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People have been coming to read the story as the first draft is written…

Presently I am writing two stories. But this one, is of a personal ‘what if’ nature. Hopefully a story that will help the reader open up their own possibilities as to their own purpose in this life.

The story that is being shared here will be sent out to several publishers, when the first book is complete… with more books to come to continue the story and lives of the characters and worlds involved. The title of this story is “Horus & His Companions”…the particular book is “Horus & His Companions – The Sun The Light And The Moon”.

When people have asked me about the story, I have pointed them to the latest chapter to sample. But to really follow along, getting the feel of the characters, I wanted to place here the chapters in order. From beginning to present. From the prologue to the latest chapter. That would only make sense. The story is written from the perspective of a character discovering what is really going on for her friend. Then she finds out it is also all about her too. Hard to get that sense, if  jumping about in the chapters.

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Then of course, I let people know, that there are no boundaries within the evolution of the characters. Meaning, yes, there are sensual bits and pieces within the chapters. Yes, sex, is shared between the characters due to their worlds, due to the nature of their particular species. Magic, mystery, starseed, healing, dimensional travel and transformation are all apart of this story… not unlike life and reality. Yes, some may say including these in a story — well that is not realistic — not necessary. I say and live… that Life is as ‘real’ as you make it… as real as you allow. You are the one who is designing the ‘box’ you live in right now. And in this story positive intention, positive energy is important. So I make it a point to include what happens for each character in an authentic way. Whether, there is conflict, drama, decision making or love making happening – there will be details. It is a story that moves forward. Things become clearer for the characters and for the reader. Relationships develop for both. I call the sex in my stories ‘sensual’ for that is the nature of the sex between the characters – some may wish to call it erotic or erotica… but that would lead one to also call sex in real life the same thing. Meaning there is something wrong with this aspect of life, since this particular label is usually given to the topic in a negative way. Really? Think about that for a moment… maybe that is what is wrong with the world now, too much exclusion and not enough sharing… love.

The story is met to give the reader a place to rest their mind and to open heart possibilities… besides the telling of a story mixed up in myth and reality… to be enjoyed… maybe lived.

The Table of Contents… as the chapters are developed:

“Horus & His Companions – The Sun The Light And The Moon”

The Prologue

What Lucia Reveals… Chapter One

We Had Been… Chapter Two

Lucia’s Intimates… Chapter 3

Not Alone… Chapter 4

Lost in the Moment… Chapter 5

Gemma’s personal questions… Chapter 6

Living between two worlds… Chapter 7

Gemma said, “What can I do?”… Chapter 8

Feel of a memory… Chapter 9

He said, “Because I can.”… Chapter 10

Mark said, “I can zap.”… Chapter 11

Lucia said, “I do trust you Alec, with my life.”… Chapter 12

“I saw what I was feeling in his eyes.”… Chapter 13

“Why me? What is up with that?”… Chapter 14

“Heading back, but into what?”… Chapter 15

Not holding back… Chapter 16

The ritual… Chapter 17

Becoming the third… Chapter 18

“Work and Play…” Chapter 19

“Ocean magic…” Chapter 20

“Flesh Eater Welcome…” Chapter 21

“It is the simple things…” Chapter 22

“In and out of school…” Chapter 23

“Consent to my wild story…” Chapter 24

“…not exactly you” Chapter 25

“What feels like a dream…” Chapter 26

“Leaving…” Chapter 27

“Persuasion…” Chapter 28

“if you don’t know…” Chapter 29

“don’t tell me yet…” Chapter 30

“Until this thing is over…” Chapter 31

“Don’t leave the planet…” Chapter 32

“Share what I have…” Chapter 33


Photo – “September Morn” 1911 (Coming Home & Finally Remembering)


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