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Trusting yourself, how this can make your Life easier…

more meaningful…

owning your purpose…

trusting (using) your intuition…

I hit upon this… I felt by pure chance. But in reality I had plenty of help to find these tools to simplify my life and slow down the mental roller-coaster.

You know what I mean, the flow of emotions that rock our ‘feelings’ back and forth – up and down. We enjoy the good feelings of what we perceive as good things happening and then comes the bad feelings, so bad, we feel that evil its self has fallen down on top of us. Then we say, “Hey where did all that come from?” If we ‘acted’ or ‘acted-out’ because of these emotions / feelings we may need to do some repair work now on relationships, lines of communications and physical things we have around us in this life, the things we love and depend upon. All this pain because we chased down passing feelings and emotions. You know what I mean…

So what am I talking about. Let me make this clear for you, clarify what I mean, so these words are not fogged up with assumption, personal values, belief, opinion and etc.

Natural or naturally to use effectively in your everyday life being a human or what every you know that you are at this moment.

“Trust your intuition.”



the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning: “we shall allow our intuition to guide us” …

hunch, inkling, idea, sense, notion, premonition, presentiment… gut feeling

Well, not purely needing to use a definition. Spirit is hard to define. But this is a start to getting to know this very natural tool each of us has and each of us can exercise and practice to become very powerful.

The example: ‘gut feeling’ is something we can all relate to… I don’t mean ‘fear,’ but a gut feeling where we are getting information as a part of a personal process within ourselves. Like “you know it when you see it,” type of thing.

What I also mean to say, using intuition or being intuitive can cut down on the guess work of emotions and feelings.

Intuition or using your intuitiveness can cut down on the guess work with making decisions that will more than likely ‘fit’ what it is you truly want to do. Then, there is another side to this. Your Spirit and all that connects to You, on what ever level you are within your personal journey or development as a person, whether Community, People, Teachers, Guides, those involved with Source, with the Universe, those loving you… all these can be linked as resource to your Intuition.

Your intuition, through the consents you have made through out your life, can link to this wealth of information from outside you that you use for the most part unconsciously… like the answer is just there, it just hits you in the right moment to help.

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I recently had a very personal conflict about what I really wanted to do about a choice I had to make. I did not know where to turn to gain help in my decision. I was also very busy with life. That of course made the conflict naturally worse. I could not afford to seek counseling nor a spiritual adviser… yeah it was that big of a deal. So I listened……….

I listened to my heart and my head equally. What was I afraid of? I was afraid of deluding my self with wishful thinking. I was afraid of being foolish over wishful thinking. I was over-thinking again. I did not know, which to listen to, my heart that cried out for clarity or my head that said, just walk away its not worth it, you are a fool. So critical… not healthy.

I was encouraged by a dear friend, who I also suspected of making me a fool, that I should contact an on-line organization who deals with this sort of decision. Gosh! That would be great, but I can not afford his fee. I had recently subscribed to the organization and they sent me their first newsletter… my dear friend suggested to me, that I write what was on my heart in brief, asking if I should ignore the question or should I accept the situation for what it was? Sent it to the newsletter email address. I did not expect an answer from my off the wall question. I got one within 24 hours from the person who sends out the newsletter to my incredible amazement. I wrote back a thank you. Then later I wrote back if their organization ever needed help from me or were forming work groups, that I would try to work with them (this would have helped me move ahead in my personal development)… but I have not heard anything on that line of thought. I guess it was enough to gain my answer, that truly helped me. It was a freak event – it was synchronicity. I am thankful for having gotten the help from this unexpected place, right at the time I needed it.

The advise was….

“Trust your intuition.”

WOW, so simple. It was right here within me. I had always been empathic and used intuition for other peoples’ questions. But for my own, the questions and the emotions were too close and personal –- I had thought. But if I use it for others, why not use it for me… why not trust it, as I do when helping others?

So I did. The over-thinking disappeared. The mistrust left. The self criticism was put to rest. The self intuitive work fit like a glove for me – the situation cleared and the answer was clarified. The result of this work will be the physical evidence I need. I will become more powerful as a person. I will become a better counselor and healer… alchemy. So it is not to say my world is all smooth sailing, but now I have the map and I trust it… my working relationship with my intuition and all of its powerful connections.

It all started with asking my question to the Universe…

Then listening…

Then being open to what I felt on an intuitive level.

I had nothing to lose… that time, since I was at the end of my rope as they say.

Now I can trust and grow using my intuition, in my own personal life. That is my magick…

It changed everything.

I am now working on learning to listen…

To myself, to my intuition.

I am finding this is also the first step in self love… a relationship with yourself. Trust.

Very healthy, very mind clearing, very heart conscious, very useful in the journey – the use of intuition.

Something I would like to work on with a group of people sometime… out in a meeting / retreat under the stars in our tents.

Just start the discussion. I am out tonight in my tent enjoying the Full Moon, an excuse to be out in Nature – which is paying off health wise for me – health to my bones, heart and mind. Ask and come join me some time up on the hill here…

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