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“Saw what I was feeling in his eyes.”… Chapter 13 (1st draft a SENSUAL chapter)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

What I am going to relate here of my awakening into my world, this world, some may find offensive and run against their sensibilities. Yes, it may, if we were still in Kansas my dear, but we are in my world now. My world, where I came from has sensibilities that include nature, caring, healing and love expressed through sex. I explain this because it is always amazing to me how people will not face the fact they have sex…. how did they get into your world without it? So these are my memories and will be my reality again, permanently. So open your eyes and hearts… before you continue to read this account.

Alec wanted to show Lucia the rest of their house. Apparently it was indeed attached to a place called the Lyceum through a walled garden. We had been in a portion of it when Mark had led us through the wooden door.

I followed along close beside Lucia, I was comfortable, but without memories it was hard to have a point of reference when places and things foreign to me were mentioned. Brad was close by me at all times, as well as Brian who was the chattier of the two. Mark brought up the rear of our group in silence.

Alec showed us the many bed chambers, that appeared to me to be very comfortable apartment sized areas. Numerous ones all here for the purpose of making guests comfortable. And for those people like Brad, Mark and Brian, soon me, these were permanent homes away from home to work from here in Brashaw. From what I understood, since the war, and, then an event that brought healing and energy to the darkones, through the past work of Lucia… there was work to be done to help all the people of the area. Health, agriculture, housing, education, balance and sharing were a few topics mentioned. Brashaw had been a small village before the war along this high desert road. The present city was borne of magic and memories to house the people returning to the area from out in the wilderness. I also heard of a place where Marta came from that Alec was helping to rebuild. Where the more ancient tribes of the darkones live with the flesh eaters, that place was Anice. I was to be a part of this work, if I felt up to it. I would feel up to it if damn it I could remember more of what I did and could do.

Now we were all headed to the Lyceum. I understood the mythological meaning of the name. I also understood and now believed it was a place where magus, witches, sorcerers, wizards and even those not involved in ceremonial magic could come for learning. Again, I did not remember, but even myself taught a course or two in a Lyceum, but not in this particular one.

The garden and covered walkway were fragrant with the scent of roses. Lucia still looked fine and probably felt like I did very tired, but the excitement kept us going. There was a door to enter the Lyceum, where Alec stopped our group.

“I am not going to tour you two now through this place, there is someone else who would love to do that with you both.” Alec said. “We are waiting for someone and then we will go to Adeer.”

Alec opened the door and stuck his head inside. It was dark in there, from what I could see.

“No one in the hallway, but they are coming. The excitement maybe getting to him.” Alec said, giving a slight grin to Lucia. Letting go of the handle he allowed the heavy door to shut completely.

I thought dare I ask her what in the world was going on?

Brad said in my head, “No don’t ask, let her wonder. You will be surprised eventually too. Enjoy.”

I looked at Brad, mind reading again.

“Of course Gemma, you are almost shouting mentally…” Mark said, then took me by the hand pulling me closer to where he was.

I looked at him and whispered, “I wish I could remember. Remember you.”

“You will. I promise soon. We have so much to catch up on and prepare for.” Mark said, letting go of me except for my hand. I could feel many things coming from him through that hand grasp. He looked over at me, as if breaking his concentration off something else. I felt he stood there knowing what I was feeling. I kept my mouth shut and just watched the group and Lucia.

Alec, led us out of the covered walkway and into the sunlight of the enclosed garden. The light was bright on my eyes and Lucia was squinting with her hand up providing a bit of shade to hers.

Behind us the door into the Lyceum opened.

“There you are, where is Glenna?” Alec said to the woman we had met earlier, Marta, and to a dark haired, pale skinned man in his late twenties.

Marta said, “She went to get Jacques. He is working on something there.” Marta was a ginger from her thick red long hair to her pale porcelain skin, but she was anything but fragile. She moved like she was practiced at it and often.

The guy had his hand on her back, but she was guiding them over to where we were.

He was dressed in a black robe that sported a high collar with the fabric now sparkling in the sunlight.

“For those who don’t remember, but will. I would love to introduce a very practiced necromancer and magus. A past student of Lucia’s and Alec. Who has helped me immeasurably recently with the establishment of the Lyceum in Anice. Martin, if you don’t recognize them, this is Queen Lucia and our dear Lyran Princess Gemma.”

The man taking the both of us into his passing glance, gave us a smile. Then he moved over to Lucia. I could barely hear what he was saying to her. I noticed too the fact that he did not touch her, right then either.

“My queen, I am so blessed to be here standing in front of you after all these years, and what you have been through. What you have done for all of us.” Martin said, he appeared a bit choked up. I felt it odd too he was being so formal. Why in the world would I even know this was out of character for this guy?

Lucia, whispered. “Marty it was just like a few days ago, that I was trying to talk with you. When I was trying to hear. Understand what you were telling me. Now I can almost taste your fragrance in the form I am in now. Oh the Gods. Hold me please now will you.” Her face held a cross between a sadness and relief. She had not told me about this guy, ever, in our conversations. Who else is out there? For me too?

Martin then stepped into Lucia, they fit perfectly, or at the least they had done this many times before. They seemed one and they trembled together. Lucia appeared weak at that moment. I reached out to grab her, instinctively. It was then I remembered what I had promised to her along time ago, that I would protect her. Instead of grabbing her arm, I got Martin’s. I heard a sigh come from him. It was then this arm of his disconnected from my hand and pulled me into the embrace the two of them held. I was on fire at that moment and feeling very weak. I knew what this was, like I had earlier when I had a brush with this experience. But I could not put a name to it.

Mark said, “Brad grab her. Alec, I am thinking we will have just barely time to make it to Adeer if we leave now? Marty hang on will you?”

Then a swirl of light came around the group. It felt like it entered my head and then was under my skin. It felt sensual warm and then suddenly cool. I found my self and then the whole of the group standing out side a pale blue stucco one story house, out in the middle of no where. The woods were old, tall and dense around us. The scent of wood and flowers felt as if it would take over my senses if I let it. Now I know where the term enchanted woods came from. We were all standing on a stone path leading to the structure which appeared windowless. The large house looked as if it were met to be there naturally. The word elemental or elements came into my head. What was that all about? Was this the ‘remembering’ process that Lucia tried to explain to me?

Brad had me in his arms up against him. Then he picked me up. I have never in my own memory been swept off my feet like that. I was in no condition to argue the point, since the weakness continued. I felt disconnected from the moment, like this feeling was placed on me. The feeling was purposeful.

Brad said into my ear, “You are right, you are being sedated. If you had continued what you were doing, we would all have not made it here. I am thinking you will want the privacy.”

I looked at him and I felt I knew what he was talking about. I felt fortunate to be where I was and with the one I loved at that moment.

The house had a large ‘s’ shaped entrance to a double paneled door of the same color as the house. Alec knocked on the door. The door was opened by a slight woman with short blond hair in her thirties. She was obviously nude save for the floral tulle fabric tunic that moved in the breeze passing through the open door. Alec reached out and drew her close to him. They kissed, like a long drink between each other.

“Gretchen, we are all home! Is Liz around? Where is Paul?” Alec said, after releasing her.

“Your majesties I am so happy!” Gretchen said, opening the door and coming out into the group.

“Gretchen, I am so glad to see you again. Is Paul ok? Where is Liz?” Lucia said, now her affect appeared to speed up, I also felt even more in need of having those answers too. I wanted to have the group move inside. I felt relief could be found there, as Brad continued to carry me.

Brad said, “Gemma and Lucia need to see the kitchen right now for some refreshments, Gretchen. I am sure you have some of their favorites there ready?”

“Of course, the moment I heard they were here, I got ready. I have always taken care of them, there is nothing that will stop me.” Gretchen said, as she threw open both doors to allow the group to pass into the large pale blue entry way.

I could smell cooking food coming from the right door way. The left held a cooling breeze that swept over us. Brad, carried me into the kitchen and sat me down on the counter top. I felt like a child sitting there with my legs straddling his waist as he leaned against me with me still in his embrace.

“One of our favorite places when we were not home, Gemma. Right here actually. Always good food and plenty to talk about.” Brad said.

I tried to remember. I felt safe, wanted, warm, almost a heat, as I sat there. I kept watching Gretchen. As she fussed over Lucia and Alec. Gretchen was holding both of them in her arms. Alec had leaned over to the counter and poured into a tall glass, what looked to be lemonade giving the glass to Lucia. When she did not accept the glass, he then held the glass up to her lips and with whispered encouragement Lucia drank about half of what had been offered. Lucia was distracted, I felt I knew why, it was all about Paul. She had told me Paul was her original mate. The one, she said, who put up with her. The one who healed her body and soul. Her mate who protected her from real danger and the imaginations of others involved in the political intrigue before the war. She had told me Paul was the Aquaeous head mating male. She was always in wonder why he connected with her. I am sure why he did, she was just that way. I am not sure what to call the feeling, but she had that attraction.

“Alright girl, it is your turn to have something to drink and a bite to eat.” Brad said to me. Gretchen was at his side with a half of pita sandwich in one hand and what looked like a beer in an iced mug in the other.

It hit me right then when our hands touched, mine to Gretchen’s. “Gretchen, how are you? Did your wounds heal, there were no lasting effects, right?” I said. I held her hand not taking the beer quite yet offered by Brad.

“Gemma, yes, you remembered. We healed each other after that last… altercation before the battle. We stayed here with Liz and Paul to heal up. I am thinking we both made fine patients and nurse maids too.” Gretchen said, I saw a mist form in her eyes. Pain and happiness, what an odd mix, I kept running into that. Yes, I thought my memories are coming back. I looked at Brad and accepted the beer, it was then I felt I had missed the meaning of something he had said? I was racking my brain now.

“Gemma, really you have done nothing wrong. You will remember soon enough. You will also get what I was talking about really soon, we are just waiting here till the crowd thins down. Mark should be here soon too.” Brad said, he was very reassuring, but again what did he mean?

From the sound of it Paul, Liz, Eleion, Monica, Glenna, Jacques and a few more had arrived. I could hear Gretchen’s voice as she directed people to what it was they needed and the rest into the privacy of the next room. I munched happily on my sandwich and finished the beer. I felt both content and a little silly with my bottom up on the island counter top, but that is where Brad placed me.

Lucia and Alec were still leaning against the counter. She had eaten what he wanted her to eat. She seemed stronger, but like myself we both were apparently under a spell or suggestion of calmness.

Paul came into the kitchen with Liz behind him. He headed over to Lucia, pulling her close he began kissing her on her neck. Both her hands were on his shoulders. His full bare body was up against hers and she was reacting to him. Alec placed his arms around Liz and buried his face into her hair on the side of her neck. She was whispering to him. She was fully bare with Alec’s robe pleating around her as he held her.

Brad said, “Finally, Paul and Lucia are together in this world. That will mean something to all of us. Peace and stability. Bitterness is over, the dark and the light now have balance and the sun back. No more confusion.”

“What do you mean Brad?” I said, though I felt the calmness passing through me as I watched, the two lovers next to us find each other in the moment.

“Only here, only now, as Alec had said synchronicity would work out. Both human myth and the myths of this world spoke of love making the way and the sun bringing back each day balancing the night. Right?” Brad said, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me closer to himself.

“Yes, if you take all of the myths and look at their themes, I can see that happening. But it is myth, Brad.” I said, but did I really believe what I had just said. I had eyes to see and I had a soul that was feeling all of this happening, right now. “Who is the sun then? Who set all of this into motion?”

Brad looked up into my eyes and said, “The sun is Horus. Horus is Alec. Lucia found him just in time. Not only for our worlds, but for their love and the balance that brings to our worlds.” Brad motioned over with his head at Mark who just came in with Brian. “Without Alec and his trust in my abilities… I would not have met you, Gemma.”

Empress Glenna appeared to sparkle as she stood in the wide doorway to the kitchen, I then realized I recognized Jacques who was standing near her. Her gown was so full, like it had a life of its own, glinting silver and golden against the pale green chiffon. Jacques’ nudity masked as he held her close by the waist and him almost buried from the chest down in her skirt. Glenna nodded directly at me and smiled faintly. “Eleion, bring Paul and the others with you will you?” Glenna said, attempting to not sound too loud above the many conversations all happening at once behind and in front of her.

The kitchen cleared almost immediately. Paul and Alec taking Lucia with them. She appeared calm as she looked over at me, I felt her reassurance. We were home now. Gretchen was the last out of the long room taking with her a silver platter full of tumblers and two full crystal pitchers. She turned and smiled at me. Then directed a smile at Brad, as she left. The room was quiet, the sounds of the crowd a very long way off.

“Now to solve your puzzle, Gemma.” Brad said, Mark and Brian stood on either side of me and Brad along the counter top.

“I sense a punch line?” I said, now I knew my memories were working, over time. This was a joke, or had been one. Me sitting here on the counter top like this. But I also felt it was pretty serious. Like right now Brad was anticipating something, something from me.

“Yes, Gemma. I have to say many things have changed, since last we were here in this room. Things that were hard, have happened. Things I did not anticipate doing or becoming have happened to survive. But we all did.” Brad said, Looking at me, like he were laying the foundation for me to do something.

“There were few Aquaeous who were Odian. We could hold magic, but could not wield it. Mark here had been the first, among the Promise to take on the challenge to study and be granted power as an Odian. Not long after Lucia had accepted Paul as his mate and began her own transformation into becoming Aquaeous, to bear a son for them. The future was set. The war changed us, opening our eyes to the need to wield magic to protect all of the people around us and not rely upon those few others who knew, both Human and Aquaeous.” Brad said, then took in a deep breath, looked over at Mark.

“What he is trying to say Gemma is that we have all changed a bit. But we would hope that you still accept us as we are, being in love with you.” Mark said, I felt his hand on my thigh now as he stroked my leg down to my knee.

Brian said, as he cleared his throat, “Gemma, we want to say we accept you in the form you are. You are a Human right now. You will be who you are soon again. But for now we want to give of ourselves to you, because we can not wait any longer. The spell that Alec worked out will wear off of us, off of you and off of Lucia… well before your transformation back to us. The spell protected each of us, so that we could get you and Lucia safely home. He worked fast, since you did arrive a bit early.”

I finally got the jest of what these three were dancing around. I felt coming from the three of them that they did not want me to be afraid and that they just wanted to do what they had longed to do… with me, regardless what I was right now. No, it was not confusing me, I felt I had to think that. The damn mind reading stuff. In this Human form as they put it, I was barred from reading their thoughts.

“Ummm, so right here, as I get it from a vague memory, we had sex right here on this counter top. Right?” I said, to the smiles of at least two of them, Brad remained very serious.

Brad said, “Yes, I had promised that if we made it out of this war alive, I would bring you back and fuck you right here.”

“Brad, I know, but can’t remember the significance of that.” I said, now I felt serious and I felt the distant feeling of a heat flash coming, mainly in the top of my head.

Mark, whispered. “Brad asked you to mate with him. That would entail a decision on your part to become Aquaeous. We were wondering before this got too serious, what you felt?”

OMG, a decision. I hardly knew who I was myself. But I felt clarity, I felt a memory right then. I had and still feel fine with my decision. Yes, I would change. I would transform into being both Aquaeous and Odian, for them, for my people and for Brad. I felt a calm satisfaction with that thought. It made me feel real. It made me feel now in control of everything around me.

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“Did you get any of that Brad?” I asked him, taking his face between the palms of my hands.

“Gemma, I try not to read too many of your thoughts, since you have the right to some personal space. But yes, since you were shouting mentally again, yeah I got it. I am so damn glad that your thoughts are that crazy loud too…” Brad said, with a slight smile.

Mark said, now appearing to take the lead on this for the other two. “Well we are here. And you have pretty much said yes with what you remember and felt. Can we for the gods get on with this?”

“OK,” I said, “but why on a kitchen counter top and in Liz’s house?”

Brad said, now appearing to have recovered from his guarded stance he had been in. “Well, you and the rest of us had been here to rest. We wanted to get at the soup on the stove, then relax in the other rooms. To make a long story shorter, we ran into Lucia, Alec and Paul in here. Farther down the counter top having sex. It looked marvelous. You had told me you wanted to do that, and I said when you promise to mate with me. You said yes right then. That was all any of us needed.”

“It looks like, it is still all you three need right now.” I said, then I had to say to clarify a fear that arose in my chest, “Hey, guys, I have not done this in a while and especially with three males who, well you know do this everyday, as the Promise I hear does. I may not be up to your imaginations…”

“Gemma, we are here right now, in this moment, with many more to come, I hardly think for any of us that is an issue. Yeah, we don’t give a flip what form you are in either. We are fucking you. We love you.” Brad said, he began to unbutton my jeans and lower the zipper. I let him, hoping he would do it faster.

Mark reached over Brad’s arms, began to pull up my shirt, I helped him.

Brian grasped the front bra clasp undoing the hooks and helped me out of it. He then placed his hands on my breasts in a gentle massage, the nipples responded even more, since, well they had already been made pretty much erect.

Mark helped Brad slip off my jeans, one leg at a time. Mark then began pulling off his robe, then Brad’s robe revealing both were nude and both very ready with firmness and tight scrotal sacks.

Brian was working on my underwear problem at the moment, his solution was pretty direct, using a small dagger he had in his robe, he cut off my panties leaving me sitting on what was left of them.

Brad pulled me closer to the end of the counter top, then pushed me back to lay on my back. He easily got rid of the remnants of fabric under me.

“Gemma, I will be the one right now, then next we will give you a rest. The next room has a place for us, our usual place to rest and get to know more about each other. I did not want you to feel overwhelmed.” Brad said, but I could tell he just wanted to move into all of this naturally, he wanted me comfortable. For me to feel in control too.

I got up on my elbows and looked at the three of them all nude and all appearing ready. All I could do was smile. Then I laid back on the wide black marble counter top.

Brad parted my legs, wider. Mark had one leg and Brian the other. Brad placed his warm hands on my breasts then moved slowly down my abdomen. There was an energy beneath his hands that made my pelvis tip upward as he reach my twat between my legs. His face finally followed his hands to where his fingers rest with his lips meeting my folds. His tongue parted these and disappeared into my vulva and moved upward in a long motion to my almost painful clitoris.

I could not have even anticipate the charge of energy I felt just then. It jolted down my spine from my breasts and deep into the core, that he was outlining with his tongue. Each kiss he placed there felt hot. I felt smooth wet. That heat in the top of my head was moving down my body. I felt out of control. Out of my body. I felt the energy coming from Mark and Brian who held my legs, comforting me, longing for me.

I had my hands in Brad’s hair, I was cupping his scalp, trying not to push him away with each surge I was feeling, that he was creating within me.

Then he raised upward, taking his hands and placing them beside my hips on the cool counter top. I was thankful for the moment to have the coolness under me, as the heat I felt transformed me.

He leaned hard and long on to my fully outstretched body, meeting his mouth with mine. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him with incredible force. His hands were now in my hair. I tasted myself in his mouth. He was breathing long heavy breaths, it made me wilder. Then I felt his cock enter me. He released my hair and guided my hips toward him. I felt that a cue to wrap my legs around his waist. We were almost off the counter top, but balanced by the other two, who’s hands were now very hot to the touch upon my thighs and bottom.

I continued to feel the surges, they never stopped during Brad’s transition from oral sex to fucking me. There was only a smooth force gliding not too fast, but lingering where I needed it coming from the movements Brad was giving to us. I came, I thought too soon. My head raised slightly and my body was blocked by his from any more movement in response. Oh, I saw flashes of light, the colors as I had seen them in the other world coming into my eyes. I opened my eyes to see Mark smiling at me and nodding. His face had a slight pink glow to it and his mouth was open and lips wet. I closed my eyes again, since to my surprise I felt the building of another orgasm. This one was coming up from out of my pelvis, warm, rhythmic and ready to spill out into the vagina that wrapped around my lover’s hard cock.

This time Brad felt hotter, deep with in me, this heat was calling to the warmth building in my back. My legs encircled him tighter, but he was able to fight for room to move with his plunging motions deep into my wet opening. Then it happened, I felt him cum into me as I orgasmed around him. It was almost too deep, too strong. I called out as I had, when we first made love in my room in another place. Now they could hear me with their ears and see me with their eyes… the effect they had upon me. I had been what they expected, apparently what they wanted and anticipated. I was spent, still throbbing deep inside me. I had been filled. I understood what the future held and how I would be filled by each of them. How I would be cared for and care. How I would carry a child that we would place, each of us together there. As we had promised we would do to each other.

Brad, leaned back still inside me. He smiled at me and patted my tummy. Mark offered his hand to me to lift me up, while Brian balanced me on the counter top, then helped me land gently on the floor in front of Brad.

Brad said, “I just can’t bring myself to stop. I have longed for this… in person… and it was worse after I met you in our dream. Oh the gods… you feel so good, Gemma.” I felt his hands firmly holding both of my buttocks as he held me closer.

“I have to say, I don’t want you to pull out either. Yeah the kitchen counter was a good place to start, I am glad one of us remembered this…” I said, I didn’t really know what to say, since I didn’t want this ever to stop. I had a few questions. I felt both close and vulnerable. I felt hard in side, I felt still responsive to him. I hated to stop.

Mark had a long white shawl in his hands. He leaned closer to me with his thigh muscle lining up with mine. “Gemma, as to your fears, there are no basis for them. Everything will be worked out. There is no separating ourselves from you or you from us. Can you believe me?” Mark said.

I stood there enjoying both the physical and heart moment I was having still with Brad. Brian had his arm over my shoulders now and stood as close as he could to I and Brad. I felt his warm pre-cum moisten erection bumping into my thigh, still responding to what he had just witnessed.

“I believe you Mark, because that is all I can really do right now. I am blown away. I can truly say you have given me my heart’s desire. Will our future decisions remember this, how we are right now?” I asked this to bring clarity not only to my head, but to my heart.

Mark said, “If you want this to be official, yes all decisions will be based upon this. You have enough people here who make direct decisions for these realms, feeling what we just did, all around you. We would be fools to be lying to you or Lucia. Your place is here. The work we do is not easy, but we do, as always, do the work together, Gemma.”

Brad pulled slowly his long cock out of me, there it swung. I still felt the feeling deep within me. I felt addicted to both what I felt and what I saw. Was it ok? Yes, since I would not have to do without these three, from what they had promised.

I accepted the floor length knit shawl from Mark, who apparently had anticipated I would be chilly at the end of our sex. He stood in front of me gently positioning it on my shoulders and wrapping it around my body.

Brad was over at the refrigerator getting out a white box that had apparently been met for our use. Gretchen thinks of everything… as I remembered. Brian had what looked like a bottle of red wine in his hands with four long stem glasses interwoven between his fingers.

Mark, looked at me apparently both feeling and appraising his work on the shawl. “Yes, I think we are ready to settle in for the night. We have something to eat and each other to make time to catch up on a lot of questions and start some work we need to be doing tomorrow.”

I still felt light headed and the heat was coming back to my body, starting again at the top of my head.

Brad looked at me offering his elbow to me to walk us to our place in the larger room down the hallway.

“Gemma what you feel is what we were trying to avoid. Both the remedy and trigger is having sex with each other. But I am afraid it will only get worse with time. You and the three of us are in heat. To what extent I don’t know, but we are going to be there regardless what we do. That means we will in the near future be mating… I hope you are up for that?”

I looked at him, up for that? I have dreamed of that…. I thought.

“OK, I got my answer and so did most the people in the building!” Brad said, as he squeezed the hand I had wrapped around his offered elbow.

“Gemma, we have a few things still to do, that will need to be worked in around our lives here.” Mark said, now looking like the serious one.

“I figured there will be time to play and time to work, Mark.” I said, offering him my hand.

“Gemma, the work will be meaningful to you, almost necessary. And we don’t play we live, just like that.” Mark said, now with a smile as he looked into my eyes. He accepted my hand, that again, did things to me. I looked at him again and saw what I was feeling in his eyes too.


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