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Intuition, Intuitive (trusting yourself)…

Photo | Not Dead | Christopher Bucklow ... Trusting yourself, how this can make your Life easier… more meaningful… owning your purpose… trusting (using) your intuition... I hit upon this… I felt by pure chance. But in reality I had plenty... Continue Reading →

New Periscope…follow me there

Photo | Sirens ... Trying my small iPhone out in the Periscope world. Three things I have discovered about my self as I do Periscopes..... "5 Things to consider on a Spiritual Journey" …. First, ouch I look old. Now that may... Continue Reading →

Connection Points…

The photo is one I posted on my new Instagram Account twobluewings The New Year is coming and I am preparing for new ways to connect with people, energies and projects. Still in the process of writing my Fantasy, Magickal, Erotic... Continue Reading →

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