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“Consent to my wild story…” Chapter 24 (1st draft – WARNING SENSUAL – BOOK I)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

I didn’t know where we were going, since it happened so quickly. I had only focused on the moment being there in Dima’s home. Within his life’s drama as it unfolded. What had immediately been happening. When the flash of light came to our group, from Greg’s hand.

We arrived on a stone paved court yard, outside what looked like a 1920s three storied white pillared mansion complex. I felt at peace standing in the golden sun out in the open with the others gathering around me. Near the house was a rectangular pool of deep blue water with a small fountain at the end, that kept the water moving. The lawn was a huge expanse moving up on to a wide gently sloping hill to my left. I looked around to find a dense forest to my right and then behind me off a ways, some masonry work happening on an impressive sized area at the other end of this court yard.

“Gemma?” Brad said, as he purposefully found me through the group on the other side of Alec.

“Brad, what is this place?” I asked, him. I felt glad to have him where I could get at him to continue what it was I felt I very much wanted to clarify to him about us.

Alec said, looking at the both of us, “This is where all things began. Right here.” He smile, but it struck me as he took in a deep breath, that this place had held some tense moments too for all concerned.

Brad continued the explanation, I guess he felt what I was feeling at that moment. “Gemma, this is the royal palace of the Aquaeous. The dark ones’ queen had spared it within her initial strike in this world. She did not spare the Odian home over there. When it became known that Lucia was self aware in the other world, the people of many species and practices decided to rebuild the home of Queen Lucia. To show our unity, resolve and cooperation together. Alec, had headed the effort, Marta brought the dark ones’ tribes into the mix. Glenna supported and encouraged the light ones to bring their best artisans to help rebuild the Odian palace.”

“But why was this palace, this place spared?” I asked, I felt it odd I would feel a sense of doom or fear to ask this question. Maybe I already knew the answer?

It was then I saw Lucia, walk up to Alec and take his arm in hers.

“Gemma, this place, the home of El and Monica, was spared the destruction because it was to be a center point of control by the dark ones’ queen of the Aquaeous and of this world,” Lucia said, I saw her eyes mist up. Again I felt uneasy asking, like I wanted to forget what I did not know right now.

“Center point?” I said.

Lucia said, “A place for the Aquaeous to run to during the enslavement. A place familiar to them, a trap of sorts. El and Monica would be spared, being both used like bait to lure those who were afraid and those who still wanted to fight. This place was to be a place for the dark ones to gain access to those left alive, who could be then sorted, culled or enslaved. I knew or I should say felt that this would happen. When it did, I knew what I had to do…”

Alec took her, holding her tightly. She appeared pale, but stable in his arms.

Alec said, “Gemma, this place is now a beautiful place for all to seek help and healing. We have done extensive rituals here, to free it from any residue of ill intentions. That is why you feel peace here, but it is also why you feel as you do asking your questions… it was why you died too. You will remember why, when you get back home again. Gemma, when you found out about this phase in the dark ones’ attack upon this world… you knew this would happen to your world too. You also knew what you had to do for us and for your world.”

It was then I saw El greeting the group. Greg had also made his way over to Alec.

Greg said, “I feel I need to show support to both Lucia and Gemma. Really, this is not the time to focus on what could have happened here. We are here now, in this moment, being together. There is a whole lot of work to do… a whole lot of recovery too. But there is no time for fear. We have nothing to fear now. There is only restoration for both the light ones and the dark ones. We are all in this together. There is no more separation any longer.” I felt Greg look at me, he took my right arm firmly above my elbow and pulled me to himself, laying his face on my neck. I teared up fast. I was thankful for Brad holding me, as Greg let go. Greg then grabbed Alec’s shoulder, using it to pull Lucia close to himself. All of us standing, held by silence. I felt the group move in closer to us.

El said, “It’s the first time for either of you to be back here, Lucia. Gemma this is Lucia’s birth place, when she took upon herself her Aquaeous form. Our daughter has come home… she is alive and with us.”

Marta, I felt came to the rescue of the group, to redirect us to our purpose of being there. I did not know what it was I was to do next, or any of us for that matter. I felt heavy with grief. I did not know the reason for my reaction. Marta said, “Hey, let’s just be right now. We have some discussion we have to do. But we also have a whole lot of resting and catching up too. There are things I know Gemma has not seen before, that each of us want to share. For Lucia some things she needs to see, which will bring joy to her heart in the remembering. We are all here, all of our peoples, we breathe our purpose, really…. El where is Monica?”

El, I felt had to smile, before he could answer that question, “Well Monica, when I left her, was in the hands of Gretchen. Our room has been transformed into a comfortable place to rest and eat a light dinner. Gretchen told me the whole palace is ready to be explored by all of us. What that means, I am thinking only each of us can guess at this point.”

Alec, looking down at the recovered Lucia said, “I suppose we should not keep Gretchen waiting. I am sure Monica wants to see us in there enjoying ourselves too.”

Glenna and Jacques arrived in a small flash of light behind us. I turned to see Glenna look over at Alec, then she smiled at me. Jacques had his eyes fully on Lucia. I felt he was very concerned, they both came in response to what they felt. I was glad in a way, since I knew I was connected to that same life line. I found Brian now standing next to me. He took me by my hand. Then he place a hand on Brad’s back.

“Brad, how about taking Gemma with me into the house, we go find our room, make Mark and Marta tag along…” Brian said.

“I have to agree with that,” Brad said, I felt a new sort of feeling coming off of him. “Yeah, you most certainly do Gemma. I am not buying into this ‘what if’ feeling, I am going with what we are doing right now. I don’t have time for the past, with the moment so full of what I want. Let’s go.”

Brad had my other hand, with Brian, drug me to the steps of the house, up through the open double doors. I smelt the scent of roses and lilacs. The ceiling was tall, as high as the third floor of stairs. The whole of the room was egg shell white as was the furniture, the colors were vibrant, supplied by oil paintings and the fresh flowers. I truly felt at home, I felt safe, the sadness left me. I also felt I remembered being here. I brought the guys to a halt too, to describe what I felt.

“Brad, let me tell you about what I got here,” I said, both men stopped, I had their full attention.

“Brian, there is a kitchen over there, near the curve in the spiral of the stair case… yeah over to the right from here… right?” I asked, I was excited to be able to say this with such certainty. I did not have to visualize this as fact. I knew it as the fact….

Brian said, “You are right. Leave it to you, to know where dinner comes from. It was I think your favorite room in this house. Especially after sex…”

Brad said, “Yes, so true. You got real hungry, still amazes me how you could put us away and then need a meal to catch up your strength. Then again, it was fun… got you going again, as I remember…”

I thought, well I guess if I was back in the other world, I would have felt uncomfortable with ‘too much information’, but not here, not now. I was all good with it. I was me. And they knew it… I wanted to find out more myself about me too. I was also hungry. Then I felt something else. I felt I knew where we would be meeting too.

“I also think I know where we will be meeting,” I said. “Ummm, up there on the right on the second floor. I remember walking up there numerous times, I feel for some very good reasons, some intense reasons, but nothing I was afraid of… I feel I looked forward to all of it. Am I right?”

“I feel, you are, Gemma,” Brad said. He pulled me closer. “It was up there with El, that Alec had spoke to me about you, I also told him what I wanted to say and felt… that I knew it would turn out this way. That I needed you, as much as he needed you to need me. I am coming clean with that right here. I had swore to myself to stand here in this house, our house, to tell you.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was just thankful. This was all by chance, by the Gods, by what was about to happen. It all worked out. How fortunate I was here and I will be again, after I come back. I just felt that, as I looked between Brad and Brian. It was then I felt Alec lay his hands on my waist.

“Gemma, don’t over think the facts. Let it go, it will be easier for the memories to float in to your head. You are home. Your mission will not take long. The people there in that world need you, just as much as we need you here. Relax and let things just happen this afternoon and evening. You will find what you need.” Alec said, I felt him hold me in that moment. I had no words that could come close to adding to what he said. Yeah, I felt that way too. I think he read that off me too, so I didn’t have to say anything at this point. All amazing still to me.

“Go on up, see if you can find your way, with these two, ok?” Alec said, he patted me on the bottom, then moved off over to talk to others who had gathered in the large living room from the entry way.

I was both excited and nervous. Would I know, or had I forgotten?

I heard Brad take in a deep breath. He said, “Give yourself sometime. Do as Alec suggested, be calm, just let it happen. Go ahead and lead on, Gemma.”

I did. I grabbed each of the guys hands and moved up the slowly curving wide stair case. The carpet under foot was deep and cushioned each step. After about what seemed at least one hundred steps we were on the second floor. As I had anticipated the door I wanted was hidden back over in the corner of where the stairs left off on this floor. The golden door knob on the double doors shown up in the indirect light from candle light and what was coming up from down stairs through the front doors. I looked up at Brad, who nodded his head in the positive that I should open the door. I did. I realized as the door swung open, that this was the private bed chambers of King El and his mate Princess Monica. Brian went over to the sunken couch area to the right. This space was huge, I could see now why Gretchen would pick this area over any other. It was sensual, it was comfortable, it was functional…

“You picked up on that too Gemma, huh?” Brad said, with a smile. I just stood there, the possibilities ran through my mind, or were those memories?

Brian said, “If we could predict when the others were about to come up… or when Gretchen and her staff make an appearance with the food, we could get some work done here and now.” Brian looked, well looked fabulous just sitting there relaxed and being himself, as usual.

Brad said, “Yeah, how unfortunate. But of course we need Gemma to eat to be at her best. Then of course we have promised Greg, to allow him to show Gemma something of his world too. All in all we will be busy tonight with what needs to be planned and said. All of it good. All of it will be good.”

I walked over to the ornately carved dark wooden canopy bed. I ran my hand over the plush quilt. It must have taken several someones to hand stitch that quilt, tufted as it was. The quilt had been pulled back for use, as if waiting for someone to retire to the bed for a long comfortable sleep. I hung on to the bottom portion of the pillar of the bed, feeling the cool smoothness of the twisting carving of the almost black wood. Brad came over to me from the door. He stood very close, as if trying to read me or maybe share with me his emotions. What ever he was doing it was working. I felt calm… anticipating.

“Hey, Gemma we can not predict when the others will arrive, but I still want or I should say need to…” Brad’s voice trailed off.

“Ummm, Brad, do what?” I turned toward him, his hand now on my waist with his other hand pulling my hand off the bed post.

I found my self turned around and pushed down on to the open bed. The bed was intoxicating. The feel of its cushioning of my body, the scent of flowers that came over me. I followed Brad’s directions to scoot back a bit further, then he pulled apart the front pleat in my robe, exposing me to himself from my waist down. I was very aware now of what he met, I was also a bit dumbfounded by this. I was so wanting what I felt would happen next.

The door opened but did not reveal who it was. Brian nodded at the person, as the door slowly shut and the latch clicked.

I felt I heard in my chest that the person had been Greg and he was watching both the door and us.

“Greg is our protection right now, so you are all clear Brad,” Brian said. I could not see Brian from where I was laid out on the bed, with Brad hanging over me.

“I want to pleasure you, Gemma, that is all the time we have for anything right now… Greg is making this possible as our lookout too,” Brad said, whispering to me breathlessly. Pleasure me? I thought.

Brad fell to his knees and pulled my bottom closer to the edge of the bed. His hand held me under each of my thighs, then his face came close to my labial folds. Oh Gods, he was going to take me right there… I was ready, I just couldn’t believe how this was hitting me just then. How I was already, wet, the sensations already there focused in that one spot… the spot I hoped he would have time to find… the spot I knew he would find.

His tongue spread wide my moistening folds, his hands held me. He held me so perfectly I could not move, I so wanted to move my hips to meet the rhythm of what his licking tongue was doing to me. OH MY GOD. He pushed his face deep into me, his tongue now plunging in and out of my vulva. I felt each movement, I wanted to meet each moment, help make it deeper. How could he pleasure me without, pleasuring himself? I could hardly stand it. I had to surrender to the moment, to that moment. I was hot all over. My back was arching, since it was the only part of me near my clit I could control, right now. The palms of my hands on either side of me pushing down deep into the cushioned mattress.

“Brad, you, gotta let me move, let me help, I have to cum…” I said, in a whisper, afraid if I said or thought too loud, that we would have to stop.

Brian said, “No one is coming through that door or landing in here Gemma… let Brad do what he had planned. He really wants this… I would too if I were you two….”

I looked over were the voice of Brian came from, but it was like he was a million miles away. I was here, under the weight of Brad’s face and held in place by his hands, which now had pinned me to the bed. I curled upward my head and back. I could not escape. The orgasm was teasing the edges of my tummy. It was threatening to penetrate into my uterus and vagina, to meet the tongue of Brad. But it just would not. I attempted to breathe in rhythm with his tongue movements, to grab the wave, but that didn’t work. I did not know how much I could do, I didn’t want to miss the wave, the one which would take me there. To finally cum in his mouth. I so wanted him inside me too. I coiled upward again, this time my butt, both cheeks responded, freeing me to feel deep in side me. To the root of my pleasure, that tongue. His saliva, his breathing into my twat. I felt the spasms coming burning down my spine from my head. Penetrating where we were joined in pleasure. I came. I felt incredible heat and fluid meet his mouth. I heard him moan his pleasure at finding I had cum into his open mouth. He lapped even more the fluids, drinking them in. I felt my robe that I lay upon receive the fluids from our sex. I kept holding the orgasm, holding it for his pleasuring and mine. I fell back on to the cushioning of the mattress. I was gone, spent, I didn’t care who saw me at this point. I am sure, someone somewhere had just felt and shared in this moment. I knew this world was full of such feelings, needed such feelings and shared such feelings… I got what I had hoped for.

Brad was on top of me now with his lips on mine. I felt his wet face, I smelt my own cum on his nose and mouth. I loved it. He was smiling and kissing me all at the same time. He then placed his head on my left shoulder, his breathing calming down. I felt his very hot erection pinned between him and me on top of my pelvis.

“Brad, why? Why don’t you cum too?” I asked.

Brad caught his breath, between words said, “Because I have wanted to eat you for sometime. I wanted this… just for you. I will have what I need later… there are others who need you too, Gemma… make sure you eat dinner…”

I couldn’t believe or even imagine what would happen… discussion, I was no longer concerned about what anyone said, it would all be possible, it would all be over taken with what we wanted for each other right then. How did I get myself into this? I was so happy, so overwhelmed. I just wanted to feel myself, the heat between my legs, him between my legs… Brad, Greg…. My mind was clear but standing in a haze of what I had just found here.

I looked up, there was Brian standing with two moistened large white towels in his hands. I felt I sensed another too. It was Greg standing with a dark green something… clothing, in his hands looking down at us. Brad was once again on his knees and had taken one towel off of Brian’s hands and was wiping his face with it. Brian then laid gently a warm towel over my crotch. I sat up on my elbows, then I stood up right in front of Brad with the warm towel in my hands wiping myself carefully. I then used the other end of the towel to wipe my face. I knew there was no wiping off the scent, which others would smell. Really, this scent, others would anticipate coming off of me, anyway. Someday I would have this acute ability to use all of my senses too.

Greg, clearing his throat of emotions, apparently, said, “You two took long enough, people were noticing me standing outside the door. But I am sure I and Alec had it covered so no one felt what was happening in here.”

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Greg facing me, said, “Gemma, time for a brief lesson.”

I looked at him, awaiting what he would say. It must have to do with magic.

“Yes, most certainly it does. Now you must dismiss your robe. Push out your right hand, as you do imagine your robe appearing laying over that arm… this is the first step,” Greg said to me.

I did. I imagined as I move my right arm outward, seeing this beautiful robe hanging over my arm… it was there, I felt the chill on my flesh.

“Now, imagine it gone. Like you are putting around it a bright light, where it will go back to, like energy. Energy which wraps around your body, sinking into your chest, then dissipating, like so many tiny sparkles of light…” Greg said, looking into my eyes, this seemed to help me focus.

I did what he said. Getting rid of a robe was harder than bringing it into being.

The robe disappeared, I felt the energy come into me then become a part of me, energizing me for a moment.

“Glad you felt that Gemma, not many notice that effect, at first. When in battle, we look for energy anywhere we can get it to continue. You will use that effect also too, even anticipate it, balance it over time. Like energy management,” Greg said with a smile. He helped me put on the tight satin gown. It was beautiful, leaving my arms, neck, back and upper breasts exposed, while hugging the rest of my body down to my ankles. I moved with ease in this gown, the color was a good one for me too. I saw my self in the far, dressing room table mirror. I saw all of us in different states post-sex. Brad still wore his erection as it bobbed up and down. His cock’s moistened tip glistened in the candle lite of the room. I felt a slight heat between my legs in answer to what I was seeing, in my mate.

“Gemma, hold that thought, will you?” Brad said. He took my hand and led me over to the sectional. Greg was getting three glasses of chilled white wine from off the linen clothed tables which were over by some large windows. The evening light was being filtered by the white sheers covering these windows. I sat down near Brad. Brian sat next to me with Greg sitting on the other side of Brad. Greg smiled widely at Brad, handing him a pillow to cover what Brad hoped to conceal until his cock once again could take its normal positioning as he relaxed next to me.

The door to the room opened slowly with Alec entering it and closing it behind him.

“Looks like you are ready to receive visitors now,” Alec said.

Brad said, “Yes, right on time too. I haven’t lost my touch… or what ever you want to call it.”

“No, I should say you have not, Brad,” Alec said. “Gretchen is very ready to bring up the meal, as well as the rest of us getting in here to see everyone.”

I still could not get the image out of my head, the knowing that Brad still had his erection. Why was I given what I needed and not him too. Could I suggest…

Alec said, “Ummm, Gemma, it will not be the first time that Brad has had his focus on sex and was left with a hard on… like that. But you are still responding to it. I think for the sake of focus, you two will need to do something and fast to remedy your concern Gemma.”

“Alec you have got to be kidding, the others will be here in moments,” Brad said. Gods he looked at me, I melted, I felt from his skin pressed against me what he wanted and what he said were two different things. I was getting wild, but I focused on my hands by folding them. It was not up to me…

Standing there in front of the sectional where we were. Alec said, “There is no point to this Brad. She has to use what you still have happening right now. Just help her will you. I will do damage control for you two. Brian stand here to be a visual barrier. Gemma pull off that gown now…”

I was shaking at this point, I felt like I was in slow motion. Again, I did not care who was in the room. What this met I would have to ask later. No time to question, no questions necessary. I knew what I wanted, what Brad wanted. I looked over at Greg who just nodded and smiled. I felt even hotter… Gods, I have never thought about how I would want someone to watch, I wanted Greg to watch. I loved him so much.

Brad grabbed my hand and motioned for me to stand up. He uncovered his cock, it was huge, long, rounded and even more moist. I handed back Greg the hunter green satin gown he had given me. I noticed his smile as he touched the moisten back portion of the gown. Brad pulled me toward him. I was on my knees straddling his lap on the couch. I looked down, with my free hand I grasped the stiff cock, aiming it into my opening. Gods it stung, I was moist, but I was not as open to receive him… yet. I sat down slowly on his cock. I took all I could take of him each time I would move downward, up and down. My breasts brushed his face. With this brushing stimulation one of my breasts. One nipple was forming a few droplets of milk. Brad apparently smelled this, looked for the breast and licked off the droplets. I had both hands on his shoulders to help guide me up and down on to the heat I felt inside me. He began to moan, as I dropped down faster and with more force. I was feeling the effects too, another orgasm was forming. It was low right under my coccyx bone with the heat spreading in a horseshoe shape around the inside of my pelvis encircling my uterus, then my vagina. My clit was now in contact with the shaft of Brad’s penis. I felt swollen, tender, wet. Brad was breathing fast, he was receiving what I gave him as in downward thrusts on to his cock. I felt I was about to cum. I hoped he felt that too, so he could enjoy our release.

Brad whispered, “Yes.”

That was all I needed. I focused on us, on who was around us watching and loving us. I had to cum. I felt I could not move down any faster now, due to the barrier that Brad’s enlarged cock had become to my free movements. Now his hands were up from bracing the couch to being on my waist guiding each stroke. He put back his head and held me deep on to his cock. I came with the pressure. Felt him come too. I bent over him to touch his lips with my mouth. I grasped his face with my hands. Oh Gods, I was seeing lights flashing, I felt all of it, I was somewhere else with him. I held still with him deep inside. I opened my eyes, looking in to his open mouth smile and his intense eyes looking into mine. The orgasm was most intense, just then… throbbing. It was then I heard movement in the room. Brad looked past me. I then dared myself to look over my shoulder toward the sounds. I saw El, Monica, Glenna, Jacques and Lucia standing nude over by the tables where the wine was… fortunately there was no one else. They were looking at each other and pouring wine into the hand blown glass goblets.

Alec cleared his throat where he stood near Brian in front of us. “Hey, you two ok?” Alec asked.

Brad said, “Yes, it was what I think she needed… I can say it is what I needed too.”

“Brad, I am so sorry for standing up you and Brian the other night. I can’t understand why I felt that way?” I said, I didn’t want to change the subject, but it had been bugging me. After sex, it is always hard for me to think about being separate from anyone of these people. Especially Brad and Brian…

Brad looked up at me, then helped me come up off of his cock. His cock now decreasing in size having gotten what it had wanted too, apparently.

“Gemma, life is hard to understand. That’s why we should not take it too seriously. The only thing we should take seriously are the moments we have together like this. As you can see everyone is supportive of each other and what we each need. Love is our focus and our energy to get through the tough times. You remember that. Things will make more sense if you do,” Brad said.

Brian helped me stand up off Brad, as I pulled one leg back and then the other off the sectional to stand on the floor in front of Brad, where I had started. Alec placed his hands on my waist to steady my weak knees. Then he wrapped his arms around my waist drawing me close to him. He let go, as Brad stood to take hold of me to steady me as I recovered.

Greg had another of those plush white towels, which he opened and laid on the sectional where I and Brad planned to be seated again.

“Gemma, you may need this, would make you comfortable?” Greg said.

It was then Brad offered me to Greg, by placing my hand in Greg’s. Greg held me close, my head draped over his shoulder and his over mine. I felt his breathing. I felt his flow of calm thoughts, toward me, Brad and Brian. I was at peace, in his arms. There was nothing else. I had never felt that way before… but I got that I was remembering, that I had. Greg pushed me back with his hands on my upper arms.

“Yes, you had Gemma, you have. You do the same thing for me. I will take you home, soon, to where all of us gather. I am sure you will remember.” Greg said, looking intensely at me. I had to say, I agreed.

Gretchen was standing next to me with a plate of food. The plate had several triangular cut sandwiches, dollops of what looked like potato and macaroni salads. There were grapes, melon and strawberries on the outer edges of the large square white delicate plate.

“I made this especially for you. I learned about your favorite sandwiches from Lyra from your brother, so I wanted to make a few for you. Here, Alec has your wine glass filled. Sit and enjoy… you have but to listen at first. Then ask your questions, after you eat, princess!” Gretchen said, as she handed Brad my plate, then hurried off to manage the serving table. I could see what I felt were the many members of the Promise coming into the room. I knew most, but I still had questions about the rest.

“Gemma, just sit and enjoy the meal, the conversation, the presence. Lucia and I will sit here next to Greg. We have much to go over. We have time and plenty of help to work through the details. All here had helped in your and Lucia’s life in the other world. So you should be confident in their ability. Nothing to fear. Only energy to give and use there.” Alec said, he sat down with Lucia next to him. Her smile was broad. I felt she had gotten too, what I had just received from Brad, from Alec recently. Just a thought that passed between us. I gotta get use to that. I am definitely not able to imagine all of this on my own!

I watched other people eat and talk. Brad had his arm around me having completed his plate. I was about done. The wine was doing its work on me, giving me calmness to listen to the many ideas and suggestions being made.

“Alec, what about Dima?” I said, as I looked over at him and Lucia.

Greg said, “Dima will be fine, Gemma. I will be teaching him one on one. I will even bring him to the small lyceum of the Mer, near my place. Have him stay the night, so he can practice energy exchange without the drama of Anice affecting his concentration.”

“Dima, will be helping you soon, in small ways Gemma. I am working on not who Dima is, but what he is? His father and mother’s fears made me take pause, to look deeper into their origins, before the war. Why it was so important to live out in the fields, in the open. I am thinking now all three of them are very old and definitely not human. Their friend Feliks, also I discern is not what he appears to be either. Dima has a connection with other outer worlds… possibly with Lyra,” Alec said. I saw Alec look over at Marta. Marta then stopped her concentration on the conversation near her, returning his gaze. She then looked at me. I felt her say in my head, that she would speak with me. I returned a yes feeling toward her and Alec. I thought, maybe I would remember why I know Dima somehow?

“Greg, I will not worry then about Dima… Alec maybe we don’t need to know who Dima and his family are?” I said, I felt a slight worry arise in my chest over too much probing of Leonid, especially since he is so concerned about my Lyran origins. I just want to keep my contact with Dima solid without his family being concerned.

Alec smiled at me, saying, “Gemma, I get what you are saying. Dima is not a big deal. I just want to give him and his family what they need. Dima was able to pull energy from the Earth…”

Lucia said, “Gemma, Dima pulled energy from me. Alec felt it, that was the energy Dima gave to his father. That is why his father remarked he had felt it before. Marta has something too, on this, I felt it and agree.”

“Dima, also pulled energy that belonged at one time to our queen. That energy still exists interconnected with Lucia’s out in the far regions where it dropped down once both queens had died. Lucia’s energy has been found surrounding where many groups had lived before the war. Her energy shielded the people… it was her intention to do so. Energy is energy, so it attracts more energy. Our dead queen’s energy naturally came together with Lucia’s fulfilling her intention. The only thing all of us wanted, to protect each other and our families. Our wish was fulfilled. We live. Now we heal. Since Dima is not what he knows or appears to be, he naturally did what he does as a child. What we saw Dima do, the conversation with Leonid, answered my question of why his father would asked what Dima had done, was it good for Anice?” Marta said. It was like a question to me, I felt just then.

“Could Dima be a mythological being from the history of my people Marta? Like from Lyra or a constellation near by? I wish I could remember, details. I am only stating what I feel right now. I want Dima and his family to feel protected. I want them to have what they need,” I said. I knew I was on to something, damn it, if I could just remember. I knew I had to help.

“Now, this steps the conversation in your direction Gemma,” Alec said, he looked at me and then at Marta. “The energy you received and then gave back to Dima means, that all energy is open to you regardless the source. You have connected the dots. Like Lucia, you can tap the Earth, Nature, Lucia and the energy left from the conflict between the two dead queens. Dima did this thing for you, this small boy. I am amazed to say this, but I feel confident I know what I am saying. I am also thankful that you can do this. You will have to be careful how much of this energy you run through you, since you know what can happen. But again, you will not be in want for energy. You will be able to protect yourself. I also want you to learn to use this energy in other ways, like investigating a situation, then to manipulate that situation into the outcomes we need for your safe success.” Alec said, with a reassuring smile.

“So you are saying I do not need my connection with Lyran ancestral energies? Like what you told me I used before my death?” I said, again, cloudy memories felt like they were pressuring me to remember, but had no way to connect. Damn this brain of mine.

“Gods, Gemma, hold it down, you are shouting again mentally. We love you, it will all work out. You will not ever be flying solo on this mission,” Brad said, he took my hand in his, began to massage it. Gods that helped me feel clearer.

Mark said, “Gemma, we will practice with you, connecting with you, communicating with you. I have to agree with Brad, there will be times when you think too much of a good thing will have to be placed on hold, when it comes to our surveillance of you in the other world. BUT, you will have to focus on why and where you are. Why we must do this with you. It will be dangerous. You will have the familiar to deal with. Gemma, the familiar will be hunting you. More than likely playing with you like a mouse.”

From across the room, El said, “The familiar is not all seeing and all knowing. Without a magus to have guided it for a while, it will be out of practice in discerning a situation. We have been looking at that closely. That is the general feeling. Even Lucia’s familiar Rob, who remotely followed Lucia, each of her breathing moments in the other world, told us that is the feel he had of the situation.”

“Yes, I have to agree,” Alec said, “The enemy you will be facing will be self absorbed, so much so, the obvious will escape it. The obvious being that you are extremely dangerous and have access to energy even beyond its and your control. I say we are pretty much set to do what it is we need to do.”

I said, I felt I needed to know exactly what? “What is it I am to complete before I can come back? I don’t want to set unrealistic goals, I do over think stuff…”

Glenna said, “Simply, bring back the familiar with its consent.”

“How?” I said. For some reason her response hit me wrong.

Jacques said, “Gemma, that is not Glenna’s intent, to piss you off.”

I thought, man I did it again. I know they love me, I have to, I must pull my horns in.

“Sorry, I am so sorry…” I said.

Glenna got up, came over to sit on the floor with her hands on my knees.

“Gemma, what I wanted was to help keep it simple. You are also in the habit of reading what is said to you with a human filter. Forgive me for my harshness. I am afraid for you. But I know you can do this. Let me say what I feel then, as to what you are to do. Get the familiar to come home. Next, you do not know this. You have not sensed this. This is even harder to do. This thing we are asking you to do.”

“What, Glenna?” I said, I looked over at Jacques, who got up and stood behind Glenna. He again, did things to me. He was an anchor to me I felt in this.

Glenna said, “You must convince your mother and father to come back with you too. Vilmos is counting on this, that is what you sensed that day… when you asked him to kill you, with Alec stopping you.”

I was in shock. Who were my mother and father? Where were they in that world? My mother and father had died when I was a child.

Alec, standing behind me now, said, “You know they died because of the childhood memories, not unlike the ones Lucia was sent into that world also possessed. The people who raised you, your aunt and your uncle are your parents. The information was jumbled that way to protect each of you from the familiar that hunted you. Your memories did not match the facts of our world here. The familiar did not think about that, about the precautions I would take to protect you my beloved.”

I felt like my breath had been knocked out of me. My mother and father were alive. Now I must convince them to come with me.

“You mean I must not only retrieve them, quickly, but gain their consent to my wild story about them?” I said. I thought this through, how, can I both protect them and convince them? While staying one step ahead of the familiar, who I must also convince and gain consent from?

“It can be done, it will be done, I have seen it, Gemma…” Alec said. I felt his hands on my shoulders massaging them. I was rigid, but my body could not resist his touch.

Paul got up from beside Lucia, came over to the right of Glenna, who still held my hands.

“Gemma, we will all be with you. We have rehearsed this scenario over and over again. We also know and have discerned that you have what it takes to do this thing. Do you believe me?” Paul said, as he looked down into my eyes. I was give out. I needed to think.

“You don’t need to think, you need to let go and let this happen.” Alec said. I felt that the answer he gave released me from my responsibility of needing to do over thinking, in my attempt to stay one step ahead. How in the Gods names did he do that?

“Gemma, there is a lot you do not know about me, even on a good day from in the past with your memories intact. One time you almost got the truth out of me… almost. I have held my peace, so as to combat this day. Right now. Your fear, mistrust of me and indecision. You will succeed. You will come home. I have seen it. We are all here and ready to work with you and for you. This thing will happen. Right now all you need to do is to rest, make love and practice pulling up energy. That is all. Got that?” Alec said.

“Yes, I will do as you say. I will ask questions and I will trust. I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want any thing to separate me from you. Damn it, I gotta get this thing done. Bring everyone home.” I said. Glenna was up on her knees and held me. Brad was holding me from the back. Alec still had his hands on my shoulders. Now I felt that what I had been worried about, was that I would have to do this by myself. Mark was right I would have plenty of help. It would be necessary to consult them at each turn. I had to. Not just for me but for three other souls, trapped in that world. That world I so wanted to never go back to.

“Gemma, you won’t be there long. I have your back. Remember who you are to me,” Brad said.

“I do, that is all I can do. I am yours Brad, I am Brian’s. I belong to all of you. I see that now,” I said.

All those in the room gathered around us there. So many, with so much concern, so much determination, so much clarity of purpose. It was overwhelming to me just then. I did as Glenna had said, keep it simple. I let go of my fear. They held me in their hearts. I can not believe what I had fell into here in this world… my world. I am not alone, any more.


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