What are somethings you can do right now or in the near future to make a difference in your life?

Recently finding jewelry that I like on Etsy.com, I began browsing. I explored types of jewelry I would have otherwise not looked at, if wearing for everyday or at work. There is an expectation we are confronted with to look ‘normal’, while expressing ourselves in different life situations. But then I thought about why I wear jewelry, which is not so much about expressing myself to anyone. I wear jewelry because of how it makes me feel. I went with that idea, the possibilities of how a piece of jewelry could make me feel. What do I want to feel? I want to feel happy, colorful, subtle, grounded, calm, beautiful as myself. The piece of jewelry should be about me and that moment. It would be soon, I would find by accident, another reason for wearing jewelry.

When a person does not have clothes on (nude) in their home or outdoors in private, the reason for our nudity is, that we are thinking about health, what it feels like, our freedom, how we can each take better care of ourselves, our bodies in that moment. This isn’t necessarily about ‘wearing’ something. But one day when I was going to go out to sunbathe, I had not taken off my necklace. I passed by a mirror on the way to the door with the sari I lay out on over my arm and my lawn chair recliner in hand. I saw that I had my hemp aquamarine choker on. I thought I felt complete when I saw it there on my bare neck and chest. I felt I was ‘wearing’ something that added to me, while not ‘actually’ wearing anything at all. I was ‘dressed’ up. I also thought, about how the gemstones would or could help me enhance the sense of health and wellbeing during my private time sunbathing. I had never felt a need, while nude, to wear jewelry or anything else for that matter. I do value the old sari a friend had given me, the silk against my warming body, as I lay there exposed to the sky, the air, the breezes, the light. But now I had added to that experience by wearing a special necklace, that I had chosen to influence my body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, for the improvement of my health and wellbeing. I had on, nothing but the necklace… which made me feel even more nude, feeling free to take the time to do so, just for me.

The take away was, that I had added effectively to this time, this healing, this calm, by wearing something that I knew could help me. Then of course the necklace could be worn again, in situations when I was not free to be sunbathing in the nude. I could potentially carry with me this energy of wellbeing, I had been seeking and obtaining in this special time I had taken for myself in the nude, during sunbathing. How much more complete could that even get. And yes, if I were or had been in a situation encountering another person, I was ready, I had my necklace on, I was nude, I was in the moment, I was me, the person who made this choice to be myself, my whole self. Wearing nothing but my necklace.

I had never really thought about wearing something, to improve me not wearing anything at all.

I want to share something else.

For some people the idea will seem out of their reach to do.

But maybe with some thoughts given, reasons, and outcomes suggested, this idea may grow into a reality for you.

Like I have written in a few other articles about Nude Health and Nude Sunbathing, I had given possibilities on how sunbathing could be a good fit in others’ lives.


First sunbathing does not have to involve all of your clothes off. Second, sunbathing does not have to involve you outdoors. Because of life being as it is for each of us, we feel we have many barriers to doing things that, well, are not commonly done. Being nude anywhere is one of them. But being nude is probably the easiest thing a person can do to improve physical and mental health. Being nude can improve your sense of wellbeing and self acceptance. We were born nude. We can be nude within other situations without social harm from others to ourselves. How?

Suggestions of being in a room with sunlight spilling on to the floor, where the nude sunbathing person can be on the floor either on a smooth stack of blankets, or on a yoga mat. No accessories to explain to others. The window, the sunlight, and you, there out of sight on the floor. Then you making the time to do this for you, for yourself.

Then of coarse there are alternatives, a room with you on the floor or bed with a fan blowing over yourself, either in silence or with you favorite music or ASMR going. It is that special time that counts for you, that you have set aside to be yourself, resting, being grounded, knowing that others in this world do such things too. You are not alone. So no one has to live in fear. The sun, the air, the comfort is all there just for you. We all need this.

Some people again can not get outdoors, but they do have the house or apartment to themselves, then a person can do their personal chores in the nude. (Of course providing for safety measures, if you are cooking, or cleaning with chemicals, an apron would be helpful and full of the colors and fabric textures you have chosen for this, ‘you’ time). Like my old silk sari on my flesh as I am quiet on my lawn chair outside in the sun, lost in the moment (I use my phone to be out in the direct sun for no more than 15 minutes at a time as to not burn my skin. Or I am in the shade of a tree to stay longer, in the indirect lighting).

This then leads me to the other topic in the title of this article… Tent.

What do I mean?

I have over the last 5 years had a small tent that I wore out. Makes you think I go out frequently in my new tent too… you would be right. I have a place up on a hill, out of the way where I can take the tent and my cot, on good weather days, to sleep over night. A reward or celebration of sorts. Why in the world would I do this? I do it because it is a break in the mad rush of the normal daily routine. In the tent, it is again, like nude sunbathing, a time that is mine. I can take my book with me to read with a flash light, a blanket or two, depending upon the time of year, and I can drift to sleep in the nude with night enfolding me. I am part of the night. My dreams are part of the night. I can waken to the hoot of an owl, or be listening in the moment to the sounds of crickets, that seem to become silent in my drifting off to sleep. The night stands guard over me. Of course commonsense must be used as to personal safety. But much like sunbathing, sleeping nude outdoors can be done in many ways. Like a hammock between two trees or fence posts in a peaceful safe area. (Remember when night comes the view of terrain changes, peoples’ awareness of where you maybe changes, a hammock helps with this portability, this free movement in the night to sleep where you would benefit from nature and sounds around you.)

The tent does not have to be a huge one, it can be just for you, or for you and a friend.

What does this have to do with being nude? Or sunbathing for that matter?

There are tents that have roof screens, allowing plenty of privacy. The screens let in the sunlight and bring you a private place to lay nude under the sun and the stars for that matter. Making space for you. Making a private place of freedom for you. I also envision that a small tent can be used on a house or building roof, a flat roof or improvised roof space, causing a safe space to be opened to you for sunbathing or starbathing, catching the night sounds, delivering you into a calm sleep. Again a special time for just you.

I will place here down below some related articles focused on the topics of the importance of wellbeing, and on camping… since camping is what most people would call using a tent to sleep or sunbathe in.

I have not posted for sometime, but I usually only do so if something is working for me, and may work for you. There are few evidence-base health articles on wellbeing and tent use, while nude to reference here for you. But we should all know that wellbeing is very important, as well as getting out into nature, out under the sky, under the sun and under the stars is important for sleep and health. Though we live in a world where many things are not allowed, that would bring us wellbeing and unity, there are always ways to work around these objections in private. For it is our health, our mental health, our hearts and our souls that are at stake. And really other people can live their own rules and obsessions. While we can live in our own health, caring, love and wellbeing, wherever we are at anytime.

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