Why Sunbathing?

I began Sunbathing at a suggestion of a friend, telling me it was healthy and would help me recover from a respiratory illness I had.

I thought to myself, how could being nude out in the sun help anything?

Yep, nude, not with clothes on nude.

Two things came about.

I was also in the process of transitioning to being vegetarian. A whole other discussion….

I was losing weight and being able to afford real raw fruits and vegetables. If I did not have to plan for the “main” course of some sort of meat, I had plenty of money to buy all the other things I needed.

That of course is not the only reasons why I became vegetarian, it is a long story about what held me up in doing so…. Family mainly… and my ignorance.

I do not want to eat animals – the creatures I look into their eyes and feel a connection. I do not feel that animals or anyone for that matter were placed here in this world for my whim and consumption.

But back to Sunbathing.

I did I get off track? Because I did a Periscope today – viewers were wanting to know about what I do about my Health…. So I told them.

Sunbathing is safe. No it does not cause cancer, it can actually prevent cancer due to the changes the sunlight makes in our bodies. Necessary changes. Like the production of Vitamin D. If you wear sunscreen not only are you covered in and baking in chemicals that do not keep out all the sun’s rays that harm skin over long periods of time. But you are actually blocking living production of natural Vitamin D. It was suggested in one article I read to try the many Vegan Sunscreen products out there as an alternative, if you are out in the sun a long time.

Sunlight also helps with depression with increased production of serotonin. Healing at risk skin from various disease processes – such as eczema, rashes, and acne. The production of melatonin is brought into sync with your body’s Circadian Rhythm to help with those individuals who are suffering from insomnia. Menopause, PMS and Cycles can be helped with regular exposure to sunlight, which affect influences the pineal gland in the production of hormones bringing balance to body and mood.

Now I am not talking about the smear the body with baby oil lay out in the direct sun for hours type of sunbathing. This type is just frying the skin and doing damage.

What I am speaking to is being nude in partial direct sun under a tree, or on a shaded patio. Sunlight is Sunlight, it does not have to be direct to do what it does. I use a patio that is covered on all sides with boards that let in pieces of sun, a privacy patio, where I can be completely nude and experience the sunlight, the air temperature around me (cold or hot) and the breezes, even wind. I have even been in the rain when passing clouds came and went. Hey, I was nude it did not matter! I have a reclining green patio chair and I place an old silk sari in it. I love the feel of silk on my skin and it does not make me sweat in the heat. I sit exposing all of myself to the light and the air. It is my time to treat my whole body right down to my soul. I sit and just be there. No laptops, my phone on vibrate, no books… just a water or beverage with me. 15 to 20 minutes depending on how much direct or indirect sun I am exposed to does the trick for me. I never expose my skin to mid-day sun due to the danger of possibly burning my skin. If I have to sunbathe mid-day it is most definitely in partial shade of tree or patio. My goal is over all health improvement and wellbeing… I am not here to get a ‘tan’. My skin is so pale and I have never tanned, only burnt when I have found my self in an unplanned situation hiking without proper hat and light long sleeved shirt.  If I am out in the winter I usually use the direct sun due to many natural factors, but only for about 15 to 20 minutes exposure. Winter sunbathing is magnificent with the chill and warmth shifting over my skin. I do not use sunscreen for sunbathing, since I am only out nude on my recliner for 15 to 20 minutes, usually in partial shade. My skin all over feels natural, not hidden, in all parts of my body. I even develop a pale golden hue all over, my skin tone even (not tan). It is like all of my body is mine and very natural, very accepted and cared for. I do skin care daily after bathing, I use essential oils in the palm of my hand over my skin. I switch off between them or mix them in a small spray bottle, such as rose hip seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil… I have found none of these damage my clothing. I was determined to feel and accept all of my body / skin. I have been rewarded with beautiful skin and a decrease in stress. I look forward to this time caring for myself.


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Another thing that has happened is that I enjoy my body more, the progress on my diet, the positive changes in my body that I can see and feel. It was at first for me… that I had to be bold to take off all of my clothes there on the patio behind my screens. I felt excited to sit out in the fresh air and be just me. It makes the time special for me. I am taking time for me – all of me. It is an appointment I take. I am out in nature and feeling it all over. I also found a spot in my backyard, since I live out in the woods, that is protected from extreme weather and passing eyes. I stand up straight and strip off my clothing placing them on a near by post. I arrange my orange/red sari on my recliner and I sit down with no hurry, just enjoying the exposure to the air and sunlight all over my body. Silly isn’t it that this is not a natural thing for us to do. I am always careful as to not to offend the offend-able, but it is me and it is my time in nature. It is my Health. Some have asked me what to do about living arrangements where privacy is an issue. A window you can sneak under with a yoga mat and strip down in the sunlight to lay out in is fine too — open the window feel the wind and the light pour on to your body and rest in nature there. It is well worth it.

You would be surprised at the people who so want to sunbathe and can not get the courage up to do so. Nude bodies are not that bad. We take baths in water…. We can take baths in the sunlight too. It is your Body and your Health. It will be transformed by your efforts… your body, heart, spirit and mind.

A brief video I made out Sunbathing in the rare direct Sun of Winter… out in Nature.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BeyYiOIB_DX/?taken-by=twobluewings

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