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“Ocean magic…” Chapter 20

“Ocean magic...” Chapter 20 (1st draft a sensual chapter)... Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon… Finding myself after the bright flash of light with surprisingly no dizziness this time, standing between Mark and Brian nearer... Continue Reading →

“Work and Play…” Chapter 19

Photo | Pinterest | Explore Daughter Woods and More... “Work and Play...” Chapter 19 (1st draft WARNING a SENSUAL chapter)... Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon… As we walked up the hallway, back to where... Continue Reading →

Hate as a tool for wellness…

Photo| Art | Anne Bachelier De L'autre c Recently I came upon personally, a situation. Regardless, what I tried to do I could not solve the problem. The problem was solved by outside parties, that fortunately for me, were supportive... Continue Reading →

2nd Day – Cool Breeze… The Unicorn Rider: Book I

Photo | Taken on trip to Natchez, Mississippi to research for The Unicorn Rider: Book I ... 2nd Day – Cool Breeze - 1st draft – The Unicorn Rider: Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead... Candice finally arrived home with the... Continue Reading →

1st Day – What to do… The Unicorn Rider: Book I

1st Day – What to do - 1st draft – The Unicorn Rider: Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead Author Note:  (Sensual warning) A work in progress. Still looking at exact location names to place within the chapter. Possibly to help those readers... Continue Reading →

The ritual… Chapter 17

The ritual… Chapter 17 (1st draft)... Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon… We were standing, after the flash of light resolved, in what looked like a mist filled columned hallway. The bluish hued mist reflected... Continue Reading →

Dreams, They are Yours, As Is Sleep…

Photo | Christopher Bucklow ...Dreams, They are Yours, As Is Sleep... Dreams… due to work stress and not actually getting sleep during night time (which I am changing, that soon with a new work opportunity) --- are hard to remember.... Continue Reading →

Table of Contents… The Unicorn Rider | Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead

Coming Soon Here... What will you be getting into?... I am going to place here within all of my stories from other places, home again here. The Chapters up to this time, of this Fantasy Adventure - The Unicorn... Continue Reading →

Flash of Light… Star Guide For Certain Humans

Flash of Light Prologue StarSeed… Dimensional… TimeTravel… Fantasy... Myth... Origins... Home… Up to you how you take this story, as a reality or fantasy. It is dared here to make it reality. This all started as a NaNoWriMo writing project,... Continue Reading →

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