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The flash of light brought us to a very dark place. My eyes still had a sparkle effect, making it hard to see anything around me. I felt the group around me, I then felt Brad’s arm around my shoulders. I found myself facing him. But I still couldn’t see a thing. Too damn dark. I thought Brian is wrong when he said the darkness could be handled. I felt beneath my feet some sort of cool paving stones. I smelt the distant scent of food, incense and roses. I also smelt and felt the fragrance of Brad in front of me, that was something I never wanted to have leave me.

“Hey, Gemma, are you ok?” Brad said.

“Yeah, just, that it is so dark.” I said, back in a whisper, since I did not want to offend anyone at this point. It was after all a dark ones’ city, maybe they liked it that way I thought. The nuance that darkness can bring to a place or situation?

Marta took my elbow, saying “Gemma, this is the courtyard of the Lyceum in Anice, during the day it is a beautiful place. Martin and Jacqueline worked with me to make it comfortable for the people of Anice, as well as our guests. It is dark, because of the need for calm. Students coming out of the class have been bombarded with facts and energy for many hours, it makes them accustom to finding their center again. The light ones call it balance, we call it finding our center.”

Centering, I remembered something about that, something familiar, something about battle.

“Gemma, you were thinking toward me. So I will answer, if you don’t mind?” Marta said.

“No, go ahead Marta, I need all the help I can get remembering. I believe I used centering in the past myself. It means right now to me something about being on my guard and alert.” I said, as I felt my way through the feelings and images that came to mind at that moment.

It was then I heard a heavy door swing open and then close. Like Marta said, students were exiting the Lyceum, I could see movement in the shadows. They were quiet, standing in small groups.

“What you remember Gemma, is probably related to the last battle you were in. Lyran used many means to focus and over come mortal danger. I believe centering was a tactic. Not unlike what dark ones use. We pull in our senses to view our inner life, then push outwards to conquer what resisted our will… ultimately our goal in battle. It helped with the calling up of energy in preparation for delivering such to the target. Not unlike what you did today…” Marta said. She was very close to the side of my face having lowered her voice to a whisper.

In a lowered tone, Alec said, “Centering is something you and I will practice Gemma. Just let the notion rest. You will remember, just as you are remembering now. Lyran use both dark and light energies and strategies. That is why Lucia and I came to you with Brad, we needed diversity in problem solving. Necromancers use the same tactic, which should not be surprising. The light ones are using it more too, with the inclusion of Necromancers in their numbers. I will talk to you more about today, later.”

I could see Alec’s face now with my eyes having adjusted to using the ambient lighting. I could see that it had been our arrival, that caused me not to be able to see. Because otherwise there was plenty of light. There was the golden light coming off over the stone walls of the courtyard down to where we were. I figured the light must becoming from buildings that housed businesses and living quarters. These lit by oil lamps and candle light. I could hear the students talking quietly now in dark speech, which I was not surprised to be able to understand.

“Gemma, would you like to see the Lyceum?” Martin asked. He offered me his hand, I was curious to touch his hand to feel what he felt like. It felt good, not like the last time I was unable to see what he had done in Brashaw.

“Yes, Martin. I would love to tour now. If Gretchen does not need us right away. I am fine. Will Jacqueline be coming too?” I said.

“I would like to invite everyone. We can discuss courses too as we look at the updates the artisans have completed. It has made it much easier to do safe return demonstrations for the students. We don’t have to go out into the wilderness as before for energy work.” Martin said, smiling.

My own senses were becoming heightened by the dark calm around me. I could hear the faint sound of water babbling over a fountain. I smelt cooking, mixed with the closer scent of incense. The roses seemed to be all around us, giving off a warm heavy scent. I felt Martin grab my hand. I braced for the heat again, but I think he was shielding me somehow from his full effect on me.

Jacqueline scooped up my other hand, saying “Gemma I am so happy you are here, that all of us are here standing with Marta in Anice. We have come a long way to get here. We had dreamed while you and Lucia were away in hiding of the day we could all meet freely. Finally doing what it is we do best, teach and heal all peoples. Marta has been singlehandedly pushing ahead with the dark ones to accept our presence and help. With Marta and these who learn, we hope to bring this same help more effectively to the light ones up in the farther regions who are having concerns.”

“How do you mean concerns?” I asked, suddenly I felt that answer mattered right then.

“Not all of the light ones have been contacted yet. Glenna is working on it with Queen Cynthia. The council is divided on what should be done and when. Alec’s heart as well as El’s goes out to those regions. Queen Lucia had been only expected to defend and protect the light ones, not do what she did in liberating all peoples, equally. That was an unexpected turn of events for the council. So the regions remain divided and loyal to particular council members. Andrea who is on the council has been working with Alec and El to resolve these issues of loyalty, but reminding all the war is over and the healing must begin.” Jacqueline said, then added “Like the darkness in this garden is supportive of not only centering of students, but the meeting of individuals who can once more relax and be themselves with one another. Maybe new bonds formed between individuals. Maybe love. Why? Because well being is of the utmost importance for the survival of this world. We must form bonds of trust, we must be able to whisper our heart’s desires to one another. That is when the healing will begin for our peoples.”

Alec said, “A very concise up date Jacqueline. We are making progress. We are considering where each clan and community is within their healing process. We offer what they want first, what they are asking for, then lead them into what they need. Those needs include the basics. Healing, rebuilding and education. The energy is coming back to each individual, which had been diverted to war long ago. Again, something else to explain to you, when you need to know, Gemma. Ok, let’s head into the Lyceum. News will travel fast when those still there see both you, Princess and Queen Lucia.”

Martin guided me by the hand toward the door I had heard open, awhile ago. I felt Brad and Brian close by. Mark was following up next to Marta as she touched my elbow lightly. I appreciated the reassurance of that. Alec was beside Martin with Lucia. The others followed. All were in discussions. I enjoyed listening. I felt memories again floating about in the back of my head, images moving into view in my mind then disappearing, leaving emotions behind.

Martin said, “Here, here, hey you three come over here… I want to introduce you to someone.”

I saw three people, two young men one young woman, come over from apparently putting away ritual items and red bound books.

“These three are the team coming together to teach out in the far areas around Anice. They will also be joined by several more from the Lyceum in Adeer. This is Tim, Nick and Angela.” Martin said, as he smiled broadly, shook the hand of each one, with the saying of their names. “I want to introduce you to Princess Gemma and Queen Lucia.”

I both saw and felt the stunned impression Martin’s words made on these three. Tim stuck out his hand to me. I took it shaking his hand. Suddenly Nick grabbed the forearm of Tim. “Hey, forgive us Princess, Tim is a human, he does stuff like that,” Nick said.

“It is nice to meet you, Tim and Nick,” I said, I didn’t really know what to say, since this had been the first time I had been introduced as a princess to anyone outside the intimate circle I belonged to now.

Angela said, “We are so happy to meet you, what it all means now to us, Princess Gemma.” Angela now with her hand up on Nick’s shoulder helping recover him from embarrassment. Tim had let go of my hand and had tucked his hands behind him as he continued to smile at me.

“Well, ok, then. Hey you guys, its cool. I take it you know I am human too for the time being. I am just me. So, Tim here is human, what are you two if I can ask?” I asked, I felt since it had been brought up it would be a learning moment for me.

Angela said, “Gemma, I and Nick here are Aquaeous. Our parents had served the dark ones until the war. Then the Flesh Eaters brought the Aquaeous that lived in the area into the practice of magic, as equals. A move to help all of us in the region survive the war. Marta hid all of our families at the citadel. We were shielded it is said by the forethought of Queen Lucia in her strike that ended the push of the dark ones. We are thankful for what she thought toward us. Tim is human, with his family centuries here as magus. We tolerate his humanness.” I saw her smile as she said, that. I felt she was not totally serious, but maybe at one time what she said had held some meaning.

“Ummm, since you say it that way Angela, are there still problems?” I said, I didn’t know why I would say such a thing, it just came out. I am not sure if I handled that right. Gods I gotta be careful, I may start a war or something… since I can’t remember.

Angela offered her hand to me, saying “Gemma it is ok, I appreciate you sharing what is on your mind and heart with me. There are no problems. We are still recovering… each other, so glad we are alive and can find the familiar between us. We have forgiven. We are equals. We are working hard to help make the community and world comfortable for all of us. That includes all species, light ones and dark ones. There are no more slaves nor enslaving. Queen Lucia ended that for all of us. There is learning, healing, service and creativity now as we learn responsibility with this new freedom. Importantly, no one is in want that we know, everyone has food to eat and a place to sleep. We can learn. We can love who we join with. We just need to let everyone know… who hasn’t heard yet… that they have the freedom of choice. The freedom to live.”

Martin said, “Gemma, when you get back from your mission, you may have the opportunity to work with them.” Martin faced the three people who were impressed again and now excited. “You three will need to focus on how you can deliver your message and back it up with appropriate actions. I wanted to tell you too, King Eleoin and Paul want to work with you on pathophysiology and healing. So be ready to travel next week for a few days to Adeer.”

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Brad had me by the hand, with Brian showing the way out into a brightly lit room at the end of this long room where I kept seeing what looked like altars along the walls with ritual items neatly stacked on them. We passed through a wide stone hallway that led immediately into a spacious room.

Alec followed us closely with Lucia. I watch Lucia touch the wall with her hands. I had no idea why she would be so taken with the walls in the room. I heard the sound of a water fountain babbling. These people I thought must sure like their fountains. I had been seeing quite a few of them as I traveled. Some looking very old, filled with imagery of mythology. Intricately carved stone depicting flowers, woods, dragons, fish, birds and people. I had been to Italy, where it is well known, that they loved fountains too. But I had seen more here.

I said to Alec, “Hey, what is this room used for?”

Alec turned around from talking with Lucia.

“This is the newly finished room where energy work can be performed between students with the Lyceum instructors.” Alec said, smiling. “You and I may take a spin in here, once you understand the technicalities.”

Lucia said, “Gemma, this room can help a student become confident and competent in the use of energy flow. The walls are imbued with energy to receive energy, without returning it or allowing it to escape. A cooperative work between light ones and dark ones, a combining of what we know. A joint effort in making a place to learn safely.”

Brian said, “Gemma, if you are still confused about what this room means… well, it keeps the surrounding innocent people from being blown up by the students who have no idea what they are doing. Before this room, we had to take the newest of students out into the planes area and let them attempt to cast. It did not help the student, if an instructor had to grab the energy before it left their hand, as not to hurt anyone. So this room makes it great to just let the student learn, be safe and give the instructor time to respond directly to the student with feed back. That keeps everyone alive in the process. I really appreciate the room for that. I can now watch the student… not everything around me… and the student!”

I stood there trying to feel my place in the room. There was something about the room, that made me feel like I had to focus on where I was in the room right then. I said, “Alec I look forward to what you will be doing with me here. I am feeling what the room does, I think. So I hope the rest comes as easily to me.”

“It will Gemma. Don’t worry. The experiences you have gotten so far, will be valuable here. Like I said, it may seem like a crash course, but you already know this stuff. I just need to trigger it in you, so you feel it again. Regain the kinesthetics of casting energy, of the natural flow. It is your birth right, regardless the form you are in,” Alec said.

Marta came into the room with Mark with her. Mark smiling broadly.

“Gemma and Lucia, I think you have seen enough of the Lyceum. I saw a small crowd gathering in the court yard. So I think before the curious start their journey into here, we should go to my home. Gretchen, as you suspect, has asked for our attendance too.” Marta said.

I looked around and the whole of our group had gathered in the room. Alec looked over to me. I felt like he was asking me if I would like to go now. I said in the place I had last heard a message, “Yes, I am ready to go.”

Alec said, “Marta would you do the honors then of taking us where you would like us to go?”

The flash of light came, I felt it wrap around me, all I could see was absorbed into the light. Then as sudden as it happened, I was standing close to Marta and Alec with the others grouped around us in a small court yard lit by large hanging crystal lamps. My eyes amazingly were able to take the change better from bright to this ambient lighting.

Marta said, “Glenna is here with Jacques. The tables are ready. So follow me, please, all of you make yourselves comfortable. It has been a while since any of you have been here in my home. I have finally finished the promised rooms for each of you. I am so happy to offer them to you tonight. Of course as always you can sleep where you like and feel comfortable. I am so thankful we are all here, Lucia and Gemma back with us, home.”

Alec offered his elbow to me, Lucia had his other. Marta, grabbed Brian and Brad. The whole group led by Mark walked over to a brightly lit wide door way. I could see, as we entered many more people, some I felt I was not familiar with, while others I felt I knew. I was having many emotions, that accumulated then melted away.

Alec whispered to me, “Gemma what you are feeling are memories attempting to take root in your mind. You should focus on one of us. That way you will be able to be more selective of what you feel. It can be overwhelming. Especially, since you are physically human and not Lyran. When you are Lyran, your memories will be complete and intact where they should be within you.”

“Yes, I am feeling it, like so many wanting entrance into my mind. I feel, like everyone is thinking on me and wanting my attention. I have to just look at you, to stay afloat.” I whispered back to Alec.

“I will watch you. If it gets too much, I will do something to help. You need to eat. You need to keep it simple, be in conversations with those right next to you. With those you find important to you, right now. Those are the triggers you will need for later. Those relationships. I will sit next to you. Marta with Mark will sit across from you. So focus on us. Focus on Brad and Brian. You will get use to this. I will say right now… you need this for when you go back. Don’t ask why, ok?” Alec said.

Brad helped me be seated at the table.

I said to Alec, “Ok, no worries, I won’t ask. I will focus. I am so tired and hungry right now.”

Brad said, “Gretchen, has a plate filled for you, here she comes. Eat. I feel you need it right now.”

Again I did not recognize all the food on my plate, but it tasted incredible. Sat well on my stomach. I have yet to taste anything I didn’t like, I thought. I felt full, safe and loved. There was a lot to the idea of how environment affects an individual.

My mouth was constantly full, of either food or drink, Gretchen made sure. I just sat there and listened to the talk. Brian talked non-stop. Brad, I felt was focused on me and attempting to answer questions directed at me or us. I watched Marta, watch me. She would smile faintly at me, as she spoke with those around her and at other tables. Alec was a warm presence I felt circling around me. He appeared with his full attention on Lucia. Lucia was answering questions about what she felt. About what she wanted to see happen in the future. When the questions became too personal, Alec would answer these. From what I could tell the whole Promise was there, but there were also others from the dark ones who were involved in the rebuilding of the region. Who Marta had been working with. This meal was a big deal for them and for the light ones. There was after all Empress Glenna here of the light ones, on the invitation of the Flesh Eaters. I finally felt full, less tired and wanting to join into the conversation, but again I did not want to end up putting my foot in my mouth sort of thing. I would save the in depth political conversations, for when I actually remembered something. For when what I said was backed up with memories and current knowledge of situations. I wanted to work with Tim, Nick and Angela. I looked forward to it. I saw them sitting at a table close by with other students with Martin and Jacqueline. It occurred to me right then I knew why I had not been affected by Martin’s touch. He had mated recently with Jacqueline… then in my head came the thought that he had mated with Lucia too. I choked a bit on the wine I was sipping. Brad looked at me to make sure I was ok. I thought, yeah I am ok.

“Gemma, what’s going on?” Brad said, leaning comfortably close to me.

“Yeah, something just dawned on me. I guess something I did not question, but is so very obvious. Like I am waking up out of a sleep or from a major distraction. Gods, what else am I missing?” I said. I had to have his hand in mine, so I reached out and grabbed his off the table. Well I need it worse than he does, he was done eating from what I could see.

“What? Are you ok?” Brad said, now he grabbed my hand with both of his. I had his full attention. Gods, I also had Marta’s and Alec’s at this point.

“I don’t wanna talk about it right now, Brad.” I said, I smiled at him to calm down what I felt coming off him. How did I feel that?

“Gemma, you done?” Alec said. Looking over at me. I saw Marta nodding her head slightly in the positive. Guess she wanted me to say yes. So I took her advice.

“Yeah, I am done. Maybe later dessert and coffee.” I said.

“Yes, I have a few things I want to talk to you about, since you have food in you. I will also be asking Paul to come along too… that is if that is ok with you?” Alec said, he grabbed his napkin and wiped his hands off then creased it neatly beside his plate. Gods, that must have been a signal, because it seemed like everyone was done now. People were getting up and heading out in small groups right then.

“Yeah, I can see it is time to go. Yes, I wouldn’t mind talking with Paul too.” I said, though I did not want to appear rude, I would have much rather asked Alec, Brad and Brian the questions swirling around in my head right then. Paul was a wild card to me… I trusted what Lucia had told me about him. She was both devoted to and in love with him. I felt neither negative or positive about him, but I had not been rethinking that. Why? Why didn’t I think anything about him? So odd…

I got up with Brad still having an almost death grip on my hand.

“Hey, Brad, I am like really ok…” I said to him as he and Brian got me out into the hallway out of the crowded dining room.

“Nope, I don’t buy it. You figured something out. You need clarification. You don’t want to hold anything in that chest and head of yours. You can be stubborn. It would take hours to talk you out of whatever it is Gemma!” Brad said back. He was pushing me back toward the large room with the walls Lucia was so glued to earlier.

It occurred to me that maybe I was about to be asked to “use” the room with Alec.

“Brad, do me a favor.” I asked him, as I turned and pushed hard on his chest with my hand to get him to stop in our journey to the practice room.

“What Gemma? When you ask that way… maybe I need to break this mood of yours.” Brad said. He looked me square in the eye.

“Nah, just give me my traveling skins to wear.” I looked at him as calm as I could bring up to convince him.

Brad touched the top of my head. My black traveling skins appeared, clinging to my body, I felt the shielding they offered enacted.

“I get from you a bit of fear. Don’t go there Gemma. You know what you did last time.” Brad said, he took me in his arms, and started to smell my hair behind my ear.

Gods, that calmed me down. He was like magic to me.

“Brad, you didn’t do anything to me… like anything that requires my consent?” I asked. He was right I had been afraid. Now I was thinking clearer. I had to remember, I may not know the difference between over thinking and fear. Fear gets me in trouble.

“Gemma it does get you into plenty of trouble, could get you killed.” Brad said, continuing to hold me, with Brian watching. I could feel Brian breathing close to my face.

“Ok, I get the point. You both know you are intoxicating to me. My distraction.” I said, Brian beside me, now with his arms around my waist.

“Yes, we both know. It’s gotta be that way Gemma. For all of us to survive you being away from us.” Brian said, I felt him tremble slightly.

“Thanks for giving me the skins. I felt I needed them. Not sure why. Everything is a bit confusing, right now.” I could honestly say.

“Breathe…” Brad said. Then he turned loose of me.

I did, and then I pulled Brian’s hands off my waist, as I turned on my heel to enter the room.

Alec was standing in the middle of the practice room, with his arms crossed over his chest. From where Paul was standing, he could see me enter the room over Alec’s shoulder. Paul tapped Alec on his shoulder, to look.

As Alec turned, he said, “Gemma, I felt the fear. The skins will not hide what you feel. You don’t know how to shield your emotions, yet. You will before you go. Why the skins?”

“I don’t know, just felt they would help.” I said, my focus to remain calm was falling apart.

Alec with Paul, walked over to me casually. I tried not to read anything into what he was doing or imagine what he was planning.

“Good, you let me approach you.” Alec said, now smiling he pulled off his own gold and green brocade robe and tossed it. It landed in a pile about 20 feet from us. He was nude and beautiful. Paul then undid the four knots on his white brocade robe and did then the same thing. He was magnificent looking in the nude.

Brad and Brian stood on either side of me still in their robes.

I twisted the ball of my foot using my boot into the paving stones that made up the floor of this room.

“It would only be fair, a sign in good faith, that you remove your skins too.” Alec said, looking at me with a smile.

It was then that I felt that this was pointless, I did not know what to do next anyway. I felt a calm.

“Brad, can you take the skins away, now?” I asked him, without turning to look at him.

I felt the chill on my flesh just then. I stood there very vulnerable. I felt stupid too, almost childish for what I thought I had been preparing for.

“Gemma, no. You are anything but childish. Your memories have not surfaced. Really we are asking a whole lot from you. Just take a breath.” Alec said, he walked closer and took me in his arms. He began to whisper to me, how much he loved me, how proud he was of me. I smelt his scent. I was gone in his arms. He was only holding me.

Alec then pushed me back at arms length, and looked at me closely.

“Calm now, do things make sense?” Alec asked.

“Yeah. I am feeling better and I am ready.” I said, I felt I really was ready.

Alec then nodded toward Paul. Paul walked over to me, very close to me. I could actually feel him standing there in front of me with Alec.

“Gemma, you have questions. I want to answer them now.” Alec said, then he handed my hand to Paul.

I felt a heat go through me. Flashes of light appeared in my line of sight. I felt weak. I then felt Paul with his arms around me. He was one with me. I only felt him. Not his body. But him. We were one. What was happening? Why? I felt so much love right at that moment.

“Alec… Paul, Paul, I am so sorry I did not remember you. You were the first at my side. You shielded me. You wanted to… be my mate. You gave to me all you knew… teaching me more about healing, than I ever thought possible. You took me to yourself. We were one. You said you would wait for me. I was in so much pain… pain. You said you would not let me go. Alec made you let me go, I begged you to let me go. Lucia, you… did not have to tell me was gone. I felt your soul was empty… Alec, held both of us.” I was crying now, uncontrolled. Paul continued to hold me. He was in pain, I felt it. “Alec, help us, please help us…” I begged.

“Open your eyes Gemma, tell me where we are?” Alec said.

I was afraid to open my eyes. I did not feel my body, I could not find Paul’s body to cling to. I opened my eyes. Paul’s face was in front of mine. I was looking up past him into the blackest rolling clouds I had ever seen. I was angry, I wanted to scream. I wanted to fight, but I could not move. Paul was on top of me breathing hard. I remember him saying that he had found me. He was covered in black mud and soot. Blood streaked his face. His eyes were calm. I could not feel his mind any more touching mine. I began to weep. I am dying. Lucia must be gone. I have failed my beloveds. Paul had his hands on my face, holding my eye lids open. His lips were moving, he shook his head no. No Lucia was not gone? Oh… I am tired. I saw him pulling at my armor. It was me. I am the problem. Maybe I had not failed him. I saw a dark figure behind him, then Alec on his knees near me. Alec’s lips, but I can not feel the kiss. Oh Gods. I am crying, damn, damn the tears. Vilmos, Vilmos I see you can you hear me. Alec hold Paul, get him out of here.

I was on the floor, in this room. I was back. My lower lip hurt like hell. My head was in Alec’s lap looking up at him. Paul was on top of me hovering over me and holding me. Brad and Brian were on either side of me.

All I could do was whisper… “Alec, am I gone. Am I dead, now. Have I lost all of you?”

“No, Gemma, you are very much alive. Your fear is coming from that day, the day you thought you had failed. The day you gave your all. You were not as prepared as Lucia. You did not choose that possibility as she did. I grabbed you. I had to make Paul let you go. Make Vilmos stop and let you go. Keep Brad from fighting me. Brian from trying to persuade me to take him in your place.” Alec said, “You are suffering, still that day. You must have closure now. You are home, as I and Paul promised you on that Black Mountain.”

I felt my soul in my chest, it pushing up into my face. I cried harder. I surrendered to where I was and who I am right now. Nothing else matter. I let go.

“Gemma, you are home now. You remember your death, where I grabbed you and held you at the cusp of life. You are alive. You will be home permanently soon, once you complete what it is you swore to do. I had your consent. You said that you could not imagine what it was I was asking, but you said yes. That you trusted me. You gotta trust me one more time. When I send you back. But this time you will be ready. I will not let you get hurt and I will not allow you to die. Do you believe me?” Alec said, looking down with those gentle dark eyes.

I stared back at him, I was able to speak without sobbing. “Yes, I consent. I remember. I know what it is I must do.” I said, yes, it was me saying this, I had started to remember.

Paul buried his head into my chest. He was sobbing. I could hold him and hear him. I was alive. Damn my lip hurt. I still felt the heat too. I was too hot, I wanted to respond, but knew I was not complete enough to respond just yet to our mutual call to mate.

It was then I saw Lucia kneeling next to Alec, looking down at me. “Gemma, you are back with us, never to leave again.” she said, smiling down into my face. I felt her like cool water pouring over me, quenching the fire.

“Lucia, why didn’t you tell me? You hold three babies within your womb.” I said, I felt it seriously important to have that confirmed.

“Because I wanted you to experience these males too, ask them yourself with no barriers. You will be mating soon with them too. I felt once you came back to yourself again, that you would share my joys and look forward to your own – equally with me. There is no room for jealousy, like that night when we talked on the patio. We are all one. Being one is our survival and our life, here and now.” she said.

Yes, that is what was so obvious. It was all so obvious. I was battling Alec all this time. I had been afraid, I thought I had failed. Now it all made sense. I was home, I was back. I had to go to end the suffering of another who wanted me dead. Once that was done, they and I will come home.

“Brad, what is wrong with my damn lower lip?” I said, out loud to everyone.

Paul touched his index finger to his lips and placed a bit of saliva on the tip of that finger, then placed his finger on the painful spot on my lip. The pain decreased.

“Gemma, when you were taken into the vision, you fell on your face. We could not stop you, we did not want to stop you. You had to go to the Black Mountain once more, for the last time. We will fix your lip. You are back with us. Oh the Gods, you are back and whole.” Brad said, Brian hung on his shoulders as they both were on their knees looking me over.

“Here get up Gemma, can you get up?” Alec said. He offered his hand to me. I took it, but I had plenty of help from the other three males present.

I stood up. I was facing Alec.

“Now lets get this next hurtle over with.” Alec said, he motioned for Paul to walk off over to the far wall of the room. Lucia went with him. Brian followed them.

“What do you want me to do Alec?” I said. I was trying to lock my knees, to compensate for their weakness.

“I want you to rub your hands together. You will cast a ball of energy to Paul. Then receive it back.” Alec said. Gods, he sounded like I did this everyday, or something.

“OK, how?” I said, waiting for a process to be explained to me.

“Just do it, I will help you. Gemma focus, you don’t want to hurt anyone out there. Especially Lucia.” Alec said, as he took my hands in his. He laid a kiss on the palm of each of my hands. My hands were warming up fast.

“But how?” I said. I thought no pressure at all… I could just kill a member of my family.

“Feel, let it go, it is like sex, like an orgasm, let it consume you with enjoyment. The big deal is right now. I have you right where I want you, right where I need you to be. I will push Lucia’s energy through your hands. I am hoping it does not burn you, but you are tough. You have to do this, or you will not ever do what you used to do again. Burn up the sky with your energy, bring heaven down to earth. Answer the prayers of your people, Gemma.” Alec said, I felt his hands on the back of my hands my palms outward. Both hands pointed toward my beloved at the other end of the room. I had to breathe…

I felt the heat, then hot, arise in my hands as I rubbed them together. I pushed my left hand outward, my right hand I drew back to balance the smoothness of action. I was prepared to receive back what I sent out. Then I would be endangering my lover who stood behind me… no pressure, breathe.

I pushed outward, I willed it to go into the hands of Paul, Lucia was beside him in a protective stance of all there. Brian was behind Paul, very ready in a shielding stance. I felt Brad to my right, in my head and chest I felt he was ready to protect when I had to receive back the energy again.

Pushing the energy, felt like a steady stream of white heat, curling out from my palm then moving out in an unbroken line of bright light. Swift, it hit Paul’s out stretched right palm, with Lucia placing both palms behind his hand, holding the energy there as it collected. I felt a release. Alec had cut it off for me. It was then that the steady light, the energy surged back to my, now out stretched right hand. It hit me, I felt a flash of heat on that palm, but I held it there. I would not relinquish control of the stream of energy. When it hit I pushed to hold it, in my mind, hand and heart. I kept breathing. Alec sighed. Then pulled the energy on to his own right hand breaking the link between Paul and I.

“You did it Gemma,” Alec said. He was breathing heavily. I am thinking I must have been the only one who was breathing during the exchange of energy.

“What do you mean, Lucia’s energy?” I said. Paul had demanded with a motion, to see my hands. Lucia had a purple glass jar open with a white cream at the ready to place on spots Paul directed her to with his examination.

“You, do not have access to your energy, which you draw from your Lyran ancestors. But you are joined by blood to Lucia and the Promise. You have access to hers. I and Lucia have found working together when she was in the other world, that her energy had spread out over this world and out possibly, to the outer worlds. That her energy had drawn to it, the energies of many peoples, holding it in safe keeping for the day she would release it back to all of us. She has done that, and continues to do so. Who knows, maybe somewhere in a far off place, your energy is collected with some of hers and awaits your call to it with her help. That has been the case for many we have been working with. Another sign that she is here to help and support the equality of all peoples in our world and the outer worlds.” Alec said. He reached out to hold Lucia, with his other hand over her womb, cuddling both her and their children to come.

Paul, having finished checking my hands and the soles of my feet for burns, then placed a kiss on my lips. He then rubbed a bit of cream from the purple jar on my lower lip. The pain disappearing. Paul stepped into me, holding me. I felt then heard in my head his voice, “Gemma, we have much to catch up on. We have work to do. We have many places you need to travel to. I hope you will be ready when you get back, home, from your mission?”

I closed my eyes, I answered back in my heart to him, “Yes, I will be ready. Ready again for you Paul. Ready for Brad and Brian. Ready to be me again in our world and in mine.”



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