Photo | Art by Anne Bachelier | Eurydice “Before We Wake” …

I have been writing a story for a novel, going on its third year.

Oh Oh Oh I was shocked how the characters arrived. A few were very quiet, I had to really put effort into getting to know them initially. I think it was because the main heroine (I dislike using male and female words to describe human beings, since I am into equanimity.) The heroine has things going on she does not understand, but does naturally anyway without hesitation. Candice le Wilde is not what she believes she is. She is unaware that the academic focus in her life is actually her own life story, as she delves into the myths of many peoples in her graduate program.

Another character appeared, strong and thinking. He has a history of being a bad boy type, which gives him his edgy good boy reputation. Alastar Whybow is both a reliable and dangerous magus. He also has a complicated love interest with a very strong woman who is his constant company in the Great Work.

The story took some research on my part. Why? Because it is full of magic, magick and mythology. The story-line occurs in this world of ours full of human politics, innovation and problems. The characters live in the world and live in their magick. They care about preserving humanity, since there is not much difference between myth and reality. Both myth and reality gave birth to one another, if humans would but see the connection.

Then there are a few more characters coming forth from the experiences of both Candice and Alastar. One is Candice’s not so love interest Cheoi Gi (since this is an erotic fantasy). And her magician guardian Gerard Kopt sent to teach her of her role in this world with the dead, what she had been conceived to do before birth.

The strange thing about the research and the writing for me is that a new life has awaken within me from this experience. My life has changed dramatically for the better. I really do like – the writing of this book. I have a ‘day job’ still, so I have not dropped everything to write. I am too responsible to a fault (unfortunately) for that…. yet.

The tough part came when I talked about my book development with my co-worker friends (at the old job). I found most did not understand my joy for writing. A few of these, unknown to me, didn’t like the thought of someone writing erotica who worked with them! I finalized my decision to leave my job after I was told I was ‘obscene’ by a manager who had only heard about my writing. I wonder if people who have a problem with talking about sexuality understand how pregnant employees get that way? Just wondering….

So I am now very happy to say I was guided by supportive friends to my new position, which gives me even more time to write. I left my ‘dream job’ to live ‘my dream’.

The artwork above I am sharing today is very inspirational to me. Especially when I saw the focus of the two beloveds upon the blue bird…. a source of constant help and guidance.

Update: I did get a job change… and I continue writing my stories, they are like life its self to me, my blood.