Chapter 27

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“Leaving…” Chapter 27 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

I had went and gotten me a glass of lemonade Gretchen had made, from the kitchen. Alec’s and Lucia’s home in Adeer is so comfortable. I feel like I belong here. I do belong here.

I stood in the living room that opened into the large dining room. There were sounds of laughter, I saw a few children run by chasing each other. I saw people I know and people I was remembering. I would be back soon to remember it all clearly. For now it was enough. Sometimes it is even overwhelming.

I had the feeling I would not need Alec to tell me it was time to go, because I could feel it. I could smell it. I felt a cool breeze on my legs, on my arms. A shift. I would not fight it, like I thought I would. I was fading from here. Back to the world I came from, back to where this human body I inhabit belonged. I sipped the lemonade. I felt alone in a room full of people, full of memories. I even felt death, soon, I would get my life back where it had been interrupted. But I would not take revenge, as I would have in the past, on those who did this to me, to us. Why? Because those same people are dead too, they are in the same predicament as myself, maybe.

“Gemma, are you ready?” Alec said. Gods, Brad was more than I could take. Brian was quiet looking at me.

“Your kidding, right now?” I said, I felt choked, without breath. It took all of my concentration to put the glass down on the cherry table next to me. I was nude. I was exposed. My soul was bare. My blood cold.

“Gemma?” Brad said, now he was worried. I knew, felt he did not expect that reaction. I also did not expect it. I did not want to faint. I wanted to face it, but not fight my departure.

“Brad, we will be the dream again. I hate this. I hate it with all my heart. But once I am in the dream, it will not matter. I will play through it. I will try to find you again. Will you be there?” I said, I felt numb. Then I felt Alec wrap his arms around me. Oh, this was not fair. Now he was my necromancer, my angel of death, to take me back. I saw Mark, where my story here began. I thought how ironic.

“Alec… will it hurt?” I asked.

“Hurt?” Alec said, I felt him looking closely at me.

“Yeah, hurt, be confusing… how do I survive this?” I asked.

Alec said, “As you survived everything else… we planned for. No it will not hurt physically, I will try to make it as emotionally pain free as possible. I am sorry there is not more time, to say good bye. But as I remember you were never good at good byes anyway. Too, much drama for you Gemma.”

“OK, now what?” I asked.

“Look at me. We don’t have to go anywhere to get from here to there. I am taking you now. Yes, I am like the angel of death, I can do that too. Trust me Gemma. I will be the most powerful ally you have in that world. We can do this together. Girl, look at me. That is all it takes…” Alec said.

I looked at Brad, then Brian. I wished I had not. So I did what he asked me to do, I looked at him… I must have fainted.

“Hey, Gemma?” Alec said. But his voice sounded distant, far away. I was so tired.

“Gemma, do you think you can drive us to the house? Or should I drive?” I heard Alec say.

I felt the truck seat as I leaned forward. Gods I gotta open my eyes. “Alec, drive what?” I whispered. Then I opened my eyes. WE were in my truck near the park entrance.

I saw Alec sitting there leaned back in the seat, he was wearing some faded jeans, a white tee shirt and a blue hoody. I did not think him the hoody type, but yeah that would go along with the necromancer part. A hood…

“Gemma, you did not answer me. Do you want me to drive or do you want to?” Alec said, he looked out the window ahead of us, then back at me. He smiled slightly.

“Gods, Alec. Me drive? Yeah, Yeah, ok,” I realized I was the most experienced here. Lucia had told me when we were still in this world… that he had to learn to drive from Paul. Lucia, had taught Paul to drive.

“No, I will drive Alec. You aren’t probably ready for that. Where to?” I said, I was trying to catch up with the situation.

“Gemma, where are you? Tell me dear,” Alec said.

“Umm, I am in Whatcom Lake north end parking, apparently. I am not far from Lucia’s place. I am about thirty minutes from my place…” I said, then it hit me, Gods I am back in this world! Alec is sitting here in my truck. Shit, is this how easy it will be?

“Yes, Yes and Yes… Gemma,” Alec said, “What else do you need or want to know?”

I put the truck into gear. I heard the gravel spin off the back tires. I was ready to put on the turn signal and head back to the house. I did not know what to say. I did not know what I wanted.

“Gemma, you know the next step, is going back right?” Alec said, “Regardless if you are successful or not… you are going home in the near future.”

I was focused on my driving. I was both glad and upset Alec was in the truck. I felt like a prisoner of my fate. Alec the jailer.

I gave a glance over at him. He was looking down at what looked like a cell phone. I wonder where my phone was?

I was pleased to have found my driveway into the house. I pulled in where Lucia used to park her truck. I opened the door to my side. I heard Alec get out on his side. I had a fear, I would be busy doing something and he would be gone.

“Gemma, let’s go in. I gotta tell you a few things, to set this up. To prepare you,” Alec said. He grabbed my coat and the bag I had brought with me that day, when I and Lucia had walked along the lake.

Now we were inside the house. I felt safer, safer from what?

“Gemma, you have not said much to me. I am supposing you are still trying to get your bearings,” Alec said. He went over to the sink turned on the water, letting it run, then he got out two glasses.

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“Alec, what next? Should I just go with what I feel. I am so tired. How do I keep safe? How do I know?” I asked him, as I watched him.

He handed me a cool glass of water. I still tasted the lemonade in my mouth… a piece of reality.

“Gemma, you will hear in your head and heart as you always have, as you have practiced with us. There is your cell phone over there. We will call you on it, but you will not be able to call us. Keep it with you at all times,”Alec said, he looked at me, apparently seeing if I was getting this.

“When do you have to leave?” I sipped the glass of water he gave me.

“Soon, I am really not supposed to be here. I am taking the time, the precious time that it takes to place you here like I had in the past, it is my right to do so. Gemma, listen. You will have a sequence of events start to happen. Always answer the phones near you. Read all emails, all letters sent to you. Synchronicity will guide this, quickly. You will know the next steps. The next contacts will come to you. You follow them. Act as an ambassador, if need be a healer, counselor and warrior. Know each time we back you up. You are powerful. Do as you did at home… pull the energy from any where you feel it, and from the Earth. This time will go quickly. You will start tonight. Just do it. You will have plenty of sleep when you get home,” Alec said. “I mean what I say, don’t over think this.”

I looked at him. I was coming out of the fog. I was here with Alec in my kitchen. I felt just then like lightening hit me. Gods, I must get going on this. I heard or should say felt a conversation of love in my chest and head happening.

“Good, Gemma, you are wired for sound now!” Alec shoved himself away from the counter he had leaned against.

Alec walked over to me and looked at me closely.

“Gemma, you will have questions, just asked them in your head and chest. Try not to verbalize too much, because not only can we hear you but others here can too. I so wish I could hold you, reassure you… fuck you right now. But I am not really here. I can do some amazing things, but I am not here. I can do anything but what you need right now… I am afraid to say,” Alec said.

“You don’t need to do anything Alec, I get it, somehow I get it. So I wait until I hear something tonight. It all starts tonight. I will not worry about safety, I just won’t be stupid. I will or I think I feel like this will be one long test…” I said. I so wanted to touch him, to close my eyes to be home.

“Yes, you are right. I know and I agree. I will be by to pick you up and all concerned. You know what you want from the situation. That is what we need. I gotta go Gemma,” Alec said. He turned and walked to the back door. Looked at me, that look, Gods. He actually opened the door and went out on to the back patio. I followed him. But he was gone. Gods he is gone.

What next?

I heard my cat meow. The cat?

I went to the refrigerator and got out the milk, the date on it was… the date, the day, I and Lucia had went for our walk. It was as if I had never left… the cat looked fine.

I saw the glass Alec had drank from it was still full, but it was there by the sink… water, precious water.

Now what? I was so tired. I grabbed my phone off the charger. Then I headed to the shower to clear my mind. I had to get ready. I still felt the conversation in my head and heart. I could not make out the words but I felt loved. I felt encouraged. I felt separation… that was coming from me on my end. I gotta give that to Marta. Where did that thought come from? I said in my heart, Marta help me find the balance… the pressure eased.

I turned on the water in the shower. I got my towel, a new one and tossed the other one in the hamper.

I stripped off the jeans and tee shirt which were not mine. I took the time to line up the white sneakers in the corner, they were at least cute, I thought.

The water ran over me. I leaned against the shower wall above the faucets and below the shower nozzle. The water cascaded over me, warm. I was like in a trance. All I could do was focus on the inner conversation. I felt words flowing through me, trust, safe, love, next… then I felt I must go to bed right then. I don’t remember when I had last eaten, but it was not important right now. I was tired. I think I heard I had to go to bed. I shut off the water, dried off. Then walked into my bed room. I threw back the comforter, it would not be necessary. I wanted to be open to the air around me. I had to feel what was happening. I didn’t want anything touching me.

There I was along the road out in the neutral area near Adeer. I must have fallen asleep, maybe I had fallen too much asleep. I could not turn around I stood there, nude. The breeze was carrying the fragrance of honeysuckle toward me. I felt my long hair move around on my back in this breeze. Then I heard breathing and clearing of a throat behind me… Brad? I heard foot steps in the gravel.

“Gemma, good I found you here. Yeah, you are in a deep sleep, not so good, but I need to tell you something,” Brad said.

“You aren’t real, right?” I asked, Gods why did that pop out, who cares at this point. I must focus.

“Be calm Gemma, not so harsh on yourself. Listen up. You will be getting some bad news, you must be calm and you must act on your gut. It will be a turning point. It will trigger what you want… ok?” Brad said.

“Are you ok Brad, I can’t see you? Ok, I will watch for what I am to do, I will feel with my gut. Will you be able to guide me on this?” I asked.

“There was no time to set this up… we grabbed the opportunity. You won’t see me, I don’t have to deal with your freewill. You know and have consented to what is happening, got that?” Brad said.

“Yes. Brad I love you,” I said, “Tell Alec I love him too, that I am ok.”

“Alec knows, Gemma. Listen for the phone. Wake up will you?” the voice of Brad said. I felt cold, the sunshine’s warmth on my back left. I felt the bed and the chill of the room… that damn phone ringing, gotta answer it.

My hand swung out, knocking the landline off the bedside table. I leaned over quickly hanging on to the mattress.

“Hey, who is this?” I said into the phone.

“Gemma, I have been trying to get you on the phone since this morning! Your uncle is in the ICU, can you get here fast. I need you, he needs you. I don’t know what you can do, but come, please.”

“Aunt Maggie I will be there as quick as I can, leaving now…” I said, I was definitely awake. Now I have to figure out what I can and will do. ICU, what happened? I fell quiet not to speak out loud my questions. I thought as loud as I could, Brad what am I to do?

I jumped up pulled on my jeans out of the closet and a hoody… Gods another hoody thing!

Grabbing my backpack, checking in on the cat, who was finishing the food I sat out for it. I ran out to the truck tossing my pack in the back. I pulled out of the driveway. It hit me, that scent, Alec’s scent. I was thankful for it in this truck, in this world.

I got off the freeway into Seattle, to University of Washington Medical Center. It took me about 2 and half hours. I had been all over the place emotionally with what I now knew. But I was calm. The trip was good. I had my cell phone with me and it had not rung. I felt in my chest the scenario would be both a healing one and a watchful one… being aware. Aware of anything, when I had asked. I also knew I could call upon the energy of the Earth to heal, I did not have to be standing on bare ground to do it either… that had been a silly question. But the answer came through loud and clear.

I found the parking garage. Then I grabbed my pack, put my cell phone in my pocket. I got to what looked like a main desk. I asked for my uncle. They finally found him, since I could not be specific enough about what type of ICU he was in. I felt peace. I also felt suddenly Marta. I went over to the corner near where there was a visitors’ map… I had to speak out loud, I did not have time for touchy-feely stuff. “Marta, what is happening, look out for what?” I asked. I felt instantly there was trouble and the hunted. I swung out of the alcove back into the hallway walking faster.

“Hey,” I said at the desk in front of the unit’s locked door. I need to see “Albert King, my Aunt Maggie King called me. I need to see them.”

The nurse at the desk looked me over, she was like looking at me deciding. “Please, I just got back in town I am from Whatcom Lake. I drove almost 3 hours to get here,” I said. The nurse pushed the button, saying, “Visitor hours are over, wash your hands, just go on in, I am getting off, you will be the last visitor in…”

I walked down to 501 and rounded the corner. My aunt with her back to the window, the blinds open. It struck me just then, Gods, that is my Dad. Then I was in the room, it blew me away… Mother. Tears stung my eyes. I almost bit my tongue, I gotta be quiet. Alec knows, so does Brad.

“Aunt Maggie what happened?” I said to my Mother, I was excited, sad and overwhelmed.

I had to keep a clear sense of what is going on. Something or someone is off here. Was that Marta telling me? Did I sense it?

“Al, was mowing the lawn. He was alright when he came in for lunch. He bought some lunch, when he went to get gas for the mower. Then right after he ate he had indigestion. The doctors are saying he had a heart attack. I think it all strange your uncle never had heart problems or high blood pressure. I still think it was what he ate… they tell me no,” Maggie said.

I leaned over him. Dad was intubated. I touched his hand, where there was not any tubing. It hit me. He had been poisoned.

“Aunt Maggie, who told you it was not the food?” I said, I did not want to know who said it was his heart.

“That doctor at the desk, he had been very nice, but he will not look at anything else. Your uncle is getting worse… I am so afraid,” Maggie said.

I felt an answer, yes I was right, that person was also a target. A target? Gods, was that the familiar?

“Aunt Maggie I want to pray for Uncle Albert right now. No one must come in here, do you hear me?” I said directly to her.

“Yes, I get that, we need prayer. I will try to keep everyone out. Let me close the blinds,” Maggie said.

I stood firm by the bed, my feet apart, I willed my love of all I held in my head and heart. I felt the energy begin to swirl, swirl up into my legs into both of my shoulders, into my arms… it was then I hear the door open slightly, behind me. My aunt was all over the person, I heard the name, Dr. Proctor. Yes, it was the familiar, I must not look at him, I felt him. He was powerless at the door’s threshold. I knew it, I willed it. I reached out, then touched my Dad on the neck and forehead. I said in ancient Lyran a prayer of peace… then I began to remove the hex of poisoning. There was no right, no consent. I was my Father’s consent, I was my Father’s healer. I am who I am the poison come upon me and leave him, I felt sick, very sick. My breathing became uncontrolled. I heard the man at the door argue and then stop with a sharp in take of air. I heard him whisper ‘no’. I then felt in trouble, but I then saw Marta in my minds eye. She was brilliant light, that light penetrated me, stabilized my breathing. Slowed my heart. I felt cold wet all over. I continued my Lyran prayer of thanksgiving to all of our people, to all that I love, to my mates, to my friends to my powerful ones in high places. I imagined right then gem stone onyx all around my family, here in this room, with the imbued mesh of silver and gold from our peoples within the unity of all, with health and soundness of our bodies…

It was then this man, this familiar, was at my side, but another came in too. The alarms sounded in the hallway and at the bedside. My Dad’s eyes were open. He was looking directly at me. The second doctor deflated the intubation tube, and pulled it out. Dad, said to me “Gemma!” I said, “Yes…”

Dr. Proctor, I felt wanted to grab my arm, but he could not. He stared hard at me. He was challenging me, but he could say nothing. I felt death coming off of him, hate, and wonder. I also felt something else, something very old too. It was like lust, a lust to own me, to control me. He then turned, leaving the room pushing past my Mother at the door. She had been physically frozen in place, apparently controlled by this being. Now she was sobbing, at the bedside holding my Father’s hand. My Father was no longer paralyzed by the poison. He was well, recovering himself.


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