Two Blue Wings

Anna Le Doux



Why do I write what I write… NOW Home

Photo | Twitter @premiercottages ... Why do I write what I write… Now back home all of it on my web site. I have jumped in feet first of course... but after 9 months being somewhere else with part of my story... Continue Reading →

Nude Health Benefits… (Naked Health)

Photo | bent over – bend over ... In ancient Greece being nude was part of daily health, that is where we get the word gymnasium or “gymnos” meaning exercising in the nude. A practice as simple as sunbathing in the... Continue Reading →

Why Sunbathing? (Nude)…

Why Sunbathing? I began Sunbathing at a suggestion of a friend, telling me it was healthy and would help me recover from a respiratory illness I had. I thought to myself, how could being nude out in the sun help... Continue Reading →

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