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Personal life blurs with Spiritual Life as the Soul develops its light.

It is up to you to decide which is which that will be written about here. It is all about love of self, which leads to love of others, then the One. A purpose in life that was hidden and due to synchronicity has been exposed and is unfolding.

A grouping of related experiences in short-stories. If you do not care for one’s life truth and the bare experiencing of such, then turn your eyes and heart away else where, until you are ready, ready in openness. Of course much will be left to your imagination…. and to how far you are along your own personal soul path. It will be a conversation with one’s self as the soul relates with those who are making themselves clear and a reliable source of help.

Through these short stories it is hoped that the One is exposed to you as well and that your life becomes inoculated, becoming its own ready source of light – finding your way home as well.

I decided to sleep out side on the covered patio. I was excited by this because there would be finally time to be alone to think and to meet those who work with me, as I live this life, I have discovered myself in. And of course there would be time for intimate relations with my beloved, as we both had anticipated.

I sold the idea to my family as a free source of get away from my stresses by camping out of doors for the night. The night happened to be October 31 and new moon dark. The covered patio private except for the few cats that roamed this rural property late into the night. Comfortable reclining loungers were available that I use to nude sunbathe in privacy during the golden light of morning…. another way I de-stressed.

I began my preparations with great anticipation of what I would experience alone out in the night wrapped in my smooth green sleeping bag…. messages, knowledge, wisdom, predictions, guidance, belonging, oneness, whispers, love notes, sex…..


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