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Short Stories

Table of Contents… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

Coming Soon Here... What will you be getting into?... I am going to place here within all of my stories from other places, home again here. The Chapters up to this time, of this Fantasy Adventure - The Unicorn... Continue Reading →

Why do I write what I write… NOW Home

Photo | Twitter @premiercottages ... Why do I write what I write… Now back home all of it on my web site. I have jumped in feet first of course... but after 9 months being somewhere else with part of my story... Continue Reading →

Not Alone… Chapter 4

Photo | Explore posts, holding hands and more ... Not Alone… 1st Draft… Chapter FOUR...  “Horus & His Companions – The Sun The Light And The Moon” It was finally morning, actually dawn’s light. I had set the alarm, but... Continue Reading →

Lucia’s Intimates… Chapter 3

Photo | ... Lucia's Intimates... 1st Draft... Chapter THREE...  “Horus and His Companions – The Sun The Light & The Moon” The sun was setting at this point, with a chill arriving in the air there on the patio.... Continue Reading →

Connection Points…

The photo is one I posted on my new Instagram Account twobluewings The New Year is coming and I am preparing for new ways to connect with people, energies and projects. Still in the process of writing my Fantasy, Magickal, Erotic... Continue Reading →

Short Stories Begin… Part One

Photo | Anne Bachelier Art Personal life blurs with Spiritual Life as the Soul develops its light. It is up to you to decide which is which that will be written about here. It is all about love of self,... Continue Reading →

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