being victims and repeating again what dissatisfies each of us.

I try to each day to replace assumptions with anticipations… I find anticipating makes me more active in what happens in life. I am less a victim of what others’ think. Less a victim of the natural negativity.

I just want to live life. Living life meaning exploring it, finding what it has to offer, learning and growing, living my purpose… being satisfied.

In this blog I have placed what I have been doing about my purpose and being satisfied. I have not conquered every thing yet, but I keep moving, keep living life, keep anticipating, keep staying free from assumptions, keep my focus supportive of being satisfied.


Community is a natural occurrence in the world, on this Earth. Like many natural things, humans have distorted community to meet assumptions and to serve their own purpose. I think you know all about this. It is in the news every day… dictators, people with no HumanRights due to government, people using/consuming each other, animals, the Earth, people maligning others, people harming themselves with no relief, people working the system, people doing crazy harmful things in the name of religion, values or economics… all of these forgetting that each of us are here to live life and live our individual purpose.

People forget that they are people, that they are living beings… living life, living their purpose.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if people and society saw that these two functions were the true main focus… just to live life and living our individual purpose. Protecting each person’s right to do both of these. A HumanRight.

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Getting back to community.

When I sunbathe or when I sit in my tent up on the hill watching the night sky during the full moon and new moon, I think about life in that moment. That there is a real space to take a breath as a person.  I feel that if individuals allowed themselves to focus on their purpose, unbiased by assumptions, human supportive communities could return to Earth. Yes, it would take an investment of time and need our individual full attention, but it could work. A focus on individual talents and just do them. A focus on what you care about and just do some caring. A focus on your purpose and just live it.

My purpose that is opening to me is a long (my connection) private story… the working parts of this purpose have to do with promoting wellness, finding personal healing, being in nature, being near the elements, bringing nature into my work life, writing, creativity, an inner connection with my beloved and an involvement with the mythology of Earth.

What is it then, that am I trying to say to you?

I am trying to see if other individuals out there, regardless the ‘private story’ of you, would be interested in pursuing community? To do the same work together in establishing personal balance, living life, living (finding) your purpose?

Like meeting together with our tents for a night… sit by a fire… watch the night sky… anticipate and not assume… And…. look forward to doing this together when we could, being supportive of living life and living our purpose. Bringing with you, your focus, your skills, your creativity and displaying these. Making a space where you are finding your purpose and living life.

Do you like tents… looking up into the stars at night… talking after dark… nature… ?

Even if we can not do this right now….

It is nice to think about….. at the least.

Maybe instead you would want to start your own community too and we could compare notes…

What motivates us is our story, living life and individual purpose… nothing crazy, no conversion, no exclusion, just normal stuff.

Ask a question or share an idea in the comments

Just a small everyday thing to support you each day… a safe place to think, grow and live, you more than deserve this. Do you know your story?