Chapter 28

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“Persuasion…” Chapter 28 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

The second doctor, a Dr. Andre was very professional. I felt comfortable with him.

I sat in one of the straight backed chairs that lined the walls in the room under the windows. I had been looking out the windows on to the roof of the parking garage. The sky was huge, not a cloud in the sky… very unusual for the Seattle area. I had been directed I think to calm and center my self. This I assumed was from Marta, well since, centering was a thing dark ones did when stressed or before battle. I was feeling out everything within the parameter of this room, a bit below and a bit above to keep track of trouble. I did not ‘feel’ the familiar’s energy. It had been very fortunate that I had had the opportunity to have felt it. I had not been afraid, that was odd. I felt not sorry for it, but I knew it was a living sentient being, because of that it could be either persuaded or controlled. I must be remembering at this point. Or Alec and his group had an incredible connection with me right then.

Dr. Andre came and stood in front of me. I looked up at him, with my arms folded across my chest. I was myself in that moment. My Mother had not left Dad’s side.

“I would like to introduce my self and find out who you are?” Andre said. He stood there, I thought this odd since he did not seat himself. He must be in a hurry or he was feeling me out… again, odd. This was Earth. I pushed the thought aside for the moment to hear what he wanted.

“I am Gemma King. I am from Whatcom Lake. I am a freelance editor for publishers looking for new talent. I got a call from my aunt that my uncle was in the ICU here, so I came as quickly as possible,” I said, in synopsis back to him, I was watching him. At the same time I projected a sense of calm around me. I felt that must be done, I had to make a difference? For what purpose?

“Gemma, an unusual name. I have heard it before…” Andre said, “Dr. Proctor had asked for you to leave the bedside. I said that we should give you a chance to explain why your uncle reacted the way he did to your arrival. Dr. Proctor does not find you very therapeutic apparently. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another, I liked what happened here. The patient is now making a full recovery. The result, I am planning on either sending him to a step-down unit or sending him home. Would you be involved in his care then?”

“Yes, I would be involved. I would like for him to come to my house for his recovery, if my aunt agrees,” I said. I also wanted to find out more about what Dr. Andre knew.

“From what Mrs. King tells me, she would be very happy to go home with you. Though it is farther than I like from my office, I would have to agree, you would be the help that they both need. I will agree to the distance. I will make sure the emergency room knows too, if there should be trouble,” Andre said.

I looked over at my Mother, who had apparently heard that part of the conversation. She was nodding and squeezing Dad’s hand. Dad smiled too.

“We got that settled then. Are you a cardiologist, Dr. Andre?” I asked. I had a weird feeling this man knew what I needed to know about the familiar.

“Yes. I am in disagreement with Dr. Proctor that this is purely a cardiac problem. I think something else happened. Dr. Proctor is usually deep into investigating a situation, but not this time. Since I am the cardiologist it was my call. That is why I removed the tube when I did. I was curious,” Andre said. “My question is what made the difference? You were the only change that came into the situation.”

“Why are you asking me that? Am I magical or something?” I said with a smile on my lips, but I knew my eyes were serious. I wanted to see past this professionalism of his.

“No, that never entered my mind. But I do want to know what you did. I heard you saying things to your uncle. What did you tell him?” Andre said. Now he sat down next to me on the chair beside me. Who or what is this guy? Why the interest? Had I made a mistake in speaking Lyran when both people had entered the room? I got back in my chest a solid “no”… I relaxed. I also felt the feeling that this was a trigger? For him or me, some how?

“I and my family are into meditation. So I thought an old prayer, some chanting would help my… uncle at this point, maybe my aunt too. I did it because I had hoped that it would make a difference. Obviously, all the time we had spent in learning the meditation paid off,” I said. I was telling the truth, but not exactly what he wanted it was apparent right then.

“Gemma, sometime, I would like to visit you at your place. Ask some of my questions about what you did here today. If that would be OK with you. Maybe do it here soon, once your family is settled in at your place. I would like to use that technique on other of my clients. I am thinking it would be incredibly helpful to those in my practice,” Andre said. He felt at ease with me, like he had made a decision about me.

“That would be great, you could come spend time at our place. I have plenty of room,” I said with a smile, I felt more at ease too. “So I am not so bad then, even if Dr. Proctor does not care much for the use of spirituality with his patients?”

“Dr. Proctor is not on the case any more, said his services were at an end. So when do you want to be discharged? Are you ready to receive Mr. King into your home?” Andre asked.


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My Mother said, with my Dad shaking his head yes… “We would like to go today, can the equipment you mentioned, the oxygen be delivered to Gemma’s house while we are on our way? Can we go now?”

“Yes, it can. Just give the nurse the information. I can come check you here in the next few days, in a visit if you will accept that. I am still very curious about this turn around. I need to know. That is if none of you mind?” Andre said. He was up on his feet about to leave, apparently.

“Yeah, we are ready to go. I will be here the full time. I am ready for us to go home. Dr. Andre, anytime you want to come out please do. It will be good to talk then too,” I said. Like Alec had said things were moving fast. I was very interested to see what this man wanted and who he was. Was I rescuing him too? Was his mission over? I got my answer, I heard Alec say “yes”. I sat back in the chair with that one. I also saw Andre pause at the door too if just for a few seconds. I heard him tell the nurse to prepare for discharge.

The nurse came in finally, with the paperwork, after about an hour. My Dad had refused lunch, I thought that a safe move on his part. I wanted to feed us, make sure nothing more happened to them. I also knew I had to lay the ground work for telling them who they were, why I was here, maybe on the drive back.

I had hurried to get the truck to the front of the building, where they loaded patients. I had had the reassurance of the nurse that she would not leave my parents’ side. I did not want any slip ups. I was surprised to find Dr. Andre there too. He was shaking my Dad’s hand. Then with the nurse, Dr. Andre helped my Dad into the front seat of the truck. Andre also offered his hand to my Mother and helped her in with her things into the back seat of the Ford F 150.

“Dr. Andre, really I want to thank you. I needed this truly right now. I am anxious to see nothing more happen to either of them,” I said. Andre seemed to hang at the open window of my truck.

“I was feeling the same, Gemma. I just am so curious as to what had happened to your uncle. I had to come down to see them and you off… for some closure for me, visually,” Andre said. Yeah, this was very unusual. I knew from my history with doctors they did not take that much interest, especially in discharges.

“Hey, why don’t you come out tonight. We can talk. Maybe that would help. I can have a meal ready for you. Can you make it?” I said. Gods, I hoped it was the right thing to press right then. I would hate to have to chase him down again too… to get us all home for Alec! Right then I felt a reassurance toward my actions in my chest.

“Gemma it is a three hour drive. If you did not mind, I could come up to Whatcom lake, but it would be later?” Andre said. I felt he even felt it was so odd for him to be so driven to talk to me.

“Yeah, we will see you when you get there, come on anytime. I will have a room ready,” I said. He seemed relieved, turned, walking back into the hospital. I watched him. I hoped he would be ok… the familiar was out there somewhere. Proctor had taken himself out of circulation to focus on me. I was shielded, but I knew there would be magic rituals going on… some dark ones’ magic combined with a good measure of hate from before the war. I felt in my chest I was right, that feel also had love with it placed there by Marta.

In the truck I felt in my element. I loved to drive and the drive back was like a scenic route thing, most of it Interstate 5. I found it odd again, I could feel so at home here as in our world. I was truly living between two worlds. I guessed it a good thing, since so many people here would need the help from where I was from… if they wanted it.

I had been listening to my Mother hanging over the seat, telling Dad and me about what happened. Apparently Dad did not remember anything after he felt the incredible stomach pains. He did not remember the ride in the ambulance, as his blood pressure dropped.

I waited for my Mother and Dad to get that out in the open, that fear. Maybe they could hear me, once they had rehashed the things that had happened to them?

“Hey, I need to talk to you two,” I said.

“Gemma, we are so glad you came and helped,” Mother said, “I don’t know what you did, but it helped.”

Dad, looked over at me. I knew right then he had some questions too. When the obvious escaped my Mother, it was not going to escape my Dad… as I remembered. They were good that way together, it had kept them safe for centuries.

“Gemma, what were you doing there? I was out of it, then I was there, with you. I didn’t even know you had come,” Dad said. I felt fortunate Dad was now pushing me. That met he needed to know. Maybe this would be easy, this walk down memory lane.

“Well, this will not be a two sided conversation. You even may feel like I am holding you hostage during it. I hope what I must say will help you, both?” I said. Then there was silence. Mother sat back in her seat. Dad looked out the side window. If I had been a comedian I would have not heard the laughs I had hoped for about now with this audience.

I drove in silence. I took each curve. Each mile of road took away the pain I was feeling, the uncertainty. It was then I heard about twenty minutes later in my chest, “try again.” I felt incredible love in that place too, it was Alec.

“Hey, did I say something wrong?” I asked.

“No, Gemma you did not,” Dad said. He continued to look straight ahead.

“Gemma, your uncle and I have been talking about a change we felt had come over you, these last few weeks. Not a bad change. Just that you were not interested in family things, or coming to see us. I was afraid you would not answer the phone any more. When this happened, we needed you. I was just thankful you came to help us,” Mother said.

“Yeah, that is what I need to talk to you about,” I said, as I got Mom’s attention in the rear view mirror.

So they had felt it. My longing to go home. I was hoping they had felt it too for themselves…

I looked over at Dad.

“Hey, I have not run off and joined a cult group or something you know…” I said. I did that to get his attention, he would over think things too. Then not say what he needed or what was on his mind. He liked actions better. I had admired him for his actions. I was remembering. I was as Alec had told me transitioning, right here.

“No, Gemma, you would not fit into that mess anyway,” Dad said, looking at me now. “What is going on? How did you pull of what you did back there? How am I well, without any pain at all right now? Why did you invite that Doctor to your place?”

I thought, Gods I got them now…

“Can you both listen with not only your ears but with your hearts too. I am digging for memories, ok. Can you both agree to do this with me right now?” I asked. A great way to get consent without actually asking for it. I needed this edge. They can become passive and afraid, quickly. That is not what they were about when they were themselves back on Lyra.

“Gemma, I will bite. What is it you want from me and your aunt?” Dad said. I felt finally a motivation to know, he was desperate. He wanted answers. I saw Mother in the rear view mirror, I felt a mix of desperation and hope coming from her right then.

“First off I am not what I seem. You both are not what you are. I know why? Will you believe me?” I asked. Now I knew how Alec felt. There was always free choice involved. I felt desperate myself right then to be believed and loved by them both.

“Who do you think we are, then?” Mother said, looking straight at me in that rear view mirror. She wanted a reasonable answer.

“Gemma, who do you think we are? Who do you think you are?” Dad said to me. I believed he truly wanted to know.

“I am a Lyran. I am Princess Gemma. You are my parents. You died shortly after I had died at the end of the war. Alec has brought all of us here to this Earth to hide us. He also hid Queen Lucia here too. But there is something else even more important. I need you to believe me…” I said, I felt tears in my eyes. I was afraid to look at either of them.

“What is more important than all of that, Gemma?” Dad said, his voice oddly filled with calmness.

“You were targeted and almost killed by a being, a magi’s familiar. That familiar is hunting each of us now. It knows who I am. It knows who you two are. And… if you do not believe me, it will win. It will kill all of us, because of a war that has been over for a long time in our worlds,” I said. It was then I saw my Dad attempt to lean into my line of vision. His eyes were both determined and gentle as they locked with mine.

“Dad?” I said, I could not sense anything around me just then. Gods, I may end up with Alec in the back seat if I don’t get my shit together…

“Gemma, I believe you. It would explain the dreams your Mother and I have had for a few months. We did not want to tell you, because we felt what we saw and felt could not be proven. We felt we were suffering dementia slowly in our old age…” Dad said… Gods he said “mother” too!

“I am your proof, if you need proof, Father. You are King Albert and Mother you are Queen Margaret of Lyra the Patriarch and Matriarch of our world,” I said, I felt the tears flowing down onto my chin as I drove. “What I did in that hospital room was a Lyran healing ritual, a prayer of our people. It did what it was to do. It can do it here, because energy and magic is everywhere, ready to be directed. The familiar, Dr. Proctor knows this too. But he doesn’t know what I can exactly do, Alec does. Do you? Do either of you remember a magus, an ambassador named Alec? A necromancer?”

“Yes, that is our proof, Gemma. Besides you doing what you did for me – which is no coincidence. In our dreams we have met with a man, a man named Alec. He feels both light and dark. He told the both of us in separate dreams that he was your mate. He had asked our permission to allow this,” Dad said to me. Oh Gods…

“Dad did Alec mention Brad to you?” I asked. Now excited, but only able to take glances off the road to see the answers I needed.

“I know Brad, Gemma,” Mother said. “Alec did tell us about your love for Brad too.”

“Alec had asked you as my royal parents to give me permission to make promises to him and Brad… Gods,” I said. Now I was more blown away than my parents I felt just then. Alec always doing, being, the best negotiator for the Promise as he could in these circumstances.

“Gemma, how is Vilmos our son?” Dad asked in a quiet voice.

“Say that again, Dad.” I asked. I was floored. I had to hear it louder. I wanted Alec to hear it, Marta to hear it to tell Vilmos there…

Dad, said it louder, as loud as he could just then having been not long ago discharged from a hospital due to a magical poisoning… “Can Vilmos hear me Gemma?”

I said, “I do not know, but I know a whole lot of people who love us very much just did.”

I had to pull over the truck, I could not be separated from my parents, I had to hug them…

The rest area was like a park. Full of trees. I found a spot to pull into, off from other cars. I hopped out of the truck and ran to my Dad’s side of the truck. He opened his door and grabbed me from where he was sitting. He buried his face in my neck. Like Greg had, like Brad had and Alec. I was crying uncontrollably. My Mother had slid over, opened the truck door, hopping out and then wrapping her arms around both of us. She was crying too. We were there without words for I don’t know how long. I felt an urgency to get back on the road again.

As I got back on the freeway, with only about thirty more minutes until we were at my place near Whatcom lake, Dad asked about Andre.

“Gemma, who is Dr. Andre?” Dad said. I could tell Dad was processing all the information.

“I don’t know, Father. Alec knows, but communication is very fast through emotions, more focused on actions and not so much details,” I said, back to him.

Mother said, “Dr. Andre seemed to not know himself what he wanted. I like him. He is very knowledgeable. He fought hard for your Father’s life, and disagreed vehemently with Dr. Proctor over what to do next. That is when I felt afraid. I had to call you, I knew you would do something.”

I sat there thinking. The possibilities came to me. Both my Mother and Father would need to be hands off, how I responded to this situation.

“If things happen as they do in our world, I will have to handle this with some discretion, Mother and Father,” I felt a bit lost on words to tell them. How does a woman tell her parents that things may suddenly get a bit intimate?

“Gemma, if you are saying you may have to handle Dr. Andre yourself, we understand. We also have had some pretty intense dreams between us, which then naturally led us to some intense moments between us. I take it that is how our world is too. Very natural. I will enjoy that and the remembering,” Dad told me.

I looked into the rear view mirror with my Mother meeting my look with a smile.

“Ok, that is settled. I am guessing Dr. Andre will be here to night. I am expecting to see the familiar also soon. So everyone needs to stay close to me. Please do exactly what I say. I can hear Alec and the group managing us. I am totally confident I can handle this,” I said, as I gripped the truck steering wheel harder.

“How long have you been working with these energies Gemma,” Dad asked me.

“About as long as you have known, I was not myself,” I said. I looked at him directly, then back onto the road.

“I hope Alec is that good, then, Gemma,” Dad said.

“He is Father, he is,” I said back to the both of them.


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