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Why do I write what I write… Now back home all of it on my web site.

I have jumped in feet first of course… but after 9 months being somewhere else with part of my story telling was not working. Belief in a new setting without results, only goes so far. 

I always tell people and my students, you can only report what you see & say what you mean.

So I am seeking monthly support from Readers / Fans, who wish to support both my creativity & their journey through life… which I hope to support by my words found here, where you are on my web site…

I am going to post the latest 1st draft chapters of both sensual (erotic) magical magickal fantasies that I am writing… and a starseed fantasy (reality) there too.

The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns And The Dead. There is a back story to this book too… I was banned for writing it within a certain situation due to sensibilities that do not line up with my own.

Why am I putting this book here now? Why do I think Readers want to support the continued work on this story. Because if you are a Supporter of this journey, then you are sharing your own personal vision, similar to my own journey. I had in the past began this novel in an on-line forum, until my “dream job” had a boss change… she felt it offensive for an employee to write erotica, so for a time I had to stop writing and sharing anything. She didn’t even like the haiku I wrote either, really I don’t think she knew what haiku was! So I will only share a few of the new chapters at first of The Unicorn Rider and my dear characters’ lives with my beautiful Readers / Fans. Offended people I am guessing will just be offended!

Anyway, yes, Horus and His Companions Book 1 … could be seen as offensive too, but what the heck… that is if you find sex offensive.

A Flash of Light, is another story (starseed) I am working on. I think, that it does not matter, even if no one reads it – these personal side notes about my paranormal, spiritual journey, it is very stress releasing for me to write about it. I am so enjoying my self and it is so healing too. The point of all of this for me, is to offer space for healing for my Readers and myself. So I reveal some personal tidbits about my life, that help me channel these three books and characters’ lives. Maybe you would like to support this writing process?

Reader Support of Anna Le Doux | Two Blue Wings

The Blog is free to read, but Reader/Fan support of Anna Le Doux is very, very much appreciated!


I will also be researching with literature reviews Health & Wellbeing information for my Readers, releasing these on I like to take what people possess right now, and use this for the promotion of health and wellbeing. I have written so far Why Sunbathing? (Nude) & Nude Health Benefits (Naked Health). We all have our naked bodies and access to the sun… a healthy combo. I hope to get into the health benefits of sleeping out under the stars too – with some research evidence to support this for you.

I am sure that there are people out there just as crazy as me (even believed ‘offensive’). Even if there are not, maybe there are people who want to make an opening in their lives to breathe. A mystery. A journey to find answers that work for them.

So I am announcing to my Readers / Fans your consideration these plans. I will also be supporting your health, wellbeing and spiritual journey with what I find and write. I will share my travels too and what I find / bump into there.