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Why do I write what I write… NOW Home

Photo | Twitter @premiercottages ... Why do I write what I write… Now back home all of it on my web site. I have jumped in feet first of course... but after 9 months being somewhere else with part of my story... Continue Reading →

Barriers to us all… Each other & ending suffering

Photo | Normal Rockwell & "Roadblock" What is normal? I have been seeing pictures of what is happening in the world. Some of it ridiculous - surrounding belief systems and political posturing. Other things happening are totally out of anyone's... Continue Reading →

Table of Contents… “Horus & His Companions — The Sun The Light And The Moon”

Photo | Paul Emile Chabas 1912 September Morn ... People have been coming to read the story as the first draft is written… Presently I am writing two stories. But this one, is of a personal ‘what if’ nature. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

Intimate View of Story Character Development…

Traveled to see or at least feel, the Characters in my story. The story I am talking about is: The Unicorn Rider Virgins, Unicorns & The Dead I have been working on the telling of this story for about 3... Continue Reading →

Intuition, Intuitive (trusting yourself)…

Photo | Not Dead | Christopher Bucklow ... Trusting yourself, how this can make your Life easier… more meaningful… owning your purpose… trusting (using) your intuition... I hit upon this… I felt by pure chance. But in reality I had plenty... Continue Reading →

“I saw what I was feeling in his eyes.”… Chapter 13

Photo | Nude Beach Sunset Silhouette... “Saw what I was feeling in his eyes.”… Chapter 13 (1st draft a SENSUAL chapter)... Horus and His Companions The Sun The Light & The Moon... What I am going to relate here of... Continue Reading →

Do you know your purpose?… (who has your back?)

Do you know your purpose? Would it help to know your purpose? What is your energy? Who or what has your back? Are you happy? Can you say you are satisfied with what you are doing right now? Do you... Continue Reading →

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