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…Dreams, They are Yours, As Is Sleep…

Dreams… due to work stress and not actually getting sleep during night time (which I am changing, that soon with a new work opportunity) — are hard to remember. When dreaming under unnatural conditions. I read this article… and I am changing to a ‘day’ position: deprivation plays havoc with genes”

It is all about the synchronicity of the circadian rhythm: “Circadian Rhythms”

If we are serious about our own health and about our own wellbeing… what you are doing right now and what you feel is important to you, must be in sync. Creativity, Career and Spirituality must not be placed in separate boxes, BUT must be together supporting you as you evolve as a HumanBeing. (What I mean is like being ‘grounded’ when at work, bringing your creativity into your career, sort of thing.) I am just now getting serious about this in my own life. I also do not have much support for these changes from those around me or for what I find important, but that does not matter at this point to me. I must matter. If I do, then I will be able to do things with others and for others that are in sync with Spirit, Community and Earth. I will ultimately be able to do things for myself, that matter to me and help me evolve.

Now what did I see last night?

I am still struggling with one of the messages.

I discussed both messages with a skeptic to dreaming. He said,”You have been reading a lot of crazy stuff, so it would make sense, your mind would pull together something from all of that.”

Yes, he is right in a way. If you want to know something you have to know something!

I discuss this ‘communication’ process in a book I am working on “A Flash of Light”  There is an order to this communication within your dreams. There are several possible sources of who or what is coming through to answer your questions (like your beloved for example)… these could be questions you have had for years or for mere hours. If you had ‘asked’ a question, from my experience, you will hear the answer eventually. This hearing of the answer is dependent upon your evolution, where you are in your ability to understand and do something with the answer. Whether working with dreams or your spiritual support system, there is a ‘lexicon’ that filters it based upon what you presently know. This lexicon can be a barrier to hearing what it is you want or need to hear. The system is in place to protect your ability to have ‘free will’ within your decision making processes…. Where is this idea coming from about the lexicon, from several years of knowing that there is one that each of us have been working within. This has nothing to do with belief systems or consents to authority… that is another can of worms that an individual has to ‘undo’, that you have as the drama you allow in your life right now… that can impair your free will right now.

Lexicon: Definition

The lexicon is developed from what we know, from what is important to us, from present careers and from our personal drama.

The use of the lexicon in communication through dreaming for example, is dependent to upon who or what is speaking to you through your dreams. Only you can consent to the who or the what, to allow this communication. The lexicon uses their and your intentions and what you already know to communicate what is needed… but with a warning here you must be open to listening and testing the information given to you. The information is there, but we can ‘screw’ it up too — dependent upon our own drama or assumptions. It takes practice. It takes time, to know then trust our source too… know the intention, where things have meaningfully gone or met to you in the past… as to what this all means now.

So for some examples of some ‘impressions’ of dreams. I was near awaking, apparently, when I heard the summation of the dream experience. What I mean is… the dream was scary as hell. The people in the dream were doing things to people over and over again. I was helping these people, escape harm. It was a very ‘if this then that’ sort of dream. People could die and I could have died due to the outcomes of the mental and political gymnastics. What the protagonist was doing was apparently totally legal in the dream. Really, in the news, some pretty awful stuff happens to women, children, men over some pretty stupid stuff… like religion, nationality, nationalism, skin color, gender, poverty, location and money. Pretty much what politics is all about. Like “if enough people say it then it must be right” sort of thing — to justify rude and outrageous actions against other humanbeings… evolving into harmful intolerance, dislocation and death. Death being for the most part the only solution by most protagonists.

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You can tell, I have read articles, been impressed by situations, environments, and had some experiences in the workplace, which would or could ‘shape’ a lexicon for dream communication… all of these ideas and experiences being shaped by my free will… see how it works?

So in this one dream… I was stopping the death of a group of people. The protagonist grew tired of the legal maneuvers — that I got good at. The problem was that even though I was able to apply the same legal question and solution to the problem, that last time it did not work. The protagonist decided that he would not ‘follow the rules’ any more, which had protected both me and the group. He was going to kill me first, then finish off the work he said he ‘must’ do on the group. He said he would cut his losses and go right to what he had planned… my death, since I did not figure into his picture or goals. Right before he approached me — in the room where I was by myself — my Spiritual support made the scene go trans-fixed then gray. I was given the reassurance, that what I felt was right, that I had completed what it was I had needed to do. Then the message came, in an odd way, in writing too. So I could both ‘hear’ it and ‘see’ it… at this point ‘kind of’ circumventing the lexicon: “The same solution doesn’t always work every time.”

Well, just looking at it on the surface — the statement is not Earth shaking. Yeah, of course not, we would say.


Since I had been through the dream and the drama — my life had been threatened, I had been pinned into an empty room with the guy who was pissed off at my maneuvers, who was about to do what he had originally wanted to do all along… to me and then to them, using his baser instincts and intolerance.

I had ‘trusted’ the system, but could not control the variable that would allow this man to kill his problems. The system refocused upon him with his money/influence, so he bought them, it was ok now to do the ‘right thing’ he had proposed. So the system was not representing the people, but influences. An assumption broken there. Then, we or I, should have seen or known that. That since we did not have money on our side, that another plan needed to be in place for the future to out maneuver him, before he had become too powerful.

Now what do I do with this information?

Well I was relieved it was a dream, though, toward the end of the dream, I was aware I was in a dream. I did not want to have the ultimate happen to me, dream or no dream.

But what I got is that my support is there and ready (my beloved), whether in the reality I live in within this flesh or in the reality of the spirit / other world realms. I am always present with my support, positive and moving ahead.

Lastly, I learned about using systems and about human nature… how regardless what you have available or intact to protect you and your goals… there is always someone who will do what they want to do to you and yours, regardless their cost… whether money, public relations or risking their personal freedom… if you piss them off enough. Push only so much using one technique, then switch to another – ultimately putting away your opponent before the law or public opinion can be bought and sold.

A strange dream interpretation article right?

Mainly about tools and sharing that you are not alone in your dreams… dreams are not a mish-mash of garbage, but a way of working things out, gaining learning from experiences, and learning communication with your Spiritual supports (beloved). Someday you will be called upon to use what you know, whether in this life time or not, on this plane or not. We are immortal, and we do remember, if not for now….

Anna Le Doux

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