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Intuition, Intuitive (trusting yourself)…

Photo | Not Dead | Christopher Bucklow ... Trusting yourself, how this can make your Life easier… more meaningful… owning your purpose… trusting (using) your intuition... I hit upon this… I felt by pure chance. But in reality I had plenty... Continue Reading →

Do you know your purpose?… (who has your back?)

Do you know your purpose? Would it help to know your purpose? What is your energy? Who or what has your back? Are you happy? Can you say you are satisfied with what you are doing right now? Do you... Continue Reading →

5 Signs You are Being Bullied… Periscope

I did a Periscope yesterday morning, while sitting in the morning light with my Boston Terrier present. Every once in a while his snoring could be heard in the back ground. As I think about it that was very symbolic... Continue Reading →

Connection Points…

The photo is one I posted on my new Instagram Account twobluewings The New Year is coming and I am preparing for new ways to connect with people, energies and projects. Still in the process of writing my Fantasy, Magickal, Erotic... Continue Reading →

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