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I think regardless of the genre of story or the structure of writing (I write haiku too and have about 4 blank books full from the years of finding moments to write about) the work, the story, reflects the author’s views and experiences of life.

The characters in a story are of course from the perspective of the author. With having said that with a deeper look the characters can reflect what the author feels about the people around them and ultimately how the author feels about themselves.  It is this intimate exposure that feeds a story. Fears, joys and desires can be used to give life to places and people in a story. These can drive the plot line too. That is, if the author allows themself to be connected to their work, becoming a co-creator with the Characters of what is written.

So if readers and later fans of the story  want to really delve into the story, getting to know what makes the author tic would make the story even more alive. Also meaningful.

I have learned from all the reading I have enjoyed doing through out my life time, that each story, each myth holds a kernel of Truth. Well a truth to me, now, is either a solution to a problem or an understanding of how a thing works.

In the past for me and I know for the others I used to hang out with, Truth was a means of security through a separation from what the world and other people were doing and thinking. Truth was something I put on and used like a drug to blind myself to my problems. I did not have to find solutions to personal problems because of this truth. Self exploration and self love were not a part of this, the truth. Self-hate was promoted as a solid intention of this, the truth too. Oh, I used some strong words and feelings there. Over time though the truth solved nothing and seemed to make even more personal anxiety, ultimately harming me. Really the only thing the truth did well was to keep me separated from others, from myself and from others with their particular truth separated from me – always in a state of holier-than-thou agitation.

As I challenged my self to test the truths that others had handed to me or applied to me, I found that these truths did not work nor mattered. That in reality the people handing out the truth and shouting the truth, had no more control over life, other people and death, than I did at the time. I ran into that the other day at work, a group of people said to me “you have a kind and gentle spirit, where do you go to worship?” when they found out the ‘part’ I felt safe to share with them to satisfy their curiosity, they no longer shared the previous view they had of me. Their view point of me had changed due to their truth ‘filters’. I was not as ‘kind’ or ‘gentle’ or appealing to their concept of the world – I just did not fit and was now valueless. Ouch, that separation factor of a ‘truth’ coming into play again.

That is why I do not ‘watch’ the news because all it is about is separation and the cruel ways people separate from each other, either temporarily or permanently. New excuses are thought up daily on ‘why’ it is reasonable to separate from parts of humanity. Even more excuses on ‘why’ human problems do not need to be solved…. like why spend the moneys on people who do not matter? Really, is separation the answer. Is a truth worth ignoring human needs or even killing another person? Apparently it is.

I did something that is not advised by those who hold ‘the’ truth. I began to think. Then I looked at cause and effect. I also looked deeply into myself. After a ‘dark night of the soul’ I survived and I found freedom.

I also found that I can (have the right) to share my thoughts, experiences and desires through writing. I have that right to express myself without apology…. even if supposed peers of my profession felt due to their personal “filters” (belief), I was somehow flawed (obscene) in my private life pursuits.

My story world and the Characters within that world, reflect this personal journey. The Characters are free to express their feelings and live their personal drama as they wish. If some of the Characters wish to use ‘filters,’ so be it. While others have the freedom to defend themselves against these filters. It is all about accepting their own skins and that they have what it takes to live their lives. The Characters also are awake enough to know about ’cause’ and ‘effect’ of their actions. The Characters are also awake enough to know that they are using ‘filters’ willingly. For me at least that is a quality and knowledge most people lack in this world now, as they continue their self-imposed enslavement through the use of belief ‘filters’. The human life goal, to ‘harm none’, is lost to most individuals who are not ‘awake’ and just following the filter ‘rules’.

This blog entry was not so much about technique or how too, but about the soul or spirit that is placed within each line of a story. The Characters’ hearts beat, because the author’s heart beats. The Characters have choices, because the author has accepted the ability and responsibility of allowing their own selves choices in life. Now that is not to say all authors are honestly sharing of themselves within their stories, but even those authors practicing ‘filters’ let it slip and their nature is exposed within a Character or grouping of words.

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I saw today this Ralph Smart video that helped prompt my writing about this reflection of the author within the story line and Characters. Ralph in his video listed a lot of what I have journeyed through in my own life. I also want to remind readers too that I do twitter – with my most recent twitter feed found at the bottom of the page in the footer of this WordPress Blog. If you want to get to know me – and the Characters in my story, this is a good way to gain that flavor. In the future I plan to use video to also Vlog – like under 10 minute in length. I am enjoying sharing and hope you find this sharing both beneficial and helpful to your spirit….. may you have a sensual day!


Enjoy the Ralph Smart video “How to Decipher The God Program”