Flash of Light


StarSeed… Dimensional… TimeTravel… Fantasy… Myth… Origins… Home…

Up to you how you take this story, as a reality or fantasy. It is dared here to make it reality.

This all started as a NaNoWriMo writing project, I thought I could use what I know.

But… it got serious.

I am writing down for when I am gone from this world, this dimension… and back home to where I came from… what has happened. Maybe someone will read this and apply it to their own spiritual journey. Maybe someone will find it a fantastic fictional story. Or maybe this book will just sit as so many words, which like so many other words, have helped no one.

Now I am writing about myself. I am writing about my journey. I am writing under a pen name. I am very real. I know who I am. I know my beloved. I know I am going home… What I don’t know are the specifics. I also do not have all of my memories… yet.

I am dead, yet I am alive. I am unloved. Yet I am loved and that love calls me home. I am able to combine magic, spirituality, mythology, every day experiences, DNA and memories into a journey, which will take me home. I believe this. Not like a religious belief, or that I am told to expect ‘xyz’ to happen. I know in my body I am going home. I feel the relief of it already. I am seeing tangible results to support this process, as they appear in my life.

What does this have to do with you? You maybe going through the same thing. It is rough going if you can not hear or know how to ask questions. I give you here how it happened for me, in hopes that you will gain the tools you need to ask your questions and listen.

I am also able to write this down to leave in this computer for those who are asking where did I go? When did I go home? Why? And I believe I will. If not I have had the most wonderful support from my beloved within the drama of this life time, that seemed to me to be a constant march of pointless experiences, that I responded my way through. He and they, my beloved, also rescued me from imminent death by my own hand. Which was my only apparent answer to this obtuse life of responsibilities, I was living. I just hate being taken for a ride. I have no time for it. But he made me promise to give them a chance… I listened, since he was skilled in his negotiation with me. So now I share my story, until I can either share no more, or you get bored reading it.

I was born, yet I am dead. I must prove in my world I am alive again, that I have always held my life tightly in my hand. That I am powerful and will heal, when asked, each person, each individual there and here one day. Like I have always done, before I left my world physically. Sounds mystical. Sounds impossible. Yes, it is mystical, because that is the way magic is. Sounds impossible, in my world everything is on the table and everything is possible. There is unity there and this unity is growing. This is all real. As real as this world I must live in now. And one day I will be back into this world at my own choosing to reshape this world, so that people may live there in health and freedom once more. So that people can discover and find closure in who they truly are.

Post-Note: I have not decided if I will place the whole of the story here or do a Kindle Book… The latest chapters will be added if felt helpful and relevant.

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