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Lucia’s Intimates… 1st Draft… Chapter THREE… 

“Horus and His Companions – The Sun The Light & The Moon”

The sun was setting at this point, with a chill arriving in the air there on the patio.

Lucia took in a deep breath, looking at me with a tender expression, “Gemma, it is getting late for the both of us. I will get my thoughts together and tell you more next week when we meet. Is that ok?”

“Sure, I can wait.” I said, feeling a bit relieved to have time to digest all that had happened this session.

Lucia looked off into the woods, as the shadows grew with the escape of the sun over the horizon. She said, “I have had dreams about why I am here. My purpose. Really it is not so much a purpose. I don’t have to do anything, except to stay alive with body intact.”

I thought was she giving me something to think over, or was she being vague for a reason. I said, “Alive and intact is a good thing. Especially as you said he made you promise to stay that way, but was there really any other danger?”

She looked at me, focusing upon me for some detail. “In one dream I was with my companion and with another who I also knew intimately. We were standing near a camp fire of burning logs, warming ourselves wrapped in our travel hooded robes. We were careful what we said to one another, since we were guests to this land.”

She looked at me carefully, I returned the look with a nod to continue.

Lucia continued, “Alec whispered we were awaiting our hosts. He then motioned slightly with the hand that held his robe toward our companion, Brad. Alec went on, “By the luck of the draw and due to my particular role as ambassador, Brad here is the lucky one to possibly be asked to warm the princess’s bed tonight. Brad smiled and said he was up to the challenge, just don’t leave him behind. Much more was said, it was more than small talk between us. More planning and feeling out what I felt. Brad was our third on this mission, a member of the Promise as all three of us were. But we were still an odd group to have been sent to seek an alliance with this primitive tribe. A magician, an Aquaeous male, and myself. It was then two tall nude male figures appeared wearing only knife belts containing small daggers. As their skin was finally detailed, with the light of the fire, it revealed fine sleek striped fur and cat-like facial features. Their head of hair was thick shoulder length, falling over their fully muscular shoulders. They were elegant. And I felt I was being studied carefully, very empathically. They welcomed us. Then asked who we were and what we wanted, to have entered their world? Of course this was in their language, which I found oddly I understood. Alec distracted them away from the idea of a request to bed me, since I was only his. He went on to say his companion here was most intensely interested in meeting with the princess for the night to discuss what was on his heart. The taller of the two men stepped forward and gave my hair a sniff, then smiled. He walked around me very closely, as I stood still feeling confident of my position and due to the presence of my two companions who seemed at ease. This male cat said, ‘So you wish to lay with my sister to make your request?’ Brad nodded looking down at the ground, then, up and sideways at the male. The male cat said, ‘You will have your wish, then.’ Brad followed him with his cloak pulled tight around him accentuating his own muscular body, without a look back at us. The second male cat, said ‘You can follow me to your bed for tonight. Will either of you require warmth there?’ Alec said, ‘No this female keeps me that way, as any should, adequately.’ The male shrugged. With Alec giving me a smiling side glance. Apparently, we had been fortunate to be bedded alone with each other, though I was sure we would be watched closely.”

I was held by the story. But I wondered out loud, what it had to do with me? Before I could rephrase my question in a kinder way, Lucia replied, “You are the princess who fell in love with my companion you seduced that night.”

I felt a heat blush my whole body when she said that directly at me in answer. The heat would not subside as easily as the blush that I hoped could not be seen in the darkness that contained the patio now. “Lucia, I don’t know what to say. Are you sure? Did you see the princess or woman?”

“Yes, of course I saw her later, but it is getting late and I must go. It was you, because, besides me knowing, I was told it was you. That is the reason we found each other, though I did not know this at first.” Lucia said, as she gathered her things from the patio table.

I was still stunned by what I heard, emotionally and physically.

“He told me you would come. You would be my physical connection in this world. But you must want this too. I will not force this story or my life upon any one. I live between two worlds. I would wish this uncertainty upon no one.” Lucia said, appearing to pick up her pace of departure.

I felt from her that she was disturbed by the sharing of the story. I was hoping that my dazed state had not put her off from coming back or sharing more in the future with me of the story. I just did not know what to say right then. I also actually felt something that both felt far off and right on top of me. Something I could not shake nor explain right then. I just sat in my chair with the light of the lap top shining out its stark white light upon me and placing her in the shadows as she left.

“Lucia, I will see you next week at the same time?” I said as she left. I heard the garden gate open. “Lucia, call me if you need anything, will you?” I heard the gate latch fall into place and quick steps on the gravel path to the drive way. I heard the car door close. As the head lights swerved over the patio, it was as if I had become sensitive enough to feel the piercing light. Then I heard no more, as I sat alone in the stark light of the lap top. But as I sat there I did not feel that alone. I looked around. I listened to the distant frogs off in the pond. Things had changed. I felt like the top of my head was very warm. I also had an unusual pain in my neck, that I rubbed with my hand with no relief. I decided to get up and move myself and things in side. Maybe a shower would help and then a good book in bed.

I went in the house noticing I was attempting to act as normal as possible. I picked up the dishes in the sink, then fed my dear gray cat her saucer of milk. I went into the bedroom, then into the closet to find my towel on the rack. I turned on all the lights in my closet dressing area, the bedroom and the bathroom. I figured out why I had done that, I was feeling cooler, the great heat had left me. I was actually close to feeling cold. I turned on the shower water, then brushed my teeth. The mundane things seemed to help me forget the intense evening.

Finally I was in bed with my book. It was of course a book on mythology. One of several I was reading, “Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt”. I had always been interested in the mythology of ancient Egypt, more so than any other. Really there was no reason for this preference.

I still felt the stiffness in a portion of my neck that radiated into my shoulder. I remembered I had felt this in the past, but had never really thought about when such an injury would have occurred to have caused this residual periodic pain. I had heard from a friend that tiger balm would relax it, but had never gotten around to buying any.

I put aside my book on the shelf near my bed and shut off the light. I closed my eyes. It was then I saw the lights behind my eyelids. Where they came from I did not know, maybe I was going to have a migraine headache? I had heard of visual stuff associated with that. But the lights were swirling in a pattern going clockwise. The colors were only a few and the same intensity. Some were orange, some red, some white and there was the most intense bluish purple holding for a long moment then disappearing. It was not annoying, but I wondered what it met. I opened my eyes to see them again, but randomly and not in the swirling pattern. I turned on the light and saw them then too. They would appear then fade out. I thought I must be tired or worn out from the intense emotional experience I had with Lucia’s revelations.

It was about 10 pm when I finally fell asleep, at least around that time, when I last looked at the clock. I slowly awoke coming out of a dream and opening my eyes disappointed to see it was only midnight. Why did I wake up now?

The dream was about where I was out of doors in the woods walking down a path. In the dream I knew where I was going. I knew I was going down to the beach, along a coast line. But I personally did not know why. Being barefoot I was enjoying the walk, apparently. I would run for a bit, then stop to linger at some flowering bushes along the path. I could not see my self or what I was wearing. The path finally opened up between two large natural rock walls on to a narrow beach. The waves were white and the sea literally sea green. The sky was pale blue and cloudless. The person I was or had been was here with a purpose. I walked along the beach and felt both warm from the sun and warm from the emotional state I was in. Very odd I would retain myself and be this individual, but disconnected from her intentions or thoughts.

I arrived at a rock outcropping that hung over the waves. This barrier I felt I must pass over. It was then I saw my hands in front of me. The hands were powerful with long slender fingers and well kept nails, but covered in a thin layer of white fur. I did not look closely at them, since I was in fact busy climbing the jagged rocks. I got to the top and saw a far off, a nude man, sitting with knees pulled to his chest in the surf. It was then I felt him and he felt me, turning his head to face me. I felt then a surge of heat pass through my body as I stood atop the barrier of rock.

I was grabbed from behind and the image faded. A huge black woman with red paint covering her body had me by the neck attempting to kill me. I was in a struggle I knew I would win. We both tumbled around in the dark room falling into tables and chairs that occupied the room. I finally got to where I knew there had been a door and pulled it open revealing that I had a human female muscularly fleshed hand and arm of my own at this point. The light had done its work and caused my opponent to falter and fall on to the floor unconscious. The light coming through the door was blinding. That is when I awoke, with the same pain happening again in my neck where she had touched me.

I had never had a dream where I actually carried back from it any thing physical. This dream was different since I felt now both a pain in my neck from the combat and a sensual heat in my core. I could do nothing with either, I had no way to explain or stop them.

Who was that man? He had been beautiful. Olive skinned with reddish brown hair. He was of medium build, but very muscular. He was athletic in his stance. I just knew he had been waiting for me there in the surf. The surf would hit him hard, but he was unmoved as if he were enjoying it, that he was one with it. Was it love I felt for him? Did this heat I now had to deal with come from him? Was this longing for him, longing to be held by him, maybe longing to be penetrated by him? I shook my head at that one. But I could not shake what I felt, I had no reason to feel this way. I was frustrated as well as rejuvenated by what I felt. The sad thing was I could not answer it. Why was this happening to me?

I fell asleep again. This time I slept for what I had thought had been a long time, but again I was disappointed. It was 3 am. Why?

I got up and looked up on the internet why I would be doing this, this waking up every couple of hours. Some said it had to do with the hormonal cycles of the adrenal glands regulating water in the body for metabolism. But what got me were the other references, the ones not so medical and mundane. These had to do with chakra work in spirituality and the awakening of the third eye. That made more sense to me, especially from the stand point of the combat dream and the physical sensual feelings I was having now.

It was then I remembered what Lucia had described when she first felt the incredible love that weighed her down. How she had handled it. Was this similar to what I was feeling now. Would it drive me mad? I sat there in my bed now in a cold sweat. I decided to get up and go drink some orange juice. I needed something cool or at the least some water.

I walked out into the kitchen. Again I felt I was not alone. I stood at the kitchen sink looking at my reflection in the kitchen window above the sink. Was that really me in the reflection, or was I becoming a part of a story told to me that night. Was I really a seductress of the man I saw in my dream? Was I really a cat princess or a warrior amazon cat woman?

I looked into my eyes reflected there in the window. What did she say was the reason she had come to see me, that this man had come willingly to have sex with me all that night? What had been so important? Lucia also had said that we both shared the same reason for being in this world. Why?

My grandmother had told me old stories about how some women could control the weather and do something about controlling the future. My mother on the other hand thought my grandmother eccentric and just telling stories that had entertained both her and me as children. I had always believed my grandmother to be an extraordinary woman. I also believed her stories on some level. I wish I could talk to her now, but I would have to go in person and feel my way through such a conversation. Really, as I thought about it, I do not think I could talk to her about this. I guess right now I know how Lucia was feeling when she left so quickly. I was stuck in this mess and continued to fight the feelings I had no basis for in reality.

I thought prayer would help. But what would I ask help with? My belief in my grandmother was more real than any religion I had been exposed to. I had no where to turn, but to my own self and maybe Lucia, that is if she was willing to talk to me now. I decided to research out the symptoms I was experiencing. Then look at the experiences I could find of others who may be having the same things happen to them. Maybe I could figure it out and find answers.

I kept seeing in my mind the man’s face turning toward me and smiling with both greeting and anticipation. I felt a bond with him. I knew I had been joined with him and we had a future. The more I thought and looked for his face the stronger the feeling became. How if he was real could I communicate with him? The thing driving all of this was this damn missed place feeling I was having of longing for him, – this sensual feeling – I could not account for, that had started tonight.

I thought, just like Lucia, it fell on me like a ton of bricks. It was not just a dream or wild fantasy, but very real. It lived in side me and was giving me new life. I just needed to understand it somehow.

I decided. Like any other sane person would, I felt. If I were sane with what I was feeling at the moment. To accept what I was feeling for now. To embrace it and explore it. Then to research it out as I would research anything else I wanted to completely understand. That would be easy for me, since that is how I made a living as an editor and writer. I felt confident now. I also continued to feel sensual and loved. The feelings were not displaced. I felt a balance in this longing I was experiencing.

Shutting off the kitchen light I went into the bathroom and looked again at myself in the mirror. I whispered out loud, feeling not apparently to my self. That I must find answers and hoped what I felt came from someone or some place real. It was then I felt a gentleness blanket the edginess of the longing, making it more tolerable. I thought that was easy. Then it dawned on me I had received a helpful answer. I looked into my eyes in the mirror as they stared back at me. My hazel eyes more green than they had ever been, and intense. Definitely I was not making this up. I felt both determined and confident I was able to find answers that could help myself and Lucia possibly. Maybe I would find the man I saw waiting along the beach too.

Now tired, I wrapped my silk robe around me and went back to bed. Curling up under my comforter with the hope sleep would find me soon, before the dawn’s light did.

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