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“What feels like a dream…” Chapter 26 (1st draft)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

The crowds of Mer well-wishers left, it was almost dawn. I saw Paul motion to Alec.

Paul came closer to where we were still sitting. Paul kissed Lucia tenderly, making full eye contact with her. “Alec, I will go to the sacred pool with Bernard and Michael this morning. So you have time to work with Gemma. We’ll meet up with all of you at lunch time,” Paul said. Then he looked at me. I felt what he said in the center of my head. I was apparently the only one who was hearing him. “Gemma, your time is short here. I am sure you sense that. You will be ready. Life goes on here. I want you to remember that. Why? Because you are a vital part of this life here. For me and for all of us. I will see you at lunch. I wanted you to know this, Alec will explain, making it all smooth for you. Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to over think… ok?” Gods, I am so glad he told me, yeah he knows, I thought. “Gemma, I do know, all about you. I have your back,” I felt that message, this time, in my heart.

I said to Paul, “I get it. I won’t over think.” He smiled at me. Then bent down placing a warm kiss on my lips. I saw him head over to Bernard and the one called Michael, who came over too from a group standing near the door. A flash of light took them, they were gone, just like that.

Alec said, “I am glad Paul let you know. He wanted to tell you because he couldn’t be here for what we need to do this morning, Gemma.”

“Alec, just let me do what it is you want me to do. Make it very clear. I want to get started on this. I get from all I have seen and heard, that what I am doing there is not all of what I need to do,” I said. I felt Brad squeeze my hand. Yeah, I felt like I was going to leave and that it felt ok to leave.

“Alright, we will head over to the Mer Lyceum. Dima is coming too. I thought that would help reassure you. We have everyone who will be with you, managing things on the other side, present,” Alec said. He got up and grabbed Lucia by the hand. Lucia motioned to dismiss her robes. She was slight and fragile in appearance, with her swollen belly. I felt both love and protective of her. I stood up, grabbed Brad and Brian by the hands. I found Dima and Greg standing behind me. There was a flash of light behind me too, I turned to see Gretchen standing there. Even Gretchen was here.

We moved through Greg’s home. I saw Greg kiss Porsha and Ren. Dima shook their hands. Out on the entry path Alec went with Lucia into the clear waters and disappeared into the canal, apparently it was like a Mer road leading to the Lyceum, was my take.

“Gemma,” Brad said, “I want to teach you something, listen up, ok?”

“Brad, what? Everyone is leaving?” I said, I just didn’t want the distraction, things were happening fast.

“Gemma, focus. Yes it is happening fast, so you will not forget what I am going to tell you!” Brad said.

“OK, I am here focused on you. What?” I said, then I got the feeling it was pretty important, even Brian was looking at me with those pleading eyes of his. He could so manipulate me when he wanted to.

“Touch, the side of your neck with your right hand, then the center of your forehead. Think breath and water… calm, comfortable, breathing… take a breath in… as you draw energy up from the Earth under your feet. See your request, your will, it will be your own. See the request be yours,” Brad said to me. I suddenly felt warm. I knew it was not coming from him, but from the energy coming up from the Earth under my feet.

“You want me to make it possible for me to breathe in the water?” I said, I was amazed it was already happening.

“Yes, that is the intention you need. Remember due to who you know you are, your connection and right to the energies you call upon, your will happens… it is only natural,” Brad said. He did not touch me, he felt to me like a prized possession, a diamond. Where that was coming from or why I felt it, I had no idea. Was that part of who I am?

I felt my right hand warm, the index finger of my hand even warmer. I moved it up ward to my neck then to my forehead… I let my index finger travel back to the spot on my neck. That was something he did not tell me to do, but I felt I had to do. I just did it. I felt on either side of my neck a sharp warmth, like a slice under my ears. Then I hopped into the canal of clear cool water. I felt Brad and Brian in the water next to me. I took a breath of water, I felt insane to do this, but if I am to make it in the other world I must do this, I thought. I did not die, I was breathing, I smiled my reassurance to the both of them. Gods, they looked so concerned, then suddenly relieved.

I followed them the best I could, of course I was not fast enough to follow this group of aquatic beings. I felt Greg grab hold of my waist and bring me along, catching up with the group. I felt free. I did not feel the dread I had in the past either when practice in a Lyceum had been mentioned. Maybe I was too overwhelmed by other thoughts which had not surfaced yet, like leaving here…

There were steps in to the water ahead, apparently the ground level entrance to the Mer Lyceum. Greg stopped, tapped my shoulder and then grabbed my left hand leading me up the steps and out of the water. I had remembered to exhale the water before leaving the water. I must have did that fine, since I did not cough and sputter as I usually did.

“Gemma, touch your forehead, will that this is done, the swimming and need for water breathing.” Greg said to me, he was watching me closely, like he was spotting me in a gymnastics move.

I did the willing. I felt oddly like there had been love associated with this movement, my feet slightly warmed with this command, this thought.

Alec was beside me, “Ummm, Gemma, I did not expect you to be able to so smoothly do what you just did.”

“I didn’t either Alec,” I said, honestly I thought, it was easy to do. Again, I would have to be careful what I decided to do. What were my limitations?

“Your limitations will be evident, Gemma. But I don’t think there will be any. You are pretty level headed. If you do run into something we will hear and see you. We will act. The only thing I want to do right here and now is to push you to your limit. I want you to feel that, it will safe guard you, when you are in the other world,” Alec said.

“Yeah, that would be important to know so I don’t kill myself,” I said. Alec took me in his arms. I fit there perfectly. Both of us wet, nude, I guess he sensed I was chilled a bit. He whispered in my ear, “Gemma, I know you know your limits, I want you to have the kinesthetics in your head, that second nature. I want you to know how to do what it is, you may need to do instantly, instinctively. The first strike, if you must do so. Even better shielding to back off and hide.”

“Alec, you, Lucia, Paul, Brad and Brian have drilled into my head the shielding backing off to hide thing. You are right I do need to know what the energy feels like, before I have to run it through in an emergency. Yeah, I am counting on a lot of help to understand my situations too,” I said. I felt physically warm now, very connected to him.

Alec turned, leading the way into the triple doors to the Mer Lyceum. I saw that Dima was impressed by the entrance. Greg looked at me, then led Dima over to me, as we all entered the foyer that I could see emptied into the main practice room.

“Hey, Dima what do you think?” I said to him as Dima offered his hand to me. I took it in both of my hands, rubbing each small hand gently. I felt a warmth come up fast. Greg laid his hand over our hands, which cooled this sensation down. I looked at Greg, who slightly smiled back at me.

“Gemma, I am so happy to be here with you to practice. Greg is right, I really like this, I want to be here more. I got to stay up all night with everyone too. Not because I had to. It is very safe here!” Dima said, like he had to rush his words. Why? I did not know.

“Yep, staying up all night to talk is fun. It was good for me Dima. I am not afraid to be here, I hope you are not either,” I said, I attempted to sense the little guy, feel him out.

“No I am not afraid. I know you are not afraid. So we will do this. I wanted to see you before you left on your mission, Gemma,” Dima said, he was squeezing my hand. He felt so familiar just then. Greg looked at me, because well apparently Greg felt that coming from me too.

“Dima, let’s go over and see Martin. I am thinking Gemma will be first to practice, then us,” Greg said, then I felt Greg in my head. Gemma are you ok?

I directed my thoughts saying, Greg, you felt that. What was that between Dima and me? Is he, too connected to me? Will he be ok when I leave here?

Alec was there with his hand on Greg’s shoulder, motioned for Greg to move over to where Dima would be next for his practice session.

Alec took in a deep breath, looked at me, said, “Gemma, you will need a robe. Pull one up, if you need help ask me.”

I thought to my self I wanted a sensual robe, one to protect, to shield me, to react, to amplify my commands, to attract energy, to make me look great… in fact awesome and maybe a bit terrifying… then I put out my left arm. There appeared laying over my arm a heavy brocade robe that glistened silver and golden. It was white and yellow. Pleated. I guess I had asked for it to appear on my arm, instead of on me. I gotta get that right next time, say or think what I mean! I pulled it off my arm, opening it I slipped in my right arm then my left. The robe fit like a glove, like armor.

Alec smiled, coming close to me, then standing right in front of me. “I see you will need some help tying the knots. You may or may not need to use a robe, because calling up a robe, usually signals others to your intentions. Here robes are sometimes a necessity. I will show you how to tie the knots, battle style. When you are back we will all teaching many more things about robes and armor. Just relax and watch… I will give you a chance to tie a few…” Alec said in a casual low tone of voice that made me feel calm… ready.

I felt his breath on my face, I felt each knot formed then tugged to slip into place on the robe. The robe adjusted on its own to my body and curves. So form fitting, like I could do anything in it. I then whispered what was on my mind, I had to know. “Alec, what is up with Dima? I know you know, I know both you and Greg felt that. Dima is here to trigger something?”

“Yes, Gemma, he is. To help him be ready when you are gone. To take him to the next step in what he must do,” Alec said, looking up at me as he tied another knot.

“What can I do?” I asked him, my hands were now on his biceps, I felt I needed to touch him. The knot tying was becoming intimate between us.

“You, have done enough, Gemma. I understand Dima. I know who he is. I can’t, unfortunately, tell you. Not because I do not trust you, but because of his work with you… when you are in the other world. Dima must find out on his own, when he is ready, who you are and who he is,” Alec said.

I was silent. It was not the answer I wanted. I was kind of driven to know. I had to trust Alec, it may mean something for me out there in the other world, I thought.

“Gemma, I am glad you are feeling warm toward me, that I was the only one to hear what you were thinking. That is why I can’t tell you. It wouldn’t be your fault, if you let it slip. You are right, the information will be vital to you, when it turns out you need it,” Alec said, with the last knot, as I watched him.

“I trust you Alec. I am guessing I am to continue to react to Dima as I am doing, then? I will help him develop, I will protect him and his family too. That is what I want to do, that is what I hope you will do too…” I whispered to Alec. I slipped my arms around his neck, as he drew me close, kissing me.

“Gemma, you realize something so far, tell me what that one thing is?” Alec said, I sensed he was reaching out to me and pushing me to know, something vital, the whole point of all of this.

I took a breath in. In that moment, I felt it was only him and me, I was not in that room, we were in an infinite space. Then I knew what he wanted from me…

“Alec, that one thing is love. That is what I have been feeling, that is how I am connecting to the Earth’s energy, to Lucia’s energy, to the dark ones’ energy, to what was entrusted to you at Lucia’s death as you waited for her to come home. Like Lucia, that is her secret to her command of immense energy… it is love,” I felt breathless with the revealing of this. Oh Gods…

“Gemma, you are ready to go. You are ready right now to come home too. Yes, that is the secret. That is why the dark ones’ queen was defeated. That is why I, Lucia, you and the Promise traveled and endured all that we did before the war. Love never gave up on us, love rescued us, love is healing us back into Unity now. This love will be evident in the world you go to… after our work is done there too,” Alec said, as he hid his lips on my neck in my hair.

“Alright, let me help you Gemma. You stay here, stand your ground, remember all the other times. This is not a test. This is not about defeating you. This is about testing your limits. This is about love. Got that?…” Alec said, he stood there with me. I noticed that everyone standing in the room were over along behind a low wall of dark stone, it looked like a wall of onyx. Marta was there now, she smiled at me. I knew why she was there, to do damage control. Martin was at the other end of the group, he smiled at me too. In the middle with Dima and Greg was Lucia. Behind Lucia I saw glimpses of Gretchen.

“Brad and Brian, hey wait. I have decided Gemma will not be spotted right now. She can do this. I want you to read her from behind the wall there. Let me know in real time your impressions, you two know her moods best. If she feels she is about to falter, stop me. You know how…” Alec said, he sounded like a Lyceum instructor. I was amazed I was not spooked by him. I trusted him. I knew I would have to repeat what we were about to do in the other world too… when needed.


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Brad said, “I love you Gemma. Focus. This is all for you.”

Now I felt my robes charge up. I gotta slow my breathing, I don’t want my robes to react, I want to control this situation. But it was a good thing I had these robes ready. This is practice only. I stood sideways to Alec’s position, making myself a smaller target. I wasn’t sure if that is what he wanted me to do. I knew I would not move from that spot for the purpose of this giving and receiving of energy. I felt Dima’s concern right then. I looked over at him. I tried not to say anything mentally to him. He calmed with a smile I gave him. Lucia had her hand on his head too, ruffling his blond hair.

Alec then turned his attention off me to Dima, saying “Dima, do nothing and say nothing, please. Talk to Greg if you have to say something. That is important.”

I saw Dima shake his head yes, then he looked up at Greg. Greg then looked at Alec. I had to trust this situation, as it is going down.

Alec then looked at me, in my head I heard. Do what comes natural to you, as in offensive and defensive… let your robe work, pay attention to the heat in your hands, break it off IF you get too warm, not WHEN you get too warm. Feel the sensations. Remember them…

I watched him. He closed his eyes! Then from no where a light, bright light of energy came down from above me! Gods, above me. I put up my hands and crouched slightly. I shielded that and it ran like water off my shielded hands down into the paved floor around me. I did not allow for the energy to come into my feet. I could feel the seduction of the energy… to have it pass through me to complete the circuit, no I will not. I had to make a conscious effort, I willed it to be as I wished.

The rain of energy stopped.

Alec opened his eyes, he was focused on me. Holding out his left hand and drawing in his right hand I witnessed a stream of energy coming toward me from across the distance between us… I thought gods I wished this room were bigger!

I pushed out my shielded right hand deflecting the energy back toward him. My hand heated up fast, but I pushed more shielding on to it, I made my wish known. The energy flowed up out of the Earth into my feet to form this shielding. Then the energy intensified coming toward me for a moment. I held that off by pushing my shielding outward toward Alec, not too far though, I had to control what I felt. My hand cooled down.

Alec changed the position of his feet. I watched him closely. That struck me as odd, what was he about to do. I was being triggered by memories, but I must keep myself right here in this moment to respond to him.

Lights sparked off of him, it moved like lightening, I had my right hand up to shield. That hand heated up too fast. I had to do something. Now! I then deflected the energy coming on to my right hand on to my left and pushed it back toward him. It hit him immediately. I felt it hit him. He was busy now. He was then shifting. I felt in my head and heart to right then pull up my own energy, to take advantage of this distraction. For some reason I glanced over at Lucia. She saw me do it. I felt in my head a new direction to gain energy. This energy was calling to me, it was desperate to come to me, to help me. I allowed it. The color of this energy was light purple, it hit Alec too, he stepped back slightly. I hoped, I was praying he did not send back this energy I had found in the room. The color, I had seen that color before, I remembered in my mind’s eye the color of Alec’s tunic trim, he had been wearing Lucia’s colors. Gods, I took energy from Lucia or from around me where it had been waiting for her, the dead Odian queen to return! Alec was making the realization at the moment too. He sent it back at me. I held out my right hand to shield me… I knew this would not last, I had to think what to do. My hand was feeling it, I was being shoved back literally. Then I relaxed and let it complete the circuit! Gods… I did the right thing, my hand cooled down. It was so natural, it cycled into the Earth at my feet and then now it beckoned me to return it to either Lucia or Alec. I picked Alec, this was not Lucia’s fight. I remembered I could help others in my group by doing this maneuver. I remembered Greg’s words you get energy from where you can!

Suddenly, I was wrapped in a bright light. All energy was cut off from me. I fell to the ground on my knees. My robes became uncontrollable. I felt energy spiraling around me making a cone shape shielding, from head to toe as I sat knocked to my knees. I looked up through the swirling stars and flashes of light to find Alec looking down at me with the palm of his left hand extended toward me. I was in a daze. I felt hunger for air to breathe and hunger for strength in my body.

I heard Alec say in my head, “Gemma, love me now, will you please.”

I pushed down with my hands on the ground trying to get up to face him, to hold him right then. I felt the heaviness leave me. The spinning energy around me slowed, I began untying the knots in my robes. I wanted to give myself, all of myself to Alec. That is all I had, was me to give. Physically, emotionally, my spirit, my mind, my soul… all my love.

Alec pulled back his hand as if grabbing something. He collapsed on his knees in front of me. I remained conscious, I heard the others running from far across the room toward us.

“Gemma you did it, let me see your hands dear!” Alec said.

I gave him both of my hands, not so much to have him look at them. My hands felt fine, maybe. I wanted to touch him, I needed him to hold me up in the position I am in, because I was about to faint.

“Gods, Gemma!” Brad said, he was on his knees beside me holding me.

Alec had both of my hands looking at them. I saw Alec blinking apparently trying to clear his vision up enough to help me… if I needed the help.

A flash of light landed beside Alec and me. It was Glenna. “Alec how is it? How are you both?” Glenna said. Then she was kneeling beside us. Glenna had her hands in Alec’s hair, then down his shoulders, on to his hands… then on to my hands up my shoulders into my hair. I guessed she was feeling for wounds.

Lucia, was standing with a smile on her face. She was happy. Happier than I had ever seen her, since we came into our world. She had her hands wrapped around her pregnant abdomen. Alec placed a hand on her stomach, he was smiling too. “Gemma, you will live. You were not hurt. You remember,” Lucia said.

Brian was there attempting to lift me up to my feet. Brad stumbled a bit in his effort to help. I had to have that robe off. It still had a mind of its own, still distracting me. I dismissed it. I felt the chill of the room on my flesh, I was so glad to feel that. I felt soreness in my arms, as if I had been carrying a heavy burden, which had been relieved by another.

Jacques and Jacquelyn stood beside the group after a bright flash of light that I felt, like a wind hitting me. Both of them were helping Alec to his feet just then.

Gretchen said, “Should I get something for anyone? Are you two ok? You both were fantastic, I would be pleased to be your third anytime!”

Greg was standing beside us now. Dima had his arms wrapped around Greg’s waist. Dima was saying nothing, but I could feel him, so many questions.

“Alec you gotta tell her how you were able to end the fight!” Greg said, I felt he was determined for me to know for some reason.

“Gemma, Greg is worried you may finally figure out that I stopped you. That through deduction you would think that anyone could do the same. But what happened to you will never happen to you again, unless it is by my hand.” Alec said, he looked more himself now. That look helped me a lot.

“I would never have thought of that Alec… well maybe not right now,” I said, I felt so much relief, not only my own but the others’ relief toward me.

“Gemma, I had gotten from you, your consent along time ago. I told you I would need it. I did not say why. You trusted me enough to give your consent to shut you down in a battle. I did not need to reason with you over it. So you know how bad the situation was there at the end. You hate giving anyone your consent, regardless of how good the sex is…” Alec said, with a slight smile. I could tell he was still in assessment over me and how I was.

“As I remember the sex was that good… if not amazing. Really from any of the Promise,” I said, to give a signal I was ok at this point. Gods was that again too much information?

“No it wasn’t Gemma, I needed to hear you say that, you are ok then…” Brad said. He had a grip on me now I would never be able to escape.

Lucia said, “I hope Dima is understanding of the conversation going on?”

I looked at Dima, he seemed to be taking in all the conversation. Dima looked calm and oddly he looked like he knew what had happened.

“Dima, are you ok?” I asked him.

“Gemma, I think you will be ok now. You have nothing to worry about, except that you will miss us when you go… but you are coming back. I will help too,” Dima said, with a smile.

I looked over at Alec. Alec nodded.

“Alec, when do I have to leave. When will what feels like a dream start again for me?” I said, I met what I said. I was not afraid, but I could already feel the distant ache of separation in my chest.

Alec dismissed his robe. Then stood there looking at me, before answering.

“Gemma, like Paul said it can be anytime. I will not let it take you unaware. You will know… I will go with you, like I did when you had to go the first time,” Alec said.

Brad pulled me closer to him. I felt his head on my neck. I wished to the gods I could take in his scent. I was tired.

“Gemma, you have nothing to worry about, this time you will be there briefly and you will not have to work to live in that world. All things will be provided, except the physical companionship you have here. You will feel us. We will be in a constant conversation with you. You will be there, dealing with the drama of that world, until you attract the attention of the parties you were sent to contact. Then it will become intense, not unlike here, where you thrive,” Alec said.

I said to Alec, “You mean it will make sense once I get their attention, making them decide if they believe me or not?”

“Yes, Gemma, I know you will be very good at it too. I have seen you in action within many council settings. You are very persuasive, a genuine person. Know that…” Alec said, “We need to go rest, lets head back to Adeer, where Gretchen can relax and be herself. I feel she needs that right now.”

I looked over at Gretchen, she was smiling at this point.

“Brad, can everyone go with us?” I asked him.

“Yes, I think that is what Alec has in mind. I feel right now, that you are very capable, you won’t be gone long. So don’t think on it Gemma.” Brad said, “Alec can we go now, have everyone come too, Gemma really wants that now for all of us.”

El and Monica appeared in a flash of light at the entrance of the Lyceum.

Dima took my hand, then hugged me, looking up at me.

“Dima I guess you will get to come out again to see Greg later to practice!” I said.

“I am thinking my mother and father would want me to be here for you. I will ask them permission to live with Greg, Paul and Alec. I want to help you.” Dima said.

Alec said, “That can be arranged Dima. Do not worry. You will see all of this through with Gemma.”

El and Monica were now with the group. Monica was hugging Brian. El came over, took me by my hands to check me over.

“Alec, you people need to go home now, get some rest.” El said.

“Yes, El, it has been good, we got more than we imagined. Would you like to join us in Adeer?” Alec said, smiling while holding Lucia.

“Alec, may I take us there?” Marta said.

“Yes, Marta. We need to rest.” Alec said.


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