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Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

Lucia said, “I do trust you Alec, with my life.”… Chapter 12

I had been holding on tight to my horse’s mane as the scenery flew past me in a blur. That is what I could see of it from under this black hood. The robe clung to me, protecting me from head to toe, very effectively. It felt different too, like it was connected to me. I guess magick is that way, it becomes a part of you. My mind wandering about again, that was unusual for me, that is until I started my work with Lucia.

Up ahead the beige blur of road, became a dark combination of greens and reds, must be the town Mark talked about. The horse slowed to a trot, the transition to my ride very smooth. The animal continued to feel one with me through out the ride.

Mark got my attention and motioned to me for silence. There was a reddish stone wall ahead with a wide opening in it, though the top was a little low for anything taller than a horse and the rider. I lowered my head as did Mark and with his help Lucia, just in case. There was still a distance to the first building from the gate, but on this side it was green. There was neatly cut grass in a park like setting along this path turned city road. Up ahead were people walking. Some were in traveling skins, others in plain robes, a few in elaborate dazzling robes, and others dressed… well like regular people from where we came from. Apparently, Mark was right, none of them attempted to talk to us. We did not hold anyone’s attention long as we passed these pedestrians in their travels to who knows where.

Mark then led the way to the building we had been headed for. He stopped. I ‘felt’ him say, “touch no one.” That was a bit startling. I had not felt that, since I last spoke with Brad in a dream. The sound came to my ears and touched the center of my chest, but I heard nothing around me but the muffled sounds of people talking and walking near by. I felt a response was expected, so I ‘said’ back in my head, “ok.”

Then we stopped near a large carved wooden door that was housed by a stone arch. All the stone around here that I could see was of reddish stone, and where chipped was pale yellow. We sat on our horses for a moment. Apparently Mark was communicating again. We must have looked intimidating because no one approached us from the people who would walk by us. Who were these ‘flesh eater’ anyway? I felt no animosity coming from anyone who passed us, no hateful glares. So maybe the robes met something good, but were a mystery. I would not be surprised by anything. I was glad to be wearing something that hid us for Lucia’s sake. Then I thought, if these people were all connected to each other, they were not reading us. Maybe the robes were a shielding from not only eyes, but minds too?

Mark slid off his horse, then held up his arms to Lucia, who then leaned into his hands and then bounced onto the ground. Mark then turned toward me and motioned for me to get down. He had not offered to help me down, but then I thought he didn’t dare? He was very respectful to me, was my feeling, where in the world did that come from. Maybe it was my answer from him? I think once we get to where we are going I will ask him about this. Ask him how to use this communication. Or maybe I would not see him again?

Mark then held out his hand to me. I took it. He took Lucia by his other hand, then we walked over to the door. He let go of Lucia, grabbing the lever on the door, it swung open smoothly. He then took Lucia’s hand and we all could enter together, through the wide door into the dark hallway. He pushed the door closed with his foot and then we stood there. Mark said, “Lets wait for you both to become accustom to the light change.” I heard Lucia breathing. Mark was just standing there calmly, but there was something else about him I could not figure out. I did not find this feeling disturbing.

Now he stepped out with us in tow, hand in hand down the wide hallway. Again, low ceilings, reddish stone walls, some of it white plastered, stone floors. Light ahead. Then we were out in a garden. At the far end were a group of people gathering in the shade there. Mark removed his hood and guided us toward them. I felt I must keep my hood up, until he told us to take it down. I wandered if this were going to be the time of reckoning for the both of us, by this group of people?

Mark let go of my hand, giving me a look to stay put. He then took Lucia over to the left hand corner of the shaded patio. There a blond man in light tan travel skins that had a pale blue tunic took Lucia’s hand offered by Mark in his. With his other hand this man drew back slowly the huge black hood that covered Lucia’s face. I could see many emotions pass over Lucia’s face as she stared into his. The man smiled a wide gentle smile. Then he looked over at me, while still holding Lucia’s hand. I heard him call my name.

I said, “Alec is that you?”

Lucia, turned her head toward me. “Let me tell you Gemma, Yes, it is him,” she said, in the calmest voice I had ever heard from her.

My heart raced in my chest. I threw back my hood. I looked over the crowd of people. Some in robes, some in traveling skins and some without anything on at all. Then fast movement from the doorway to the right, coming toward me. It was Brad, in the flesh, not a dream, not any more.

Brad halted in front of me and looked into my eyes. He said, “You follow directions very well, Gemma. Not at all in your nature to do so. You can touch me, but no one else here.”

I grabbed him as he wrapped his arms around me. I was shaking. I was there in that moment. There was no fog, no separation and I felt him everywhere from inside my head to all over my body. Everything feeling and responding at once. I also felt in his crush of me the erection well hidden under his traveling skins trimmed in orange, my colors. I heard him in my head and heart, “Yes, that too Gemma, and soon.” A flash of heat came over me, it was not blushing either, I knew what it was too.

Brad, guided me over to Alec and Lucia. They were now holding each other, I could see from the looks of it both were trembling in each other’s embrace. The crowd around us had given way, making room for us to be in that moment. Oddly too, all of them were speaking English. Apparently to accommodate us being there.

Someone had come up behind me and had laid their hands on my shoulders. The hands were big and powerful. I turned around in them to face who it was who had placed them on me. I looked into a face of a man… a cat like being, nude but for a decorated strip of leather and a dagger. “Gemma, you are home finally, as Alec said you would be.” He said, in a deep almost whispered voice. I then found my self saying “Vilmos, how is father?” He looked down at his feet. “He was with you my dear sister.” he said. He was massaging my shoulders in his hands, he was looking at me as if to take me all in. He was even pulling in breaths of my scent fully into his flared nostrils. I found I was doing the same, while my eyes teared up into mist.

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Beside him stood, Mark who had a hand on my brother’s shoulder and there was another man standing there too.

I could feel Brad holding my waist on either side with his hands. I continued to feel warm. I looked at my brother, “Father with me. What do you mean?” I said, now sensing something wrong, like a heavy burden fell on me. Suddenly all I could do was focus on this man standing in front of me.

“You heard me, he was with you. He was in the battle, because of you. He was wounded.” Vilmos said, with a low growl to his voice.

“Wounded, father?” I said, then I sensed a blame coming.

“Yes, was with you.” Vilmos said, staring directly into my eyes.

I then grabbed his dagger from out of that tiny belt at his side. I pointed it at him. I felt the hands of Brad still on my hips, but they were motionless. Everything around me seem to slow. It was then Alec was standing close beside me, as I held the dagger blade pointing it at my brother.

“You are telling me, father died, aren’t you?” I said, directly into Vilmos’ face.

“Yes, that is what happened, since he went out there with you, when you wouldn’t listen to reason to be near the queen. You never found her, but you got father wounded, he died later.” Vilmos said, now looking a bit confused.

“So you are here to set things straight, right, I don’t blame you. I miss father too so very much.” I said, now feeling painful sadness. “Take the dagger then, and finish what you came to do.”

My mind and body numb, I was lost in conflicting emotions, when I felt a hand atop the one holding the dagger.

“Here Gemma give it to me, there is no need, you miss understood… you are just tired.” Alec said, standing there beside me looking at me so, that I had to turn to face him, giving him the knife.

Alec said, “Your father and mother died of their wounds three days before you. I and many others, you love and will remember here tried to save them. We dared not tell you then, even if you could have heard us. Your brother finally understood and consented to having both your mother and your father sent to where you were, by the same magic. They watched over you. They will be back, as you are now.” Alec then taking in a deep breath knew he had my attention, there in my head and heart. “Gemma, you have work to do here with Lucia. Let’s get started. First some rest.” He said, taking me in his arms. It felt so warm there, like all the other times, I needed it.

Over his shoulder I saw Mark and the ashen haired man still lingering close by with Brad. I felt I needed to hear what they needed to say. Alec released me from his embrace and turned me around. Other people began to walk up, most smiling, while others showed concern on their faces.

The man with Mark took my hands in his. I felt a heat and familiarity, similar to being held by Brad through this touch. Brad then pulled me close to his chest. As if to get me stable enough to listen in my physically worn out condition to a few more things necessary for me to hear.

Looking between me and the man, Mark began an introduction saying, “Gemma, I want to introduce a member of the promise and a companion of Brad’s. I am sure soon you will feel him… that you know him well. This is Brian.”

As Brian smiled looking into my face with warm tenderness, I saw in my head, me a top him with Brad laying next to him in a large misty green room, on a well used bed with the mint green bottom sheet still intact. Then I was back, seeing him here in this moment… smiling even more broadly.

“Brian, is that you? Where have you been?” I said, to my utter amazement. I knew him and he knew me. Him. Both me, him and Brad!

“Gemma, I have been the backseat driver of this mission with Brad, since your sigils were different from Lucia’s.” Brian said, then grabbing me and Brad behind me in a huge luxurious hug. He apparently was also prepared to see more of me later… by the length of hardness I felt pushing between my legs at that moment. The heat was driving me insane. It was then, why not touching anyone was important, if I was to make it through all of these introductions before I needed to do something about all of this. Soon…

Lucia was once again hand in hand with Alec and there was another dark haired man with his arm wrapped around her waist.

I whispered to Brad, “Who is that? Do I know him?”

Brad looked away from those wishing us well and nodded to the dark haired guy.

Lucia brought both males with her, over to where we were standing, the people parting to let them through.

Lucia smiled and said, “Gemma, I want to introduce you to Alec’s companion, Paul. Before you ask, yes, you know him very well.”

“Paul, I would like to talk with you, soon. I have many questions about the promise.” I said, I was mindful of not touching him, since touching other males here had had the same result. I had to stay on my feet for the time being. I heeded Lucia’s veiled warning.

“Gemma, I want to thank you for protecting and helping Lucia. I will forever be in your debt. You and your people offered so much during the war and afterwards in healing our worlds. Yes, we do need to talk, have something to eat and rest together shortly.” Paul said, smiling warmly. Then his attention was fully on Lucia. She was tired, but being well cared for.

Several people came up to our two small groups, which had formed around Lucia and me. These people had many following them. Their followers appeared to be in whispered conversation and politely observing us.

Alec moved over between me and Lucia to greet this small group of people who felt to me as if they were too, our intimates.

There were three people that stood out and seemed to be the main attention of those following.

Alec turned to me, “Princess, I am sure due to a lack of preparation, you will soon remember these here. I want to introduce them to you, now so we can all talk later in private. This is King Eleoin of the Aquaeous, Empress Glenna of the Odian and Elder Marta of the Flesh Eaters.” I knew in my heart all three of them, formally and intimately. With or with out their titles they felt dear to me. I again did not touch anyone. I smiled and nodded.

Eleoin said, “We have work to do Gemma, see you at dinner tonight, once you are settled in. I and Monica will bring you some of your things you left last, to make you feel at home.”

Eleoin then placed a hand on the lower back of Glenna who was dressed like a fairy queen, energy was palpable coming off her. From what I understood from Lucia’s stories, she was the empress of the lightones’ magic, while Marta was the representative of the darkones’ magic, specifically the necromancers.

Glenna said, “Princess, it is good to have you home. I will sit with you and catch you up.”

Glenna wrapped her arm around the waist of Marta, the person, Mark had been coordinating our safe arrival with.

“Gemma, we have a lot of work to do. Things we still need to do for your people and ours. It will all be good. Alec has put much thought into it.” Marta said, then reached out taking both my shoulders in her slender hands and coming close with a kiss to my left cheek. She was warm powerful darkness, I felt I could trust her and that I had in the past with some very difficult things.

Mark now came to stand with us again, after mingling. Between Lucia and I, as we stood there with Alec and Brad. The crowd of people, now were separating into groups having refreshments.

“The working groups are now forming. They have been energized by your arrival Lucia. I am thinking we are done here for now.” Mark said, smiling as he looked at Lucia.

Lucia said, “My memories are not all back, but I do remember you owe me something. Something you said along time ago.” Lucia now taking Mark by the hand.

Now that got me thinking, how much of this didn’t I still remember?

“Gemma, you have had a rough time of it so far, but you have responded very predictably. In no time you will find what you know at your finger tips.” Brad said, as he motioned toward Brian, who had been talking, heads together with Eleoin.

“So what happens now.” I said, feeling the effects of Brad’s arms wrapped now tightly around me. It then struck me as a silly question. Then I said, “I don’t get all this ‘mind reading’ that goes on here. Doesn’t it bother any of you, that it happens all the time?”

Alec, who had been sipping from a small crystal cup stopped, setting the cup down on the near by table.

“Gemma, you and Lucia were at a disadvantage. You are in human form right now and secondly along time ago the both of you consented to everything that has taken place and been done on your behalf. Reading your minds was a part of that. But soon that will be remedied. Most here are too polite to do such things to you, even in extreme curiosity. If there were enemies here… you would be at a disadvantage to hide anything. I promise the both of you that will be fixed here soon. Lucia has had a long discussion about it, before you two even met, that she can share with you to catch you up.” Alec said. “Now as Mark was trying to say. We have some private business. This is our house, our home here in Brashaw. Lucia knew about it. We will decide here soon if you want to stay here, or go home to Adeer. I am sure Liz’s place or ours will be ready for us. It is your choice, think about it.”

Lucia moving close to me said with a smile, “You don’t remember yet. So if you trust me, I would like to take you to Liz’s home. It is big enough for all of the promise to gather. It is intimate enough for what is to come. I am thinking you know… don’t try to remember, sense it for now. The information you need is already in your head, it will be available as you need it Gemma. Are you ok with this?”

“Yeah, I am fine with all of it. It feels like home to me, but I am getting I am not exactly from here. I also get that I have some pretty strong ties with many people here. So I will need some help from you and Alec to make things right. Like that thing I felt with my brother. I hope I didn’t mess that up.” I said, now I felt I needed to be holding Brad and Brian about now.

Lucia said to Alec, “We need to go to Liz’s place, if that is ok with Paul.”

Alec said, “Paul said all is ready at the house, he kind of felt you would want to start our lives there. It will be an easy place to get our discussions and decisions made…. Lucia it will all work out, just trust me.”

Lucia said, “I do trust you Alec, with my life.”

Mark offered his hand again to me, but this time it was different. I felt in the warmth, I knew him and him me. I was going home to be with the ones who know me and love me. As Lucia said that I will remember it all.


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