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5th Day – Traveling in a straight line – 1st draft – The Unicorn Rider: Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead…

Alastar drove on to Madison Street, passing in front of the group of old houses where the young women live. Slowly he took the left turn on to Canal Street driving toward the pier district. Midway down the street he stopped and backed up into an alley parking his car and got out. He looked up toward Candice’s stately Victorian house crowded on the corner. High on the front right corner of the house perched, Whybow could make out a Brown Falcon.

Boz, time to go.” Alaster said in a tone one uses to speak to some one close by.

Walking back to the Porsche, Alastar unlocked the passenger door and walked around the front of the sport’s car, as he looked purposely down toward the Jazz Club hoping his movements were making an impression on someone. Whybow continued his walk around to the driver’s side of the car and slid into the low seat of the vehicle.

The passenger side door opened and a young man of about 22 years dropped into the seat.


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Boz how goes it? Any news?” Whybow said, as he started up the sports car pulling slowly out on to the street following the detour signs to the main highway.

Bozworth settle back comfortably into the bucket leather seat of the Porsche Careera watching the scenery pass by.

Alastar, there was much going on, but nothing discerned by those visiting,” Boz said as he turned his golden eyes with his full attention upon Whybow.

How so?” Whybow said with his interest piqued.

One woman left before dusk, the second woman alone had a male visitor to the door, but not beyond. The man proved to be also a mage, calling easily to a phylactery a water elemental that still bore evidence of having had energetic magical contact. Energies, I am familiar with coming from you.” Boz said turning away to view the morning light on the highway straight ahead.

Would you like some coffee Boz? There is some behind my seat in a large stainless steel thermos, use the cup on top. So you say it was a mage. Can you give me your best guess who this man could have been?” Whybow said, as he also watched the road ahead pushing the speed limit.

Boz shifted in the seat to reach the thermos and poured himself a coffee. Sipping it he went on. “This assumption could lead to serious consequences for a familiar, but of course there is your prerogative to guide the use of my assumptions. I believe the magus to be Gaet Gossi by his gait and actions, but the phylactery was not his own. It was a human fleshed one. The water elemental also bore magical binding upon it. I know of only one mage who employs such a phylactery and energy, and that being Jorge Alvarado.” Boz sipped again from his cup with his gaze far up the highway ahead. “They both were in a silver Lexus and left without Jorge having exited the car.”

Whybow glanced over at Boz not only to digest the hearing of the information, but to see the physical reaction of his familiar in the sharing of these findings. That somehow this would help him process the possible outcomes. “You say they understood nothing, how so Boz?”

Because only Gaet came to the door to retrieve the elemental hindered there, then he interacted with the girl for sometime, but did not enter the house. Once Gaet returned to the vehicle, I sensed Jorge was frustrated. He even attempted a drive by reading of the house, but your protective circle gave him no cause to stop and investigate further the situation. Your circle also hid my existence there.” Boz said, turning to meet the gaze of Whybow.

You say girl, meaning Candice had not returned yet from where ever she had gone off to?” Whybow said in a hopeful voice.

Yes, the one you call Candice had went off down the street and entered a building there. The other girl you call Melinda, was behind the door receiving benefit from the circle you had left for that purpose.” Boz said, appearing totally absorbed in sipping his coffee.

Was there anything else you would like to tell me, Boz?” Something Whybow would say to give the familiar the opportunity to share all of its impressions.

Yes, the elemental not only held within its body contact with you, but also magical contact with another that is known to you and I.” Boz said, having stopped sipping his drink and holding the gaze of Whybow steadily.

Who would that be Boz? Just say it and I will decide whether what you say can be used by us. I need you to work with me and not enact convention.” Whybow said, now looking away from Boz’s gaze to allow him the freedom to feel the full impact of these words.

Yes, the energies I felt and saw on the water elemental were those from wounds and wounding. I have felt these energies before in the presence of Osbert Stanhope. Some of the energies had afflicted the elemental, while others were the results of having impacted another.” Boz said now with his head turned looking out the passenger window.

Boz, promise me you will keep that information here between you and me. Do not tell Edita. If she asks say nothing or tell her to talk to me if you feel the obligation to tell.” Whybow said, gripping the steering wheel in silence.


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