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Not holding back… Chapter 16 (1st draft)… (Sensual Chapter)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

I awoke. I found my right hand being held and deeply massaged gently. I turned over to my back and found myself wrapped in a huge deeply plush white towel that went from my shoulders down to my feet. I was still on the bed under its tall canopy. Mark was smiling and looking at me having stopped his work on the palm of my hand.

“Hey.” He said.

“Mark what are you up to?” I said, hoping he would start again the massage of my hand, which, well had felt amazing.

“It is about time,” he said, “to start preparing to go to the ceremony for Lucia. I thought I would take some oils and give you a rub down before putting on our robes, then heading out. Giving you a brief massage should not take long. Anyway we haven’t the time for the long drawn out version, I do.” He smiled at me, he started again, as he worked his way up my arm. He pulled slightly at my arm toward himself. I felt he was indicating to sit up a bit.

“You listen well, for not being able to read my thoughts.” He said.

I felt all warm inside, but this feeling did not progress any further.

“How long was I out, I mean how long did I sleep?” I said, allowing him, by my bending forward with amazing ease, for him to have full access to my back.

“You were out for about 3 hours. I wish I could have given you more time, but we will need to go pretty soon. I am certain the others would find something to do as they waited for us to arrive.” Mark said, as he leaned his nude body against mine to steady himself, to use both of his hands to rub down ward the oil on my back.

It was then I felt a warmth slowly make its way up my spine from my tail bone. This warmth stopped just below my shoulders, then spread out lazily around my chest to my breasts. When this sensation hit my nipples, I felt I knew where this would lead to, at least for me. I fell quiet, guessing he would have felt what I had felt just then, though he did not indicate it. He just pulled me closer and leaned across me taking my other hand and beginning again.

“What will happen to Lucia?” I said, once I had regained some focus to speak, away from the massage he was giving me. He was now leaning over my back, with me bent forward again, reaching the opposite shoulder.

“It will be a simple ceremony. You will not have the opportunity to touch her or talk to her for that matter, since, for her to make it through the ceremony she will be in heat. We of course do not want you in that state quite yet.” Mark said, then leaning back on his knees, he pulled back the part of the towel that lay over my feet and thighs. He began again this time on my right foot working up toward my knee. I bent my leg up, so he could reach behind the calf and knee. Apparently I had been listening then to his thoughts again, directed toward me. I thought, wow, this will take some practice, if I am to actually use this without cues.

“Yes, as you are, it is amazing as to what you can pick up. But you will be prepared beyond what you can do now, Gemma, I promise you will hear me and the others clearly. Emotions can be problematic or a barrier, such as fear or anger. Not anything, that can not be worked through.” Mark said.

“What do you mean prepared?” I said, now offering him my other foot, that he mentally indicated he was ready for.

“The ceremony is not only for Lucia, there is a part of it for you. Though, not for the same purpose. The ceremony will bind all there to each of you. And specifically to you the ones who will be working with you in the other world.” Mark said. Now I did feel that… he had a pang of, well what I felt was pain. Coming from him and his heart. I didn’t know what to say, because it made me feel both a bit afraid and then angry, that he would have to feel that about me going back. I just wanted to feel what he was doing right now for me… for us. The ceremony I only wanted to be at was because of Lucia and supporting her as she changed into her self again. All that met to her and Alec. I didn’t give a damn right now about going back or saving the ass of someone’s created nightmare, or what ever it was I was to do there.

Mark, stopped the massage. I sat up straight and attempted to sense his response to what I had thought. Oh Gods, why now…

Mark indicated he wanted me to roll over to my stomach. I guess he was not finished, or he needed time to recover from what he knew I had felt just then.

I complied. I was bare from the top of my head to the soles of my feet to him and his hands.

He began with his knees pushed against my right hip. With his warm palms he mirrored his movements on my back from my shoulders down to my hips. Sweeping motions with oil laden hands. His fingers were dragging deep, moving every muscle they touched. I was like in a trance, almost asleep.

Then he touched down with some weight on my bottom, both cheeks, with a pulling motion. Oh that hit me with heat. I was almost embarrassed by what I had instantly felt… what felt out of my control. He did not linger long, there.

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Then he tapped me on my shoulder. The first time he had actually used a physical cue to get me to move into a new position. It was then it occurred to me he does nothing without a purpose… that he had felt my response and was attempting to keep what he felt to himself.

I lay there exposed to him on my back. He placed more oil on one of his hands from the blue bottle that he had tucked behind him. Then he touched the side of his neck with the other hand. I suddenly had an image pop into my minds eye of a similar movement I had seen, Alec do, as he held Lucia close to him. I did not feel it necessary just then to know why. He rubbed his hands together, with a purposeful movement of the fingers he had touched his neck with upon his other palm. He grabbed the top of my right thigh moving his body down my leg as he leaned against me to rub that thigh. He lifted up on his own my thigh, grasping the musculature of the leg where it joined the buttock with a deep massaging movement.

I lost it. I just lay there, longing for him to touch between my legs, what was responding to him there. Why? What should I do or be doing at this point? All of my senses were heightened. I did not feel the fear any more, that had been there. I felt angry. I felt the anger of someone having a thing they love threatened. My mind was on over drive, between sex and fighting something I could not do anything about.

Mark then pulled up my right leg, bending it at the knee, moving his self between both my knees, as he lifted up the left knee. My legs responded with a natural wrapping motion around his lower buttocks, then rested there. I was so hot between my legs. So wet. It was then he pushed his hands up my abdomen, cupping up under my breasts and then turning his hands to grasp each one firmly, his thumbs stroking each nipple with each of his hands. He leaned forward. Brushed his lips on mine.

“Gemma, I felt and heard everything. You are so ready for what is before you. You have the heart for it and of each of us.” He said, then touched my lips with the finger tips of the hand he had touched his neck with.

“I am marking you as mine, with the essence of my body. All who can pick up such a scent will know. All that are yours will respond to you as I am about to. I love you, Gemma.” He said, looking at me. I knew he wanted to kiss me again, but he was waiting for me to respond.

“Did you hear what I had said? Did you feel it? I am sorry if I hurt you in anyway. I am sorry I have to go back.” I said, biting my lower lip. I was out of my mind, somewhere else and then all there under him. I knew what we were going to do next. He just needed to hear it from me… I felt.

“Yeah, I felt everything, and heard you. No you are not hurting me or any of us. It is hard. But it must be done, you are the one with us who can get this done. And yes, I feel your consent. Basically consent to all of us and what is ahead. I consent to you too, Gemma.” Mark said.

He kissed me lightly on the lips. It was then I felt his hands slide down my sides and over my pubis where the heat had been tormenting me, with no stop to it.

He leaned back on his hunches, with my legs draped about his buttocks. He said, in a breathy tone, that we hadn’t much time.

I felt then what he had kept out of the way all this time. His long erect penis. It was now bumping my thighs and up on to the top of my mound and folds, with each bump a moist trail of pre-cum was being left where ever it touched me. He then grasped my labial folds and without touching his erection he pointed it with his pelvis at the passage way into my wet opening, pushing its lubricated head in slowly.

I let out a voiced sigh and he joined me in that sound of pleasure with his own sigh, saying, “I have waited for you to be ready and want this. It was a good thing to have waited… so long.”

He moved his firm thumbs over my heated clitoris, in rhythm with the in-ward, then out-ward movements of his cock. He filled me each time completely. He was right, we did not have much time, he made sure. It was then I saw, felt and remembered the other man, that I did not know was there.

Who was standing there, watching, just now. I mouthed his name… “Greg”.

Greg, whispered, “yes.” He smiled. I felt his love and support. He was protecting us, since at this point I would imagine, Mark had his guard down as we shared each other… I thought.

Mark looked down at me, it was then I was watching him totally focused on us and what we were doing. He was muscular and strong. He was gentle and firm. He knew what to do and what I needed to get me there. I was wild, responding with a tilt of my hips, perfectly time with each of his thrusts.

It was then I felt the surge coming up out of my back, that rhythmic spasming from deep inside my body pulling my core into the same rhythm arising out of my vagina and around his thick long cock.

He whispered to me, “Just in time.” As he slowed, then throbbed hard into me with our pelvis bones meeting at an angle for the deepest penetration.

I lifted my head up off the bed and leaned it back hard, my mouth open gasping for air, with the hope that it would make him deeper within me. He leaned over me, mouthing my chin with his lips and teeth. Oh, I felt sheer delight… I’m not even sure where that came from or that I could even feel such a thing.

We then were directly on top of each other, breast to breast. With my eyes closed I felt his heavy breathing on my neck. He then whispered in a course voice, “I felt we were mating, I was there. We will soon, Gemma.”

I turned my head slightly to meet his ear, “yes, I promise I am oh so ready for that… with you.”

I felt the bed move slightly. I saw Greg, sit carefully on the side of the bed with his hand on Mark’s right buttock cheek. His head was down with a smile on his face. I then felt comfort coming to Mark and to me through this touch. We were all home. But this had to end, now, we had others waiting for us at the ceremony. I was certain, right then, we would be doing this all again soon, enough.

Greg gave Mark a slap on the buttock. “Hey, you have somewhere to be here and with her too!” Greg said, with a smile as Mark looked back at him.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to move from where I have always wanted to be.” Mark said, as he looked back at me. “We do need to go, if it weren’t for that, I would be here a lot longer.”

“I know what you would be doing next, she hasn’t seen that part in a long time, the exploring you do that drives her crazy.” Greg said, as he got up, walking over to the couch where he had thrown his robe apparently.

“Here are your twos robes. Mark, you will have to help her tie the knots on her’s… you do it the best of us. Well maybe not as good as Alec can.” Greg said, with a smile. With his robe on he offered a hand to Mark, because he was not getting off of me anytime soon. He had not moved an inch out of me. I was loving each luxurious moment too.

“Gemma, you must be cold, let me help you with your robe… we gotta get moving now.” Mark said, he got off of me slowly, then over at the couch he pulled on his golden robe. He helped me into a silk form fitting brocade robe that had numerous silk knots on the front as closures. He was fast starting at the top over my breasts in fastening knots the full length of the orange robe.

“I should have known, no underwear.” I said, looking down at his work. With him standing face to face with me.

“I just can’t be apart from you Gemma, you are intoxicating to me.” Mark said, as he lightly kissed my lips.

I felt the same and I knew both he and Greg, felt and heard what I was thinking.

“Gemma, don’t drag me into this right now, I was to be the protection for you two. I can’t become a casualty too!” Greg said, “I am, with all my might trying to be the responsible one right now. So come on. Are you ready? I am taking us there…..”


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