I have written about things you can do at home… to change your perception of life… your quality of life. These changes will flow over into positive changes in your everyday life.

Doing things privately, where no one knows or sees you doing them… can impact your life and how people feel about you. This making your life richer. Healthier. Up lifting. Helping you take back your life from the drama around you.


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For most people these are curiosities, something they have thought about doing or wanting to do. I would think the reasons you are thinking about these is that you are looking for a way to change your life up. I would like to point out to you, that change can be positive and change can be all yours personally. You do not need others or a situation to help you create positive change in your life. What needs to be worked on is your PERCEPTION of yourself and the world around you.

I have a very elderly friend who I visit. She was worried about things, which were out of her control. Like what she saw on the news each day for example. I knew what was tormenting her was the perception she was developing each day. This perception attracted a whole lot of fear and negativity.

I shared with her what I do… I said, you must say, you must know and relax in the FACT that IT IS EASY TO FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE, because… YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE…

Your perception of the world. Your perception of yourself. Your perception of your skills. Your perception of trusting yourself… Is everything.

So what does this have to do with Nude Sunbathing, Nude Health… Shaving your pubic area???

It is an action you are doing. It is something you are doing for you. It is a new way to think about you.

YOU need this… you are your own cheerleader. You are awesome. You will make a DIFFERENCE.

If you don’t do this, you are giving up on life and you. I know, I have been there too.


Doing things in your private life, helps you change your perception about yourself. Gives you permission to live the way you want to live, even before it manifests. You have to start somewhere.

What am I up to then, with shaving the pubic hair thing.

It is something you can do in private.

Only you, need to know about it.

Why? You may be asking yourself.

Gods… I have a worse case scenario in my own life – that I have over come.

But first…

Let me tell you how, before the why. Because some people already know why they want to do this. I want to also place here the PROS and CONS of shaving the pubic area, for both women and men.

You have to know what your goal is here. This is work and it takes consistent management for it to turn out finally the way you want it to. A daily decision… It all depends upon your own immune system and the equipment you use too.

As I lost weight with my change to a vegetarian diet, I wanted to do more for my body, to feel sensual. I am enjoying my slim body. I rub oils into my flesh. I keep hydrated. I use natural products such as Wild Yam Cream to promote hormonal balance, both men and women can use this cream… it is not just for women. The oils I settled on for over all body health is Apricot Kernel Oil with a few drops of Frankincense essential oil added and Myrrh… for my face I use Rose Hip (seed) Oil. I have had incredible results. I then decided I wanted to trim the hair on my body. This is odd for me… I will tell those who read to the end about this journey.

I then watched some pretty crazy videos on shaving the pubic area. Thankfully there were some pretty serious people wanting to be helpful who actually video taped themselves shaving. I also looked at the pros and cons of shaving the area. The biggies were these two… natural pubic hair was there to protect the immune system from both everyday infections and from the ‘brush’ with other genitals you may encounter that held what is called normal flora or normal bacteria present. The hair kept away from your vital openings on both women and men what could cause infections, by trapping in the pubic hair these bacteria, then after sex, the individual would wash away these bacteria before these could accumulate in greater numbers to cause an infection. THEN of course there was the second reason… friction. In sex there is always the hoped for friction of genital to genital for orgasm. The pubic hair helped with this in that it was like the ‘logs’ under a heavy load, rolling the genital over the other genital as to not allow for skin sheer, which can cause small openings in the skin… both painful and again a place for bacteria to get in and cause infection. So pubic hair is helpful, as a barrier against painful skin rubbing and introduction of infection. NOW in NO WAY am I saying if you don’t shave you will avoid STD (sexually transmitted disease) or what they call now STI (sexually transmitted infection) YOU NEED A Condom for that, which is a barrier, between you and the other person. A functioning Condom, put on before the action and not after. So two reasons or at the least what people think are reasons why human males and females have pubic hair. Who knows it maybe for some other reason, like keeping things warm, draining sweat away from the body or in some circles involved with the Adam and Eve thing… modesty. UMMM, well moving on.

Now the equipment. I don’t mean the genitals, I mean the items that I have had success with in doing the shaving.

I use CAREFULLY the following two items (while pulling the skin taunt when shaving):

ASTRA superior platinum double edge razors… in my WEISHI chrome long handled DOUBLE EDGED SAFETY RAZOR. (got them off Amazon).


I did try the cheap disposable razors. I did try the high end disposable razors. I could not get it sharp enough in either case. It was expensive and disappointing.

Now I can only tell you about shaving a bikini line and near my bottom/anus. I do these areas. I enjoy doing these areas. I feel slender. I feel ready. I also do this daily, just going over it to keep it smooth and ready. Yes, some articles I will share here for your own look will say not to shave daily due to irritation, but I have found that once you establish a routine then the red irritated ‘bumps’ are not a problem. I rub my oil and ointment on these areas too to keep them looking good. My perception about myself has changed due to this daily care too, right after showering. Yes, I do it after I shower… I can only imagine how I would handle a safety razor with wet hands! I use my oil as the lubricant. I also take the razor blade out of the razor and wipe it off on a small washcloth to keep the edge clear of debris. Some times I use in that area L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, I figure if I use it on my hair, I want the rest of the hair on my body to look fabulous and soft too. AGAIN I am seeing my self as sensual, each time I do this. I do not cut all the hair off my pubic area. I take advantage of the ideas I had stated earlier. I just wanted to look, trimmed, prepared, sleek, sensual, beautiful. It is also easy to keep this area with a normal scent, I do not place any scent down there due to possible reactions. I want me to smell like me, which I think smells pretty good anyway. But of course maybe people want something else? So I am both natural, healthy, and I am positive about my body. I figure if I am positive others can take it or leave it, because I am fabulous.

Now, when I first started out shaving. I did run into the bumps thing. I would also cut myself. But I had decided to shave, to do this thing. I used scissors initially to get it in shape then I kept shaving the edges until I saw what I wanted. Over time the bumps disappeared. I have only stubble to deal with on a daily basis. I shave everyday too. So there are no surprises… If you have the right equipment, as I mentioned, it is not very expensive to have what you need, a sharp razor everyday available to you. AS you shave you get to know yourself. I also during this time, looked up images on the internet of other people’s genitals to see if I was normal or maybe even beautiful. OMG, I found so many variations. People were proud to show their’s. I felt no negativity. I felt that I would be just as wonderful when seen as others. Again, my perception changed concerning my self. I found I had both what I had always wanted and what I possibly would need.

So this small part of my journey has been very important to me.

I found out one day.

My work gave to the staff a massage therapy session as a gift. Me in a massage therapy session? I am not in a ‘situation’ to be touched by anyone. My journey is different. So I was, I guess, a bit nervous about the session. I did not know how I would react to it. I had never had a professional massage before. BUT I had cared for myself that morning as I always had before work… I had heard that the massage would happen that day… BUT I did not know it would be, well a full body massage. Usually when such things are offered it is of the neck or shoulders. GODS, I was nude for this. I had left on my underwear, when the therapist asked me to remove my clothing totally to receive the full benefit of massage (not to get oil over my underwear). She set the ground rules for where she would touch and why. I decided to get into my personal zone and relax. It was amazing. Human touch. Acceptance of my body. My body ready for viewing by another Human Being. Yes, that sounds sad, right, but I was ready. The big part, the take away part, is I was proud of me, what I looked like, who I am, my purpose. The therapist said I was the most relaxed person they had ever worked with. That I made them feel good to have massaged me. That it made them try more techniques on my body to achieve their goals as a therapist. I really needed that. I am always ready, for no other reason, but me.

I will say, that I have a positive perception of myself that I am building. My work with my beloved is key to this too, self acceptance. WE can not accept others or solve personal drama / problems until we accept ourselves… The fantasy I write represents the same attitude – but there is a reason to that too. The fantasy is based upon reality. Your perception of you is based upon the reality of you. You are unique and wonderful… You are sensual.


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