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“Work and Play…” Chapter 19 (1st draft WARNING a SENSUAL chapter)…

Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon…

As we walked up the hallway, back to where we had left the others… and the future meal, we looked the sight. Alec walking beside me in a conjured golden robe with his hands behind his back. Me with the knot Alec tied on the woolen robe Brian gave to me.

“I needed, everything you just gave me Alec.” I said, looking at him sideways. I felt odd too. Like I was more myself in his presence. Maybe it was because of his clarity, he held me in his mind, the me before my needing sigiled.

“Gemma,” he said to me, “You always give to me what I need, what is necessary.”

“So what do the others need from us? Like what do they expect after our talk?” I said, though I was not too worried about them suspecting we had had sex. To them that would have been a given, if I was not mistaken by what I had felt so far.

Alec stopped mid way to our destination. He said, “If you are worried about the sex part… I had already mentioned it to Lucia, that I leave open all options to you. Lucia said she hoped that it came to that for us. She would feel better, if your’s and my relationship was that settled before you left to the other world.”

That thought gave me some relief. My relationship with Alec stood, now. What I was to Lucia had, then, not changed.

“That is certainly good news, Alec.” I said, “What I mean is what is still between you and me. And Lucia. That she still accepts me.”

“Gemma, there was never any question in our minds about you and us.” Alec said, taking in a deep breath. “This gives me relief too… closure to what I had to do to you in the past, where I had to send you and Lucia. I am glad you are still mine too.”

I fell silent. I was not use to being so close to one who felt so deeply for me, outside of, well, sex.

“Now as to what they expect from us.” Alec took up again, “They had wanted me to clear the air with you. To regain footing with you in our relationship… to apologize for misunderstandings. This all being a signal to them, that you were ready to learn. They so want you to remember before you went back. To be calm, confident and strong, again. Remember these boys knew you well before you left…”

“I know.” I said, looking up at him.

Alec turning to face me with arms at his sides, said, “I am still amazed you could tap into your energy… your powers… you almost pulled off the spell. Your timing was off, I think because you could not ‘feel’ what you wanted to do. The kinesthetics, the energy flow. I will work on that with you, with the possibility of you doing what you did again. It would come in handy when you leave. Would be more than I could ask for, for you, Gemma. We’ll see. You do have in the ones working with you some fine magus. Then there is Marta too. I am sure Glenna would get involved, if she saw the potential for you. I am sure she got what almost happened at the ritual.”

Alec then placed his hands on both my shoulders, I felt what I needed from him, just then. I did not want to think about what I could have done to him in the ritual. He slipped his arms around me.

“Gemma, just don’t go getting yourself killed in the other world, ok? It’s not worth it. I want you to know. There are other ways of getting this done.” Alec said.

“I got that same idea from what Lucia had told me. Though she said, in her case here, there was no way around it… if that is what you mean, Alec.” I said, as I held him close to me.

“Yes, there is that too, playing in my mind. I will be watching and feeling for you Gemma. You will be ready. I swear by the Gods.” Alec said, then glanced off down the long hallway. “Looks like we have a few eyes giving us a peek. Guess we had better break up our party here and check in with theirs.”

We let go of each other. Alec grabbed my hand and pulled me along down the hallway.

I could smell the food, as we rounded the corner into the room.

Brad stood up from his spot beside Lucia. Mark broke off his conversation with Marta. As I let go of Alec’s hand and headed toward where Gretchen stood.

“I thought less formal would be good and quick for you.” She said to me, as I looked over the buffet lit by multiple candelabras. It was small, but packed with foods, some I did not even recognize. Or maybe I did and just didn’t remember yet.

I hugged Gretchen, who then smiled broadly at me. I figured it out just then.

I whispered, “Is it that obvious?”

Gretchen took my face in her hands, whispering on the way to a kiss on my lips… “Yes, his scent is all over you. You are incredibly relaxed. I am so happy for you…”

I smiled back faintly at her. I thought, quietly, I will just wait to see the reaction. This would be an edgy moment I think, I wondered where it would lead.

Brian was first to me, apparently, he had been the lookout, Alec had seen.

“Are you doing ok?” Brian said, then he looked down at my robe.

It was then I sensed he noticed Alec’s knot in my robe.

“Knew it had been you Brian, that is how you always tie them. Wasn’t too bad getting it undone, in the state I was in at the time…” Alec said, as he sat down near Lucia on the ottoman.

“I was thinking the same thing, when I checked the knot. It was yours Alec, obviously, text book with a slight variation, which could be loaded with a spell as needed.” Brian said to Alec, as Brian faced toward me, smiling.

Brian whispered, “I guess I answered my own question. I am glad you made it through the discussion you were nervous about.”

“Yeah.” I said, looking closely at him. “Did you just now too?”

Brian picked a wine glass filling it half way up, then handed it to me. “You will find out later here, I am hoping,” he said.

I looked over to see if I could feel what Lucia was feeling. I saw Alec, now sitting beside her, giving her a kiss. Brad had his hand on Alec’s shoulder. Alec then spoke close to Lucia’s face as she glanced up at me. Brad offered his hand to Lucia, with a squeeze to her hand, he walked over to me and Brian.

Brad with a deep intake of a breath, then reached out for my hand. I met his reach with my hand. “Gemma, before dinner I think you will need to talk to Lucia. Ok?” Brad said, then looked back toward Alec and Lucia. Alec was getting up off the ottoman with a hand from Marta. Lucia was alone and smiling toward me, Brad and Brian.

“Here I go. Hope I make sense.” I said, to Brad.

Brad, not quite releasing my hand, yet, said, “You will do fine. Just say what has been on your mind. Lucia is fully conscious. I think you will recognize her now in your heart… from memories.”

I walked over to the ottoman. Lucia offered her hand up towards me. I took it. That made it easier for me to find a spot to sit down beside her.

Lucia said in a low voice. “Gemma, do you want that robe off? I think you are warm enough, now. It has done its work, I can see.”

I allowed her to untie the intricate knot on the front. She seemed expert at it. I was guessing she had undone many a knot that Alec had tied in the past. It felt easier now to breathe. I thought that odd, as she helped me out of the robe. Marta, apparently, saw the process and stepped away from Alec to grasp the robe from Lucia’s hands.

I felt right then, I had to apologize for how I acted at her ceremony.

“Lucia, I was definitely not myself today. I did not mean to distract from what you were going through there.” I said. Lucia then picked up my hand off my thigh and held it in both of her hands.

Lucia said, “Gemma, you were going through your own transformation, which was just as intense as my own. Right then.”

“No, you can’t say that, Lucia. You died. I mean. You appeared to die. You were fighting for your life.” I said.

“Gemma, you were and have transformed to where you can go back in control of what you will need to do.” Lucia said, tilting her head making the point.

Lucia said, “Yes, I had to do what I did. To get back what I had left behind. My life. I am back as I was, as I remember. It feels so good to now have the feeling something is not missing any more. But I am still working on triggering memories. I also have to get my confidence back. It is like being a baby. I hate that part. But my energy is all flowing back into me. I feel I have much to do too here. I am picking up the pieces again. Alec is confident that I will regain my memories. He is a hard task master too. Reminding me I am a queen as well. I am sure Glenna will be after me too, as she was before, critiquing how I do things. Tell me how you feel. Do you have any questions?”

I sat there for a moment thinking over what she had just said. It was a whole lot to take in.

“Lucia, you remember things now? Will I before I go?” I said. It had been bugging me I could not make things line up in my head. How I could not control my self during her ceremony, even when warned before hand, as Alec and Marta had.

Lucia said, “You will remember enough to be comfortable. There is a chance, I feel, once you go back, there will be enough triggering you each day. You will become powerful there. You will be able to meet head on the one who caused our departure from that dimension to bring us home. I feel that. I feel you have nothing to worry about. It is a given. I can say that because of who I am… I am not trying to sound all important or something here. I am telling you because that is what I feel. I am usually right.”

“So, I will be evolving each day, when I get back there?” I said, looking down at the hand she held of mine.

“Yes, you will be very busy, both with the taking up where you left off there and with what is happening here.” Lucia said, smiling.

Oh gods I thought.

“No, Gemma, it will not be confusing. You will have more clarity and more control over what it is you must do. Really. I promise. You are changed. It will not be the same. You will see. Alec has prepared a plan to train you in what you know now and what is anticipated you will know then.” Lucia said, as if she was trying to get me to believe her… believe in myself.

“Will I be able to talk with you, with Brad when I am there?” I said. I thought that was ‘the’ worry I had from the time I had arrived here with her.

Alec over heard that question, apparently, because he came over to stand in front of me and Lucia.

“Hey, Gemma, I could not help but feel the need to answer that one.” Alec said.

“Yeah, I know you answered it before. But I need to feel the answer. I don’t want to loose anything I feel now.” I said. I got Brad’s attention by looking over at him over by the table with Gretchen.

Brad came over, but he didn’t say anything. He stood next to Alec.

“Gemma.” Alec said with the confidence I needed from him right then… “You will feel exactly as you do now, within this form. That is why I and Lucia shared our blood with you. You did not share your blood with us, if you remember the ceremony. I count on the blood to also contain all the members of the Promise. That includes Mark, Greg, Brian and Brad, even those you will remember, but have not met as you are now. So, bottomline you will never feel separated, while physically apart from us.”

That sunk in. I was getting a flash back to that moment, when I had with intense focus followed with my eyes from Lucia’s arm, into Alec’s hand and then into the palm of my own hand, that blood covered dagger.

Alec smiled saying, “Glad you remembered. You were not in a good state of mind to make sense of anything. This is also proof you are remembering, that memories will soon come flooding back to you.”

“How is your arm Lucia?” I asked.

Lucia offered her arm to me for my close examination. There was only a thin silver mark over her elbow that ran along the place I had originally seen the open wound of this morning. I looked down at my own hand. There was a small silver mark on the thickest part of the palm. I pressed on it and felt a dull ache there.

Lucia said, “You will feel a distant pain at the site. In the future when you are bonded, each mate you are bonded too will feel the pressure you place on your own wound site. But for now, the pain is only yours. The benefit is to all of us to be more connected with you, to communicate with you once you are back where we left. I had asked Alec to make sure we continued to be closely connected. I don’t want to loose you Gemma…”

I felt her twinge of pain that her words had created for her just then. I guessed the wound was working.

Gretchen came over behind Alec with Brian following her.

“Hey, will you let her eat. She needs food, guys!” Gretchen said.

Yeah, I thought she is right, if I don’t eat now I will fall out.

Brian offered his hand to me. I grabbed it and then grabbed his shoulders. He headed over to the table. Marta and Liz were already at the table loading up a plate and pouring wine into goblets. Liz pointed out to me where the silverware was. Marta handed me a linen napkin. Yeah, real silverware and linen, only here.

Brad leaned into me from behind me, as I followed Brian.

Brad said, “Yes, it is pretty common, since people like to be creative around here. Everything is very detailed because there is time to do such things. People appreciate the work done too.”

Once my plate was filled I wondered where we would sit. I had missed apparently a curtain over a portion of the wall in the back. This curtain was back lit now and was covering a wide entrance into another room. I followed Brian there, with Brad bringing up the rear.

The table was long and the chairs heavy, all dark red wood. I slipped into the chair with Brad finishing pushing it in to the table for me. I guessed I would not be getting up any time soon, since, well I needed help to maneuver the chair. But it was so comfortable. I was between Brian and Brad.

Brian leaned over next to my shoulder.

“Gemma, I and Brad would like to show you something a bit later. If you are too tired, though just let us know. We can always do it tomorrow.” Brian said, then began to eat. I noticed the slight smile on his face. I felt something was up with that.

Brad looked over at me. Returning my smile to him. Yep, that confirmed it, these two were up to something. I just had to wait it out. I felt the tiredness I had, overwhelmed by my curiosity. I sat there enjoying the food and wine. I listened to the many conversations going on, in the many languages each felt expressed what it was they wanted to get across. I was still amazed that all of this was happening to me at this point. Glenna and Jacques showed up, with Gretchen guiding them to the table. Right after them another couple appeared. I felt I knew the woman. But I sat politely not questioning the couple’s identity. I felt I could learn more if I just listened.

Glenna said, “Gemma, it is so good to see you functioning as yourself again. I have a message from Vilmos he tells me that he would like to see you before you go. I told him that you would want to see him and any instructions he had for you. I am thinking, I was right in telling him that.”

Jacques said, “Gemma it is wonderful to see you well and right where you should be here eating a meal with us.”

I nodded at Jacques, because I felt him in the center of my chest express his love toward me and the two sitting with me. I was both surprised and grateful I could feel that from him. It was the blood again, apparently. My eyes were drawn over to look at Alec, he nodded slightly and smile as he talked with Lucia. Yep, this is going to work out just fine, I thought.

“Glenna, thank you for speaking to my brother for me,” I said. “Was he well. Is he concerned about me going back?”

Then the dark haired woman of the couple who came in looked up at me.

She said, “Vilmos is well, Gemma. He left after he was asked to see the Council. I was fortunate enough to be there when they had asked for him. I went in with him. He then left for your world, right after that. I think because he didn’t want to be available for a more extensive conversation with them.”

Glenna said, “Gemma, let me introduce you to Queen Cynthia. I think as you sit down to talk with her. You will remember your friendship with her… the work you had with her. With her is Charles. I don’t believe you two have met. He is a historian and teaches at the Lyceum near where I live. Charles maybe someone you will want to become acquainted with due to his work.”

Glenna went on as she smiled and squeezed Jacques’ hand that he offered her, saying “Vilmos is very well. He is anxious to have you home. He is understanding of why you can not make a visit home. I or Alec will explain that to you. I am very sure he only spoke to the Council, so as to help you out. He does not want you to have to deal with them. And to not deal with them again, himself, he left for home. I promised him I would bring him back immediately before you had to leave. He loves you very much Gemma.”

I smiled at Glenna, in appreciation for her rescue from my not knowing who Cynthia was. I remembered Lucia telling me about Cynthia. Cynthia being like a sister to her as both of them grew up together in this world, training in the craft together. Having each others’ backs.

“Queen Cynthia, I would love to sit and talk with you and Charles. Maybe we can tomorrow if you are not busy. Honestly, I don’t remember you. But I do feel your warmth toward me. I really appreciate you giving me the message from my brother. I have a whole lot to work on memory wise. I am sure you know that…” I said. Seeing Cynthia nod toward me. I felt her full support, again, just what I needed. I didn’t feel awkward anymore. Gods, I hate not remembering. But I did know somehow that she was important to me. Maybe it would come to me soon, I thought.

I continued to just sit there. I was myself. I felt accepted. I actually felt included in all that was going on around me. In the other world, it took my effort to feel that way. It was so different here. It was then I felt Brad needing to say something to me.

“Gemma, you are lost in thought. Good thing too no one can read your thoughts either. Just wanted you to know. Hey you don’t have to be so quiet either. What you thinking at this point, girl?” Brad said. He appeared finishing up his meal, with his focus on me now.

I looked at him. I also wanted to include Brian in this too. I gave Brian an elbow to the ribs. Then it occurred to me Mark was not here. “Brad first off thanks for telling me no one can read my damn thoughts! Now where is Mark? What is Brian wanting to do after dinner?” I said, since things were winding up and we would soon be alone with everyone retiring to their evenings together in private.

Brad said as he looked around the room, then locked eyes with Brian, “I don’t see Mark, but I don’t see Marta either at this point. He hadn’t planned to come with us, well at least not right away. So you are up to going with me and Brian, then Gemma. On a little adventure?”

I looked sideways at the two of them on either side of me. Maybe it was a hint that I should take to heart, about Mark not being available for this little outing too? “Hey, I don’t even know what time it is? Won’t it be too dark to travel? Where are we going? You plan to just get up from here and head out?” I asked.

Brian said, “Yes, exactly. You aren’t being held captive you know. I know it must have felt that way. You will just have to get used to living mas… Mark will catch up with us anyway. So are you ready?”

“You mean, live mas, that is Spanish. How do you know Spanish? Do you speak Spanish?” I asked, it suddenly occurred to me that they just might. This dimensional thing was making me think now. But I dropped that thought, because I was not sure what they were up to.

Brad said, “Yes, we speak as many Human languages as we need to to get the job done.”

Brian said, “Yeah, so are you coming with us or not. It is about 4 o’clock right now. Really the darkness is not a problem for us as you will see. You will get use to it too. If it is dark, we have ways of dealing with it. Let’s go Gemma.”

I stood up, as Brad pulled the heavy chair I was in out from the table. Well, I thought was I dressed for where they wanted to go?

Brad said, “Nope you aren’t dressed yet for what we need to do Gemma.”

“Hey, how did you hear what I was thinking right then?” I said, surprised he did, after what he had told me.

“Cuz, I can when you are thinking a question toward me sort of thing. You are consenting when you do your thinking that way!” Brad said, with a smirk type smile.

“Ok, then… I will have to remember that one. I hope I get better at this thought thing, because I will not be able to keep anything to myself about you without you knowing it.” I said, I thought maybe thinking and saying two different things could come in handy.

Brian said, “Yes it can.”

Gods I thought.

“I love you in the nude, the possibilities, but I want to help you out until at least you are able to dress yourself,” Brad said.

I suddenly felt enclosed, then I felt the clothing on my body. I looked down to find the leathers I saw in my dream. Then that damn flash of light, and a slight dizziness. I found myself standing on a dirt gravel road. My eyes adjusted quickly to what surrounded me, us.

“Brad,” I could only whisper. “Hold me don’t let me go.”

Brad was instantly pulling me close with Brian helping him. We were standing in the spot where he had to leave me in our dream along the large body of water bordering this long gravel road.

“I didn’t bring the horses. You aren’t ready for them. Especially yours. It is your familiar. The one I would bring would not be of the same feel.” Brad said, I could see him smiling as he brushed my hair that the slight breeze tossed about my head and into his face touching his lips.

I closed my eyes, I was truly afraid I would wake up in my room back in the other world.

Brian said, “Gemma I will prove to you, you are home. Here open your eyes. Let’s walk this fear off. If you get too upset, we will be seeing Alec show up…” Brian had me in his arms too.

“Something you have to know, Gemma. That if there is too much physical or emotional change coming off you, not only can the entity confronting you feel it, but Alec will too.” Brad said.

“So if we want our privacy, you will need to calm down.” Brian said, now releasing his hold on me and taking my hand instead.

I tried to take deep breaths to calm myself. I was surprised to find I could take in Brad’s scent, as he continued to hold me. What was that all about? But this breathing with the benefit of his scent was doing what I needed. My heart slowed its racing in my chest.

I didn’t feel so wobbly now, beginning to notice the grind of gravel under my boots.

“Well I know I look great… as I remember from the dream,” I said, in my attempt to show I was back to normal. Gods, what ever normal was for me now I thought.

“Yes, you do. Maybe too good, to me.” Brad said, he was looking at me as I held Brian’s hand.

“So let’s get going. I have something I wanted to do with you Gemma!” Brian said, now pulling me along with my hand in his grip.

“Does it feel different now here?” Brad said, walking close to me with his hands behind his back and keeping up with the pace Brian had set for us.

“I can say, once I got over the shock of being here, it feels wonderful. I now can figure out why Lucia would talk so much about this place. Who would think a walk along a gravel road would bring a feeling of calm and clear my head.” I said, I felt for the first time in my life I could honestly say something, meaning it. Where that thought came from I don’t know, but I agreed with it.

“Where are we, exactly? Are we still home?” I asked.

Brad said, with a smile. “We are not far from Adeer, on the other side of a barrier, a magical veil of sorts. The area is locked in this veil, where the intention of calmness and clarity are a part of its nature. The place is like a sentient being. It is hard to explain. Like trying to explain the origin of the sacred pools or the healing waters. Objects that hold intentions. Objects that can manipulate the intention of other sentient beings. Yes, Alec and Lucia, with the rest of us, used to come here. We trusted in time, we would not be followed. We found that when we were here no one outside our group could follow us in here. I guess we just don’t question how it works. In magic sometimes you just work with it, without being able to explain it…”


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Brian said, stopping our group, “To answer your question, yes you are still very much home. We are somewhere between Adeer, the ocean and the planes of the darkones kingdom… where Brashaw is located.”

“Ok, that makes sense. Lucia. When we were walking. Before we met up with Mark, out there. She said we were not too far from home. So this place is somewhere near there.” I said, now I felt calmer about the reality I thought I was in.

“Yes, but this place, the regions you describe are huge and segmented by many energies. Walking here would have been impossible from where you were… in the conditions you two were in.” Brian said, looking straight at me to convince me.

“Hey, Brian, I am thinking that anything Lucia and Gemma here would have the mind to do, they would have done!” Brad said. “As I remember Mark said something along those lines to Marta in one of his many updates to us.

I smiled. The memories and feelings of that day came into my chest, flowing like pictures through my mind. I felt I missed Mark terribly. I looked hard at Brian, who I felt right then wanted to tell me something.

“Gemma, let’s go. It is getting dark. We are not too far from where I need to be. The woods along the road up a ways holds where I want us to go.” Brian said, now pulling me again along. Brad now had my other hand and he was pulling me along too.

Odd I never became breathless with the pace we had set in walking. We were silent, but the sounds from the waters on either side of the road picked up both of small frogs and crickets. In the distance I heard I was assuming the cries of water foul. Periodically, geese would fly in formation over the road ahead, sometimes over head too. The sun quickly disappeared, with a slight hint of red, then orange then yellow on the clouds the light played upon ahead of us. It was then I saw a faint light, then an out line of a building that now revealed it’s self deeper into the boundary of woods and marsh.

Brad and Brian brought us to a slow walk up to a large stone and wood looking structure. It was what I would have pictured a well kept rustic inn, somewhere in Europe would look like… but it felt darker than that to me. Brad put his finger up to his lips in a sign to remain silent. Brian, left us, going over to the door and entering the building. Brad then pulled me closer. With a slight outward movement of his hand I suddenly was wearing a hooded robe, with me tucked within its folds. I knew better than to remove the hood as I stood there. I felt antsy and edgy, what was I or we anticipating?

Brad then motioned for me to follow him over to and through the door.

We entered a dark alcove, that we continued to walk through into a small hallway. Up ahead was a flickering light.

The room was a large semi-lit room filled with dark wooden furniture and a huge stone fireplace. There were placed about the room and on shelves candles and oil lamps. The room was not too warm nor too cool. I felt I should not pull back my hood to get a better look yet. Was I reading my parties’ intentions?

Brian was at the long bar to the right end of the room, speaking with a man and a woman. He was gesturing toward us and then turned away from us as if in a very private conversation. The people were staring at I and Brad, especially at me. These people I noticed looked, well what I would imagine supernatural folk to look like. Pale with dark reflecting eyes. Both were slender and robed in dark brown brocaded robes with differing sashes. The man wore a pouch on one side and a small silver dagger on his other hip down low.

I heard the door open behind from where we had come. Before I could turn around I felt hands grasp both of my shoulders through my cloak. I knew the massage feel, recognizing it as Alec. He placed a gentle kiss on the back of my head through the hood of my robe. I did not feel it necessary to respond. We were all watching the negotiation Brian was involved in over beside the bar counter.

The woman then had a huge shiny skeleton key in her hand and was leading Brian to a room behind the bar counter. We continued to stand there. I could hear the breathing of each male I was with. I felt a strange anticipation and then warmth arising in my core. Where in the world did that come from. The massaging of my shoulders continued by Alec. I felt calm and reassured.

Then the woman came out of the room and back to the bar counter. She no longer had the glinting key in her hand or maybe it was tucked somewhere in her robe?

Alec stopped his massage. I turned around to face him with Brad also facing him. Alec smiled, then nodding toward the direction of where I assumed I would find Brian, behind a door of a room there. I watched as Alec and Brad moved over to the set of tables nearest the fireplace, leaving me alone where I stood. I felt both of them watching me, carefully. I decided I was to go find where Brian had disappeared to. So I walked with what I felt appeared confident, following the path I thought Brian had taken. I did not look at the two people, who were staring at me. The hooded robe was apparently doing the trick. I felt nothing from these two and their eyes locked on me. I saw the woman move behind me and over toward where Alec and Brad had seated themselves. I assume to serve them something.

I followed the dark hallway, until I had to place my hand on the wall to keep me going in the right direction due to the darkness that now surrounded me there. Ahead a door opened slightly and the light escaped the room into where I still was making my way. I went over to the door, attempting to push it open. It was heavy, but soundless in its slight swing inward into the room. I then was face to face with Brian who took my hand off the door and pulled me into the room.

“You certainly put off a feel to you!” Brian said, now smiling at me, while pulling back the hood of my cloak.

“Umm, what do you mean. I was just standin out there, minding my own business, I said nothing. I was careful I thought, with my thinking out loud too.” I said, as I watched him secure the door locking it.

“No, the robe was to do that for you, Gemma. Like the one Mark had given you for that job. No, you have evolved enough for darkones to know you ‘might’ be Lyran. They don’t care much for Lyran. So They took some convincing. When Alec showed up that changed everything. They also think they know who you are too.” Brian said, bringing me over to the far side of the well lit room to the huge bed, then sitting me down on the side of it. He sat down near me with us both facing the fire in the near by fire place.

“So tell me who am I then?” I said. I started thinking. I was curious, about what someone else would think and why. Especially darkones, I had not met in the ‘wild’ anyone who had self identified as from that region. Well maybe Marta, but I thought that she was family and didn’t count in this darkones fear scale I had in my head. I guess it was based upon what I had felt Lucia tell me.

“Gemma, I get all that. You have nothing to fear. Especially in our region. Well within the boundaries of commonsense of course. These darkones had always lived here, even during the war. They were protected here. Not as refugees, but as inhabitants of this marsh. There are a clan of light ones here too as well as Aquaeous. A few other species live here. I hear from Greg there are Mer here too.” Brian said, now very talkative again. I felt a warmth coming from him, or was that my imagination spurred on by this place.

“So why the rough time then? Don’t they know who you and Brad are… like members of the Promise?” I said. I was thinking still just then to get it all, the information I thought I knew into perspective.

“Oh yes, they knew who I am and Brad too. They took a bit of convincing I didn’t need anything from them. Not many light ones want to share the same space as darkones. But I also reminded them I was with Alec. And that he didn’t mind, but sought out the hospitality of their people. They liked that. It would also mean more gold for their pouch. These particular darkones are what humans would call or believe are elvish, well you know the mythology.” Brian said, smiling, then touching my hair pushing a curl behind my ear.

“Elves, here, really? So what about Alec do they like then that broke the ice for us. If they didn’t like me so much being with you?” I said, now I was in my zone on this. A story of sorts.

Brian, took in a deep breath saying, “Elves not really, but I would guess they could be seen that way. Light ones have such folk amongst them hidden too, from what I have seen in my travels. These here like the fact Alec is a necromancer as well as a magus, that he is associated with Queen Lucia, that Alec is a great tipper… then there is you. Well with Alec showing his affection toward you as he did out there, they know you are Princess Gemma…”

“Really, I have a reputation that they even know of? Gods, if I could only remember myself.” I said, now I was lost in thought, was I missing the point, when I looked at Brian again who was carefully watching me with a slight smile on his lips?

“Well they said for Alec they would rent this room to me. For the Promise, since we have healed so many of their people they would rent the room to me. But when it came to a Lyran, no… until they knew it was you. Yes, they said, it will bring business to the place if you had spent the night here. They also liked it that you had helped their people too. So Lyran or not, the Princess is always welcome with her bow here.” Brian said, with a sweeping motion of his hand to take in the whole of the inn.

“Why would anyone make a big deal out of sleeping somewhere, it isn’t like I am freakin George Washington or something.” I said, but then I felt something that caused me to anticipate through Brian’s silence as he listened with his smile still apparent.

“Gemma, who said anything about sleep?” Brian said, it was then he began to take the cloak off my shoulders then proceeded to unbutton the too numerous brass buttons on the traveling skins. He even stood up to intensify his work over me.

“Well, that changes this picture. I was wondering why Alec and Brad are sitting out there too?” I said, I was trying to not appear as dumb as I felt just then.

“Gemma you aren’t dumb. You are sincere in what you feel. You are very honest. You are taking in a whole lot around you. I love how you are handling all of this. But I am hopeful you would allow me to bed you here. Not for sleep, but for what I want us to do together. To each other.” Brian said, he now had my tunic off, and was pulling off the last thigh high boot that comprised my traveling skins. I felt comfortable with the growing heat I felt toward him, now without the barrier of protective imbued clothing.

“So the inn will be known for our first time together here at home?” I said, as I pushed my self over to the center of the bed with his guidance, and him nude, now looking down into my face.

“Yes, we had been here before. They knew it was you then. They are extremely pleased, when I revealed that I had planned our first time together with you being home here in this inn. We can take as long as we like… Alec and Brad are here for protection. We are definitely concealed, so you, Gemma, have my full attention.” Brian said, then placing his lips on mine, apparently being careful to touch me no where else on my body. The kiss was long, deep and delicious. It did what he apparently intended in getting me moist for him to begin his intention here.

Once he let me up for air from our necking. I said, “Hey, can I help, like do anything for you. I am made love to, but I would like to make love to you too Brian.”

Brian then moved his swollen moist cock over my face, that I managed to place in my mouth to begin what it was I wanted from and for him and me. I took it deep into my mouth and down my throat. He moved his knees closer to my neck and shoulder to help me take him to the root of his penis. His scent was wonderful. There was a whole lot of muscle with pulse points felt on my lips as I sucked deeply looking for more of his taste. I felt hot and drench in the place I hoped to place his hardened cock next. He looked down leaning from the waist over far enough to stick his fingers into my opening, then taking back his three fingers, placed them in his mouth to taste. This apparently made him harder. He gave an intake of air through his clench teeth with his head back, as a response to what he felt I had seen. He then grabbed my lower jaw directing me to release him and his swollen member from my tasting and taking. I felt a wetness touch my breasts, then the arch of my pelvis as he brought his cock down to between my legs. I felt him open my labial lips with his one hand and with the other grab my thigh to open me further for his smooth entrance into me. His mouth came down on my breasts, to my amazement, I should have guessed too, the milk flowed into his mouth from the breast he held with deep sucking motions to the firm nipple. The other breast leaked slightly in response to this, as it’s nipple became elongated with hardness. All I could do at this point was to arch my back almost uncontrollably in response to his entering me. Flashes of light entered both of my eyes behind my lids. I was lost, but trying to control what I felt was coming from deep in my back up through my butt cheeks toward him. I wanted to come together with him, for this first time.

Brian stopped his enjoyment of my breasts and looked into my eyes saying, “Gemma, we will have many times together, just let it happen, I want it to be as powerful for you as it is for me. You need this, so don’t try to control it. I can come when you do, remember what I am…”

I thought he was so right.

I moaned as I felt the edge of the climax moving toward my back bone, into my ass and up into my opening… it was pulsating, it was driving closer and closer with each deep almost painful plunge he took into me. He slowed down then climbed more up on to me, now with us face to face. He was tilted to take full advantage of my clit as his cock root grinded on purpose this spot, taking control of the pulsation I had felt. Now he was in control of releasing me. I fought this move. He pinned me down with his mouth on my lower neck. This drove me wild, I was fighting him and making love to him. I tried to free myself to have room to cum. He allowed me more space in a very slow way with each of his plunges into me. I felt him harden more and his ball sack slide deeper into my butt crack as I arched more my back. He found again my mouth, but this time it was not to taste, but to help hold me in place. It was then I felt the wave erupt out into my vulva, the whole opening grabbed hard on his cock. He grunted then cried out. With two more hard plunges, we both came. We were strong, silent, joined at our hips, abdomens and mouths. He moved his arms to wrap them around my head as he raised his hard pulsating motionless cock deeper to meet my need for this pressure to take me farther along in my orgasm. I felt the cum coming out hot on to my bottom and ass. I felt the full length of his balls sack in my crotch. I felt everything.

He slowly lowered his body down onto mine as we relaxed. I loved that. The pressure of his body on top of me. The feeling we had each other. That we had had each other. That we were one that way.

Brian did not want me to feel a chill so he pulled over himself as he lay there on top of me the blanket he had tossed back to expose the sheets before we had started. That felt good and evened out the heat of our bodies to protect me during the cool down from sex.

It was then I saw Brian smile and look over his shoulder toward the door. I knew the door was locked I saw him lock it, but it was now I had noticed that the action would not matter. There was Mark there sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed watching us.

Brian said, “So are you going to give your critique of my abilities?”

“Nope. I think you did great. I was thinking I got here late, too late to help out. I guess that will be for next time.” Mark said in almost a whisper, smiling.

I said, “Hey, are you serious?”

Brian smiled down at me, then gave me a moist kiss to my lips saying “No we aren’t being serious. I am guessing Alec or Brad got called away and Mark came in to be the look out for us. I didn’t even feel the change… seamless, thanks Mark.”

“It was Alec, he had to go for a bit, so I and Marta came for back up.” Mark said.

I said, “Where is Marta?”

“She is out sitting with Brad talking. Well at least talking for now.” Mark said, taking in a deep breath.

I wanted to know if you two wanted to go for a swim in the ocean out near Anice? Marta wants to invite us there for dinner tonight and show you what she has been working on.” Mark said, as he stood up.

I thought I felt luxurious, here with the ones I love and with more to do with all of them.

“Well, I heard that one. The vote is to go for a swim to clean up then off to Marta’s.” Brian said, looking down into my eyes, I felt his breath on my face. I then offered my mouth to be kissed again, which he did immediately.



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