“It is the simple things…” Chapter 22 (1st draft — Sensual)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…



I decided to take a walk the next morning.

The night had been a good one for sleep, but I awoke feeling isolated and a bit off. I had slept alone. There was fruit and something to drink in my room. There was something comfortable to wear. I actually found a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie. I did not know what I would find out side my room, since I had only seen what I could in the darkness of the night before.

I walked out the door, down a hallway, down some stairs then out the door. OMG, I was right on the street. It was still dark. There was a chill in the air. I needed some coffee. I pulled up the hoodie over my head and just started walking down a narrow street between the two story buildings.

Walking I came across a child, a little boy. He was in his robes, like a miniature version of what I had seen Alec and Paul wear. The kid stopped and looked up at me. I decided to not notice him, because I knew if I did, the little guy could probably read my mind or worse. I just wanted to be alone. I wanted to think. I was in a problematic mood.

“Good Morning,” the little boy said, as he stopped right in front of me. He did not give me space to pass him… on my way to whatever was ahead of me.

“Yeah, ummm… Good Morning, who are you?” I said. I had hoped to avoid the mental probing I usually had to endure. I also felt the gentleness of the sense of Unity between us. This sense took away the rawness of my mood right then.

“I am Dima,” the slender boy of about 8 years of age said to me as he looked me in the eye.

“Well Dima, what has you out so early?” I said, now that his presence seemed to place me in a better mood. I had no idea why.

“I am up to go get my mother some milk from the market, then I will be going to class at the Lyceum,” Dima said. I felt he was waiting for something, like something from me, his turn to ask questions. Or did he want to get on with going places?

I became curious. “Dima, did you put on your robe or did you use magic to make it?” I asked, him directly.

“I put it on. My mother made it for me. I can not make my own robe yet,” Dima said, he was a bit put off by my question.

“I hope I did not say something wrong Dima, I was wondering.” I said, I just stood there, since I was after all outdoors where I needed to be in the chill of the morning air, with someone who did not know me from Adam.

“Who are you?” Dima asked. Seemed like a question of curiosity and being a nice kid too.

“My name is Gemma. I am just visiting. I needed to go for my morning walk, so here I am.” I said, making an excuse for why I was out and about. Like I was part of the normal crowd who would be doing that this time of morning, though no one else was around.

“Gemma, it is nice to meet you. Where are you going?” Dima said, now he appeared to turn slightly away from me, as if he were ready to go on his way.

“Where are you going? Like what direction?” I said to him, then I gave a look off down the narrow street in the direction I thought he was heading.

“I am going that way. If you want, we can walk to the market to get the milk.” Dima said, he then pointed down the street ahead of us.

“Yeah, I could do that. Do you know if they have coffee there?” I asked, I looked him over, this new companion of mine.

“No, they have milk. I think my mother has coffee or maybe tea at the house, if you want.” Dima said with a smile.

“Dima, I would not want to scare your mother with the idea of a stranger coming to the house for something to drink… I am ok.” I said to him, I couldn’t help smiling back at him.

“No, my mother would not mind. We see a lot of people from out side of Anice coming in who are here to get things for home. My mother doesn’t mind. Anyway, I gotta get the milk for her, so come on Gemma,” my new friend said. He grabbed my hand, before I could deny him the pleasure of guiding me.

“Ok, then, let’s go. How far is it. Are you warm enough in that robe?” I asked him. His hand was cold to the touch.

“I am fine. I am not cold. It will be warmer later. I like it cold.” Dima said.

We hurried along over the cobble stone street. There were a few oil lamps lit, but their light did not matter at this point. We finally stopped at a tall wooden gate nestled in the stone wall. Dima let go of my hand. He used both hands to open the gate’s wooden latch, then motioned with his head for me to follow him in to the hay strewn room.

“Dima, you wanting the milk now?” a man of about thirty said from off in the corner of the long room behind a stall gate.

I saw down at the end day light through another gate, that must be out side into the fields around the city. I noted that in my head, maybe I would use this route to take a longer walk, when I needed to.

Dima said, back to the unseen man, “Yes, I can take a larger can today, I have help with me this time.”

The man came out of the stall, wiping his hands on a brown towel. The man was looking hard at me, I tried not to think of anything at this moment of his scrutiny.

“I see you have help, good. I have a can here. Do you have the strap to carry it Dima with you this time?” The man said.

“Yes, right here.” Dima said, handing the woven black strap with a buckle attached to it, to the man.

“Dima, tell your mother I made sure the milk was strained double this time. I don’t want her to be disappointed. Will your mother be baking cake too and bread today?” The man said, he was still eyeing me. He was colorful in his dress with yellow and blue striped pants and a purple shirt with a bright green vest over it. I notice the gold and silver buttons, this was obviously his armor and he knew magic.

“Feliks, this is my friend Gemma. We are taking a walk this morning together. Headed back to mother’s for some hot tea. It is cold for Gemma this morning, but not for me.” Dima said, as he placed the harness on the ceramic vessel, that looked to hold about 6 gallons of milk.

“Nice to meet you Gemma. Dima is a fine magus, would be a good companion on any journey, close to home.” Feliks said. I felt his gaze at me was not as intense. I wondered if he knew anything. I did not feel that at the moment.

“Dima, you are never bothered by the cold are you? It was hard for me to get out of bed to milk the cows, but we know your mother needs it to make the daily bread. Then you headed to school?” Feliks said, as he was about to place the harness on Dima’s slender shoulders.

“Hey, put that on me. I am the help for this morning.” I said to the man.

“Sure thing, milady.” I heard him say. I suspected then he knew something about me. I felt though at the same time dark ones keep things to themselves. I liked that quality.

Feliks placed the harness on me snug. It would have been an incredible burden for Dima to have carried. I smiled at Feliks. He did not question my presence, I was thankful.

Dima had the gate open, waiting for me to come back out the way we had came in.

“Gemma, will that load be ok for you? My mother always needs more than I can carry back, she likes to make butter too.” Dima said, looking closely at me, then checking the gate latch for placement.

“Yeah, I am fine. We can make it back. I want to do this before there are a whole lot of people around, Dima.” I said.

“Ok, let’s go.” Dima said.

I was happy for the chill that clung to me. If this had been back in Seattle, I would have not been able to carry this load of milk. But it was here. I felt the challenge, but was enjoying it. The stress that had built up when I awoke in that room, was melting away, as the burden of the load did its work on me.

Dima finally stopped out front of a heavy old door, after we had rounded a corner up further than I had started out at. It was then I decided not to go in. I could go without anything to drink, if it avoided another adult to possibly question me.

“Dima, here is the milk, help me get it off. I will wait here, didn’t you say you needed to walk to school. I bet we don’t have much time now.” I said, making as many sensible excuses as possible.

Dima, shrugged his shoulders, then pulled the harness and milk container through the now open door. I stood there waiting for him.

A woman appeared at the door with a wooden cup that had steam arising out the top of it.

“Gemma, I hear you helped Dima. That you needed a cup of tea. I just made some for myself. Here is a mug. Dima can bring it home with him, so enjoy.” The slender raven haired woman said to me. She looked at me with kind dark eyes. She was about thirty in a long black robe, the intricate knots were evident the full length of her robe’s front. I did not feel any questions coming from her. I felt only kindness or was that the Unity?

“Thanks for the tea. I needed something with caffeine in it to kick start me. I was out for my walk and Dima needed the help.” I said, condensing any possible questions this woman would want to ask, so I could avoid more explaining of who I was to her.

“Well, Gemma, glad to help. I hope you enjoy your walk. Find what you are looking for in Anice. You are always welcome back if you need a place to rest.” The woman said, smiling at me, then rubbing the top of Dima’s blond head.

“Thanks again.” I said. I thought maybe I would need this contact in the future, a place to go, close to my gilded cage.

Dima said, “Now we gotta go. I left my books at the school, yesterday. I had my home work done. Loads of guys did not. So we can go now.”

I walked beside Dima. I was so happy to not see anyone in the streets still. I did hear off down some turns of the narrow street we were on sounds of people starting, but I saw no one.

We walked for about 15 minutes. Dima had led me to a door. A door that looked similar to the one I and Lucia had entered with Mark back on the day I had arrived in Brashaw. Dima pulled on the door handle, as the door swung open easily. I followed him down the hallway. The light ahead was golden and had movement to it. We entered a large room filled with long tables. Over at the end of the room was a wide fire place with several pots hanging on iron hinges. In the pots were ladles. Dima picked up two white ceramic bowls and ladled out what looked like oatmeal into each one. He handed me one, as he put some oatmeal in his. Then he walked over to a table that had pitchers of milk, dried fruit and nuts in wooden bowls.

I had finished my black tea, so I then filled the cup with what looked like apple juice from one of the wooden pitchers on the table. Dima motioned for me to follow him and sit at the end of a near by table facing the fire place.

I was peaceful at last. The food was simple and good.

“Gemma, they have breakfast here each morning and a great lunch too. I like school. I am never hungry or afraid here. Someday I will be like my teachers, I will be able to help my mother and the city.” Dima said, as he looked from me then to the fire.

“So you like school? That is a good thing. I liked most the school stuff I did too. There was some of it I did not like. Yeah, the food is great. It makes me feel better.” I said, to the little boy. He now seemed like a little boy, instead of a miniature man. “How do you like living here? Have you been here long?”

“I like it. My family has a house and I can go to school. I have friends. The best thing is I can sleep without being afraid.” Dima said, I felt very honestly, like he had had time to think, but had never been asked.

“Afraid of what?” I asked between bites of fruit, nuts and oatmeal.

“Afraid of what would come to hurt us. Afraid of the war. Afraid of living out in the woods, then out in the grass area. We have a house now and food. I am learning how to take care of my family. I will be able to do that, my teachers say soon.” Dima said, smiling at me.

“Are you afraid, Gemma, from where you come from?” Dima asked. Gods a question, but he is a kid, it is an honest question, one I had avoided to answer to myself.

“Yes, I get afraid. I know about the war. I also have something I must do that makes me afraid. I will have to trust my friends to help me, when I go back to work on the problem.” I said. Dima looked at me, like he wanted to help. Though I knew he did not understand. He was amazingly accepting of me and what I had just said.

Dima then got up quickly, and ran toward the table where the food was. I turned slowly around. I met the gaze of Martin there. Martin received Dima in his arms and gave the boy a hug.

Marty said, “Dima, you are looking good. Saw you had your home work done before you left, I got it corrected. We will talk about it. Go get your books, ok?”

Dima, grabbed Martin’s hand and drug him to the table.

“This is Gemma, she is visiting Anice. She helped me go get the milk for my mother. She was taking a walk. I thought she may like something to eat. Gemma, this is Martin, one of my teachers. I gotta get my books, I will be back.” Dima said, smiling he ran off down to the end of the room and out into the hallway. His foot steps were swallowed up with distance.

I looked at Martin. I wondered what he thought, finding me here with this kid and eating breakfast too.

“Hey, Marty.” I said, I knew I wasn’t in trouble, but maybe I was kind of.

“Ummm, Gemma, you being the run away type this morning?” Martin said, as he swung his leg over the edge of the bench across from me.

“Yeah, sorta, I had to think, I had to walk some things off.” I said, looking at him, damn he did things to me too, just sitting here.

“So what do you need me to do Gemma?” Marty said, moving his thumb over the table top in front of him.

“I don’t know. I feel like I am stuck. That I am just waiting for something to get over or break loose, Marty.” I said. Gods, I wish he could with the wave of his hand make this situation go away.

“Hey, are you afraid? I am trying not to read you Gemma, you don’t need that from me.” Marty said, looking up at me from his thumb on the table.

“Yeah, I am afraid, Marty. Are you amazed or what? What am I suppose to feel. I don’t know myself. I am just living it. Trying to remember.” I said, directly to him, with a bit of relief coming from it.

“Gemma, none of us have anything but where we are right now. So maybe if you and I work on where you are at, then you will know what to do next.” Marty said, with a deep intake of air coming from him.

“Yes, that would work. But will that be enough?” I said, damn I had tears, how weak was that?

“No, you aren’t weak. Like me you have the bad habit of acting human… I freely admit it, it happens to me too, old habits die hard don’t they?” Marty said, with a slight smile.

“Gods, Marty, did I screw over Brad and Brian last night? I found my room and shut the door. I had to be alone. I know I was pretty stupid to wander out into the city too.” I said, looking at him sideways.

“Brad lived through the separation. Alec helped him, they talked along time. The three of them are at the sacred pool keeping busy with people who show up… you know near Adeer. It’s all under control. Marta knew where you were the whole time anyway. You couldn’t have run in to a nicer person than Dima. Maybe you can help him too.” Martin said, then reached out taking my left hand in his.

“So, I am not in trouble? Yeah, Dima is a cool guy. His mother is nice too. I noticed the dark ones don’t ask many questions, at least the ones who are human, anyway. The breakfast is great here…” I said, I felt everything Martin was thinking with the touch of his hands.

Martin just sat there silent. I felt like he was inviting me to just rest there in the moment with him. I took a deep breath, then let it out looking directly at him. He smiled back. Then he closed his eyes, holding my hand still in his.

I felt calm, not the type of calm I had to consent to either. A calm between us.

Then I felt a small hand on my elbow. I opened my then shut eyes to see little Dima with his two books under his arm. He was looking at the both of us.

Martin let go of my hand and motioned Dima to come to him on his side of the long table.

Martin then pulled Dima into his lap with Dima facing me. The boy sat there smiling. I could feel Dima soaking up the love just then.

Martin said, “Dima, Miss Gemma is here today to help our class. But I need for you to help me. To help her too.”

Dima smiled, then asked, “How can I help, what do you want me to do?”

“Dima,” Martin said, “I want to tell you who Miss Gemma is. Then you must keep it to yourself. If others knew, they could be distracted from our class work. I want you to help by treating everything normal like we talk about at class, all calm, ok?”

“Yes, sir,” Dima said, moving around slightly on Marty’s lap, paying close attention to what he would be told about me.

“Miss Gemma is very important. She will be soon on a mission. But she will be back soon to teach here Dima. She is an instructor. She is a princess too. She is also a member of the Promise. Remember I told you about that. She works with Alec and Queen Lucia too. Miss Gemma is a human, but she comes to help us from the outer worlds, she is a Lyran, Dima,” Martin said. The boy’s eyes enlarged with each word Marty said to him.

“Miss Gemma… Gemma I will not say anything to anyone. The mission, is that what you are afraid of? Can I help you?” Dima said, as he leaned closer to me across the table, in his best indoor voice.

“Dima, just being you helps me. I hope I can help you, with Martin. I am so happy to have you as my new friend. Maybe you can help me get use to the class, ok?” I said. I couldn’t help but smile at him and then into Martin’s eyes. I was calm, this is what I had needed.

“Now, let’s look at your journal, Dima.” Martin said to him.

Dima opened, carefully his books to the latest work. I could see that it was written in a neat tight script. I could actually read it, it was in both ancient Odian, used by both the dark ones and the light ones. Below were the answers again written in dark speech. I could also see circled words and phrases with several sentences written in the margins as comment, in the hand of Martin.

“You did very well. You used a few words out of context, Dima. I have given some examples. I want you to correct the words, use what you understand of the examples to help you. Then turn it back in by the end of the day. We will be doing some physical work today, so there will not be anymore written work for you to do, just this. If you don’t get what I am saying, just ask, I will sit down and help you. Or I am sure Alec can, he will be here today to practice with us. Miss Gemma can help you too, Dima,” Marty said. Martin looked over at me with a slight smile.

“Ok, look here comes Bruce and Sheila!” Dima said, now smiling over to his friends who were coming to the fire place for the oatmeal.

“Go, help them get dished up. The rest of the students will be here soon. You are always early, Dima. Someday you will be an instructor here, I just know it!” Martin said. As Dima slid out from behind the table edge off Marty’s lap, running to meet his friends, these friends exchanged hugs as they talked with heads together.

“Gemma, what did you learn, if I can play the part of an instructor to you right now?” Martin said as he watched the students arrive around us.

“That I can be foolish. That I let my emotions rush off with me from the best thing, which has ever happened to me… all of you. That I am in love and loved… I am afraid of loosing that. I let fear run my life. I need help with that. I know deep in my heart and deeper in my mind that you love me. That I can not hide from any of you. That I do fit in, even when I am not feeling like it. That I can do this, Marty…” I said, I finally was able to look into his eyes, his eyes which had been holding me so intently as I told him what was on my soul.

“Gemma, I will have to agree with your summation of your predicament. The remedy you state clearly is the knowing you fit in, that you can’t run away and that you are loved… that I love you so much. So we will work on that. It boils down to you learning to trust those who love you… and to trust yourself. Both of these will come with experiences. You will learn, I promise. The learning will not be limited to while you are here, but in the other world too. I am confident you can do this… I must confess a secret to you, Gemma,” Marty said, to me, Gods a secret, was it something I had over looked again?

“No you did not over look anything, Gemma. The secret is what Alec told me, Mark, Lucia, Brad, Brian and a few others… that he would not let you go back to that world, if he did not know you would be successful and safe… that you can do this thing. So that is where I live and work from when it comes to you, Gemma,” Marty said taking my hand in his once more.

“Got it, then, good to know. I will keep pushing that into my head, when over thinking tries to take over, Marty,” I said. I saw a little girl come to the table, standing near Marty looking up at him.

“Sheila how are you sweet heart?” Marty said, to the child.

“I put my journals in your basket Martin. When can we work on them?” Sheila said. I was amazed how responsible she acted for being so young. I saw Martin nod slightly to my mental comment.

“Everyone will get a few hours this afternoon after lunch Sheila. In a while here we will do some energy work. Are you ready? Here eat your breakfast, so we can get moving. Tell everyone what we are going to do, ok?” Marty said, appearing to inspire Sheila with the many exciting things she would get to do today.

“Hey, Gemma, lets go to the practice room, let me show you what you can do to help. Jacqueline, Alec, probably Brad and Brian with a few others will be here in a while to help. We will give the kids time to talk and eat. Then they can focus on us safely for a few hours. Come on…” Marty said, he offered me his hand. I took it, I felt very calm… even if the practice room was in my near future.

The room felt different with just me and Martin in it. My mind was clear and my stomach full. I also knew what was out side the walls of this room, that Dima lived there with his mother, that I belonged there too.

“Gemma, I am glad Dima could help you, where we could not. It is usually the simple things that help us turn the corner. I see that in my own life. Feeding, healing and providing education has made the difference in our world… just being there for each other works wonders.” Marty said, then he faced me.

“Marty, what can I do to help?” I said, I honestly wanted to help, but I did not feel I knew anything helpful.

“Gemma, lets practice something. Something you can do with the kids. Like Dima. They so want to learn. Lucia, at their age was pulling up energy from the Earth and pushing it out ward in a shocking display of her powers. But these kids can’t do that yet. Their parents until recently did not have their energy stores either. Now they do, we help them one-on-one, we go to their homes, to their villages to give back to them their birthright. So let me help you work on something simple, that you can do with what you have now. I will share energy with you to do this. Ok?” Marty said. He took me by my left hand.

“Won’t I hurt someone, Marty?” I said. I so wanted to help, to feel the energy flow through me.

“No, I won’t let you hurt anyone, Gemma. Just feel and then repeat what you feel. You will know, you will remember too.” Martin said.

He placed his left palm on the top of my left palm. I felt my palm get warm. The energy was odd this time, from where it came. I felt I should move my feet a bit apart. Then I felt a flow, like a magnetic flow coming up out of the ground through the soles of my feet. The energy was seeking out Martin’s hand pressed on to mine. I closed my eyes to balance the flow between both of my feet into my left palm. I was warming slightly the space between our left hands. It was amazing. It flowed from the Earth into my feet, warming the base of my spine then over my left shoulder into my hand then into Marty’s hand. A steady flow. Where was this energy coming from?

“Gemma, you are calling up the energy I tap into from the Earth and the elements above the Earth. I am calling it through you. But it will listen for your calling too. Now let go of my hand. We will connect again. Calling up energy is very basic, it is what the kids need. They are like magnets, they will draw it up, just need a trigger to get the kinesthetics. Once they ‘feel’ that, they will not be the same. Then they will need to understand the ethics and responsibilities of the use of this energy. That is what you will also teach them Gemma with us,” Marty said.

He held out his left hand again. This time, I did not feel anything flowing. I stood there.

“Feel the Earth, feel, imagine the feel of the flow into your feet. Let your left hand want to give that energy to me. Will the flow to come, call it with your mind and heart, Gemma,” Marty said, in a low quiet calming voice.

I felt the warmth begin at where our palms connected. Oddly I felt our love. I stood with my feet spread apart, grounded and I felt the love moving from where we touched move quickly down to my feet. The Earth felt like it reached out touching the soles of my feet. I stood there accepting that feeling. I did not expect it to flow, since I had been told I had no access to energy. Then I felt the swirl of movement in my feet that jumped up to my buttocks. Deep warmth into my lower back up my spine. The coursing of energy into my left shoulder, my head growing warm on the crown. Then my left hand was warm and I felt the need to ‘give’ this energy to Marty. It was like a circuit had been completed between us. I heard Marty’s audible sigh. I saw I had my eyes closed, my eyes popped open to find him smiling at me.

“Marty, are you ok? Did I do that just now?” I said, I was smiling, but did not know if I should be. It felt so good.

“Gemma, you did incredible. You can use that approach with anyone. I enjoyed it. You were using love and sensuality to conjure up a pathway from the Earth to me for the energy flow. I am thinking you were using memories as a Lyran to do so. The kids will enjoy it… don’t be afraid to use the same thing with them. They need the love and the connection. WOW, I am impressed. You will be very powerful with practice. But for now, just helping the kids connect to the energy of the Earth will be mind blowing for them. They will be changed forever… Gemma,” Martin said to me. I felt so happy, I felt hope. I was still a bit fearful of doing this to a kid like Dima, but I had to trust Marty when he said I could do this…

“Martin, should I wear something else, like a hoodie and jeans are not exactly what people wear around here?” I said, felt like a kid, like Dima, asking for something to wear… so I fit in, or maybe looked the part.

“Yes, Gemma, we have time to head to a dressing area. Fortunately it is not used much, well considering who would be using it, has the clothes thing under control on their own,” Martin said, he walked toward the only exit out of here then halted a bit so I could catch up even with him.

We went into the next room, there was a door that looked the night before as a panel in the wall. Then I noticed there were several of these panels in the room. Martin pushed his hand on one of these and it swung inward. The room was just that a dressing room, with a small couch, or what they called in Victorian times a ‘fainting couch’. There were robes of all colors and sizes in here hanging on wooden coat hangers and some on hooks. There were also fabric bags hanging from hooks, apparently with more clothing pieces to pick from.

Martin stopped, he looked at me closely, then headed over to a particular section. He pulled on the hook above one of the robes, with that out popped more. The hook was only showing the first of many robes. I went over beside him. I touched the robes, feeling the fabric, experiencing the colors.

“You realize, these are just robes, not armor. They will feel wonderful worn, but not feel as a part of you Gemma,” Martin said, giving me a side glance. “But of course these will be much better than jeans and a hoodie…”

“Marty, what do you want me to do? I can’t or at least I don’t remember how to conjure a robe?” I said, I reached out to him beside me and took his upper arm, where I found a very muscular bicep under the folds of his red ceremonial robe.

“Here, you are thinking about how to do two steps… we need to do one at a time. Only use energy on one of these steps, the most necessary of steps.” Martin said, looking over at me, with his hands on the robes in front of him, as he looked at sizing for me.

“How so Marty? I was told by Alec I do not have access to my Lyran ancestral energies. You have shown me a few things, but can I do more without that connection?” I said, now I felt maybe things were possible. Maybe this was what Alec talked about. He was not trying to stop me, but do a work around?

“Gemma, you always have access to what the Earth has to offer. That is also regardless the dimension you find yourself in. So let’s use it, ok?” Marty said, then he grabbed my shoulders bringing me right in front of him. He began at the bottom of my hoodie and pulled it up ward off over my head. He tossed it over to the chair behind him. He looked at me, knowing I got the point. Take the clothes off. I stripped off the rest. I was nude. I heard him take in a breath of air.
“Now Gemma, focus on what it is you want on your body. You have had robes on, but make a strong image of one in the color you wish, give it a purpose, why you want that one. Then feel with your feet the Earth, invite the energy to come and make you covered in that warmth, that energy, that comfort. Close your eyes, love, wish, command, anticipate, expect…” Martin said, slowing his words at the end for impact.

I did that. I felt nothing at first. I was just standing there chilly and a bit vulnerable in the nude there.

“Gemma, continue the imagery, continue your request, your need put out there for a robe to protect you, to wear to help others find themselves again, to feed those who are spiritual hungry.” Martin whispered, he was very close to me, but not touching me.

I saw that image, of Dima smiling up at me. I wanted to help. I needed a robe to help and protect Dima from me, to protect me to help Dima.

I felt the pressure on the soles of my feet. I felt heat in my breasts, my womb, the top of my head. Then I felt a warmth move up my spine from deep in my pelvis. This warmth spread outward on to my arms, wrapped around my hips and clung to my throat. I felt covered. I felt beautiful. I opened my eyes.

Martin was looking at me, smiling. I held up my left arm to find a beautiful green robe with an orange sheen to it, with numerous folds up my arm forming a point at my wrist. I looked down and found the front of the robe open from my breasts down to my slightly fussed mound.

“Gemma may I do the honors of tying the knots for you?” Martin said, he then leaned forward with his hand over the ties at my neck. He then turned up his face and kissed me.

“Marty, I think I need more than the knots from you right now.” I said, Gods I just said what I felt I had heard from him.

“Gemma, we have a bit of time. Time is so short all the time with so much to do…” Marty said, he laid his hands on my breasts cupping them. He stepped into me, that is when I found his own robe gone with nothing to separate us from each other. I felt him then joining with me, passing his cock deep into my opening, as we stood together moving to physically accommodate what it was we needed to do. I grasped at his muscular back with my hands, my hands began to feel warm. Martin moaned as he pushed deeper into me. I closed my eyes enjoying his lips on my neck as he held me there to complete what we both wanted.

“Gemma, you are passing energy through us, I am about to come, I can’t control this any longer… you are you now like the last time I had to say good bye to you. You are my magic, Gemma…” Martin said, with a breathy moan into my ear.

I came too right then, with lights flashing white in my eyes behind my lids. I was gone, I was whole, I was home, Marty was mine. I felt the energy from my feet to the top of my head, warming us, making us moist, I raised my leg to cling to him to gain more from him and his hold on my body. We were held together, with small sharp movements that started to leave us over this brief time we were enfolded together. Martin was hanging on the robes around me, keeping us up right. I was encased in the throbbing warmth of the robe I had conjured up.

“Hey, I did not hurt you or us like that did I Marty?” I said, looking down at the top of his head with his face coming up from being buried in my breasts.

“Nope, I am more than fine, you are ready to teach. More I think. I know Alec will be relieved. He had said it would be one of us that would trigger your abilities… I just did not think it would be me.” Martin said, looking in to my eyes and kissing my lips again.

“Marty I love you. Always have, always will. I hope that’s ok with you?” I said, as I watched Marty regain his composure by starting to tie the knots in my robe.

“What do you think Gemma?” Martin smiled slightly as he continued his focus on his work.

“Got it nothing has changed,” I said, as I steadied my self hanging on to his shoulders.

“There, done and done. The knots should help with the flow of energy too. I tied them battle style, not to suggest that to you, but to even out the flow of energy when you touch the kids’ palms to help them pull from the Earth here in a bit,” Marty said. He then stepped back and moved up ward to his waist his right hand with the result showing in a fine red brocade robe clinging over every curve and muscle of his body. “For your enjoyment Gemma. I hope to plan another time of intimacy with you in a more supportive of a place in the near future.”

“I would agree to that, I don’t ever remember having sex in a coat closet before.” I said. I took him in my arms hugging him close, kissing him again.

“Well a guys gotta take what he can get, on this work schedule.” Martin said. “I feel Marta, knows exactly where we are right now, she is keeping the students occupied with preparation… Alec is here too.”

I immediately let go of him. Then I began to smooth out my robe, but it didn’t really need my attention like that. I felt like a teenager sneaking about with her boyfriend just then.

“Ummm, no Gemma, it is a bit more serious between the two of us, you know that right?” Marty said, looking down at his hands as he rubbed his palms together with finality.

“Yeah, I was hoping so. It will make going out there, easier Marty, to face the ‘we know’ looks.” I said. “Hey, do you think I can do this again?… for Alec?”

“Yes, it’s like bike riding, you got this. Best part, you will do this in the other world Gemma, do this each time you ‘want’ something done. Do it a bit faster, when need be, use our love to do it, too.” Marty said looking at me side ways.

“I thought you were going to compare it to having sex…” I said, since I had those words floating in my head too from Alec.

“Like sex… I don’t think you need any help with that, Gemma,” Martin said. “Let’s head out, we look good… I will be excited to see the kids change today, see what their parents say too… there maybe some fall out, but I don’t think so since Marta is here to witness all of it.”

“Can we do this again,” I asked as I saw Martin find the not so obvious latch on the panel door.

“Yes, certainly, if a robe closet can do that again between us, sure,” Martin said, smiling at me, pointing the way out of the small room.


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